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Electric Legislation (2008-09-23)
Parts of the country will run short of energy during the next decade. That's the warning from a group of electric cooperatives that are meeting in Tampa. And they want to do something about it.

Advocates Offer Budget Ideas (2008-09-23)
State revenues are shrinking which leaves lawmakers with the option to cut programs and services or find more money. A coalition of advocacy groups representing children, senior citizens and taxpayers is offering its ideas at a public forum in Tampa Wednesday.

New Curve for Grading High Schools (2008-09-23)
Florida's public high schools will soon have to measure up to additional standards due to new legislation aimed at holding educators accountable. Senate Bill 1908 calls for high schools to be graded on more than just their FCAT scores.

Clear Springs to Change Bartow (2008-09-23)
A massive development is taking shape in Bartow that would change the landscape of Polk County. The Clear Springs development is 18,000 acres of reclaimed phosphate mine land which its owner hopes to turn into industry and farms, housing and green space - as well as a new branch of Polk Community College.

Sonic ID: Kookaburras (2008-09-22)
This week we visit Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg, where Bill O'Grady knows the magic sounds to get the Kookaburras singing. The century-old gardens are home to birds and plants from around the world.

Voter Confidence is Key (2008-09-22)
As the November election nears, the National League of Women Voters is focusing on voter confidence. This week, the national president will visit Florida talking with elections supervisors and the public.

Q&A with Songwriter Tori Sparks (2008-09-19)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck speaks to an Indie singer who grew up in Sarasota, who's getting raves for her music.

Ruling Could Spur Redevelopment (2008-09-18)
The Florida Supreme Court revised its ruling from last year that restricted how cities could fund redevelopment projects. Bottom line, the new ruling could re-ignite many local community improvement projects that had been put on hold.

Fugitives Nabbed (2008-09-18)
Fugitives from justice were targeted across the state by a three-month operation that was coordinated by the U.S. Marshals Service. Now, they want to make the extra effort permanent.

Ruling Could Spur Redevelopment (2008-09-18)
The Florida Supreme Court revised its ruling from last year that restricted how cities could fund redevelopment projects. Bottom line, the new ruling could e-ignite many local community improvement projects that had been put on hold.

Ruling Could Spur Redevelopment (2008-09-18)
The Florida Supreme Court revised its ruling from last year that restricted how cities could fund redevelopment projects. Bottom line, the new ruling could e-ignite many local community improvement projects that had been put on hold.

John McCain's Speech (2008-09-16)
Here's the complete audio of Sen. John McCain's speech at the Tampa Convention Center.

McCain Takes on Wall Street (2008-09-16)
Republican presidential candidate John McCain sounded a populist note during a short speech this afternoon at the Tampa Convention Center. He blasted Wall Street and Congress for the recent string of bankruptcies, and pledged to enact reforms. He also supports a bread-and-butter issue for Florida - oil drilling.

Questions Of Issues and Race (2008-09-15)
A panel of seasoned journalists gave their take on the presidental election last night at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg. They mostly lamented the lack of credible coverage of the issues by the national media. And they said the issue of race could swing the election.

Superintendent Search Continues (2008-09-12)
The Pinellas County School Board is again searching for a new leader. The man who was offered the superintendent's job has turned it down. Board members will meet Tuesday to consider whether to choose from the remaining finalists or start anew.

General Addresses USF Cadets (2008-09-11)
On the anniversary of September 11th, young military cadets at the University of South Florida heard from the Commander at Central Command which oversees the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

MacManus on Divides of Electorate (2008-09-11)
USF Political science professor Susan MacManus spoke at a meeting of the North Tampa chamber of commerce about how Florida is a must-win state for the Republicans, and how the presidential primaries showed divisions among race, gender and religion.

Jail Commission Says Wheelchair Incident "Isolated" (2008-09-10)
The video became an instant headline nationwide: a Hillsborough County jail detention officer dumping a quadriplegic man, from his wheelchair onto the jailhouse floor. A commission released its report on the incident, and they say it's an isolated incident.

Ganging Up on Gangs (2008-09-09)
Authorities are concerned about growing gang activity in the state. It's more than numbers. Gangs have become more sophisticated with their crimes. So, law enforcement and prevention officials are joining efforts to fight back.

Hillary Stumps for Obama (2008-09-08)
Sen. Hillary Clinton visited Tampa last night, her latest stop in a tour of the state on behalf of the candidate who bested her for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Iconic Jazz Photographer (2008-09-05)
WUSF's Bob Seymour got the skinny on iconic jazz photographer Herman Leonard. His black and white pictures helped to secure his standing in the history of Jazz. The Polk Museum of Art is featuring his work through this weekend.

McCain's "Drill Now" Not a Concern (2008-09-05)
Senator John McCain accepted his party's official nomination last night in St. Paul. WUSF has followed delegates at both major party conventions. About an hour after the balloon drop, we talked with GOP delegate Greg Truax of Tampa about the speech.

Modernist Marshall Center Faces Wrecking Ball (2008-09-05)
It was one of the original six buildings on the USF Tampa campus, built in the Modernist style that became popular after World War II. But despite its historic significance, the Marshall Center will soon face a date with the wrecking ball.

Talking Tapas and Olive Oil (2008-09-04)
Chef Dave Lieberman of the Food Network is in town to educate folks about olive oil. He spoke with WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck about his craft.

Floridians Warm to Alaska Gov. (2008-09-04)
The governor of Alaska won a lot of fans in the Florida delegation after her rousing speech last night in St. Paul. WUSF is following delegates at each national convention. Wednesday evening we talked with Tampa delegate Greg Truax shortly after Gov. Sarah Palin's speech.

Tax Swap Amendment is Out (2008-09-03)
Florida voters will not get a chance to swap their school property taxes for other state taxes. Within hours of hearing legal arguments, the Florida Supreme Court removed Amendment 5 from the ballot along with two other constitutional proposals.

Thompson a Florida Favorite (2008-09-03)
The GOP Convention is in full swing in St. Paul. President Bush addressed the party faithful via satellite last night, but it was the speech from a former senator and presidential candidate that got rave reviews from the Florida delegation. WUSF checks in with Republican delegate Greg Truax.

Veep Candidate Biden Visits Sarasota (2008-09-03)
Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden hit the stump yesterday in Fort Myers and Sarasota. It was supposed to focus on women's issues, but the Sarasota meeting touched on a large number of issues.

Firing Up a New Museum (2008-09-03)
For seven decades, an old red brick building on the edge of downtown Tampa was the city's fire department headquarters. Then, it sat abandoned for a few more decades. It has come back to life as the department's new museum.

A Day of Giving at GOP Convention (2008-09-02)
The Republican National Convention is underway in St. Paul. Similar to what we did for the Democratic Convention last week, WUSF is checking in with a Florida delegate for a glimpse at what's going on through his eyes.

Labor Gets A 4-Wheeled Boost on Labor Day (2008-09-01)
Some low-income workers have to undertake that daily commute by relying on public transportation - which can be spotty, to say the least. So on this Labor Day, a charity group is giving away donated cars to workers in need.

Gustav Curtails GOP Convention (2008-09-01)
As the Republican National Convention opens in St. Paul, Minnesota, events are being curtailed out of respect for people in the path of Hurricane Gustav. Florida delegates cancelled a pool-side party planned Thursday and will donate the money to the American Red Cross. But, the business of the convention must still be conducted. WUSF is following events with the help of Tampa GOP delegate Greg Truax.

TECO Tests Stronger Poles (2008-08-29)
The loss of electricity is one of the enduring problems when a hurricane hits. Downed power lines and snapped poles were major problems during Florida's 2004-2005 hurricane seasons. Tampa Electric is testing if stronger poles are worth the price.

Sonic ID: Port of Tampa (2008-08-29)
This week, we bring you the sounds inside Florida's largest port. The Port of Tampa is the entry point for almost all of the petroleum and gasoline supplied to central and west Florida.

Floridians Share Spotlight (2008-08-28)
Thanks to two Floridians, Barack Obama is now the official Democratic presidential nominee. WUSF is following a Florida delegate at the Democratic National Convention and next week we'll be at the GOP convention in Minnesota.

New Ways to Protect Ports (2008-08-28)
The port of St. Petersburg has been home this week to a display of new ways to detect underwater mines. It's all part of an exercise held by the Department of Homeland Security.

Clinton Delegates Get the OK (2008-08-27)
Florida Democrats sent more than 200 delegates to the National Convention in Denver. A majority of Florida's delegates are pledged to Clinton such as Ana Cruz. But that may change soon. WUSF has been checking in with Cruz and talked with her not long after Clinton's last night.

Q&A on Future of Fla. Wildlife (2008-08-27)
Florida's projected growth doesn't just mean more traffic bottlenecks and strains on our water supply. A new state study that says it could also be devastating for the state's wildlife. WUSF interviews Tom Eason, the conservation initiatives coordinator for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Floridian to Nominate Obama (2008-08-27)
A former Hillary Clinton delegate from Florida is reportedly the one who will put Barack Obama's name into nomination at the Democratic National Convention. WUSF is tagging along with delegates at both political conventions, this week in Denver and next week in Minneapolis to get a sense of what they see.

How We Select Judges (2008-08-26)
They're non-partisan. They only appear on primary ballots. And they're limited as to just how they may campaign. So, it's no surprise that some voters are stumped when it comes to choosing a judge.

Floridians Front and Center (2008-08-26)
The Democratic National Convention has been a whirlwind since Floridians arrive in Denver. WUSF is checking in with delegate Ana Cruz and spoke with her via cell phone Monday night shortly after the major speeches ended.

Working at New Polk Jail (2008-08-25)
There's a new option for people who commit a crime in Polk County... one that keeps them employed.

Florida Granted Full Vote (2008-08-25)
As the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Denver, Florida delegates will be fully represented. Initially, the state was only allotted half its delegates as a penalty for holding an early primary. This weekend, the DNC gave Florida full voting strength. WUSF is following the four-day event through the eyes of Florida delegate Ana Cruz.

Onstott Gets Life (2008-08-22)
David Lee Onstott was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 13-year-old Sarah Lunde of Ruskin three years ago.

Democrats Attempt to Unseat Republican Incumbent in Tampa Bay (2008-08-21)
One of the few local congressional races that is shaping up to be a true contest is for the seat currently held by Gus Bilirakis.

Candidate Samm Simpson (2008-08-20)
Samm Simpson's political experience is her 2006 run against Congressman Bill Young. She was defeated by the incumbent receiving 34 percent of vote. Simpson worked at Raymond James for 17 years and currently hosts a local cable show.

Candidate Max Linn (2008-08-20)
Max Linn is a retired financial consultant. His political experience includes a run for governor in 2006 as the Reform Party nominee. He also spearheaded the "Eight is Enough" term limits campaign.

Candidate Bob Hackworth (2008-08-20)
Bob Hackworth is the Mayor of Dunedin, a non-partisan office. But, the former registered Republican is running as a Democrat in the race for Congressional District 10.

Democrats Focus on Young's Seat (2008-08-20)
Three Democrats, two of them newly minted, are vying for the chance to take on one of Florida's longest serving members of Congress, Republican Bill Young of Indian Shores. The candidates met recently at a Tiger Bay forum in Feather Sound.

A Sense of Urgency for Education (2008-08-19)
Cancelled classes and stormy weather didn't keep Florida's Board of Education members from meeting. Their agenda was short. Members agreed to ask for more education money in next year's budget. They also gave five school districts authority to approve of new charter schools in their areas.

Evacuation Orders Lifted (2008-08-19)
Tropical Storm Fay made landfall on Florida's southwest coast early Tuesday, bringing soaking rains and gusty winds. But, Fay never achieved hurricane status. It's left bay area emergency managers resting easier. Evacuation orders have been lifted for Hillsborough and Pinellas residents.

Still Need those School Shots (2008-08-19)
The interrupted school schedule caused by Tropical Storm Fay means some parents may have put off last-minute immunizations needed by their children. But it's not too late.

Sarasota Readies for Fay (2008-08-18)
The current track of Tropical Storm Fay places landfall to the south of Sarasota County. WUSF takes a look at how the county is getting ready for the storm.

Fay May Darken Hardee City (2008-08-18)
With the path of Tropical Storm Fay now squarely through central Florida, one town in Hardee County is taking an unusual measure to stay safe.

Nelson Promises Off-Shore Fight (2008-08-15)
Congress can expect a fight when members return from vacation in a few weeks. Florida's senior senator is promising to defend against the expected push to lift the Congressional ban on off-shore gas and oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Florida's Struggling Economy (2008-08-15)
Florida's economy is struggling. Unemployment is high and state revenues are down. One Florida lawmaker says it's time for legislators to look at themselves instead of blaming local governments for the problems.

Tax Swap Removed from Ballot (2008-08-14)
Florida voters may not get to vote on the so-called "tax swap" amendment this November. Thursday, a circuit judge ruled the ballot language was misleading and should be taken off the ballot. An appeal is expected.

McKeen talks Hunter S. Thompson (2008-08-14)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck spoke to William McKeen about his book about Thompson,"Outlaw Journalist: The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson."

Study: Many Hispanics get Health info from TV (2008-08-14)
A new study from Pew Hispanic Center and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation says many Hispanics in the U.S. turn to TV to get their healthcare information. WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck reports.

Public Comment on Proposed RR hub (2008-08-14)
The public got its first chance to comment on a controversial railroad hub being planned in Polk County. WUSF's Robin Sussingham reports.

Judicial Poll Rates Candidates (2008-08-12)
Florida's primary will decide which Democrats and Republicans will vie for office in November. But the ballot also includes races like non-partisan judges. Yet, judges are limited as to what they can say and how they may campaign. So, it can be a challenge to make an informed decision. Voters in Hillsborough County are getting a little help.

Green & Gold Flood Fan Fest (2008-08-11)
Hundreds, many decked out in green and gold T-shirts, turned out Sunday at Raymond James Stadium to meet this year's University of South Florida Bulls football team.

Early Voting Under Way (2008-08-11)
The polls are now open in Florida. Early voting has started for the August 26th primary ballot which includes non-partisan races.

Stress and Infertility Q&A (2008-08-08)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck speaks to Fox 13's Kathy Fountain. She's a licensed therapist who works with couples struggling with infertility.

Learning Curve: Just Makes the Grade (2008-08-08)
Hillsborough County teachers are back in school this week. And, the temperature is already rising at Just Elementary, labeled an "F" school last year.

Polk Seeks Inclusion in "Mega" Region (2008-08-07)
Not a week goes by without someone talking about transportation. That includes officials in the Bay Area and Orlando. But, planners in Polk County, right in between, say that talk needs to focus on the whole picture.

Q&A with Daniel Silva (2008-08-07)
Israeli agent Gabriel Allon is back in Daniel Silva's "Moscow Rules." WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck spoke to the author about the new novel.

Stop-Gap for Brain Drain (2008-08-07)
The board that oversees Florida's state universities is asking the legislature for an additional $65.4 million to stem the "brain drain" of professors and staff leaving for other states.

Wind-Only Customers Must Re-Apply (2008-08-07)
Florida's largest property insurance company says customers with "wind-only" policies are going have to come back and re-apply if they want to keep their policies current.

Brooker Creek Plan Revised (2008-08-05)
Pinellas County Commissioners are deciding how to manage the largest natural area remaining in the county. Staff will present their plans for the Brooker Creek Preserve to the commission this week.

Gotti Jr. Indicted in Tampa (2008-08-05)
Tampa soon will be the setting for the trial of John Gotti Jr., son of the former Gambino Crime Family boss. Federal authorities unsealed an indictment charging "Junior" Gotti and five others with a wide range of crimes as they tried to gain a "foothold" in the bay area.

Obama Proposes Rebates (2008-08-01)
More than 200 people packed into Gibbs High School's gymnasium in St. Petersburg to see Barack Obama talk about his plans for economic security.

Jail Abuse Inquiry Continues (2008-08-01)
An independent panel looking into abuses at the Hillsborough County Jail met in Tampa. They're making progress into coming up with a list of recommendations on how to fix problems at the lockup.

