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Silver Threads 1522 Age Restricted Communities 5/26/15
Silver Threads 1514 Financial Abuse(continued) 04/04/15
Silver Threads 1513 Financial Abuse Part 3/24/15
Silver Threads 1512 Brain Training Update 03/17/15
Silver Threads 2/3/15 Dementia Village 1506
Silver Threads 1450 Nursing Home Ratings 12/09/14
Silver Threads 1447 AARP Bulletin October 2014 11/18/14
Backstage Pass with Sound ExChange
Enabled 10/13/14 - Four Short Articles
Silver Threads 14-25 - Homeowners' Taxes and Mortgage Debt 06/17/14
Enabled 6/16/14 - Timely Tidbits: Newspaper Edition
Silver Threads 14-23 AARP articles: Challenges and Changes 6/03/14
Silver Threads 14-22 Reverse Mortgages 5/27/14
Enabled 5/26/14 - Google s Plans for Driverless Cars
Silver Threads 14-20 Caffeine and Alcohol Use 5/13/14
Silver Threads 1417 Brain Training 4/22/14
Silver Threads 4/1/14 Retirement and Finances 1414
Silver Threads 14-11 Caregivers, who cares 3/11/14
Connections: Examining the costs and potential benefits of educating prison inmates.
Connections: Filmmaker Ken Burns
Connections: Acupunture
Connections: Dennis Wilmot
1370 Connections: personal computing devices in the workplace
Healthy Friday: Innovative Cancer Treatments
1370 Connection: Corporate Giving; Great Gift Ideas
1370 Connection: Leading through Change
Enabled 12/09/13 - Employment Challenges for People who are blind or Visually Impaired
Arts Friday: Messiah, Christmas Carol, Nutcracker
1370 Connection: Affordable Care Act
1370 Connection: Retired Professor of Economics Kathy Bromley
1370 Connection: Selling Your House
1370 Connection: Kinship Navigator Program
1370 Connections: Kodak
1370 Connection: Cokie Roberts, NPR and Billye Chabot, Seward House Museum
1370 Connection: RIT's MOCHA Program
Arts Friday: Roger Corman
Arts Friday: Future of Classical Music
Enabled 10/21/2013- Report from the Foundation Fighting Blindness
1370 Connection: Mary Maida and Peter Parts
Arts Friday: Music Education
Arts Friday: The future of Independent Cinema
1370 Connection: Dr. Donald J. Foss, distinguished award-winning researcher and teacher
Classical Music Season Preview
Enabled 9/16/13 - Two Programs in One: Bausch and Lomb and Dining in the Dark
Sustainability of joy
1370 Connection: Greentopia
1370 Connection: The PGA tournament
1370 Connection: Lynda Powell, professor of political science
Arts Friday: Building Seasons and Successes
Silver Threads 7/16/13 Retirement Finances 1329
1370 Connection: JONI MONROE-RRCDC
1370 Connection: Michael Printup of Watkins Glen International
Silver Threads 7/9/13 Boomers Turn 65 1328
Silver Threads 6/25/13 Bank Overdraft Fees 1326
1370 Connection: Cabot Real Estate group and Laser Spa
1370 Connection: YMCA summer camps
1370 Connection: Settlement House
Arts Friday: The Memorial Art Gallery: 100 Years
Silver Threads 13-14 Brain Mapping 4/2/13
Silver Threads 13-13 Junk Health Insurance 3/26/13
Arts Friday: Second Annual Fringe Festival
Arts Friday: Re-opening of the Dryden Theater
Silver Threads 13-06 Jobless and Over 50 2/5/13
Silver Threads 1/22/13 New Credit Rules and Dealing with Debt 13-04
Silver Threads 1/15/13 Phone and TV Annoyances 13-03
Silver Threads 12/11/12 Longevity part 2
Silver Threads 11/6/12 Confessions of a Scam Artist
1370 Connection: Paychex founder Tom Golisano
Silver Threads 12-42 Medicare Enrollment Periods 10/16/12
1370 Connection: Katherine Hayles - Eastman Kodak Retirees Association President Art Roberts
1370 Connection: Business, health care and reform; how will they respond?
Silver Threads 12-41 Medicare Overview 10/9/12
Arts Friday: MePix exhibition
Silver Threads 12-40 Best Cities for Successful Aging 10/2/12
1370 Connection: Dr. Kent Gardner
1370 Connection: how to reduce drop-outs and increase graduation rates in Rochester
Silver Threads 12- 35 Older workers, Younger Bosses 8/28/12
1370 Connection: musician, poet and historian Ed Sanders
Silver Threads 12- 34 Wills in Estate Planning 8/21/12
Silver Threads 12-33 Innovations of Tomorrow 8/14/12
Arts Friday: Eastman School professor emeritus Donald Hunsberger
Arts Friday: Mark Cuddy and his team from GeVa Theater
Silver Threads 7/10/12 12-28 Proposed Medicare Changes Part II 12-28
1370 Connection: Gerald Celente, Trends Journal
This week Perspectives details the life of a Rochester, New York, original, Johnny Antonelli, as told by a fine Rochester writer, Scott Pitoniak, in a new book Johnny Antonelli: A Baseball Memoir.
