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Teachers Who Made A Difference: What's Your Story?
A great teacher can make a huge difference, not only helping us to learn, but also shaping our tastes and personalities. This week, we'll hear from prominent musicians who have been inspired by good teachers. We invite you to tell us your story too. Now that the new school year is comfortably underway, it's a good time to talk teachers. Teachers who made a difference, that is.

Every morning, we pack those lunches, and pack the kids off to school, hoping that they'll learn some things about the world, and some things about themselves. And one day, maybe, they'll connect with a very special teacher who will unlock a curious mind and inspire confidence.

This week, we want to hear your stories about teachers who made a difference in your life. Maybe it was that French instructor who helped you break through a language barrier. Or a piano teacher who saw the talent you never thought you had.

For me, it was a trio of high school teachers whose passion ran high for drama, literature and film. The first time Mr. Brower showed our class Ingmar Bergman's Seventh Seal was the moment I fell in love with movies. I learned how to run the projector just so I could set up the 16mm contraption in other classrooms, and watch it over and over.

Great teachers have the power to change lives. Please tell us your stories.

Tomorrow, we'll hear Baltimore Symphony conductor Marin Alsop's story of teachers who made a big difference for her in terms of math and music. Copyright 2010 National Public Radio. To see more, visit