Barack Obama's Speech (2008-08-01)
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama addressed 1,000 supporters at a town-hall meeting in St. Petersburg.

Obama, McCain Target Florida (2008-07-31)
Both presidential candidates are in Florida this morning. It's shaping up to be a repeat of the 2004 election, when the state was one of the most hotly-contested battlegrounds in the nation. And the minority vote is considered a key to victory.

Planning for New Oil Leases (2008-07-31)
The U.S. Department of the Interior wants to sell new drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico. Its lease initiative includes areas where offshore drilling is currently banned by Congress.

To Annex or Not Annex Tierra Verde (2008-07-31)
Back in the 1950s, a developer dredged and filled in several islands just off the Pinellas Bayway, giving birth to the residential area of Tierra Verde. The City of St. Petersburg now has its sights set on annexation. Some residents say they're ready to incorporate - and they'll meet tonight to discuss those plans.

Reservoir Taking Piece of the Peace (2008-07-30)
The thirst of a growing population in four counties south of Tampa Bay will soon be slaked by water coming from a huge reservoir now being excavated.

Manatee Mine Melee (2008-07-29)
Several environmental groups have sued the federal government to stop a huge phosphate mine planned for Manatee County.

Reaction to DCF Chief's Resignation (2008-07-29)
Bob Butterworth announced his resignation as Secretary of the Department of Children and Families. One of the people he brought in to help revamp the troubled agency was Nick Cox. The former prosecutor, now DCF regional director, talks with Bobbie O'Brien about Butterworth's departure.

DCF Chief Proudest of Transparency (2008-07-29)
Bob Butterworth is resigning as Secretary of the Department of Children and Families. His last day is August 15th. The Democrat and former Attorney General was appointed by Republican Governor Charlie Crist to revamp the troubled state agency.

Tampa's Student Promise (2008-07-29)
A group of high school and college students were asked to find out what's right - and what's wrong with Tampa. Keeping at-risk kids out of trouble topped their list.

Rate Hearing this Week (2008-07-28)
State Farm's 47 percent average rate hike request has received a lot of notice. But it's not the only company asking for permission to charge more money. The Florida Farm Bureau has a rate hearing before state regulators in Tallahassee this week.

Last Day to Register to Vote (2008-07-28)
Today is the last day to register to vote in the August 26th primary. WUSF's Joshua Stewart reports.

Of Waste and Water (2008-07-28)
A plan that would study pumping treated wastewater into the aquifer beneath the Tampa Bay area will be voted on today by the water regulatory district. But questions remain about the possible environmental effects.

Nanotechnology Lab Coming to Tampa Bay (2008-07-28)
Gov. Crist announced that a company in the pioneering business of building microscopic medical devices will be established in both Tampa and St. Petersburg.

SONIC ID: "Girlstories" (2008-07-26)
This week, WUSF's Courtney Herrig Holmes bring us the sounds of a theatre rehearsal from a project called "Girlstories."

TBARTA's Mission in Flux (2008-07-25)
The regional transportation authority is barely getting off the ground, but there's already some confusion about what's its role will be in fostering new rail projects in each of its seven counties.

Mortgage Reform on the Way (2008-07-24)
Florida ranks second in the nation in foreclosure rates, but help is coming. A bill passed by Congress this week is expected to provide relief for borrowers and more accountability for mortgage lenders.

Record "Dead Zone" Possible (2008-07-24)
A team of scientists from Louisiana is currently bobbing about in the Gulf of Mexico on a research boat gathering data on what has become known as the dead zone. It's a layer of saltwater with such low oxygen levels it can't support marine life. Some computer models predict this season it may become the largest ever measured.

Democrats Currying Hispanic Vote (2008-07-24)
The recent gains by the GOP in the Hispanic community appear to be reversing. That's the result of a new nationwide poll in advance of the presidential election.

New Teachers Schooled in Ethics (2008-07-24)
New Hillsborough County teachers spent time in the classroom as students this week. WUSF's Courtney Herrig Holmes reports.

Graduation Differences Studied (2008-07-23)
There's a new study that tries to explain why Florida's high school graduation rate appears high when calculated by the state, but ranks near the bottom in national statistics.

Criminals Brokered Mortgages (2008-07-22)
An investigation has found that thousands of criminals were licensed by the state to work in Florida's mortgage market despite their backgrounds.

Batter Up For New Rays Home (2008-07-21)
A little less than a month ago, St. Petersburg's mayor joined Tampa Bay Rays executives as they announced they'd look beyond the downtown waterfront site to build a new stadium. Today, they announced they're taking the first steps.

SONIC ID: Cool Climes (2008-07-18)
This slice of life transports you from the sticky summer air inside to the cool climes of the Lightning's Summer Hockey Camp. We join future stars at the Brandon Ice Rink in mid practice as they weave through orange cones, slap pucks, and set up break outs.

Tampa Launches Flugtag Flights (2008-07-18)
A worldwide sporting event will launch Saturday at the Tampa Bay Convention Center. The Flugtag, which means flying day in German, is a competition for human-powered craft. It's been held in Rome, San Francisco and now Tampa.

Q & A on Ancient Knife (2008-07-17)
Workers putting up a shelter at a city park in Safety Harbor have stumbled upon an old knife that archaeologists say dates back some 6,000 years. It's now in the possession of the Safety Harbor Museum of Regional History. WUSF's Morning Edition Host Carson Cooper talks with Bobbie Davidson, the museum's director of operations.

Investigation Draws Protests (2008-07-17)
It's been nearly six weeks since a St. Petersburg Police officer shot and killed a black teenager at a graduation party. The incident is still under investigation by the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney. But that's become a point of contention for the family and some in the African American community.

Wetlands Protection Saved (2008-07-17)
Hillsborough County Commissioners voted to keep the county's existing protection of wetlands - without making last-minute changes that had been sought by some developers.

State Farm Requests 47% Hike (2008-07-16)
The state's largest, private home insurer is seeking a 47 percent increase in premiums from its Florida customers for the coming year.

Small Technology, Big Dollars (2008-07-16)
A leading research company in the fledgling business of building microscopic medical devices got $6 million today from Hillsborough County to build a research facility at USF. But the deal hinges on another county's approval.

Nuclear Plants Leap Hurdle (2008-07-15)
State regulators today gave their approval to begin construction of two nuclear generators just north of the Tampa Bay area. It came on the same day that approval was given for what would be the largest solar plant of its kind, near Arcadia.

Disability Wait Averages 5 Years (2008-07-14)
People filing for Social Security Disability at the Tampa office will join one of the longest waiting lists in the country. A local congresswoman says the average wait is five years to get a hearing.

Executive Offshore Protection Gone (2008-07-14)
President Bush lifted an executive ban on offshore drilling that had been in place since his father's term. U.S. Senator Bill Nelson says the elimination of executive protections will not directly affect Florida's West Coast.

Orange Crop up Despite Disease, Damage (2008-07-14)
Growers are reaping a good harvest of oranges this year and they say the price they're getting is right, but they still have problems. WUSF's Robin Sussingham reports.

Workshop on Orlando Rail (2008-07-11)
After the uproar over a plan to re-route rail traffic through Polk County, the Department of Transporation is taking public comment. WUSF's Robin Sussingham reports.

Sonic ID - Sunshine Skyway Pier (2008-07-11)
This week's Sonic ID takes us to the fishing pier off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Al-Arian Released on Bail (2008-07-11)
A former USF professor who pleaded guilty to one count of aiding a terrorist group was ordered released on bail today by a judge in Virginia. But it doesn't mean he'll be set free.

Freight Rail Set to Rumble Through Polk (2008-07-11)
The Florida Department of Transportation held a public workshop at the Bartow Civic Center Thursday night to hear people's thoughts about the future of rail in Polk County. But many of those at the event said they feel their message still isn't getting through.

Governors Travel for Trade (2008-07-10)
Governor Charlie Crist is leaving on a 12-day trade mission. Traveling along with Crist will be former Governor Bob Martinez for the Spanish leg of the trip.

Foreclosure: A Homeowner's Guide (2008-07-10)
The housing crisis is a major focus of a national Hispanic conference this weekend in San Diego. The gathering will feature workshops, a town hall meeting and the unveiling of a new book written by two housing counselors from Tampa.

State Grades Up, Federal Down (2008-07-08)
The Florida department of education handed out more "As" and "Bs" to schools this year than ever before. And, the number of low-performing schools dropped. However, the federal assessment of Florida schools paints a different picture.

Voter Challenges Amendment (2008-07-08)
Hillsborough County voter Jim Shirk filed a law suit against Hillsborough County's Supervisor of Elections Buddy Johnson. Shirk's goal is to remove an amendment from the November ballot that would replace the county administrator with a county mayor if passed.

Budget Cuts Doom STAR Academy (2008-07-08)
A Polk County program lauded as a cutting-edge way of keeping teens in trouble with the law out of jail has been closed because of state budget cuts. WUSF takes a look at what will happen to those teens now.

Mapping Hernando Crime (2008-07-08)
The Hernando County Sherriff Office's crime-mapping web site is up and running as of Monday. The officials have paired Google maps with current crime reports as a new crime-fighting tool.

SONIC ID: Swamp Sunrise (2008-07-07)
WUSF's Courtney Herrig got up early to collect the sounds of a sunrise in a backyard swamp.

SONIC ID: Rap River Run (2008-07-07)
This week we bring you the sounds of the Rap River Run in New Port Richey.

Foreclosure Help Offered (2008-07-07)
From the fine print to the terminology, today's mortgages can be confusing. But, there's help, especially for those struggling to keep up with mortgage payments and even for those looking to buy their first home.

July 4th Picnic Produce (2008-07-04)
For many, a Fourth of July wouldn't be the same without fresh tomatoes, watermelons and other produce. The recent scare over salmonella tainted food could change some picnic menus.

Sharing an Independent Spirit (2008-07-04)
Food, friends, family and fireworks are Fourth of July traditions. Members of the South Tampa VFW Post 4321 and the Price Family reunion at Lowry Park shared part of their holiday celebration and thoughts on this Independence Day.

Vets Celebrate Despite Fire (2008-07-04)
The Veterans of the Foreign Wars Post 4321 in South Tampa celebrated Independence Day with food and friendship despite the fire that destroyed their building last October.

SONIC ID: Wrestling school (2008-07-04)
You've heard of the school of hard knocks? Listen to the sounds of a wrestling school in Tampa where the students learn all about the art of championship wrestling.

Scare Bruises Tomato Growers (2008-07-04)
A Florida tomato grower says the federal Food and Drug Administration was too quick to blame tomatoes as the source of a recent salmonella outbreak.

Court Busts Casino Deal (2008-07-03)
The Florida Supreme Court says the governor overstepped his authority when he negotiated a gambling pact with the Seminole Tribe to expand gaming at its casinos. It will take a week or longer to determine the impact of the ruling.

Florida Fourth Graders on Top (2008-07-01)
In 1948, southern states banded together to improve the quality of education. Today, that organization, the Southern Regional Education Board, released its progress report that shows Florida is making gains among younger students, but still has work to do.

Lakeland's Parks in Peril (2008-06-30)
Life looks a little less rosy in Lakeland, where budget cuts are forcing the city to plant less flowers... and make other hard choices.

Commentary: Sharp's Naked Truth (2008-06-27)
WUSF commentator Deborah Sharp shares the naked truth about a new challenge she took on at 50. The Florida native is a former USA Today reporter and author of a new mystery is "Mama Does Time."

English Learners Studied (2008-06-27)
Students just learning English have much lower test scores when compared to other students in public schools. And a new study says it's due to more than the language barrier.

TBARTA Wants Its Own Director (2008-06-27)
Now that the area's new regional transportation authority has some money, members said at a meeting in Pasco County they'd like to see an executive director run the agency.

Another Florida College on Probation (2008-06-27)
At a time when Florida A&M University celebrates being taken off probation, a bay area public college has been added to that list by the southern accreditor.

Q & A With Rays VP (2008-06-26)
WUSF's Morning Edition Host Carson Cooper interviews Michael Kalt, the Tampa Bay Rays Senior Vice President for Development and Business Affairs.

Rays Back Off New Stadium (2008-06-25)
The Tampa Bay Rays have backed off plans to put a new downtown St. Petersburg stadium before Pinellas County voters this November. But it doesn't necessarily mean that plan has struck out.

Volunteer, Get Discounted Food (2008-06-24)
It may be the Tampa Bay area's best-kept secret. An Ybor City food bank that helps out struggling families has been around for nearly 20 years, but relatively few people know about it.

On the Foreclosure Bus (2008-06-23)
The ongoing mortgage crisis has created stands of vacant homes in otherwise pristine subdivisions throughout Florida. WUSF went along for the first of what promises to be a series of "foreclosure bus tours" in the Tampa Bay area.

Lowery: Change Thinking on Black Crime (2008-06-20)
A national conference aimed at finding ways to stem the high rate of crime in the black community is being held through this weekend in Tampa. A veteran civil rights campaigner says there's a different way.

Mohamed Pleads Guilty (2008-06-18)
A former USF student who was arrested during a traffic stop in South Carolina plead guilty today to a charge of aiding terrorists.

Downtowns Vital to America (2008-06-18)
Keeping America's central cities strong is vital to the nation's well-being. So says a nationally syndicated radio host who spoke today in Tampa.

Long Track Ahead for Light Rail (2008-06-16)
Members of the new regional transportation agency met in Tampa today to give an update on their recent trip to several cities. They found we have a long way to catch up on plans for light rail.

Nelson: Scrap Electoral College (2008-06-13)
Sen. Bill Nelson stopped in Tampa to push for revamping the way the nation elects its presidents.

Parched Polk (2008-06-12)
Some coastal areas have seen the beginnings of seasonal afternoon thunderstorms, bringing much-needed rain. But Polk County is still waiting for some relief from the ongoing drought.

Don G Goes D.C. (2008-06-12)
The St. Petersburg Opera company is bringing the classic tale of degenerate Don Juan into the 21st century. WUSF's Coleen Cook reports.

Patricia Martin's Speech (2008-06-10)
This is the speech Patricia Martin gave at the MetLife Foundation's National Arts Forum, held at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

Where Creativity and Business Thrive (2008-06-10)
Getting businesses and the arts on the same page can be a bit of a stretch for people used to a strict separation between the two disciplines. But an author told a conference in Tampa today that the two groups need to learn how to interact to survive in the global economy.

Learning Curve: Jamel's Garden (2008-06-06)
WUSF continues its series, The Learning Curve at Just Elementary. We tracked parents, faculty and students as they worked throughout the year to improve the school's failing grade given by the state.

Flag's Message Questioned (2008-06-05)
The flying of a huge Confederate flag along Interstate 75 focused national attention on Tampa. And, despite its historic meaning, some say the flag's prominence is sending the wrong message.

IKEA Store Means Jobs (2008-06-05)
In about a year, bay area fans of IKEA will have direct access to the Swedish-based company's furnishings and home goods. The Tampa store, now under construction, will be more than a boon for shoppers.

Docs: Say No To Drug Companies (2008-06-04)
A medical student association is giving a couple of Florida's medical schools a failing grade when it comes to ethics. USF gets an "incomplete."

Sarasota Music Fest Begins (2008-06-03)
It's been called an oasis of chamber music. The Sarasota Music Festival opened this week. The festival has developed a reputation for attracting some of the best musical students and the highest caliber faculty members. Artistic Director Robert Levin spoke recently on what music lovers can expect the event hosted by the Florida West Coast Symphony.

Poll Shows Voucher Ambivalence (2008-06-03)
Floridians want a say on how money is being spent in schools. A recent poll by Quinnipiac University measured attitudes on vouchers and education budget issues.

Gas Stations Wired for Power (2008-06-02)
Two days into the hurricane season and the first tropical storm of the season, Arthur, already blew into Belize and Mexico over the weekend. State emergency managers are running a mock hurricane drill this week. But, that's not the only preparation.

A Four Day School Week? (2008-06-02)
Schools facing big budget cuts are scrambling for some creative solutions. One Bay Area school district is looking at the possibility of cutting costs by shortening the school week to four days.

