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12:00 amJazz After Hours
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Hosted By: Jim Wilke
Like the last set at a jazz club, the mood of Jazz After Hours is mellow but not without surprises. New and well-established jazz artists regularly drop in for a chat, and the music ranges from latest releases to jazz classics. There's also news of tours, festivals and clubs, and the best places to hear live jazz.

Jim Wilke's easy-going presentation has won the praise of jazz stars Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Brown, Max Roach, Joe Henderson, Milt Jackson, Joshua Redman, Billy Taylor, and many others who have been guests on Jazz After Hours.

The program was named one of the top syndicated jazz programs by the JazzTimes Readers Poll in 2002, and has been nominated twice for the Willis Conover Award.

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4:00 amBBC World Service
6:00 amStudio 360 with Kurt Andersen
7:00 amOnly A Game
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Hosted By: Bill Littlefield
Only A Game, hosted by author and veteran NPR commentator Bill Littlefield, is a weekly one-hour radio sports magazine that appeals to sports fans and sports avoiders alike. The program, crafted to lead into Weekend Edition Saturday with Scott Simon, is characterized by Littlefield's exceptional writing and affable personality.
Only A Game maintains a strong "on-the-scene" presence, to provide listeners with a sound-rich, weekly tour of the world of sports. The program covers diverse stories and issues, including Title IX and the explosion of interest in women's sports, racism in sports, competitive opportunities for the disabled, and the business of sports, in addition to who won and who lost the latest competitions.

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8:00 amWeekend Edition - Saturday
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Hosted By: Scott Simon
Saturday mornings are made for Weekend Edition Saturday, the program wraps up the week's news and offers a mix of analysis and features on a wide range of topics, including arts, sports, entertainment, and human interest stories. The two-hour program is hosted by NPR's Peabody Award-winning Scott Simon.

Drawing on his experience in covering 10 wars and stories in all 50 states and seven continents, Simon brings a humorous, sophisticated and often moving perspective to each show. He is as comfortable having a conversation with a major world leader as he is talking with a Hollywood celebrity or the guy next door.

Weekend Edition Saturday has a unique and entertaining roster of other regular contributors. Marin Alsop, conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, talks about music. Daniel Pinkwater, one of the biggest names in children's literature, talks about and reads stories with Simon. Financial journalist Joe Nocera follows the economy. Howard Bryant of and NPR's Tom Goldman chime in on sports. Keith Devlin, of Stanford University, unravels the mystery of math, and Will Grozier, a London cabbie, talks about good books that have just been released, and what well-read people leave in the back of his taxi. Simon contributes his own award-winning essays, which are sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant.

Weekend Edition Saturday is heard on NPR Member stations across the United States, and around the globe on NPR Worldwide. The conversation between the audience and the program staff continues throughout the social media world.

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10:00 amCar Talk
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Hosted By: Tom & Ray Magliozzi
Imagine the Marx Brothers answering questions about automobiles. Picture Monty Python trying to imitate car noises. Think of A.J. Foyt telling someone how to open the car hood. Mix it all up, throw in a little Dr. Ruth and a little Smothers Brothers, and you've got Car Talk, NPR's Peabody Award-winning radio program heard by more than 3 million listeners each week.

To be on the program, call (888) CAR-TALK. Listeners may E-mail car puzzlers through

For Listener Inquiries: call NPR Services, 202- 513-3232, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. ET Monday - Friday
11:00 amWait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!
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Hosted By: Peter Sagal
For a wacky and whip-smart approach to the week's news and newsmakers, listen no further than Wait Wait┐Don't Tell Me!, the oddly informative news quiz from NPR. During each fast-paced, irreverent show, host Peter Sagal leads what might be characterized as the news Olympics. Callers, panelists, and guests compete by answering questions about the week's events, identifying impersonations, filling in the blanks at lightening speed, sniffing out fake news items, and deciphering limericks. Listeners vie for a chance to win the most coveted prize in radio: having official judge and scorekeeper Carl Kasell record the outgoing message on their home answering machine.

Wait Wait┐Don't Tell Me! is co-produced by NPR and Chicago Public RadioTM.

If you'd like to be a contestant, call 1-888-Wait-Wait.

For Listener Inquiries, please visit: or call NPR Services, 202-513-3232, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. ET Monday - Friday
12:00 pmThis American Life
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Hosted By: Ira Glass
This American Life documents and describes contemporary America, but it is, quite literally, a new kind of radio storytelling. Built around the innovative personal vision of host Ira Glass, the program explores a weekly theme ┐ fiascos, conventions, the job that takes over your life ┐ through a playful mix of radio monologues, mini-documentaries, "found tape," short fiction, and unusual music.

