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September 2, 2015
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PRI's The World: 09/02/2015 We walk in the footsteps of migrants as they try to make their way from Syria to Europe. Plus, an exhibit of poster art will travel from the US to Cuba to Iran, featuring artists from all three countries. Also, what's the real story behind a train filled with Nazi gold that some treasure hunters say has been discovered in Poland?
PRI's The World: 09/01/2015 Europe's migrant crisis continues to worsen. We hear how two countries in Europe are dealing with the influx of people fleeing the Middle East and Africa. Plus, we look at a border fence between the US and Mexico and whether its desirable or even feasible. Also, we'll sample organic tequila from Mexico.
PRI's The World: 08/31/2015 President Barack Obama goes to the Arctic to visit Alaska. He's there for a global get-together looking at issues facing the region, including energy production and climate change. We'll give you a preview of the president's trip. We also hear about a chef from France who was in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. He served pastries to guests at a five-star hotel there before the levees broke. Even though Katrina ended his career in the Big Easy, now he's started over with a new restaurant in New Mexico.
World Headlines
Budapest standoff enters second night Angry migrants are stranded outside a Budapest railway station for a second night, as the EU struggles to agree a common response to the refugee crisis.
Outcry over drowned migrant boy photo Images emerge of a three-year-old Syrian boy, whom reports name as Aylan, who drowned when the migrant boat he was in capsized off Turkey.
China parade to mark defeat of Japan China is to showcase its military wares in a parade in Tiananmen Square commemorating the defeat of Japan in World War Two.
PODCAST: Waiting at Wal-Mart
Job growth in August, Wal-Mart's woes, and wartime bonds.
Wal-Mart's goal: Reinvention
Customers don?t like waiting, and the country's largest retailer knows it.
Would dumping the Iran deal hurt the dollar?
The Obama administration says the US currency's dominance could be undermined.
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