Sonic ID: Tree Trimming Time (2008-05-30)
This week, we bring you one of the many sounds of hurricane season. A Tampa Electric tree trimming crew clears vegetation that's grown too close to power lines.

Judge Tosses Democrat's Lawsuit (2008-05-28)
A federal judge today tossed out a Tampa man's request that all of Florida's delegates be counted at the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

Solar Power Lights Up Park (2008-05-27)
What is being billed as a cutting-edge solar electric system is now powering the lights at a downtown St. Petersburg Park. Supporters say the project could have implications statewide.

Playing, Replaying History (2008-05-27)
Friday, Florida Matters zeroed in on artists and writers sharing the state's stories through their respective works.

Boots March to Iraqi War Dead (2008-05-26)
A ceremony of a different kind was held today to mark Memorial Day. It was a very visual representation of the cost of war.

Gas Prices, Getting Old and Mass Transit (2008-05-23)
The area's new regional transportation authority heard several studies at its most recent meeting that could change the way it plans for mass transit.

FL Commentaries: Long Election Season (2008-05-22)
Commentator Martin Dyckman weighs in on the long election season.

Regionalism, Education on Conference Agenda (2008-05-22)
A conference held today in Sarasota promoted the idea of treating the Tampa Bay area's growth problems as one unified region. The keynote speaker said that needs to be done on a national level.

One Bay Campaign Picks Up Steam (2008-05-22)
A consortium of business and civic groups unveiled a new campaign during a conference in Sarasota to help guide future growth in the Tampa Bay area.

Local China Relief Effort (2008-05-21)
A number of local Chinese American groups are reaching out to help the victims of the May 12th earthquake. WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck speaks with attorney Alex Yu of the Chinese American Association of Tampa Bay.

Obama Returns to Tampa (2008-05-21)
Senator Barack Obama campaigned in Tampa today for the first time in a year - but never mentioned that the state's delegates may not be counted at the Democratic Convention.

System Becoming "Laughing Stock" (2008-05-20)
When Governor Bush abolished the Board of Regents - it started a power struggle over control of Florida's public university system. Some blame the instability for making Florida the laughing stock of higher education.

Rosenquist Remembers His Pal (2008-05-19)
Close friends, family and staff of the late Robert Rauschenberg gathered Sunday on Captiva Island to celebrate his life. His friend of 50 years, James Rosenquist, talked to WUSF late last week about how the innovative and exuberant artist will be remembered.

Rosenquist's Extended Interview (2008-05-19)
Here is the extended interview of James Rosenquist recalling his adventures with the late artist Robert Rauschenberg.

Tampa Bay Economy Isn't Rosy (2008-05-19)
A report on the economy of the Tampa Bay area released today paints anything but a rosy picture. Everying from employment to housing shows the region is slipping when compared to other southern cities.

Quest for Light Rail Chugs Along (2008-05-16)
The controversial CSX deal that would have paved the way for commuter rail in Orlando is dead - at least for now. We take a look at what it means for the future of light rail in the Tampa Bay area.

SONIC ID: Orangutans (2008-05-16)
This week we listen and look into the world of orangutans at Busch Gardens' new Jungala Exhibition.

Allstate Suspension Lifted (2008-05-16)
After only a day suspension, Allstate again may sell insurance in Florida. State regulators lifted a court approved ban on Allstate policy sales only after the insurance company turned over requested documents about rate pricing.

Pianist, Poet and Theologian (2008-05-15)
WUSF's Coleen Cook catches up with pianist Stephen Hough who performs with the Florida Orchestra this weekend.

Cable Access Woes (2008-05-15)
A new coalition met Thursday to overturn legislation recently passed that they say threatens the future of public cable access television.

Allstate Insurance Suspended (2008-05-14)
Allstate Insurance is suspended from selling any new policies in Florida until it complies with a court order and cooperates with a state investigation into how the insurance company set its rates.

HART "Steeplechase" Is On (2008-05-14)
A group of USF students recently completed what some may call a daunting mission: get more people to ride the bus. WUSF took a ride with the students.

Mayor Keeps Arts Funding (2008-05-14)
There's a bit of good news in this tight budget year at least for music lovers and museum goers in Tampa. Mayor Pam Iorio delivered the news herself to the 21 non-profit organizations that the city historically subsidizes.

Artist Rauschenberg Remembered (2008-05-13)
An internationally recognized pop artist who influenced numerous students and faculty at the University of South Florida has died. Robert Rauschenberg passed away yesterday in Florida at age 82.

Beyond Florida's Tax Veil (2008-05-09)
This week on Florida Matters, lawmakers talked with host Carson Cooper about the billions they cut for the 2008-2009 budget year. Then they discussed looking through special tax loopholes for more money.

WUSF SONIC ID: USF Fine Arts (2008-05-09)
This week we bring you sounds from the University of South Florida's School of Fine Arts where a technician demonstrates the many uses of a horizontal band saw.

Part of Tuition Hike Promised (2008-05-08)
Tuition for new university students is going up 6 percent this fall. Universities plan to use much of the additional money to make up state budget cuts and lower the faculty-student ratio, but some of the money is already promised.

Part of Tuition Hike Promised (2008-05-08)
Tuition for new university students is going up 6 percent this fall. Universities plan to use much of the additional money to make up state budget cuts and lower the faculty-student ratio, but some of the money is already promised.

Part of Tuition Hike Promised (2008-05-08)
Tuition for new university students is going up 6 percent this fall. Universities plan to use much of the additional money to make up state budget cuts and lower the faculty-student ratio, but some of the money is already promised.

Research Funding Switch (2008-05-07)
It's been a little less than a week since the state budget was finalized. Yet various institutions and agencies are still determining the effects of this year's money crunch. One example, the legislature's funding of university research projects.

FCAT Reform Lightens Mood (2008-05-06)
Florida legislators wrapped up their session last week after trimming several billion dollars from the state's budget. While millions were cut from education, a change for Florida's Comprehensive Assessment Test passed legislators' tests with flying colors.

Natural Gas Platform Planned for Gulf (2008-05-06)
The first of several public hearings on developing an offshore natural gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico will be held today in Palmetto.

Megahed Released from Jail (2008-05-06)
The trial of one of the two former USF students who were stopped in South Carolina and charged with having explosives in their trunk has been delayed. And the defendent won't have to wait for his new trial date in jail.

Palfrey Leaves Behind Notes (2008-05-06)
The Tarpon Springs Police Department released suicide notes left behind by Deborah Jean Palfrey who was also known as the D.C. Madam. Palfrey faced years in federal prison after she was convicted of running a prostitution service for Washington's elite.

South Florida Graduates Nearing 5000 (2008-05-02)
They start today and won't end until Monday. The University of South Florida will host eight commencement ceremonies on it's four campuses this weekend.

Bicyclists Roll into Work (2008-05-01)
May is National Bike Month. And to mark the occasion, about two dozen bikers rolled into downtown Tampa Thursday from various locales. They say riding conditions have improved on at least some the area's highways.

"D.C." Madam Found Hanged (2008-05-01)
The body of woman who was convicted earlier this year of running a prostitution ring catering to Washington politicians was found today in Tarpon Springs. She was known as the "D.C. Madam," and apparently took her own life.

TBARTA May Get $2 Million (2008-04-30)
It looks like a bill that would have infused the region's new transportation agency with some needed cash won't pass muster in Tallahassee. But as WUSF's Steve Newborn reports, they may get some money yet.

Fewer Tourists Spend Down (2008-04-30)
The economic slow-down has meant shrinking sales tax revenues and fewer tourists for Hillsborough County. And experts expect the trend to continue.

Bill Targets Predatory Teachers (2008-04-30)
Florida lawmakers are supporting a federal bill to make it harder for predatory teachers to open up shop at another school.

Sonic ID: Pet Expo (2008-04-29)
This week we bring you the sounds of a Pre-K class in Tampa.

McCain's Health Care Reforms (2008-04-29)
Moving away from job-based health insurance and toward individual policy purchases is how John McCain says he can improve the nation's health care system.

Welcome USF Polytechnic (2008-04-28)
USF's Lakeland campus is about to get a new name. And it could get a new campus, if state lawmakers find enough money this week to make it happen.

Evolution Bill Passes House (2008-04-28)
House lawmakers today approved a controversial bill regarding evolution in public schools. The measure is written to protect teachers and students from being punished for discussing views other than evolution, regarding the origins of life.

Tax Cut or Tax Swap? (2008-04-25)
A proposed constitutional amendment aimed at lowering property taxes was narrowly approved by the state's Taxation and Budget Reform Commission. But, critics say it's just a tax swap.

Phoenix' Lessons on Rail (2008-04-24)
The head of an effort bringing light rail to Phoenix spoke today to Tampa city council members. He's bringing some lessons that could be applied in the Tampa Bay area.

Venezuelan Ambassador Visit (2008-04-24)
Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez says President Hugo Chavez disagrees with most U.S. foreign policy. But on this trip, the ambassador said he made stops in Orlando and St. Petersburg to try and nurture a relationship with Florida beyond trade.

Hillsborough River Recovering (2008-04-22)
It's been less than a year since a landmark agreement was reached to keep a steady flow of water flowing over the City of Tampa's dam into the Hillsborough River. WUSF took part in a tour of the river to see if anything's changed.

Florida Awaits Primary Results (2008-04-22)
The Pennsylvania Primary may determine whether Florida's delegation gets to participate in the Democratic National Convention this August. If the race is close, it may prolong seating Florida's delegation.

Separate Trials Planned (2008-04-22)
Two former USF students who were jailed after their car was stopped in South Carolina are going to be tried separately.

Sex Assaults Not Prosecuted (2008-04-21)
Florida's senior senator wants to amend the U.S. Defense Bill so that private contractors are legally required to cooperate with investigations into charges of sexual assault of civilian workers.

Scientists Strut Their Stuff (2008-04-18)
Friday night, the top young scientists in Florida will be named from the nearly 900 students who participated in the annual statewide Science Fair. It's been a challenging three-day event. But for many of the students, their projects have been months, even years in the making.

WUSF Sonic ID: Coleman Orchestra (2008-04-18)
This week WUSF brings you the sounds of the Coleman Middle School Orchestra performing outside of Sam's Club in South Tampa buffeted by brisk March winds and noisy grocery carts.

Pinellas Superintendent Resigns (2008-04-17)
The superintendent of schools in Pinellas County is announcing he's leaving his post after nearly four years on the job. He's moving to the Big Apple.

Young Scientists on Display (2008-04-17)
While lawmakers debate whether teachers may challenge the theory of evolution in the classroom, Florida's young scientists have moved beyond the classroom and into the Lakeland Civic Center to compete in this year's state science fair.

City of Sarasota Trims Staff (2008-04-16)
The City of Sarasota laid off 27 employees today. They were given their 30-day notices, not because of anything they did wrong, but because of Florida's economic climate.

Andrew Young at St. Leo (2008-04-16)
One of the icons of the civil rights movement spoke Tuesday night at St. Leo University in Pasco County. Andrew Young spoke to students about the potential of the African continent. He also spoke about the ongoing discussion of race in America.

Q&A with Alice Parker (2008-04-16)
WUSF's Coleen Cook talks with a woman whose songs you may have sung, choral arranger Alice Parker.

Q&A on "Wicked City" (2008-04-15)
A former Tampa Tribune crime reporter now uses his research skills to dig into crime stories for his books. WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck chats with author Ace Atkins about his new book "Wicked City."

Writing Test Not Required to Graduate (2008-04-15)
Florida's money crunch is now affecting student testing. Citing budget cuts, the Florida Board of Education agreed to not require passing the FCAT writing portion to get a diploma.

Technology Aids Angola Dig (2008-04-11)
Archaeologists are searching for signs of a former Black Seminole settlement along the banks of the Manatee River that was destroyed in 1821. Use of a new technology hasn't revealed much, yet, but researchers are still learning a lot in the process.

Driver's Ed on Road Back (2008-04-11)
A Tampa high school senior is on her way to getting a bill passed in the state legislature. It would bring back a class that has been gone for years from most schools - driver's ed.

Going Green in Tampa (2008-04-11)
A conference about preserving some of the region's most noteworthy old buildings is being held in Tampa. Their aim is save pieces of the area's heritage.

"Yeast" on Film in Sarasota (2008-04-10)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck talks to indie filmmaker Mary Bronstein. Her movie "Yeast" about really unhealthy platonic relationships is showing this weekend at the Sarasota Film Festival.

Immigration Bills Fading (2008-04-09)
The issue of illegal immigration hasn't faded from the minds of some state lawmakers. At least six bills are plying their way through the legislature. But the chances are slim most of them will become law.

Report: Area Economy Stalls (2008-04-08)
The economy of the Tampa Bay region isn't looking too good, when compared to some of the other fast-growing cities of the Southeast.

Bill Redirects Incompetent Inmates (2008-04-08)
The number of suspects adjudicated incompetent for trial in Florida has doubled in just the last four years according to a state report. A proposed bill would redirect them to less costly, community care.

"Highwaymen" Art Unveiled (2008-04-08)
There will be a rare chance this week to see artwork by one of the famed "Highwaymen" that hasn't been seen for decades.

FL Commentaries: Against Adrenaline (2008-04-07)
When it comes to vacations, Deborah Sharp prefers the relaxed approach.

Parkinson's Study Finds Drawbacks (2008-04-07)
A new study shows that some promising techniques being investigated to treat Parkinson's Disease have some drawbacks, as well.

Woman of Many Voices (2008-04-07)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck talks with actress Nancy Cartwright, aka "Bart Simpson."

SONIC ID: USF School of Music (2008-04-04)
This week, we bring you some of the sounds from the USF School of Music.

A Tale of Two Downtowns (2008-04-02)
While downtown Tampa has retained much of its empty feel after 5 p.m., Orlando's core has boomed like never before. That city's main downtown booster told Tampa business leaders today what they can do to spark redevelopment here.

Tour of Bartow's Black History (2008-04-01)
He was born into slavery, but managed to rise above the roadblocks of hate and discrimination in the years after Reconstruction. This weekend, a bus tour of one of Bartow's most historic homes will highlight L.B. Brown's life. And there will also be a special guest.

Tampa IKEA on Track (2008-04-01)
Iconic Swedish furniture and food are already being sold in Florida at IKEA stores in Orlando and Sunrise. In the summer of 2009, you'll be able to find those items and US made goods at an IKEA store in Tampa.

Foreclosures Up Fivefold Since 2006 (2008-03-31)
Home foreclosures in Florida are up nearly 70 percent from a year ago. For March 2008 with a day left on the calendar, Hillsborough County has 1,586 foreclosure filings. That's five times more than just two years ago.

TIA Theft Investigation Ongoing (2008-03-31)
Authorities are questioning a fourth person of interest in connection with a stolen property ring busted up at Tampa International Airport. Three others were arrested Friday.

Florida Commentary: On Apologies (2008-03-31)
Commentator Martin Dyckman is applauding the Florida Legislature's recent apology for slavery. But he thinks it's time for another apology as well.

Q&A with Christopher Parkening (2008-03-26)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck speaks to guitarist Christopher Parkening about his work with baritone Jubilant Sykes and their new cd.

Discord Over CSX Deal (2008-03-26)
Some residents of Lakeland are upset over a deal to bring commuter rail to Orlando. WUSF's Robin Sussingham reports.

Q&A with Jeffrey Goldberg (2008-03-25)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck speaks with Atlantic national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg about Israel and the prospect for peace in the Middle East.

Q&A with Midori (2008-03-24)
Violinist Midori has been performing for more than 20 years. Tonight, she's playing Tchaikovsky in St. Petersburg. WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck spoke with her about music and her legacy.

2 More School Sex Scandals (2008-03-24)
Two more Tampa Bay area teachers have been accused of having an improper relationship with an underage student. And today a female teacher was arrested.

Democrat's Lawsuit Lives On (2008-03-21)
A federal appeals court today struck down a lawsuit filed by a Tampa man that would force the Democratic Party to count Florida's primary votes. But the lawsuit will live on.

