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Live on Excursions: Bella Ruse
Live on Excursions: Bella Ruse Bella Ruse Photo by: Jason Aten Photography
Bella Ruse perform live on Excursions. Bella Ruse arrived at the WYSO studios with a guitar and an organ in a suitcase. In an interview with Niki Dakota, Kay Gillette (vocals, keys) and Joseph Barker (guitar) explain their affection for the suitcase organ and other unusual instruments like a kazoo shaped like a trumpet.

The Minneapolis duo formed in Febraury of 2009 and spent the rest of that year releasing three EPs and touring the Midwest and West coast. Bella Ruse just set out on their latest Midwestern tour and plans to release their first full length album this fall.

"We did a lot of the vocal tracks in these last recordings for the album that's going to be released in October in a large church," says Barker.

Bella Ruse will perform at the Ohio Coffee Company in downtown Dayton on Saturday, July 10 with Honey and the Milk, Way Yes and Wes Tirey.

Set List:
Dark Horse
Push On
Kazoo Song

Interview by Niki Dakota
Adapted for web by Juliet Fromholt