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VIDEO: 'I Quit' Dance Sure Works For Millions
VIDEO: 'I Quit' Dance Sure Works For Millions The way to go? Marina Shifrin in her viral "I Quit!" video.
When young journalist Marna Shifrin decided to say so long to the animation company where she was working, she did it in a video that's now gone viral. Now, both the company she quit and others are doing their own versions all set to some Kanye West. Dance break!

Take a couple minutes if you haven't seen it yet to watch young journalist Marina Shifrin's video resignation from the Taiwan-based animation company where she worked for about two years. (This may be obvious, but since it's set to a Kanye West song we need to say that there's a bad word or two.)

As of Wednesday morning the 5-day-old video had been watched about 8.3 million times.

Now, as happens, it's inspiring others ? including Next Media Animation, the company Shifrin has said a funky goodbye to. Check out the staff's "we're hiring!" response.

And Shifrin herself recommends this "work-at-home-mom" parody of her parody.

Shifrin joins others who have famously fired themselves; including:

-- JetBlue flight attendant Steve Slater, grabbed some beer, spewed some expletives and popped the emergency slide on his way out of a job.

-- Greg Smith, the Goldman Sachs executive who flamed his firm in a New York Times op-ed.

Reuters rounded up some other notable resignations in this video.

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