University Mall Ebbs, Flows (2008-03-21)
The new owners of University Mall have unveiled plans for a major renovation. Many business owners and customers say the new look for the old mall is sorely needed.

University Mall Renovations Planned (2008-03-19)
Tampa's largest - and one of its oldest - shopping malls has seen several major stores depart in recent years. But an announcement expected tomorrow is designed to have a bigger, fresher mall that can compete with newer venues.

Serving New Veterans at 75 (2008-03-19)
The 5th anniversary of the Iraq War was marked by protests outside federal offices in the bay area. But, another anniversary also was noted. The Bay Pines VA Medical Center celebrated its 75th anniversary. Initially, it offered care to veterans of the Spanish American War and WWI. Today, Bay Pines is expanding services for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Florida Revote a No Go (2008-03-18)
Florida Democratic leaders have cancelled plans to revote on the presidential primary. They were considering a mail-in ballot because the state's January 29th vote results were thrown out by the national party for moving up the primary.

'Trop' Attracts Three Bidders (2008-03-18)
The deadline for bids to renovate St. Petersburg's Tropicana Field was Tuesday. Three proposals are on the table but the city says there's nothing certain about the project yet.

Grouper Catch May Be Gagged (2008-03-18)
That tasty grouper sandwich you chow down while visiting the beach may soon be a rare catch. A public hearing will be held tomorrow in St. Petersburg to see what the public has to say on a plan to shut down some grouper fishing.

Spring Training Fading in Florida (2008-03-17)
It's spring again, but the sounds of bats and balls around the state will grow fainter after the end of March. That's because four cities are losing their spring training games. WUSF gets a fans' perspective on how Florida's loss will soon be Arizona's gain.

Study: No Go on Red Light Cameras (2008-03-13)
A new report published by researchers at USF concludes that cameras placed at intersections do nothing to stop people from running red lights. The study says they increase the number of crashes.

Wakulla Still Seeing Green (2008-03-13)
Wakulla Springs is one of the largest freshwater springs in the world and many consider it the gem of North Florida. But in the past decade, unwelcome plant life started popping up in the waterways just outside the state's capital.

FL Commentaries: Deborah Sharp (2008-03-10)
Spring means different things to different people. To someone who grew up in the town where they filmed "Where the Boys Are" it can only mean one thing. Commentator Deborah Sharp explains.

FL Commentaries: Martin Dyckman (2008-03-06)
With all the fuss over what could happen to Florida's delegates, Commentator Martin Dyckman wonders what might have been.

West Tampa Welcomes Museum (2008-03-06)
After three decades at its prime riverfront location in downtown Tampa, the Tampa Museum of Art has temporarily departed for a less prominent neighborhood. But its new home makes up for in history what it loses in scenery.

Listening Post: FL Delegates (2008-03-06)
There's been a lot of talk lately about what should be done about Florida's delegates. We went to some voters at the University of South Florida to get their take on the situation.

A Veteran in the Classroom (2008-03-04)
WUSF reporter Bobbie O'Brien followed social studies teacher Dale Hueber during his first year of teaching in 2000-2001. She was in the classroom to chronicle his first day at East Bay High School, and followed him until the last day of that school year. Back then, one of Hueber's stated goals was to become the best teacher in the world.

Confucius Institute at USF (2008-03-03)
Florida may be half a world away from the People's Republic of China. But a new educational center is opening at the University of South Florida, with the goal of bridging that gap.

Al-Arian Faces Grand Jury (2008-03-03)
The saga of a former USF professor who has been accused of being involved with a Palestinian terrorist group has not yet ended.

How Race, Railroads Shaped Florida (2008-03-03)
Despite Florida being the site of the oldest European settlement, most residents know little of the state's history or culture. WUSF is podcasting featured presentations from authors and historians in conjunction with Florida Southern College History Lecture Series. Here's some insight on how Booker T. Washington, Henry Flagler and Gov. Leroy Collins shaped the Florida of today.

SONIC ID: USF Choir (2008-02-29)
In this week's Sonic ID, we bring you the sounds of the USF Choir.

Sarasota Superintendent May Quit (2008-02-29)
The leader of Sarasota County Schools is looking to leave his post. It's the second time in less than two years, that Dr. Gary Norris has considered quitting.

"Walkable" Author: Rail Needed (2008-02-29)
Last year, a study of U.S. cities ranked the Tampa Bay area last in terms of its walkability. The author of that study spoke to the Tampa Downtown Partnership about what they need to do to get out of the basement of those standings

Budget Crunch to Dominate Legislature (2008-02-28)
It's shaping up to be a tough year in Tallahassee. Declining tax revenues and the state's continuing housing crunch mean the budget axe may fall heavily during the upcoming session. WUSF talked to two local lawmakers - one Republican, one Democrat - about what's expected this year in the state capitol.

Q&A on Reverse Mortgages (2008-02-27)
People who are considering a reverse mortgage have a lot of homework to do. WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck spoke to "Savvy Senior" columnist Jim Miller on the subject.

Finding Environmental Message in Film (2008-02-26)
This week Eckerd College is hosting its tenth annual Environmental Film Festival. WUSF's Coleen Cook spoke to the festival organizers.

Power Goes Dark for Millions (2008-02-26)
Millions of people lost power today in a massive blackout that swept across Florida and left parts of the Tampa Bay area in the dark. Authorities believe the problem may have started at at nuclear reactor south of Miami.

Mental Health Policies on Campus (2008-02-25)
In light of the recent campus shootings out of state, this week higher education officials will tackle the state of the mental health policies at Florida's public universities. They will review policies and discuss some system-wide recommendations.

Foster Child Success Story (2008-02-23)
Shuttled from foster home to foster home as a child, Ashley Rhodes-Courter is now a child advocate. WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck spoke to her at Eckerd College.

Sonic ID: "Tornado Experience" (2008-02-23)
This week WUSF brings you some of the sounds from Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry or MOSI.

Disclaimer Language Checked (2008-02-22)
English may be the official language of Florida, but now advertisers will have to add Spanish and other languages to their lexicon of disclaimers. That's because of the "The Fair Language Agreement."

The Learning Curve: Hip Hop Math (2008-02-22)
It's FCAT season. The writing portion of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test was administered last week. Reading, science and mathematics tests are scheduled in March. As part of WUSF's ongoing series "The Learning Curve," we check in at Just Elementary where students are singing - all the way to test day.

Evolution "Theory" Adopted (2008-02-19)
Florida's State Board of Education narrowly approved new science standards for public school children that for the first time will include the word "evolution." But, the new standards were modified before they passed in a tight vote.

Talking Baseball, Fiction (2008-02-19)
WUSF's Carson Cooper talks spring training and sports with writer and NPR commentator Frank Deford.

Listening Post: Castro Resigns (2008-02-19)
After nearly 50 years as president of Cuba, Fidel Castro is stepping down. In today's listening post, reaction from some folks on the USF Tampa campus.

Evolution at a Religious School (2008-02-18)
The State Board of Education is scheduled to vote on whether to place the words "scientific theory of" in front of the term "evolution" in proposed science standards. Some opponents believe the theory conflicts with the biblical account of creation. WUSF talks with a science teacher at a Catholic high school on how science fact balances with religious beliefs.

Listening Post: Federal Tax Rebates (2008-02-14)
WUSF News is curious to hear what's on your mind this election season. Today we check in with some students and staff at The University of South Florida. Here's what they said about the federal tax rebate plan. WUSF's Kristal Roberts reports.

Civil Rights Question (2008-02-14)
Attorney General Bill McCollum wants a civil rights investigation into the conduct of a Hillsborough deputy. She's accused of tipping a quadriplegic man out of his wheelchair in a jail booking room. WUSF's Natasha Samreny reports.

Special Election Set for D-55 (2008-02-14)
A special election will be held April 15th to fill the state house seat vacated by Rep. Frank Peterman when he took over as the new director at the Department of Juvenile Justice.

"Unresolved" Music (2008-02-13)
This week, Augusta Read Thomas is a featured guest at University of South Florida's Robert Helps music festival. She's giving students a rare opportunity to perform the works of a living composer. WUSF's Coleen Cook reports.

Projected Deficit in Super Bowl Year (2008-02-13)
Tampa is facing a $16.8 million budget deficit next fiscal year assuming that property tax revenues grow at 3 percent and there's $500 million in new construction. And, the need for budget cuts is coming in the same fiscal year the Super Bowl is coming to town.

Tampa Budget Trimming Continues (2008-02-12)
Local governments are readying for another round of belt tightening after the passage of Amendment 1 which mandates cuts in property tax assessments. The Tampa mayor and city council are scheduled to sit down Wednesday morning with the budget in one hand and a scalpel in the other.

Voices Raised over Evolution (2008-02-12)
Mirroring the diversity of life on Earth - there was a diversity of opinion during the final public hearing on Florida's new science standards that include the word evolution.

Funding for Haley, USF Partnership (2008-02-12)
Doctors at the James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital say nearly 15 percent of today's combat veterans return with some type of head injury. Many of them come to Tampa for treatment.

Science Standards Evolving (2008-02-11)
The Florida Department of Education is just about finished rewriting the state's science standards. It's taken more than a year and it's not been without controversy. The final public hearing in the process takes place today in Orlando.

Peterman New Head of DJJ (2008-02-08)
Florida's new leader of the Department of Juvenile Justice says he plans to make some changes.

Q&A with Kiri Te Kanawa (2008-02-06)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck talks with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa about her career and what the future holds. Te Kanawa is performing in Tampa this Saturday night.

College Access at the Brink (2008-02-05)
Budget cuts, enrollment freezes and growing student demand have combined to push the state university system to the brink according to a report released by ENLACE Florida. It estimates as many as 60,000 students could be denied entrance within five years.

Demand Growing for Phosphate (2008-02-05)
Demand for fertilizer made from phosphate is growing. WUSF's Robin Sussingham reports.

Education Vote on Science Soon (2008-02-05)
The state board of education met Monday to vote on class size appeals from schools around the state. But the discussion soon turned to science and religion.

HB 411 Seeks Internet Info (2008-02-04)
Internet dating is becoming a popular way for couples to meet. Yet, the internet also is a venue where vulnerable people can fall prey to con artists. Tampa State Rep. Kevin Amber is proposing a bill that would help protect Floridians from internet predators.

WUSF Sonic ID: Lowry's Lorikeets (2008-02-01)
WUSF's Patrick Johnson captured the sounds of Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo's lorikeets at feeding time.

High Court Considers Gaming Compact (2008-01-31)
The Florida Supreme Court will, at some point, decide who wins and who loses in a lawsuit over the Seminole Indian gaming compact. The justices heard oral arguments on the case Wednesday.

Romney Supporters Fired Up (2008-01-30)
John McCain built on his momentum in the race for president, edging Mitt Romney in the Florida primary. But Romney supporters in St. Petersburg vowed to press on, saying that he did better than expected.

Young Voters Sound Off (2008-01-30)
A new study says young voters are really engaged this election season in Florida.

Young Voters Sound Off (2008-01-30)
A new study says young voters are really engaged this election season in Florida.

Property Tax Issue Not Settled Yet (2008-01-30)
Florida's voters have given their collective thumbs-up to Amendment One, which promises to cut property taxes for some of the state's homeowners. But this won't likely settle the property tax issue.

Amendment 1 Passes (2008-01-30)
Amendment One supporters gathered in St. Petersburg last night for another primary-watching party. Hours before the polls closed, Gov. Crist stopped by to make a few comments in support of Amendment One before he jetted off to Miami. But a few dozen realtors from around the state stayed.

Florida Commentaries: Picture Day Anxiety (2008-01-30)
Commentator Deborah Sharp muses on the challenges of picture day.

Ten Percent Vote Early (2008-01-29)
Nearly 10 percent of Florida voters cast their ballots before election day. But, those numbers may not be predictors of voter turnout.

Last-Minute Push for Guiliani (2008-01-28)
It's the last day of a campaign that former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani is betting on to jump-start his chances of getting the Republican nomination for president. Guiliani is visiting several stops in Florida today, and flew into St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport at noon.

Crist Stumps for McCain (2008-01-28)
Governor Charlie Crist is spending what time is left campaigning for Sen. John McCain. The governor joined another high profile Florida Republican, US Senator Mel Martinez, in endorsing McCain's presidential bid.

Ribbon Cut on Desal Plant (2008-01-25)
After a delay of more than three years, the ribbon was cut today on the nation's largest desalination plant. The Apollo Beach facility is being touted as a drought-resistant way to slake the thirst of Tampa Bay residents.

Florida Commentary - Liam Julian (2008-01-24)
Gov. Crist has proposed more funding for education, but he won't say where the money will come from. But even if schools do see their budgets reduced if Amendment 1 is approved in Tuesday's election, Liam Julian doesn't think that will be a major problem.

Listening Post - St. Petersburg, Part II (2008-01-24)
WUSF wants to hear what folks in the Tampa Bay area think about the upcoming property tax amendment - and the presidential candidates. So we went to various locations, and here's what we heard at the Lucky Dill Deli in downtown St. Petersburg.

Listening Post - downtown Sarasota (2008-01-24)
WUSF wants to hear what folks in the Tampa Bay area think about the upcoming property tax amendment - and the presidential candidates. So we went to various locations, and here's what we heard in downtown Sarasota.

Listening Post - St. Petersburg, Part 1 (2008-01-24)
WUSF wants to hear what folks in the Tampa Bay area think about the upcoming property tax amendment - and the presidential candidates. So we went to various locations, and here's what we heard at the Lucky Dill Deli in downtown St. Petersburg.

Listening Post - St. Petersburg (2008-01-24)
WUSF wants to hear what folks in the Tampa Bay area think about the upcoming property tax amendment - and the presidential candidates. So we went to various locations, and here's what we heard at the Lucky Dill Deli in downtown St. Petersburg.

Listening Post - St. Petersburg (2008-01-24)
WUSF wants to hear what folks in the Tampa Bay area think about the upcoming property tax amendment - and the presidential candidates. So we went to various locations, and here's what we heard at the Lucky Dill Deli in downtown St. Petersburg.

Florida Commentary - Martin Dyckman (2008-01-24)
The property tax-cutting Amendment 1 will be on the ballot Tuesday. Former St. Petersburg Times associate editor Martin Dyckman provides a view on the constitutional amendment proposal, with an eye toward history.

Listening Posts (2008-01-23)
WUSF wants to hear what folks in the Tampa Bay area think about the upcoming property tax amendment - and the presidential candidates. So we went to various locations, and here's what we heard.

Listening Post - University Mall (2008-01-23)
WUSF wants to hear what folks in the Tampa Bay area think about the upcoming property tax amendments - and the presidential candidates. So we went to University Mall in Tampa, and here's what we heard.

Moffitt, UF to Collaborate (2008-01-23)
Tampa's Moffitt Cancer Center today announced a partnership with the University of Florida. The collaboration is aimed at developing world-class programs in cancer care, research and prevention.

Listening Post - Downtown Lakeland (2008-01-23)
Come hear listener's comments from downtown Lakeland.

Listening Post - Attitude Plus, Tampa (2008-01-23)
WUSF wants to hear what folks in the Tampa Bay area think about the upcoming property tax amendment - and the presidential candidates. So we went to Attitude Plus Barber Shop and Beauty Salon in Tampa, and this is what we heard.

Listening Post - USF's Tampa Room (2008-01-23)
WUSF wants to hear what folks in the Tampa Bay area think about the upcoming property tax amendments - and the presidential candidates. So we went to the Tampa Room on the USF campus, and here's what we heard.

Listening Posts (2008-01-23)
WUSF wants to hear what folks in the Tampa Bay area think about the upcoming property tax amendments - and the presidential candidates. So we went to various locations, and here's what we heard.

Listening Post - Sun City Center (2008-01-23)
Come hear our Listening Post, from Danny Boy's Restaurant in Sun City Center.

Listening Post - Brandon (2008-01-23)
WUSF wants to hear what folks in the Tampa Bay area think about the upcoming property tax amendments - and the presidential candidates. So we went to a gas station in Brandon, and here's what we heard.

