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WYSO Weekend January 30, 2011
Pastor Mike Slaughter with Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, Commentator Julie Zickefoose, Politics Ohio and more. WYSO Weekend: WYSO's Weekly Radio Magazine Full text to come...

Welcome to WW, WYSO Weekly Radio Magazine, I'm Jerry Kenney. Today on the program - Miami Valley StoryCorps and Politics Ohio with Emily McCord. And Commentator Julie Zickefoose waxes, and wanes about what all school age kids dream about - The Snow Day. That's coming up, but first...

(Pastor Mike Slaughter with Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City talks about their efforts in Sudan.)

I'm Jerry Kenney - your listening to WW - Thanks for joining us this Sunday morning.
Julie Zickefoose is an Ohio naturalist and wildlife artist, You may have heard her on NPR's All THings Considered from time to time - Since last year Julie has been brought her observations about the natural world to WYSO.


Coming up later in the program Emily McCord and Politics Ohio but first

(Miami Valley StoryCorps)

(Politics Ohio)

(Bill Felker and Poor Will's Almanack)

That's it for this weeks edition of WW. I'm Jerry Kenney, thanks for joining us on member supported 913 wyso, YS, Dayton, Sprngfld.. If you missed any part of today's program you can listen online at . Our WW theme music was provided by Magnolia Bolthead