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12:00 amBBC World Service Overnight
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For over 70 years, BBC World Service has been the globe's most comprehensive source for news. No other news source has a network of international correspondents, reporters and producers to rival BBC. When news breaks ? anywhere, anytime ? BBC is there.
5:00 amLegislative Gazette
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A weekly summary of happenings in Albany.
5:30 amCapitol Connection
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A conversation with a state lawmaker.
6:00 amInside Europe
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Inside Europe is a one hour weekly news magazine exploring the topical issues shaping the continent.The program, hosted by Helen Seeney, includes interviews with newsmakers and personalities, background features and cultural reports from correspondents throughout the region.
7:00 amOnly a Game
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Hosted by Bill Littlefield
Only A Game, hosted by author and veteran NPR commentator Bill Littlefield, is a weekly one-hour radio sports magazine that appeals to sports fans and sports avoiders alike. The program, crafted to lead into Weekend Edition Saturday with Scott Simon, is characterized by Littlefield's exceptional writing and affable personality.

On each program, Littlefield recognizes the significance of sports in our culture but keeps our games in the proper perspective. And he does it in a way that balances the drama, comedy, and poetry of athletics.
8:00 amWeekend Edition
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Whether revealing events in small-town America or overseas, or profiling notable personalities, Weekend Edition from NPR News appreciates the extraordinary details that make up every story. This two-hour morning newsmagazine covers hard news, a wide variety of newsmakers, and cultural stories with care, accuracy, and a wink of humor, courtesy of hosts Scott Simon and Liane Hansen.
10:00 amCar Talk
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Hosted by Tom and Ray Magliozzi
magine the Marx Brothers answering questions about automobiles. Picture Monty Python trying to imitate car noises. Think of A.J. Foyt telling someone how to open the car hood. Mix it all up, throw in a little Dr. Ruth and a little Smothers Brothers, and you've got Car Talk, NPR's Peabody Award-winning radio program heard by more than 4 million listeners each week.
Call 1 (800) 332-9287
11:00 amWhad'ya Know?
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Hosted by Michael Feldman
"Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know?" is a two-hour comedy/quiz/interview show distributed by PRI, Public Radio International. Regular elements of every program include a "Whad'Ya Know?" Quiz in each hour, Feldman's foray into the live studio audience to chat with fans, jazz with John Thulin and the "Whad'Ya Know?" Band, and banter with sidekick Jim Packard. During the hourly Quiz, host and quiz-master Michael Feldman invites callers and audience members to test their knowledge from five categories drawn from Feldman's seemingly limitless store of insignificant (but also somehow, important) information.
1:00 pmMarketplace Money
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Hosted by Tess Vigeland
Each week on Marketplace Money, host Tess Vigeland looks at the week's major national and international stories that will impact the average listener's wallet. Produced by the award-winning team of Marketplace and Marketplace Morning Report, Vigeland continues Marketplace Money's legacy of intelligent irreverent radio with smart topics, expert advice, and current information. During the hour-long program, Vigeland and her guests help listeners map out the course to financial well-being, offering advice on topics like how to pay for college and whether to buy or lease a car as well as the individual impact of national stories.
2:00 pmPerspectives with Curt Smith
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Perspectives with Curt Smith examines all aspects of life that matter to Rochester and Upstate New York, ranging from politics, education and health care to sports, religion and the arts. Each week listeners will hear compelling conversations with interesting and important people. Podcasts are available.
4:00 pmTavis Smiley
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Tavis Smiley
"The Tavis Smiley Show" is a high-energy exchange of views, information, and insight hosted by Tavis Smiley. The two-hour weekly show offers a unique blend of news and newsmakers in expanded conversations, along with feature reports and regular commentators Cornel West, Connie Rice, J.C. Watts, Omar Wasow, Dr. Ian Smith, Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, Michael Eric Dyson, Antonio Gonzalez and George Johnson. Each week, Smiley engages commentators and guests in substantive and provocative discussions on a wide range of topics including: politics, health, finance, sports, technology and pop culture. An insightful exploration of the issues that matter from fresh, diverse points of view is the show's hallmark.
5:00 pmAll Things Considered
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Hosted by Debbie Elliott
Since its debut in 1971, this afternoon radio newsmagazine has delivered in-depth reporting and transformed the way listeners understand current events and view the world. Heard by more than 11 million* people on over 600 radio stations each week, All Things Considered is one of the most popular programs in America. Debbie Elliott hosts a one-hour edition of the program on Saturday and Sunday.
Broadcast also includes the AM 1370 news team with local news coverage.
6:30 pmNeed to Know
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For local in-depth news coverage, tune into WXXI's Need to Know.
Also airs Fridays,9:00 pm and Sundays, at 12:30 pm on WXXI-TV 21 (cable channel 11)
7:00 pmOn The Media
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Hosted by Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield
Hosted by veteran journalists Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield, On The Media decodes what we hear, read, and see in the media every day, and arms us with critical tools necessary to survive the information age. With compelling reporting and uncommon insight, the program uncovers the significant issues of the day and carefully exposes the relationship of the media to culture and society.
8:00 pmTechnation
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Hosted by Dr. Moira Gunn
Tech Nation - and its regular segments BioTech Nation - is a weekly public radio program hosted by Dr. Moira Gunn. It focuses on the impact of technology and science on modern life.
9:00 pmJazz from the Cellar
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Hosted by: Tom Hampson
Tom presents mainstream jazz recordings. (WXXI)
10:00 pmMarian McPartland's Piano Jazz
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Hosted by Marian McPartland
For more than thirty years, legendary pianist Marian McPartland has welcomed a stellar line-up of jazz artists for conversation and improvisation on her Peabody Award-winning program. Piano Jazz fans say the show's intimate style is "like listening in on a conversation in someone's living room." And no one but McPartland, with her engaging personality and improvisational savvy, could host such a variety of performers in her radio "living room."

Tune into this graceful series each week and enjoy what The Washington Post calls "an oasis of intelligence and grace and probably the best hour of jazz on the airwaves."
11:00 pmWeekend Radio with Robert Conrad
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Hosted by Robert Conrad
This hour-long show is a skillful mixture of classical music, crossover selections and comedy bits with "This Week in the Media" and "Marginal Considerations". Robert Conrad hosts.



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