Obama, Paul Win Student Straw Poll (2008-01-22)
Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Ron Paul are the presidential preference winners in a straw poll held at the University of South Florida Tampa campus. And jobs is the number one issue worrying the young voters.

Students Honor King with Service (2008-01-21)
Helping handicapped people ride horses, doing ground maintenance at the zoo or just visiting with a senior citizen. These were among the hundreds of acts of kindness performed in the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Private College Grants May End (2008-01-18)
Florida's budget crunch is reaching beyond the public universities. The governor's education budget proposes eliminating state aid for new college students attending Florida's independent universities and colleges.

Martinez Visits Pasco (2008-01-17)
Florida's Junior Senator Mel Martinez was all smiles for a lunch on Wednesday at a country club in Pasco County. With 23 days to go until Florida's presidential primary, Martinez hasn't endorsed a candidate. But the former Republican National Committee chairman says he doesn't think Florida will be left behind.

Martinez Visits Pasco (2008-01-17)
Florida's Junior Senator Mel Martinez was all smiles for a lunch on Wednesday at a country club in Pasco County. With 23 days to go until Florida's presidential primary, Martinez hasn't endorsed a candidate. But the former Republican National Committee chairman says he doesn't think Florida will be left behind.

Sarasota Reflects on Amendment 1 (2008-01-17)
The debates, sound bites and campaign ads spinning around Florida's Amendment 1 make it sound simple. Yet, the four proposed changes to property taxes are complicated. WUSF zeroes in on the pros and cons of Amendment 1 with a look at Sarasota County where residents have willingly taxed themselves when convinced of the merits.

Complete Property Tax Forum (2008-01-16)
This is the complete, uncut forum on Amendment 1, held Tuesday night at the Largo Library.

Pros and Cons of Amendment 1 (2008-01-16)
Several dozen people showed up Tuesday night at Largo Library at a public forum on the impact of Amendment 1. The amendment would increase the homestead exemption and make the Save Our Homes tax cap "portable." But even its supporters aren't sure it will help.

Pros and Cons of Amendment 1 (2008-01-15)
Dozens of people showed up last night at Largo Library at a public forum on the impact of Amendment 1. The amendment would increase the homestead exemption and make the Save Our Homes tax cap "portable." But even its supporters aren't sure it will help.

She's a Writer First (2008-01-14)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck talks to Dr. Maya Angelou, who is speaking tonight at USF in Tampa.

Anti-Amendment 1 (2008-01-14)
While some property owners might benefit from this month's referendum on property taxes, a group of county, city and school board officials said today that a lot of other people could feel a big pinch if the amendment passes.

Mandatory "Drivers Ed" Proposed (2008-01-14)
Among the bills lawmakers will consider during this year's legislative session is one that would make drivers education mandatory for high school graduation. And the idea comes from a high school student.

Audio of Florida State Song Finalist (2008-01-11)
Click on the icon above to hear the King High School Pride Choir sing "Florida, Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky."

State Song Finalist Selected (2008-01-11)
There might soon be a new state song. The finalist in a statewide competition was announced in Tampa, with their goal replacing Stephen Foster's "Old Folks at Home," more commonly known as "Swanee River."

SmallTown, Big Challenges,Pt.3 (2008-01-11)
Part 3 of our series on the intersection of crime, race and immigration in Hillsborough County.

Troop Surge Felt in Tampa (2008-01-10)
This week, National Public Radio has examined conditions in Iraq one year after the troop surge. WUSF took the opportunity to look at how the surge affected some on the home-front.

SmallTown, Big Challenges: Part 2 (2008-01-10)
Part two of our series on immigration,crime,race and gangs in rural Florida, with the focus on Plant City.

Race and Crime in Plant City (2008-01-09)
WUSF begins a three-part series on the intersection of race, immigration, and crime in Plant City. The town has seen an increase in black-on-Latino violence - and many residents blame drugs for most of the problems. Some community activists say crime has often gone unreported - but attitudes among Plant City's Latinos appear to be changing.

4 Dead in Polk I-4 Pileup (2008-01-09)
Interstate 4 through Polk County remains closed, after at least four people were killed in a massive chain-reaction crash that was blamed on dense smoke and fog.

Race and Crime in Plant City (2008-01-09)
WUSF begins a three-part series on the intersection of race, immigration, and crime in Plant City. The town has seen an increase in black-on-Latino violence - and many residents blame drugs for most of the problems. Some community activists say crime has often gone unreported - but attitudes among Plant City's Latinos appear to be changing.

Cities Await Court Bond Ruling (2008-01-07)
If voters approve the Property Tax Amendment on the January 29th ballot, the subsequent tax rollback will force many local governments to reduce spending. Additionally, the Florida Supreme Court is reconsidering a case that limits how local governments fund of community redevelopment.

Heating Up in Chilly N.H. (2008-01-07)
Knocking on doors in below-zero temperatures might not sound too tempting to your average Florida student. But a group of students in New Hampshire it's worth it to take part in the first primary in the nation.

Students Chill Out in N.H. (2008-01-04)
A group of students from St. Petersburg are getting a first-hand look at presidential politics. They're up in New Hampshire, campaigning for different candidates before Tuesday's primary.

Q & A With Ken Rudin (2008-01-04)
With the Iowa Caucuses over, and the presidential candidates moving onto New Hampshire, what about the role of Florida and other states in the process? WUSF spoke with NPR's Ken Rudin, who's on his way to New Hampshire.

Stranded Whale Euthanized (2008-01-01)
A team of scientists worked for two days to save a sperm whale stranded in the shallow waters near the mouth of Tampa Bay. But, their efforts were in vain.

Insurance Bid Rigging Settlement (2007-12-31)
Florida's Attorney General, Chief Financial Officer and Insurance Commissioner announced a multi-million dollar, multi-state settlement in an alleged insurance bid rigging scheme.

Whole New Election in Sarasota (2007-12-28)
If you haven't registered to vote and want to cast a ballot in next month's presidential primary, you'd best be heading for your local Supervisor of Elections by Monday. And Sarasota County is trying to make sure this election goes more smoothly than the last major one held two years ago.

Learning Curve - Riverview H.S. (2007-12-27)
When the state announced district graduation rates recently, Sarasota Schools won top honors in the Bay area with an 83.5 percent graduation rate - well above the statewide average of 72 percent.

Guiliani: Bigger Military Needed (2007-12-26)
Presidential contender Rudy Guiliani took a break from the cold and snow of Iowa Wednesday and dropped in on a group of veterans in Largo. There, he called for an increase in the size of America's military.

USF Bulls Stampede into El Paso (2007-12-26)
The USF Bulls are now in El Paso, getting ready for their first appearance in the Sun Bowl on Monday. They'll square off against Oregon State.

Student: Explosive Arrests "Illegal" (2007-12-21)
One of two University of South Florida students accused of transporting explosives has asked the courts to throw out the evidence against him because the search was illegal.

New Biomass Plant for Florida (2007-12-19)
Another biomass plant is going to be built in Florida. This one will use wood to make electricity.

Desal Plant Up and Running (2007-12-17)
After nearly two years of repairs, the Bay Area's desalination plant is finally running the way it was intended.

Alafia Gets Stringent Protection (2007-12-17)
Regional water managers today approved a plan that could provide a steady flow of clean water into a Hillsborough County reservoir. But some county officials aren't sold on the idea.

9/11 Memorial in Tampa (2007-12-15)
A traveling memorial dedicated to the people who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 attack will be on display in Tampa through Sunday.

Crist: It's Up to States (2007-12-13)
Weaning the state off fossil fuels such as oil has been high on the agenda of Gov. Crist. Today, he told a group of governors meeting in Tampa that it's up to the states to provide an example for the federal government.

Investment Pool Ripples Continue (2007-12-11)
The board that oversees Florida's Local Government Investment pool appointed former Comptroller Bob Milligan as interim executive director. The instability of that fund has put some school districts and community colleges in a financial bind. And that has the Florida Board of Education asking questions.

Manatees Still "Endangered" (2007-12-05)
Backers of the state's manatees can breathe a little easier today. The state's game and fish wardens today voted to keep the mammal on the endangered species list.

State Reopens Investment Pool (2007-12-05)
Tuesday, state officials voted to unfreeze money in the statewide local government investment pool. They also considered changes for greater transparency and tighter regulations on the public fund.

Manatees Threatened? (2007-12-04)
Florida wildlife officials tomorrow will consider removing the manatee from the state's list of endangered species. Such a vote has been repeatedly delayed for the past several years.

Home Depot Center Closing (2007-12-03)
More than 750 people in the Tampa Bay area will soon be looking for a new job. Home Depot announced that it's closing its Customer Contact Center in Riverview. Employees have been told they'll be out of a job by the end of January.

Graduation Rates Rise (2007-11-30)
Fewer Florida teenagers dropped out of high school last year compared to a decade ago according to new state statistics. Locally, Sarasota has the highest graduation rate at 83.5 percent this year, Hillsborough County is next with 79.1 percent and Pinellas the lowest rate of 64.5 percent.

New Music Mission (2007-11-30)
The conductor of USF's Symphony Orchestra wants to encourage new masterworks. This Sunday, the orchestra will be performing a U.S. Premiere.

Mass Transit and CSX Deal (2007-11-30)
A deal that has been reached between the state and the Florida's largest rail carrier could have implications for the Tampa Bay area. But it's unclear whether the deal will hurt local plans for mass transit.

South Florida Going to Sun Bowl (2007-11-30)
The University of South Florida has accepted an invitation to play in the Sun Bowl. The football game will end an historic season of sold-out home games and the team's first even national ranking. School officials say USF's already seeing the dividends on and off the field.

Megahed Wants Separate Trial (2007-11-30)
In August, a couple of students from the University of South Florida were pulled over in South Carolina and later detained on terrorism-related charges. Now, one of the defendants wants to be tried separately.

Sparks Fly at Debate (2007-11-29)
A debate over immigration between Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney created the most sparks at last night's Republican presidential debate in St. Petersburg. But some lesser-known candidates also made an impression.

Rays Pitch for a New Park (2007-11-28)
It's been an active off-season for Rays baseball ever since word leaked that the team wanted to build a new, waterfront stadium in St. Petersrburg. Team owners have officially unveiled their dual redevelopment plan and will spend the next year pitching the idea to residents.

Fundamentals of Leadership (2007-11-28)
For years he's been teaching college students about leadership. Now Dr. Earl Paul of Hillsborough Community College has written a book on the subject.

YouTube Attracts Debate Watchers (2007-11-27)
The media entourage is rolling into town for the CNN-YouTube Republican presidential debate in St. Petersburg. The the inclusion of YouTube has attracted a following among young voters some of whom may not have tuned in otherwise.

St. Pete in National Spotlight (2007-11-27)
The eyes of the political nation will be on St. Petersburg Wednesday night. That's where the Republican hopefuls for president will descend for the second CNN/YouTube debate.

Watering Restrictions Extended (2007-11-26)
Citing "severely abnormal groundwater" conditions, the Southwest Florida Water Management District governing board voted to extend its emergency order for once-a-week watering through June 30, 2008. But, there is an alternative.

Homeless Issues Resurface (2007-11-26)
Republican presidental contenders will gather in St. Petersburg this Wednesday for their party's YouTube debate. The national spotlight attracted advocates for St. Petersburg's homeless protesting local ordinances aimed at moving the homeless into shelters. But their protest was short circuited by security fencing being put up around the debate site.

Large Crowds, Few Delays at TIA (2007-11-21)
This is the busiest travel weekend of the year. So if you're flying out of Tampa International Airport, you'd best be getting there a couple of hours before that flight.

Not Toying with Safety (2007-11-20)
The consumer advocacy organization, Florida Public Interest Research Group, Tuesday released a 55-page report listing hundreds of toys it says are hazardous to children. Recent toy recalls have local leaders calling for extra safety measures.

"Hometown Democracy" Debate (2007-11-16)
Several petition drives have been going on that could have far-reaching implications about how much development could be allowed in Florida. It revolves around what is being called the "Hometown Democracy" movement.

Budget Crunching Courts (2007-11-16)
Lawmakers are warming up for their next legislative session. Friday, the Hillsborough Legislative Delegation listened to the needs of local Constitutional officers such as the sheriff, elections supervisor and court officers.

Milnes Brings Art to Opera Tampa (2007-11-16)
Renowned Baritone Sherrill Milnes is giving back to the opera community as the new artistic advisor to Opera Tampa. WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck spoke to Opera News Editor in Chief, F.Paul Driscoll about what it means for the company.

Maestro Talks America Music (2007-11-15)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck talks about American choral music with Dr. Richard Zielinski, Artistic and Musical Director of the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay.

Seminoles Strike Deal with State (2007-11-15)
The Department of the Interior urged the state of Florida to come to an agreement with the Seminole tribe by today. Governor Crist signed off on the deal a day before deadline.

City Privatizing, Cutting Jobs (2007-11-14)
The legislatively mandated property tax rollback continues to reverberate through local governments. The City of Tampa announced a second round of personnel cuts to save $3.4 million annually.

Caffeine and Alzheimer's (2007-11-14)
Want to stave off memory-robbing Alzheimer's Disease? Just drink a few more cups of coffee a day. That's the scoop from researchers based in Tampa. Now, they're testing their theory on humans.

Speech on Alzheimer's and Caffeine (2007-11-14)
This is the full speech by Dr. Gary Arendash of the Byrd Alzheimer's Institute on how caffeine is being investigated to stave off Alzheimer's Disease.

B-17 Offers Ride Back in Time (2007-11-12)
A living, breathing part of World War II flew into Bradenton-Sarasota International Airport for Veteran's Day. And for a couple of venerable pilots, the past came flooding back during a ride on a B-17 Bomber.

The Art of Community (2007-11-09)
About 15 months ago WUSF introduced you to an artist, a Hurricane Katrina evacuee, who settled in the St. Petersburg neighborhood of Roser Park. This weekend is the Fourth Annual Historic Roser Park Art Festival and we thought what better time to check in with artist Linda Newcomb.

Giving Voice to Spanish Art Songs (2007-11-08)
Spanish and Latin American art songs are the close cousins of lieder. We hear from a soprano and pianist who are bringing the songs to USF as part of Arte 2007.

Students Fired Up Against Tobacco (2007-11-08)
It's been a year since Florida voters approved a referendum mandating that the state fire up its funding That money is slowly filtering its way into the community.

Sarasota Election Glitches (2007-11-06)
There were some problems reported as Sarasota County used its new optical vote machines for the first time in today's election.

Experience Among Presidential Candidates (2007-11-06)
How much does experience matter for presidential candidates? That's what we're looking at today with the truth-o-meter and Politifact.com.

Rail Vision is 2050 (2007-11-06)
Hillsborough County's transportation planners approved a long-range vision that has commuter rail lines spanning the county. But there's a long road ahead before this vision becomes reality.

"Super-Majority" Amendment on Sarasota Ballot (2007-11-05)
A couple of major initiatives will be on the ballot Tuesday in Sarasota County. Voters will choose whether to extend a penny sales tax and another measure that could put the brakes on development.

Sarasota County Heads to Polls (2007-11-02)
A couple of major initiatives will be on the ballot Tuesday in Sarasota County. Voters will choose whether to extend a penny sales tax and another measure that could put the brakes on development.

Dancing Through Life (2007-11-02)
Some artists believe in the philosophy that to do great work one must bare ones soul. Jennifer Archibald revealed she's just such an artist despite the physical and financial demands made on a dancer. The choreographer taught a master class in hip hop techniques and crafted an original piece for the University of South Florida's Fall Dance Concert.

State Energy Plan Released (2007-11-02)
The head of one of the state's largest association of businesses has come out cautiously in favor of the state's plans to combat greenhouse gases and climate change.

3 Governors at Drought Meeting (2007-11-01)
Gov. Crist traveled to Washington, D.C. today to meet with the governors of Alabama and Georgia. They discussed how the Southeastern drought is affecting the flow of the rivers that flow into North Florida's Apalachicola Bay.