The stories presented are engaging, intimate, surprising, funny, disturbing, bittersweet. Glass and his staff have an unusual knack for finding writers and performers whose work hasn't been heard on radio, and producing their stories alongside his own disarming commentary in a way that listeners praise as "riveting," "mesmerizing." Breakout stars from the show include David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell.

For Listener Inquiries: . Tapes: Available through WBEZ at 312.832.3380
1:00 pmRadioLab
2:00 pmTED Radio Hour
3:00 pmThe Signal
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Hosted By: Aaron Henkin and Lisa Morgan
The Signal, a weekly radio magazine produced by WYPR, is devoted to exploring Maryland's thriving artistic and cultural scene.
The Signal, hosted by veteran WYPR personality Andy Bienstock, promises to transport listeners to the region's cultural back roads: the studios, recital halls and basement workshops where art is conceived and brought to life.
The minds behind The Signal senior producers Aaron Henkin and Lisa Morgan, as well as Bienstock -- share an abiding love for the tradition of radio storytelling. Every program is crafted like a book of short stories, a radio quilt sewn together with thoughtful narrative transitions and embroidered with contemplative musical interludes.

Local Anchor: Andy Bienstock
4:00 pmWhad'Ya Know? with Michael Feldman
5:00 pmWeekend All Things Considered
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Hosted By: Jennifer Ludden
Missed All Things Considered this weekend? Don't sweat it! While you were out enjoying your weekend, the team was putting together a killer set of Saturday and Sunday shows. Here's the best of what you might've missed, from in-depth cover stories to quirky science, from thought-provoking author interviews to rockin' performance chats.
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6:00 pmA Prairie Home Companion
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Hosted By: Garrison Keillor
A Prairie Home Companion is a two-hour weekly variety show broadcast live from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota and other locations in the U.S. and around the world.

The show offers a quirky blend of comedy sketches, topical subjects and music. Musical guests range from legends like Emmylou Harris and Taj Mahal to church choirs, rockabilly bands, and accordionists. Special theme shows include the popular "Joke Show" and the "Talent from Towns Under 2,000" show. The show has also welcomed artists including Poet Laureate Billy Collins and humorists Roy Blount, Jr. and Al Franken, as well as legendary raconteur Studs Terkel.

At the heart of the show is host Garrison Keillor's humor-writing talent and unrivaled ear for great radio. He's the creator of hilarious skits like the weekly adventures of "Guy Noir, Radio Private Eye" and "The Catchup Advisory Board," and of course the stories from "the town that time forgot and the decades cannot improve" in Keillor's signature monologue, "The News from Lake Wobegon." Regular performers include the radio acting company of Tim Russell, and Sue Scott, with Tom Keith, and Fred Newman on Sound Effects. The Guys' All Star Shoe Band is A Prairie Home Companion's house band, and is led by pianist Rich Dworsky.

8:00 pmSnap Judgment
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Glynn Washington
Snap Judgment tells intriguing stories about extraordinary and defining events in people's lives. Snap Judgment's raw, intimate, and musical brand of storytelling dares listeners to see a sliver of the world through another's eye.

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington takes listeners on a narrative journey - leaping from one person's frying pan into another person's fire. Deejay-driven musical delivery, paired with lush sound design, drops listeners into the very heart of what matters. Snap Judgment's fast-paced (sometimes dark, sometimes playful) narrative highlights people from across the globe who put everything on the line.

Glynn Washington explains, "It's storytelling...with a beat."

"It's the Robert Frost thing: the roads diverge, and you have to make a choice," Washington said. "You always wonder what your life would have been if you'd gone the other way."
9:00 pmThe Thistle & Shamrock
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Hosted By: Fiona Ritchie
Spirited reels and jigs, haunting ballads, harmonious strains, and exuberant rhythms of new music born of deep roots ┐ such are the pleasures of The Thistle & Shamrock. Now in its 20th year of national distribution, the one-hour weekly Celtic music series embraces the spirit and character of America's thriving cultural influences.

Thistle is hosted by Fiona Ritchie from Scotland, who beckons listeners to her radio soundstage in the rich warm accent of her homeland. Enjoy the Celtic music of today, and hear where it is heading on The Thistle & Shamrock.

For Listener Inquiries: 704-321-3293
10:00 pmAmerican Routes
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Hosted By: Nick Spitzer
American Routes is a weekly, nationally broadcast, two-hour public radio program produced in New Orleans, presenting a broad range of American music -- blues and jazz, gospel and soul, old-time country and rockabilly, Cajun and zydeco, Tejano and Latin, roots rock and pop, avant-garde and classical. Now celebrating in our 10th year on the air, American Routes explores the shared musical and cultural threads in these American styles and genres of music. The songs and stories on American Routes describe both the community origins of our music, musicians and cultures -- the "roots"-- and the many directions they take over time -- the "routes."

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