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June 22, 2018
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All matters of the heart will be discussed on the next all-new State of Pennsylvania on WVIA
(wvia) - February is American Heart Month and unfortunately, most of us know someone affected by heart disease. Learn how to love your heart and keep it healthy on an all-new live State of Pennsylvania, Thursday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. on WVIA TV.

According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. One in every three American deaths can be linked to heart disease and stroke - equal to 2,200 deaths per day! These conditions, which eventually lead to fatal heart failure, are also leading causes of disability, preventing people from working, enjoying family activities, or walking, talking and breathing normally. Cardiovascular disease is also very expensive; together heart disease and stroke hospitalizations in 2010 cost the nation more than $444 billion in health care expenses and lost productivity.

Joining WVIA President, Bill Kelly on the program are Peter Berger, M.D., chairman of cardiology for Geisinger Health System and associate chief research officer for the Geisinger Center for Clinical Studies Director, and Alfred Casale, M.D., associate chief medical officer for Geisinger Health System and co-director of the Geisinger Heart Institute. Both will share the latest in cutting-edge treatments and technologies for anyone suffering from a "broken" heart.

To be part of WVIA's live audience in the Sordoni High Definition Theater at the WVIA studios in Pittston, PA call (570) 602-1150 or visit to reserve your free seats.

Encore presentations of this episode of State of Pennsylvania can be seen Friday, Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 17 at 1 p.m. on WVIA-TV.

This program will also be available on demand at

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