Bay Area Haunts and Ghosts (2007-10-31)
Brandy Stark is an adjunct humanities professor who teaches in the Tampa Bay area. She's also the co-founder and senior investigator with a group called SPIRITS. The group investigates strange phenomena here in the Bay Area. WUSF's Carson Cooper talked with Ms. Stark from her home in St. Petersburg.

Climate Change and Cleaner Energy (2007-10-30)
One of Gov. Crist's most visible goals is reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that are produced in the state. His committee met for two days in Tallahassee, and are set to release their recommendations by Thursday.

Jolting Juvenile Detention (2007-10-30)
Members of a statewide commission charged with changing the way Florida treats its youthful offenders will continue a two-day meeting today in Tampa. Their topic is changing the size of state-run facilities that house teenagers.

The Learning Curve: Building Community (2007-10-29)
WUSF's education series, The Learning Curve, continues as we check in at Tampa's Just Elementary. A vast majority of its students come from poor families and almost 100 percent of them are minorities. Deemed a failing school by the state, school staff and teachers are focusing on creating a sense of community so kids want to come to school.

Celebrating Her Father's Songs (2007-10-26)
Emily Loesser followed her father's footsteps to Broadway. And this weekend, she'll be singing some of his songs with the Florida Orchestra.

Shuttle Retrospective (2007-10-26)
NPR's Space Correspondent looks back over the years of NASA's shuttle program.

Got a Question For the Candidate? (2007-10-24)
A group of people sat before the video camera this morning in Tampa, with the prospect of their question being asked in an upcoming Presidential debate. The odds of their question getting chosen, however, is not good.

Janet Reno Music Producer (2007-10-23)
Former US Attorney General Janet Reno is the executive producer of a three-CD, 50-song compilation "Song of America." Her nephew Ed Peterson helped with the project. They joined WUSF's Carson Cooper, Reno from Miami and Peterson from Nashville.

Benefits of Going "Green" (2007-10-23)
Portland, Oregon has long had a reputation as one of the "greenest" cities in the country. One economist urged Tampa business leaders today that "green" can bring economic benefits, as well.

"Waterdome" Returns to Florida Southern (2007-10-23)
A vision of one of America's greatest architects is being reborn at a private Lakeland college. An original design by Frank Lloyd Wright will be unveiled Thursday.

Sagal's "Book of Vice" (2007-10-19)
NPR's Peter Sagal provides "sort of an answer" to "The Book of Virtues."

Sparking A State Energy Commission (2007-10-18)
A state panel is discussing ways to cut the state's energy use and help stem greenhouse gasses. They are expected to recommend creating a state energy commission.

House Panel Approves Property Tax Cut (2007-10-15)
The property tax bill now being fashioned in Tallahassee is a watered-down version of previous efforts that would have been more wide-ranging. The latest bill would double the homestead exemption to $50,000. It would also make it "portable," allowing homeowners to bring their 3 percent cap on tax hikes when they buy another home. But it does little for people who own more than one home, or business owners.

WUSF Sonic ID: Cigar Maker (2007-10-12)
WUSF's Sonic ID this week comes from Ybor City which is known for its immigrant population as much as its famous cigars. And the people who roll them shared their deft handiwork with WUSF. Last winter, Dagoberto Tronscorso, a Cuban immigrant, demonstrated his cigar rolling skills at the Ybor City Museum State Park.

The Learning Curve: Riverview High (2007-10-11)
WUSF's series The Learning Curve visits Sarasota's Riverview High to look at reform efforts. By all accounts, Florida is the first state in the nation to require ninth-graders to declare a major. A reform lawmakers believe will help focus the teenagers on learning and staying in school.

Climate Change Entrepreneur (2007-10-05)
A longtime entrepreneur leaves security behind to devote her time to fighting climate change.

Want to Fly? Dial Lakeland Airport (2007-10-04)
A new airline service was unveiled today at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport. It's called DayJet, and its backers say it's a unique way to bring commuter service to smaller towns that are bypassed by most airlines.

Championship Park Strikes Out (2007-10-03)
Hillsborough County Commissioners declined to consider a plan to build a $40 million sports complex north of Plant City. Board members declined to even continue with plans to either change its size or location.

USF Terror Suspect Pleads Not Guilty (2007-10-03)
Federal judge Mark Pizzo postponed the arraignment for one of the two former USF students being held on explosive charges. The other student pled not guilty.

Championship Park or Field of Dreams? (2007-10-02)
Plans to build a major amateur sports complex on a wellfield in rural northwestern Hillsborough County will be discussed by county commissioners Wednesday morning. But the outcome of this contest isn't a sure bet.

AP Ranks Bulls Over Gators (2007-10-01)
There's a new player in Florida football. The most recent Associated Press collegiate poll ranks the University of South Florida above the state's traditional "big three" powerhouses. Just weeks after earning its first national ranking, USF football has jumped to No. 6 in the nation in the AP poll released Sunday afternoon.

WUSF Sonic ID: Green and Gold (2007-09-28)
Every Friday afternoon, WUSF will bring you the sounds of our community in what we're calling a Sonic ID. It was sound of Green and Gold, the University of South Florida pep band, that filled downtown Tampa.

PIP Reconstruction (2007-09-27)
After decades on the books, mandatory Personal Injury Protection in Florida sunsets on Sunday. Lawmakers want to reinstate it, but with changes to try to prevent the fraud that many say plagued the system.

PIP Protection Expiring (2007-09-27)
A state law mandating motorists have to carry personal injury protection, or PIP, expires Monday. Two days later, state lawmakers will convene to discuss reinstating the old law. So what's a driver supposed to do in the meantime?

Florida Commentary - Liam Julian (2007-09-27)
On this week's Florida Commentary, we turn to St. Petersburg native Liam Julian. The education policy analyst says Florida needs to rework its system of allocating money to schools. He says principals - not districts - should have control of the money.

Health Officials seek Mandatory Vaccine (2007-09-26)
After the bacterial menigitis death of a USF freshman, officials with the Florida College Health Alliance call for changes to the meningitis vaccine policy for college students.

Future Solar Plant for Florida (2007-09-26)
Governor Crist announced plans for the first solar power electric plant in Florida today. It's part of a $2.4 billion dollar clean energy program by Florida Power & Light.

Florida Students Improve Test Rankings (2007-09-25)
Reading scores are up and so are math scores for Florida students according to a national report released Tuesday. Florida's fourth graders continue to score above the national average in both subjects. The state's eighth-graders, though, remained below the national average in both, yet they're closing the gap.

Mayor Pleased with Judge's Ruling (2007-09-25)
Weston Mayor Eric Hersch sued to have the "super homestead exemption" amendment proposal taken off the January ballot. A judge called the proposal "misleading and confusing," and said as written it cannot appear before voters.

USF Student Dies - Meningitis Suspected (2007-09-24)
The University of South Florida has confirmed the death of a student from a suspected case of bacterial meningitis. School officials say 19-year-old Rachel Futterman fell ill Friday. She was hospitalized Saturday. And, her death was confirmed Monday.

Rail, Bus Plan Unveiled for Hillsborough (2007-09-24)
Hillsborough County's traffic planners unveiled their long-range transit plan to a small group of people at the Channelside movie complex near downtown Tampa. It's a mix of light rail, commuter rail and express buses. Supporters think the time is right for mass transit.

Bulls' Tickets in Demand (2007-09-24)
Some camped overnight. Others arrived in the pre-dawn hours. In all, an estimated 1500 USF students were in line before 6 a.m. to get their game tickets. This Friday, the University of South Florida will take the field against No. 5 University of West Virginia.

Meet Thelma Pilgrim (2007-09-22)
The Byrd Center and affiliated memory clinics around Florida have served about 800 patients who already have mild cognitive impairments, or are at risk for dementia. One of those who has come to count on the center is a 69-year-old woman originally from Jamaica. Meet Thelma Pilgrim.

Loss For Alzheimer's Patients (2007-09-22)
Florida lawmakers are looking to make budget cuts to help balance the state's books. Officials at the Johnnie B. Byrd Alzheimer's Institute wish lawmakers will look at some thing other than research dollars.

The Wild Side of Cuba (2007-09-21)
Renowned landscape photographer Clyde Butcher is showing rarely seen views of Cuba in an exhibition at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota.

Cost of War "Fuzzy" (2007-09-20)
A political fact-checking website looks into claims about the financial cost of the war in Iraq.

Christian Summit Brings Faith, Controversy (2007-09-20)
What is being billed as the first-annual Family Impact summit is being held through Saturday at a Brandon church. Organizers say they need to get the word out about family values, while some others say it shows the right's diminishing influence.

School Construction Funding in Limbo (2007-09-17)
Polk County school board members today are considering their options for financing 18 new schools. The Florida Supreme Court recently ruled that "lease purchase" deals, used by school districts and local governments to spread out payments, are unconstitutional unless approved by voters.

Crist Stumps for Super Exemption (2007-09-17)
Governor Crist came to Tampa today to stump for the so-called "super homestead" exemption. He was flanked by members of several business groups.

MacDill Hosts Vice President (2007-09-14)
Vice President Dick Cheney says the US will remain involved in Iraq until Iraqis are ready to take over. Mr. Cheney made the comments speaking to more than 600 military personnel at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.

Teacher Union Dues Debate (2007-09-13)
A WUSF commentator says teachers should know where their union dues go. And a union official offers some answers.

Nuclear Power Recommended (2007-09-12)
Florida needs nuclear power to meet future energy needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions that's a key recommendation of the Florida Energy Commission. The legislatively appointed panel passed several suggestions during its meeting earlier this week in Orlando.

Ideas to Reverse Water Woes (2007-09-12)
Florida Trend reporter and author Cynthia Barnett says its going to take radical change to turn the state's water troubles around, but she has hope.

Hometown Democracy Debate (2007-09-11)
The Florida Sierra Club and the Florida Chamber of Commerce are at odds over a constitutional amendment proposal to give voters more say on growth. Their debate came to Tampa today.

Is Expanded Gambling a Sure Bet ? (2007-09-11)
Today is the deadline the US Interior Department has given the State of Florida to work out a deal with the Seminole Indian Tribe over gambling. At issue is Las Vegas-style gaming in all of the tribe's Florida casinos. WUSF's Carson Cooper talks with gambling opponent James Smith, editor of the "Florida Baptist Witness."

Milnes Reflects on Pavarotti (2007-09-07)
Luciano Pavarotti's life, like his voice, was robust and full. To bring us a better understanding of Pavorotti's footprint, we turn to Sherrill Milnes. He shared many moments with Pavarotti. From his Palm Harbor home, Mr. Milnes joined WUSF's Classical Music Director Russell Gant Thursday afternoon.

Lakeland Family Reunited, Mostly (2007-09-07)
They had to travel through Jordan and spend an additional $15,000. But, finally a Lakeland family was reunited Friday, mostly.

Sun Likely to Set on PIP (2007-09-07)
State lawmakers have called off plans for a special session later this month. While the session was scheduled so lawmakers could cover unexpected revenue shortfalls, WUSF's John Sepulvado explains its cancellation most likely means the end of personal injury protection or PIP.

From Cyber Crime to Gangs (2007-09-07)
Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is on the road this week to promote a new cyber-safety program to students and teachers. WUSF's Carson Cooper spoke with McCollum just before his appearance at the Rampello Downtown Partnership School in Tampa.

Questions on Special Session Delay (2007-09-07)
A special session aimed at cutting down the budget has been put on hold. Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio and Senate President Ken Pruitt said in a letter this week that the basic framework for a session just wasn't in place. So, what's the hold up? WUSF's Carson Cooper talked with Tampa State Senator Victor Crist from his home in Tampa Thursday.

The Learning Curve: Turning an F into an A (2007-09-07)
WUSF News is taking a year-long look at Florida's education system. The first report in our series "The Learning Curve" takes us to Tampa, home of Just Elementary School, an "F" school, one of 82 in the state.

Lakeland Family Stuck in West Bank (2007-09-05)
For the past couple of weeks, a Lakeland family has been stuck in Palestine. Wedad Yacoub traveled to the West Bank with 10 of her 11 children in June through Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport. But when they went to leave in August, Israeli officials wouldn't let all of the children return to the U.S. with their mother.

Florida Democrats Remain Resilient (2007-09-03)
Florida Democrats are staying united and resilient despite national pressure to change the state's January 29th primary. Tampa Democrat Patrick Manteiga, publisher of the La Gaceta newspaper, is bristling at how the national party and presidential candidates are treating Florida.

Centro Ybor Redo (2007-08-31)
The Tampa entertainment complex known as Centro Ybor opened in 2001 with hopes that it would jump-start redevelopment in Ybor City. The movie theaters, comedy club, restaurants and retail outlets failed to attract big crowds. Thursday, Tampa City Council signed off on a deal with the current owners to bring in other types of development like office space and residential units.

Students Face Federal Charges (2007-08-31)
Today a federal grand jury in Tampa indicted two Middle Eastern students from the University of South Florida. They are charged with carrying explosives across state lines. The two were stopped for speeding near a Navy Base in South Carolina when an officer discovered pipe bombs in their trunk. The men have been held in a South Carolina jail on state charges.

Old High School, New Museum (2007-08-29)
The oldest school in Sarasota has sat vacant for years and faces demolition. Sarasota High School may soon find a new life as a contemporary arts museum. But before that happens, the public is going to have to decide whether its worth dipping into their wallets.

"Truth-o-Meter" on the Web (2007-08-28)
Now there's a new way to check the statements coming from political campaigns. And it's as close as your computer.

Nonstop Push at Tampa Airport (2007-08-27)
Despite Tampa's reputation as an up-and-coming area for both business and tourism, it can take several flights to get here from overseas. So a group of people is asking Tampa Airport officials to help them do something about it.

1st Step for Transportation Authority (2007-08-25)
The first meeting of a long-awaited regional transportation authority met Friday outside Tampa. But without a regular stream of money, they've got their work cut out for them.

New Town Run on Catholic Principles (2007-08-24)
Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan is the founder of a new town that has just opened up in Florida. It's a town that will be run according to Catholic principles.

Mayor Works to Halt Transfer Center (2007-08-24)
Jacksonville-based CSX is planning to build a rail transfer center in Winter Haven. Railroad cars will arrive to be unloaded with the contents sent on their way by truck. The plan would result in more trains running through downtown Lakeland. And, that bothers folks like the mayor.

Regional Transportation Agency Begins (2007-08-23)
It's been years in the making, and Friday morning, the first meeting will be held of the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority. But now all they need is money.

Questions About PIP (2007-08-22)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck talks with attorney Russell Lazega about Florida's mandatory personal injury protection insurance. It is set to expire October 1st.

Deputy Laid to Rest (2007-08-21)
The head of the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office's DUI unit was laid to rest today in Tampa. But Ronald Harrison was remembered for more than just his work as a deputy.

Schools Open Their Doors (2007-08-20)
It's a big day for children in the Tampa Bay area. They're headed back to school in Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk, Manatee and Sarasota counties. And for kindergarteners, it's the first day of their long education journey.

Water Wars No More (2007-08-20)
It looks like there will be no re-igniting of the "water wars." Tampa Bay Water has agreed to call off its threatened lawsuit against the water district. The tussle was over siphoning water from the Tampa Bypass Canal into the Hillsborough River.

Woe Over Wetlands (2007-08-17)
One neighbor, allegedly, sneaks over and uses a fishing dock without permission. Another neighbor is digging without a permit. Those are just two small examples of the finger pointing going on at The Reserve at Lake LeClare. And like many passionate fights between neighbors, this one has spilled into the county commission. What hangs in the balance, is the future of a county environmental department.

Science a Back-To-School Priority (2007-08-17)
It's back to the books on Monday for 191,000 Hillsborough County public school students. In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, students can expect some extra emphasis on their science studies.

Wetlands Division Spared (2007-08-16)
The future of Hillsborough County's wetlands division is safe - at least for now. At a public hearing, the county's environmental stewards did an about-face and decided to spare the division - with a few cuts.

Hunt for Top Educator Narrows (2007-08-14)
Hillsborough County's retired school superintendent is one of the semi-finalists that made the cut to become Florida's next state education commissioner.

