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Last updated 7:20AM ET
October 21, 2016
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PRI's The World: 10/20/2016 The final presidential debate is over. We'll hear reaction to Republican candidate Donald Trump refusing to say whether he will accept the outcome of the election. Plus, there's been some lively reaction on social media to Trump's "bad hombres" comment during last night's debate. Also, Boise, Idaho, is taking in a lot of Syrian refugees ? 122 so far this year. We'll check in on how it's going.
PRI's The World: 10/19/2016 Russia tests long-range missiles and moves nuclear-capable missiles closer to the West. We learn why. Also, on day three of the Mosul offensive, we learn what a post-ISIS future might look like. Plus, we make some multicultural stops on the US campaign trail ? with Hindus for Donald Trump and Danes for Hillary Clinton.
PRI's The World: 10/18/2016 Today we look at the latest effort to slow global warming ? by swapping out chemicals used in air conditioners: It seems like a small change, but it could have a big impact worldwide. Also, we hear how European countries are combating extremism as ISIS loses ground in Syria and Iraq. Plus, Major League Baseball goes to Africa looking for talent.
World Headlines
Mosul Iraq battle: IS launches counter-attack at Kirkuk Islamic State militants counter-attack in northern Iraq, killing at least 19 people in Kirkuk, as government forces advance on their stronghold, Mosul.
South Africa to withdraw from war crimes court South Africa formally begins the process of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court, saying it did not want to help achieve "regime change".
Prince rarities set for release on two new albums A new greatest hits album and a deluxe edition of Purple Rain will feature unreleased songs from Prince's "vault", Warner Bros Records says.
If you can't pay bail, aren't you unfairly incarcerated?
Lots of people think so. And the money bail system is becoming increasingly controversial.
What does it take to start a network, anyway?
There's speculation that's Donald Trump's next act. Here's what he'll need.
Silicon Valley's answer to brain fog
Why one startup thinks cognition enhancing pills are poised to take off.
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