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Max Baca and David Farías from Los Texmaniacs
Juliet Fromholt interviews Max Baca and David Farías from Los Texmaniacs. Having won the 2010 Grammy for Best Tejano Album with their album Borders y Bailes and currently on a tour in China, Los Texmaniacs have gotten used to people asking, "How are these guys doing this? What is their secret?" Their answer, simply, "We're just being who we are… just sticking to our culture and roots."

Los Texmaniacs performed earlier this month at the Cityfolk Festival. In their interview, Max Baca (bajo sexto) and David Farías (accordion) speak about their major influences, Flaco Jimenez and Oscar Tellez, and the history of their instruments. Having been described as "turbo-charged conjunto," Baca and Farías enjoy the occasional blues licks to play on their traditional instruments. "We're just having fun on stage and putting some spices on it," says Farías.

Performing for over 10 years now, the 4-piece conjunto band benefits from a lot of trust among its members. Farías explains that the band plays something a little different every time they perform. Before they are on stage they do not tell each other how they will play. It may be more influenced by blues, country, rock, etc. "It just happens," says Farías.

Los Texmaniacs do not intend to slow down any time this year as they are already working on a new album, and will be touring across the U.S. as well as Switzerland and Germany. They hope to reach a younger audience by entering the college circuit and teaching workshops. Baca has no doubt that this traditional music has the potential to reach a wider audience as he explains, "This music attracts you. Once you hear it you think, 'This is cool. I dig it.' So it's like, why can't this music be on MTV? VH1?"

To learn more about Los Texmaniacs, visit their website at

Interview by Juliet Fromholt
Production help from Matt Ludwig
Adapted for web by Chris de la Cruz