Teachers Shop for Classrooms (2007-08-13)
Florida's sales tax holiday aimed at back-to-school shoppers ends at midnight. Picking out pens, notebooks, and backpacks is an annual ritual for students and parents. But, it's fairly common to run into a few teachers in that checkout line.

Education Cuts Prioritized (2007-08-10)
Florida's state agencies are continuing the budget exercise of looking for programs to trim or eliminate if a 10 percent cut is mandated. Friday morning, the Department of Education posted its "reduction priorities" on the internet.

Some Road Cutbacks Planned (2007-08-10)
Bridge inspections in the wake of the Minnesota bridge collapse won't be cut in Florida. That's the word from the state Department of Transportation, which plans cutbacks along with other state agencies for the upcoming year. But some road projects may be pushed back.

Some Road Cutbacks Planned (2007-08-10)
Bridge inspections in the wake of the Minnesota bridge collapse won't be cut in Florida. That's the word from the state Department of Transportation, which plans cutbacks along with other state agencies for the upcoming year. But some road projects may be pushed back.

Cuts Equal to a 25% Tuition Hike (2007-08-09)
It would take a 25 percent hike in tuition to make up for current university budget cuts. If the state university system has to slice another 10 percent from its current budget, it could mean freezing or eliminating more than 1,000 faculty positions according to papers filed with the state.

Universities May Seek Funding Increase (2007-08-08)
Florida's public universities are preparing for the worse this budget year but hoping for a slightly better economic outcome next year. The Board of Governors is meeting at the University of South Florida this week preparing their 2008-2009 budget.

Absolute Hockey Bottles Lightning (2007-08-07)
If the National Hockey League approves, the Tampa Bay Lightning will soon have new owners led by a former Florida Panthers coach. The prospective ownership group says it has no plans to move the team even though it's only had one profitable season in 15 years.

Road Trip Ends with Arrests (2007-08-07)
South Carolina authorities are holding two University of South Florida students on charges of possessing incendiary devices. Authorities there say Ahmed Mohamed and Yousef Megahed had small pipe bombs in the trunk of their car. The students called them fireworks when they gave a Berkeley County deputy permission to search their car.

USF Students Held on Explosives Charges (2007-08-06)
Federal authorities say two Middle Eastern men based in Tampa were arrested near a South Carolina Navy base with several pipe bombs in their car. Both men are college students from the University of South Florida.

Roller Derby Obsession (2007-08-03)
Meet a woman who's taken her share of hits, but keeps coming back to be a part of the Tampa Bay Derby Darlin's.

Transit Plan Favors Roads (2007-08-01)
Hillsborough County Commissioners signed off today on a half-billion-dollar transportation plan that focuses on roads. But not everyone believes the future will be paved only with asphalt.

Sports Commission Wins in Budget (2007-07-31)
Hillsborough County Commissioners said today cuts in library hours and new fire stations will stand. But they'll spend half a million dollars to attract outside sporting events.

Mass Transit Missing from Plan (2007-07-31)
Hillsborough County Commissioners are set to sign off Wednesday on a half-billion-dollar transportation plan that focuses on roads. But not everyone believes that roads are the only solutions to the area's transportation woes.

Tampa Not for Corporate Climbers (2007-07-27)
A new study that appears in Forbes Magazine ranks Tampa ranks dead last on the list of cities that would be attractive to young "corporate ladder climbers." WUSF's Morning Edition Host Carson Cooper spoke to Matt Woolsey - who conducted the study - from his office in New York City.

County Cutbacks Hit the Books (2007-07-27)
The Hillsborough County Commission has to decide what to cut from the budget. Nothing's set in stone yet, but County Commissioners will look again Tuesday at cuts in jobs, libraries and new construction.

Wetlands Division: Saved or Abolished? (2007-07-26)
More than 100 people showed up at the Hillsborough Environmental Protection Commission today to give their opinions on whether wetland regulations should be weakened. Whether their pleas were heard is questionable.

"Smart Growth" Initiative Makes Sarasota Ballot (2007-07-24)
Sarasota County voters will get a chance in November to vote on whether stricter standards should be placed on approving new developments. Backers of the growth control measure announced today they have collected enough signatures to get it on the ballot.

Hillsborough Services Fall to Budget Axe (2007-07-23)
The property tax cuts that came out of the legislative session in Tallahassee are about to be felt by residents of Hillsborough County. The county is about to slice millions of dollars from its budget.

No Enrollment Caps at Community Colleges (2007-07-19)
Just like the state university system, Florida community colleges are facing a 4 percent budget reduction. Thursday at a meeting in Tampa, the community college presidents unanimously voted on what they will and will not do when making the cuts.

Gov.: Biomass Energy Wave of Future (2007-07-19)
Gov. Crist showed up at the Farm to Fuel conference today in St. Petersburg to push for more use of renewable energy. He also announced several major iniatives involving ethanol.

Trains Back on Track (2007-07-18)
Two train wrecks resulting in five deaths occurred only 24 hours apart on the track that links Hillsborough and Polk counties. That rail line was temporarily closed for repairs but re-opened to train traffic Wednesday evening.

Lawmakers Ready for Tuition Fight (2007-07-18)
Florida's Board of Governors has claimed authority to set tuition at the state's 11 public universities. But, lawmakers are making a case why they must maintain control and are ready to fight it out in court.

Biomass: The Other Renewable Energy (2007-07-17)
Solar and wind power were prominently mentioned last week, during the governor's Miami summit on climate change. But a state committee meeting today in St. Petersburg focused on other fuels.

Renewable Energy Committee Meets (2007-07-16)
One of Gov. Crist's main goals at his summit on global warming was to push the state's power companies to use renewable energy. A state committee has been working on that plan for more than a year, and will meet Tuesday in St. Petersburg.

What Caps Could Cost (2007-07-13)
Caps on emissions won't come cheaply. That's why some business and energy groups hope they won't come for several more years.

Gas Sticker Shock Coming? (2007-07-13)
A flurry of initiatives is coming out of Miami at the the governor's Climate Change summit. But these proposals could mean another wallop in the wallet at the gas pumps.

Prescription for Carbon Caps (2007-07-13)
Dr. Todd Sack is a Jacksonville physician. He's also the chairman of the Florida Energy Commission's Climate Change advisory panel. And he is in complete agreement with Governor Charlie Crist on capping carbon emissions.

Climate Change and Renewable Energy (2007-07-12)
Gov. Crist is pushing for renewable energy at his climate change summit in Miami. But the state's utilities have a long way to reach that goal.

Budget Cuts May Trigger Brain Drain (2007-07-12)
There's a bit of a dust-up going on right now over just who is allowed to set tuition rates at the state's 11 public universities. Next week, we'll hear from state lawmakers who currently exercise that authority. But, this week we get local reaction to the Board of Governors' attempt to get control over tuition. The universities say they don't have time for a fight. They just need more money now.

Higher Ed Board Joins Lawsuit (2007-07-10)
The state board that oversees Florida's 11 public universities voted to freeze some enrollment, raise tuition this spring and to join a legal challenge over its constitutional powers.

New "Love Supreme" (2007-07-09)
The Turtle Island Quartet has a new cd that pays homage to Jazz legend John Coltrane.

Authority Over Tuition on Agenda (2007-07-09)
Who should set tuition at Florida's public universities? The Board of Governors will discuss that and a budget cut at Tuesday's meeting in Orlando.

Manatee County School Budget (2007-07-09)
Manatee County school officials are putting together a new budget for the 2007-08 school year.

Accident Response Fees a Growing Trend (2007-07-09)
Floridians are used to cities charging for trash collection and water service. But, during these days of property tax reform and budge reductions, many local governments in Florida are looking at new ways to bring in cash. One trend is to charge a fee when cops or firefighters show up at traffic accidents.

Passing Along Traditions (2007-07-05)
One Tampa teacher's passion for Italian culture has turned into a mission to pass on the language and traditions to children.

Q&A with Veda Gardner of Coasters (2007-07-05)
A new law in Florida takes aim at "imposter" bands. The wife of original Coasters member Carl Gardner talks about the band's battle with clone bands.

New Sarasota Museum Unwrapped (2007-07-05)
A public unveiling of the design for the new Sarasota Museum of Art will be held today. It will involve bringing an old building back to new life.

Residents Say "No" to Sex Offenders (2007-07-04)
It's a Fourth of July tradition - protest. After all, that's what this country was founded on. Today, a group of people in Tampa upheld that tradition. They picketed the home of a man who wants to rent apartments to sexual predators - across the street from a proposed day care.

Black Infant Mortality Bill Signed (2007-07-03)
The state is spending a million dollars to find out why African-American babies are dying at a rate twice that of the rest of the popuplation. But the causes must first be found.

Read Literature to Save Common Culture (2007-07-03)
An educator is trying to provoke people to read the likes of John Donne, Shakespeare and William Blake to retain the common knowledge of our culture.

Coal Power Plants Questioned (2007-07-03)
The future of coal as fuel for generating electricity in Florida is "not looking good," Gov. Charlie Crist said today, after the second setback in a month for utilities seeking to build new coal-fired plants. But a Tampa-based utility still plans to forge ahead with coal.

Wanted: Homes for Free Inspections (2007-07-03)
Last year, state lawmakers set aside $250 million so you can get your home inspected. The free inspections are conducted with an eye on ways to mitigate hurricane damage.You'd think there would be thousands of takers and there were. But, the resulting backlog last year has led to a new problem this year: not enough applicants.

Airport Searches Take Off (2007-07-03)
The repercussions from the attempted bombings in Great Britain are having an effect on these shores. Travelers flying out of Tampa International Airport should plan to head to the airport earlier than ever.

Judge: Mayor Contender Gets Job Back (2007-07-03)
Marion Lewis was the captain in charge of Tampa P.D.'s narcotics bureau - until he chose to run for mayor. Then, city forced him to resign from the force. Today, a judge said the city couldn't do that.

Tampa Cuts Hundreds of Jobs (2007-06-29)
The cost of building something in Tampa will go up while the city's payroll goes down. That's what Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio says will have to happen in the wake legislative property tax reform.

Tougher Grading Equals More Fs (2007-06-29)
The Florida Department of Education gave an F grade to 82 public schools for 2007. Yet, education officials aren't surprised because this year the grading curve was tougher.

Toll Roads Could Go Private (2007-06-20)
Toll roads such as the Suncoast Parkway and the Veteran's Expressway could soon come under private control. That's because Gov. Crist has signed a bill letting private companies operate toll roads.

Tampa Says No to Rescue Fees (2007-06-20)
There's a growing trend among Florida cities looking for new revenue. Several municipalities have started charging fees for responding to traffic accidents. Tampa Fire Rescue was looking at that option, but no longer.

Tougher Grading Curve Kept (2007-06-19)
Despite botched FCAT scores for third grade readers, the Florida Board of Education voted to not ease its tougher grading standards for public schools set to take affect this year.

River Restoration Pits City vs Agency (2007-06-18)
A plan to restore water flows in the Hillsborough River is running into opposition from the area's regional water authority. The move has exposed some divisions in Tampa Bay Water.

Early Blooms Bear Watching (2007-06-18)
The folks at USF Botanical Garden say they are seeing plants come into bloom earlier than usual.

Manatees Could Soon Be "Threatened" (2007-06-14)
The manatee is not going to be an endangered species for long - if the state's wildlife agency has its way. State officials voted Wednesday to downgrade the mammal's protection to "threatened."

After Three Years, an Acknowledgement of Death (2007-06-13)
on a freezing December morning in 2002 - Franklin Weekley vanished. If you lived in this rural area of the Panhandle at the time, you may have heard reports in the local media of occasional "Franklin sightings" here and there. Hospital workers eventually stopped looking for him. And the story never really went beyond the county line. Now the state says Franklin Weekley is dead, and his family wants to know how it happened.

Hurricane Strengthening for Older Homes (2007-06-11)
Tuesday lawmakers are back in Tallahassee to discuss property tax cuts. It's also the last day Floridians can take advantage of the tax free holiday for hurricane supplies. Lawmakers want Floridians to prepare their homes and property for the coming storm season.

Tampa to Charge for Car Crashes (2007-06-07)
Tampa is a step closer to charging a fee when fire rescue crews respond to car accidents. The city wants insurance companies to pay the tab for emergency response saying the money will supplement tax rollbacks and budget caps being proposed by the legislature.

Coal-burning Power Plant Shot Down (2007-06-06)
A state agency has shot down a plan to build the nation's largest coal-fired power plant near Everglades National Park. The Public Service Commission voted unanimously against Florida Power and Light because the plant would cost more for its customers. Natural gas plants are cheaper to build than coal-fired plants, and produce less pollution than coal.

More Info on Cord Blood Banking (2007-06-05)
This is a link to a Q&A for parents regarding Umbilical Cord Blood Banking, courtesy of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Brave New World of Stem Cells (2007-06-05)
A company in Oldsmar is one of the nation's biggest repositories of stem cells taken from umbilical cord blood. Now, they're on the cutting edge of research in stem cells taken from placentas. But some medical experts say private blood banks may be a better alternative.

"This I Believe" Finalist Jamill Guidotti (2007-06-04)
Jamill Guidotti was one of 12 finalists in the Newsome High School "This I Believe" contest conducted by Reading Coach Natalie Gago.

"This I Believe" Winning Teacher Erin Devlin (2007-06-04)
Newsome High School's Erin Devlin won the "This I Believe" essay contest for teachers conducted by Reading Coach Natalie Gago.

"This I Believe" Teaches Students Lessons (2007-06-04)
The National Public Radio feature "This I Believe" incorporates powerful storytelling to reveal a person's essence - their core values. One Hillsborough County high school reading coach turned the radio project into a powerful teaching tool.

"This I Believe" Student Winner Ashley Sikand (2007-06-04)
Newsome High School winning student essayist Ashley Sikand in the "This I Believe" contest conducted by Reading Coach Natalie Gago.

Police, Fire Cuts Loom in Hillsborough (2007-06-01)
Cuts to police, fire stations parks and libraries could be facing Hillsborough County residents if tax cuts proposed in Tallahassee become a reality.

Fiscal "Wake Up" Comes to Tampa (2007-05-31)
Concern over the nation's growing deficit is bringing together both liberal and conservative groups. The Heritage Foundation is sitting down with The Brookings Institute and joined by the Concord Coalition and the country's top comptroller. Their goal is to deliver a Fiscal Wake-Up to citizens, business leaders and politicians.

Floridians Could Decide Stem Cell Funding (2007-05-31)
Florida has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to attract bio-tech research institutions to the state. Now, two competing groups want voters to decide if the state should go one step further and directly fund embryonic stem cell research similar to what's being done in California and other states.

Coal the Fuel of Florida's Future? (2007-05-30)
A summit on energy security in Florida was held today at the University of South Florida. The goal is to diversify sources of power used in the state. But you may be surprised at what fuel is being eyed.

Florida Energy Summit at USF (2007-05-29)
The Florida Energy Security Summit will be held Wednesday at the University of South Florida in Tampa. The idea is to get state officials together with private energy producers to brainstorm ways of lessening our dependence on imported oil.

Young Composer Wins (2007-05-29)
Sarasota native Roger Zare just won the 2007 BMI student composer award for his work inspired by a trip across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Solemnity on Memorial Day (2007-05-28)
For many people, Memorial Day was more than just an occasion to barbecue or hit the beach. For them, it's a poignant occasion to remember loved ones who died for their country.

St. Pete Goes Brazilian (2007-05-25)
This Sunday, the Studio@620 in downtown St. Petersburg will be moving to a Brazilian beat. It's the site for second annual Brasil Arts Festival. Organizers promise live music, Brazilian food and a demonstration of capoeira, a Brazilian form of rhythmic martial arts.

Anne Akiko Meyers Soars (2007-05-25)
World-renowned violinist Anne Akiko Meyers is back in town to perform "The Lark Ascending" by Ralph Vaughan Williams with the Florida Orchestra.

Crist Signs Budget, Vetoes Galore (2007-05-24)
Gov. Charlie Crist today signed a $72 billion budget. But he vetoed about half a billion dollars in projects, including new educational buildings and a proposed 5 percent tuition increase for state university and community college students.

