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June 30, 2016
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PRI's The World: 06/29/2016 Istanbul, one day after the attacks ? we get the latest on the investigation. And, we ask about the role Turkey now plays as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East. Plus, the story of two giant rodents ? capybaras ? whose escape from a Toronto zoo captured headlines.
PRI's The World: 06/28/2016 The European Parliament was the scene of some harsh words and insults this morning after Nigel Farage, a key force behind Britain's campaign to leave the EU, leveled both barrels at Europe's leaders. We'll find out who exactly Nigel Farage is. Plus, a giant underground field of helium has been found in Tanzania, and people who operate MRI machines are happy. Then we turn to breaking news out of Turkey, where suicide bombers launched a deadly attack on Istanbul's airport. We also hear about another huge victory for tiny Iceland.
PRI's The World: 06/27/2016 Britain's decision to leave the European Union has thrown the country's politics into near chaos. Not only has British Prime Minister David Cameron said he will step down, but now ministers are leaving the opposition Labour Party in droves, as well. Plus: "I want my country back." That's what a British columnist wrote in The New Statesman over the weekend. Laurie Penny tells us about those "Leave" voters in the UK who never felt the positive effects of globalization. And, Bolivia decides it's time to ditch the Gregorian calendar.
World Headlines
Five fight to lead Tories and Britain Justice Secretary Michael Gove and Home Secretary Theresa May head the five contenders to be Conservative leader - as Boris Johnson bows out.
Istanbul airport attackers 'Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz' The three men who carried out Tuesday's deadly attack on Istanbul airport were Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz, Turkish media and officials say.
Israeli girl stabbed to death by Palestinian inside bedroom A 13-year-old Israeli girl is stabbed to death by a Palestinian inside her bedroom at a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank.
The canal has made Panama rich, but inequality persists
With over a quarter of its citizens in poverty, Panama has one of the worst income distributions in Latin America.
Puerto Rico avoids debt default ? but what's next?
Puerto Rico's debt will be restructured, but the future is far from certain.
Marketplace-Edison poll finds increased economic anxiety
Despite the economy improving, people are more anxious about their finances.
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