1370 Connection: Rochester International Jazz Festival
1370 Connection: David Cay Johnston
This week Perspectives details an event that has never occurred before: a single baseball park hosting two Triple-A franchise home schedules in the same year.
This week, with political season already much in season, Perspectives begins a series of one-hour perspectives on local major-party candidates.
Silver Threads 12-21 Nursing Home Trends 5/22/12
This week Perspectives explores an extended but relatively recent member of the American family: the personal computer.
1370 Connection: Elizabeth Turk, RIT's Gannett Series speaker
Silver Threads 12-17 Green Burials 4/24/12
This week Perspectives examines golf, in one of the great golf regions of the country.
Silver Threads 4/10/12 Reverse Mortgages 12-15
Silver Threads 4/3/12 Part-Time Jobs 12-14
1370 Connection: Bob Volpe
1370 Connection: Speakers from the Economic Policy Institute and the Center for Immigration Studies
1370 Connection: the advertising business today
Silver Threads 12-09 2/28/12
Enabled 2/27/12 - Macular Degeneration from a British Point of View
Silver Threads 12 - 07 Senior Housing Options 2/14/12
1370 Connection: RIT political scientist Paul Ferber
This week Perspectives examines competition.
1370 Connection: Understanding the markets and managing your money
This week Perspectives examines something Western New York has surprisingly seen little of in the winter of 2011-12: Ice.
Silver Threads 1/17/12 program 12-03
This week Perspectives focuses on the theme of family.
1370 Connection: Dialogue on Disability
1370 Connection: Dialogue on Disability
Arts Friday: WXXI & The Little
1370 Connection: Kodak's future
This week Perspectives explores local and New York State politics, as it last did early this fall.
Silver Threads 11--49 Seasonal Scams
This week Perspectives begins a recurring series, "I Didn't Know that!" American polling arose in the 1930s.
1370 Connection: Burton Nadler of the U of R
perspectives 11 26To many in the Northeast United States and beyond, major college athletics mean Penn State and Syracuse Universities
Silver Threads 11/8/11 11-45
This week Perspectives presents a preview of coming attractions.
1370 Connection: U of R President Joel Seligman
This week Perspectives celebrates an annual tradition: an entire hour discussing America with America's pre-eminent independent pollster, John Zogby.
Silver Threads 10/18/11 program 11-42
This week Perspectives devotes its entire hour to an extraordinary conference coming to Western New York
1370 Connection: David Williams, University of Rochester
Silver Threads 10/11/11 program11-41
Silver Threads 10/4/11 Program 11-40
1370 Connection: Meet journalists from around the world
Investigating Possible Tax Cheats
1370 Connection: Dt. Sandra Steingraber
Impact of Gov. Cuomo's $4.4 Billion Announcement
1370 Connection: MCC business professor and personal finance expert Joe Marchese
1370 Connection: Howard Wial, director of the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program
RIT President Bill Destler
Sports Columnist Rick Woodson on the Buffalo Bills' 2-0 Start
Silver Threads 9/20/11 program 11-38
Meet pioneering scientist Esther Conwell
This week, as school begins, Perspectives examines the written word of the printed page.
The Waterfront And Its Future
1370 Connection: What's Next for Kodak?
Silver Threads 8/16/11 11-33
The State of NY Wine & Grapes
Lake Towns: Groveland, Livingston County
Video Essay: Harry Potter Science Camp
Lake Town Visits: Newfield, Tompkins County
New Beginnings July 2011 LifeSkilz, GII & Tech training
Growing New Success Out of Old Industry
Going Green is Good Business
Jazz Festival is Music to the Ears of Rochester's Economy
The great Jackie Gleason used to say, A little traveling music.
1370 Connection: Rochester School Board member Van White
1370 Connection: Recording star Natalie Cole
1370 Connection: A conversation with Kevin Eubanks, XRIJF
Arts Friday: 6x6x2011 Global Festival
1370 Connection: John Nugent and Marc Iacona
1370 Connection: John Nugent and Marc Iacona
1370 Connection: University of Rochester President Joel Seligman
This week Perspectives looks at Western New York and national politics.
