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October 9, 2015
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PRI's The World: 10/08/2015 Coral reefs are in big trouble worldwide. We'll examine the role climate change plays and what the solutions are. Plus, we hear about an athlete called "Faker." He lives in Seoul and has been dubbed the Lebron James of computer gaming. Also, you've never heard an Irish band quite like Hare Squead. They're a group based in Dublin, with roots in Congo and Egypt.
PRI's The World: 10/07/2015 The humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders demands an independent probe into the deadly US air strike on its Afghan hospital. Also, Kurdish activists accuse Facebook of censoring what they post. Plus, the grandmaster of international spy thrillers, Frederick Forsyth, talks about his new autobiography.
PRI's The World: 10/06/2015 The Kremlin says, no, not officially, but indications are that Russian "volunteers" may end up in Syria joining the fight. Also, we'll talk about hurricane modeling, and examine why the United States seems to be falling behind when it comes to predicting accurately when and where big storms will hit. Plus, we hear the story behind a singer who ended up campaigning for former Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
World Headlines
China faces smoking 'death epidemic' A new study warns that a third of all men currently under the age of 20 in China will die prematurely if they do not give up smoking.
First refugees to be flown from Italy A group of 16 Eritreans are being flown from Italy to a new home in Sweden, the first refugees to be resettled under a new EU relocation plan.
Nurse treated for Ebola 'complication' A Scottish nurse who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone is readmitted to an isolation unit in London following an "unusual late complication".
The color of debt
How collection suits squeeze black neighborhoods: a ProPublica investigation with Marketplace.
Bill Gross unleashes on Pimco executives
Don't hold back, Bill.
Sponsors give FIFA a red card
FIFA head Seth Blatter is suspended, as advertisers threaten to bolt the sport.
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