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May 10, 2021
APR News Reports
APR News Reports
Farmer Hotline Now Open
(APR - Alabama Public Radio ) - Heat and dry conditions continue to be a major problem for farmers and ranchers in many parts of Alabama. Some have lost entire crops or been forced to sell their herds before they reach weight. The state Department of Agriculture has set up a new hotline to help. Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks spoke with Alabama Public Radio's Brett Tannehill. Sparks says for many farmers, this year has been a bust (roll sound) ...

OUTRO ... That was State Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks. He spoke with APR's Brett Tannehill during a tour of drought impacted areas. Alabama farmers who need assistance this year can call the hotline mentioned in the interview. That number is 800-951-1275. You can also find that number on our website at .... APR ... dot ... ORG.
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