Harris RF Communications's Dana Mehnert
Celebrating Lilacs with a Lasting Image
1370 Connection: Freedom Riders - Dr. Walter Cooper
Silver Threads 5/10/11 - 11-19
Preserving the Outdoor Beauty of the George Eastman House
Sound Body 5/6/11 Synthetic Drugs 11-18
1370 Connection: Meet a genuine juke box hero, Lou Gramm
This week Perspectives continues its series on occupations -- professions -- careers. part 2
RCSD's Malik Evans on Superintendent Search and Budget
Essie Calhoun on Diversity & United Way Campaign
1370 Connection: Erika Rosenberg and Kent Gardner of the Center for Governmental Research
Silver Threads 4/26/11 11-17
This week Perspectives begins a series on professions -- occupations -- careers.
Building the College-Community Relationship
The Building Boom on Campus
New Autism Center Opens Locally
Silver Threads 4/19/11 11-16
This week Perspectives presents its annual opening month salute to baseball.
David Cay Johnston on Taxes
Silver Threads 4/12/11 Emergency Room Trends 11-15
Rochester Artists at Work and at Home
1370 Connection: David Moss, Harvard economist
This week Perspectives explores what's happening to the economy.
Analyzing Albany's Budget Success
Video Essay: Midtown Project
Innovation Conversation: Will You Stay or Will You Go?
This week Perspectives explores the state of Upstate New York.
1370 Connection: Erika Rosenberg of the Center for Governmental Research
1370 Connection: MCC communications expert Tom Proietti, and a special guest
1370 Connection: filmmaker Mara Ahmed, Pakistan One On One
1370 Connection: Daniel Ellsberg, PBS documentary - POV
Enabled 3/14/11 - Profile of Mike Calvo, CEO of Serotek
RBA's Sandy Parker on Rochester's Priority Projects
A Rochester soprano's epic journey to Chicago
1370 Connection: We look at the progress made by women in business
1370 Connection: Golan Levin, RIT's Gannett Lecture Series and Mind2Movie contest
This week Perspectives looks ahead.
Local Union Leader James Bertolone
Silver Threads 3/1/11 program 11-09
Esperanza Spalding: 2007 Interview
This week Perspectives examines things going badly.
MCC President Anne Kress
MCC President Anne Kress
Local Superintendent on Proposed School Cuts
Silver Threads 2/15/11 program 11-07
This week Perspectives addresses two challenges: one abroad, the other in Upstate New York.
Chris Lee Scandal: The Speed of the Story
Chris Lee Scandal: Analyzing the Impact
This week Perspectives examines the contemporary anniversaries of two major American Presidents.
1370 Connection: Rochester School Superintendent Jean Claude Brizard
This week Perspectives examines New York State's 56th and newest Governor, Andrew Cuomo.
This week Perspectives celebrates Happy New Year by looking ahead to 2011.
New York's Pension Problems
Silver Threads 11/09/10 program 10-45
Arts Friday: The Memorial Art Gallery goes psychedelic
Arts Friday: Maureen McGovern in Carry It On
1370 Connection: the National Toy Hall of Fame
Sound Body 10/12/10 Rheumatoid Arthritis Stories 10-41
Sound Body 10-40 10-5-10
Enabled 10/3/10 Accessible Television Through Video Description
Analyzing the NY Primary
1370 Connection: Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and tax policy analyst David Cay Johnston
Frontier CEO Maggie Wilderotter
Arts Friday: The MAG's Clothesline Arts Festival
Musiconomy: Virtuoso TV
1370 Connection: MCC business professor and personal finance expert Joe Marchese
Sound Body 8/31/10 Dangerous Supplements
1370 Connection: MCC emeritus professor of economics Kathy Bromley
This week Perspectives examines people who grew up within the series' listening area, then left, and may or may not return.
Previewing PAETEC's HQ
Ken Burns & Geoffrey Ward in Rochester
Ken Burns & Geoffrey Ward in Rochester
The Innovation Trail: Reinventing the Windmill
Healthy Friday: Child Obesity
Healthy Friday: URMC- Wilmot Cancer Center/Roswell Park possible partnership. Also Senior citizens trying to gain weight.
Silver Threads 8/10/10 Spending and Saving Money
Arts Friday: Local artist Bleu Cease
Serious Sculpture & A Sense of Humor
The Optics Industry and Rochester
This week Perspectives sings a little traveling music: Travel within and just beyond the Empire State.
1370 Connection: Dennis Mullen, president of Empire State Development
1370 Connection: MCC business professor Joe Marchese
Going Green Begins at Home
Rochester's Own Dance Pioneer Returns
1370 Connection: A preview of an upcoming Presidential forum on trade as a booster of the economy
The Goal: Cut Local Carbon Emissions by 1 Billion Pounds
This week Perspectives devotes the entire show to the economy: Is it moving forward, stuck in neutral, or careering in reverse?
A Donation As Big as the Great Outdoors
1370 Connection: MCC emeritus professor of economics Kathy Bromley
David Cay Johnston on
Dance Pioneer Returning to Rochester
RPO Searching for a New Music Director
1370 Connection: MCC business professor and personal finance expert Joe Marchese