Audio of Gov. Crist's Speech (2007-05-24)
This is the full audio of Gov. Charlie Crist's speech on the signing of the new state budget. He signed a ceremonial copy of the budget in Tampa.

Testing Glitch Revealed (2007-05-23)
Student FCAT scores in reading, math and science improved at almost every grade level in 2007. But, education officials disclosed a problem with last year's Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. The third grade reading portion was too easy.

Elections from Arkansas to Kazakhstan (2007-05-21)
Elections are not flawless. And, the U.S. system of democracy is not perfect. Yet, many countries are trying to emulate them. Judith Davis is an American who has trained people in Russia and Central Asia on how to establish non-partisan elections.

Election Reforms Go Too Far (2007-05-21)
Florida's new election law mandates a paper trail to verify voters' intent. It's something the Florida League of Women Voters believes will go a long way in restoring voter confidence. But, the non-partisan group is troubled by other measures in the law.

Perfect Attendance for Polk Senior (2007-05-18)
She may have wanted to stay home, but with a little encouragement from her mom, Janna Heckathorn becomes the only graduating senior in Polk County to have perfect attendance from first grade through 12th.

Imagining Visions of Bay Area's Future (2007-05-18)
There were some surprising results from a planning exercise held Friday. Participants were asked to map out what the Tampa Bay area will look like in the next 50 years. Now, it's up to them to persuade public officials they're on the right track.

Getting from Here to There (2007-05-18)
Three years ago, a nationwide public interest group ranked Tampa Bay second to Orlando as the nation's most dangerous metropolitan area for cyclists and pedestrians. Today is "National Bike to Work Day," but it's not easy getting from "here" to "there."

Imagining Visions of Bay Area's Future (2007-05-18)
There were some surprising results from a planning exercise held Friday. Participants were asked to map out what the Tampa Bay area will look like in the next 50 years. Now, it's up to them to persuade public officials they're on the right track.

An Underwater Look for Angola (2007-05-16)
A ship's anchor, a cannon or nails could be a clue to the whereabouts of the lost settlement of Angola. Archaeologists have been searching for evidence of the early 19th Century settlement on the West Coast of Florida for more than two years. Now they're looking at the bottom of Manatee River.

Al-Arian Film Debuts (2007-05-16)
A new documentary from a Norwegian director shows the family's side of the story in "The USA vs. Al-Arian."

Florida's Insurance Gamble (2007-05-15)
The Florida catastrophe fund is on the hook for up to $32 billion in losses should a massive storm hit. It's a frightening but necessary gamble according to one lawmaker.

Climate Connections: From Engineering to Electioneering (2007-05-15)
Dave Bruderly used to work as an engineer. He served on advisory pannels for two Governors. Now, he's campaigning for Congress on one issue: Climate Change.

Build It and the Art Will Come (2007-05-15)
The Tampa Museum of Art board is considering a new building design. For the chair of the board, the new building means a chance at attracting new exhibits.

Fires Frustrate Florida Officials (2007-05-11)
Florida officials are asking for help to fight some two hundred plus wildfires across the state...The problem is they don't know when they'll get it.

Climate Change and Public Health (2007-05-11)
Experts from around the world have been meeting in Tampa to discuss climate change. Many scientists say one of the first areas where we're noticing the effects of climate change is in the arena of public health.

Climate Change and Public Health (2007-05-11)
Experts from around the world have been meeting in Tampa to discuss climate change. Many scientists say one of the first areas where we're noticing the effects of climate change is in the arena of public health.

"Dangerous Dance" of Glass Sculpting (2007-05-11)
Clearwater-based artist Marlene Rose is carving out a name for herself in the male-dominated world of glass sculpture.

Climate Change and Public Health (2007-05-11)
Experts from around the world have been meeting in Tampa to discuss climate change. Many scientists say one of the first areas where we're noticing the effects of climate change is in the arena of public health.

Florida Tackles Climate Change (2007-05-09)
The weather has been a hot topic in the Bay Area this week and so is climate. A three-day conference on climate change gets underway today in Tampa. Tuesday night, the Florida Energy Commission's Climate Change Advisory Group was in town to hear public comment and expert testimony.

Climate Change: A Revolution Required (2007-05-09)
Florida's top scientists are in Tampa considering how to mitigate and adapt to climate change. A man who helped negotiate the global ban on CFCs says it won't be easy and may require a revolution.

Museums Enhance Visitors' Experience (2007-05-09)
Next week, the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota will roll out the red-ear-buds for their new iPod audio tour. The experience puts the museum at the forefront of museum tour technology, a little known yet rapidly expanding field.

Climate Change: Science and Policy (2007-05-09)
Florida's top scientists and policy-makers are in Tampa this week to talk about global warming. The goal is to make recommendations for what Florida should do to mitigate and adapt to climate change. WUSF's Morning Edition Host Carson Cooper talks with Dr. Thomas Crisman - the Patel Professor of Environment at the Patel Center for Global Solutions at the University of South Florida -- and co-organizer of the conference.

Dissecting the Caucus (2007-05-08)
By June 1st---Florida Democratic leaders have to decide whether to caucus, or not to caucus. That's their dilemma. The Democratic National committee wants the state party to push their nominating process back later in the calendar year. WUSF's John Sepulvado explains just what a caucus is, why it fell out of favor, and why state Democrats are considering it as an alternative:

The I-75 Democratic Divide (2007-05-08)
Florida Democrats are getting pressure from their counterparts in Michigan to abandon the January 29th primary date. Sue Giles Wantuck talks with Michigan Public Radio's Rick Pluta to find out what the fuss is about.

Closer Look at the Florida State Budget (2007-05-04)
Lawmakers have just passed a $71.9 billion budget. Leaner sales tax revenues forced cuts on spending on everything from health care to agriculture. The budget includes a healthy increase for schools and local projects, along with tuition increases for community college and university students. We'll hear why one political science professor says voters are angry at lawmakers about program cuts and taxes. But first we look at education, transportation and property insurance funding.

Marti-Maceo Society Reinvigorates (2007-05-04)
An old Ybor City club is turning to a new talent pageant, with hopes of reinvigorating Black Cuban culture. After several decades of hard times, the Marti-Maceo Society is hoping to attract younger members.

Primary Headache for State Democrats (2007-05-04)
State Democratic leaders are being pressured to skip the January 29th presidential primary and host their own event. One option: A state party caucus.

Fidel and Herbert L. Matthews (2007-05-03)
In 1957, Herbert L. Matthews of the New York Times tracked down Fidel Castro in Cuba's mountains and returned with what was considered the scoop of the century. His heroic portrayal of Castro had a powerful effect on American perceptions of Cuba. When Castro emerged as a Soviet-backed dictator, Matthews became a scapegoat. WUSF's All Things Considered Host Susan Giles Wantuck interviews New York Times reporter Anthony DePalma about his new book on Matthews and Castro.

FCC Meets in Tampa to Discuss Media Consolidation (2007-05-02)
Tampa is home to a unique media venture - one company owns the local newspaper and the largest television station. This was done before federal rules outlawed cross-ownership back in the 1970's. Now the Federal Communications Commission is trying to decide if cross ownership can serve the public interest in the 21 st century. Commissioners met in Tampa Monday night, and heard two sides of the debate. But some say this discussion is as dated as bellbottoms and the pet rock.

Bush Visits MacDill (2007-05-02)
President Bush visited MacDill Air base in Tampa to speak with the members of the international coalition of countries joining the US in its war on terrorism.

Students' Legislation Passes (2007-05-02)
Jonathan Porat is a senior at Hillsborough High School in Tampa and the co-author of a bill that was just passed by lawmakers in Tallahassee as part of the "It Ought to be a Law" program. The measure is called the "High School to Business Career Enhancement Act."

New Funding Needed For Special Olympics (2007-04-30)
It costs 350 thousand dollars. There are over 2000 Florida athletes, competing in six events with one mission: To win. This year's 35th annual Special Olympics games were held in Tampa at the University of South Florida. Organizers say it was a tremendous success. And to keep the games successful and competitive in the future, state special Olympics officials are telling local chapters they better diversify their funding sources. WUSF's John Sepulvado reports:

Aerial Museum Dedicated to Berlin Airlift (2007-04-23)
The second-largest airplane convention in the world is being held in Lakeland. The Sun 'n Fun Fly-In is hosting some planes that you won't see anywhere else - including a tribute to the Berlin Airlift.

Argenziano Headed to the PSC (2007-04-23)
Goodbye Florida legislature, hello public service commission. Crystal River Republican Senator Nancy Argenziano is Governor Charlie Crist's pick to serve on the PSC.

"Grace" on Stage (2007-04-20)
A young woman defies her uncle and the Klan in Birmingham in the 1960s.

Congress, Courts and Jennings (2007-04-17)
First it was the state. Then it was the courts. Now Congress is taking a look at the disputed race between Republican Vern Buchanan and Democrat Christine Jennings.

District 13 Contest Goes National (2007-04-17)
The disputed Congressional District 13 race went nationwide Tuesday. A House task force took its first look at the election, where 18,000 votes were not recorded in Sarasota County. And the issue is still boiling with some voters.

Q & A on Congressional District 13 (2007-04-17)
Congressional investigators looking at the disputed House race between Republican Vern Buchanan and Democrat Christine Jennings met for the first time Tuesday. The election has already been certified, Buchanan has been named the victor, still Jennings presses on. Democratic Congressman Charlie Gonzalez heads the new task force looking into the race, and he spoke to WUSF from Washington, D.C.

Barack Obama's Tampa Speech (2007-04-16)
Here is the full audio of presidential candidate Barack Obama's visit Sunday to Ybor City's Cuban Club.

House Courts Public (2007-04-16)
The Florida House leadership says consensus is not an option when it comes to property taxes. And so instead of compromising with the Senate, they're taking their plan to the people.

Barack Obama in Tampa (2007-04-16)
About 2,000 people filled Ybor City's Cuban Club Sunday to greet Barack Obama in his first local campaign appearance. The Illinois Senator chided the Bush administration for both the war in Iraq and lack of affordable health care.

Taking a Ride on the Bus (2007-04-13)
While Tampa city officials are looking to build rail, Bay area bus riders are asking for better service. WUSF stopped by the University Area Transfer Center to see how the busses are running.

Florida's Last 500 Years (2007-04-13)
From bear meat barbecues to Black Seminoles fleeing to the Bahamas, Florida has experienced a lot since the Spanish first set foot on shore Easter Sunday in 1513. It's a history that's 100 years older than the settlement at Jamestown, yet few seem to know it or celebrate it.

Q & A With Tampa's New Transit Manager (2007-04-13)
Tampa now has its first ever Transit Manager. She is Elaine McCloud, chosen by Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio to help push the city's mass transit ideas forward. McCloud comes to the area from Chicago, where she developed transit plans for the Chicago Transit Authority.

Iorio Freezes Tampa's Budget (2007-04-12)
Cities and counties - many of whom are nervous about tax rollbacks and a loss of money - are closely watching tax reform legislation in Tallahassee. Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio isn't waiting for a final bill. She's ordered a hiring and budget freeze.

Seeking Solutions for Mentally-Ill Inmates (2007-04-12)
Florida now has its first ever special counsel for mental health and criminal justice. He will advise the Florida Supreme Court on such matters. Chief Justice Fred Lewis appointed Miami-Dade Judge Steve Leifman to the job. He joined Morning Edition Host Carson Cooper.

Bobby Braddock's "Down in Orburndale" (2007-04-12)
Auburndale native Bobby Braddock has more than a dozen number one songs to his credit, including George Jones' "He Stopped Loving Her Today." And D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Braddock is in the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and has written his first book about growing up in Polk County. Braddock will be in Lakeland this Saturday about his new book, "Down in Orburndale: A Songwriter's Youth in Old Florida."

Senate Presents Tax Plan (2007-04-12)
In Tallahassee Thursday, the State Senate rolled out its version of a property tax relief plan which significantly differs from a competing plan in the House.

Newest Treasure: A Cemetery Map (2007-04-06)
The earliest known map of the Village of Tampa wasn't the only find among the official City of Tampa papers donated to the Tampa Bay History Center by Sandra Walker, William and Peggy Mullen. at a house in Ozona. Tucked among the 300 documents was a map of Oaklawn Cemetery.

Ex-Felons Have Some Rights Restored (2007-04-06)
Most of Florida's ex-felons will have their civil rights restored much faster. This comes after a Florida cabinet vote Thursday. Some ex-cons such as murderers and sex offenders are excluded from the new fast tracking system.

Mentally Ill Inmates Made a Priority (2007-04-05)
Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Fred Lewis is trying to stop what he calls the revolving door of mentally ill inmates cycling in and out of county jails and state prisons. The top justice appointed a special advisor to the court and told him to figure out how to find appropriate treatment of criminals while in custody and continued care when they're released.

Segregation and Black Businesses (2007-04-05)
Some of the remarkable stories of black entrepreneurs in Florida's segregated past will come back to life tonight at the University of Tampa. That's when several people will take part in a discussion of how life in the region thrived in the face of segregation.

Felons' Rights to be Restored (2007-04-05)
Most felons released from prison will have their voting and other civil rights nearly automatically restored under a rule approved today by Gov. Charlie Crist and the state clemency board.

Tampa's Oldest Map Discovered (2007-04-03)
The City of Tampa is at the center of an exciting discovery - a 160-year-old map found in a crate of official city documents. Those official papers were just made public after being found in the attic of a house in northern Pinellas County.

Vinyl Turns Local Businesses a Profit (2007-04-02)
Vinyl record sales are up, and that's good news for local brick and mortar music stores competing with online sales.

Mayor Pam Iorio's Speech (2007-04-02)
Tampa's mayor and seven city council members took their oath of office Sunday. In her inaugural address, Mayor Pam Iorio revealed her top mission - to bring the region up to speed by developing a light rail plan and funding source. Here's the complete version of her speech.

Iorio Focuses on Light Rail (2007-04-02)
Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio is now officially into her second term. She was sworn in Sunday and pledged to focus on light rail for the area this time around.

Psychological Stress for Students (2007-03-30)
Going to college can be exciting, rewarding and stimulating. But for many students it's also a time of tremendous frustration and extreme stress. University counseling centers nationwide are reporting a surge in students seeking help for depression and other mental and emotional problems.

No New Trial For Couey (2007-03-30)
A judge ruled today that the man convicted of abducting, raping and killing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford two years ago doesn't deserve a new trial.

Bureaucrat By Day, Singer By Night (2007-03-30)
One of Hillsborough County's top planners sheds his bureaucratic trappings every other weekend. That's when he unleashes his renditions of classic songs at a Tampa restaurant. We go on a musical tour with Ray Chiaramonte.

Gwen Miller Bests Redner (2007-03-28)
Tampa's voters returned City Council president Gwen Miller to the board yesterday, as challenger Joe Redner's latest bid for office came up short.

Wikipedia Faces Competition (2007-03-28)
St. Petersburg based Wikipedia's co-founder, Larry Sanger, says the online encyclopedia is prone to vandalism and political spin. He plans a new site to rival the free, online encyclopedia.

It's Redner vs Miller (2007-03-27)
[It's not your ordinary runoff for public office during today's contest for Tampa City Council's at-large seat. That's because it's being billed as "the quiet former schoolteacher" versus "the strip club king."

Closer Look at Joe Redner (2007-03-27)
Voters in Tampa today will choose a city council member. Normally a local race like this doesn't garner much outside attention. But this contest is different because one of the candidates is a colorful, longtime resident who has a good chance of winning.

Florida Democrats' Tax Plan (2007-03-26)
In the third installment of WUSF's series on competing property tax plans, we look at the Democrats' proposal. Florida Democrats say their plan would be fair to renters, new homeowners and the elderly.

College Students Innovate for Others (2007-03-24)
While college basketball players tear up the hardwood, some other college students are spending their spring break trying to create inventions to help people.

Florida Counties' Tax Plan (2007-03-23)
In part two of our series on plans to reduce local property taxes, we turn to the plan from the Florida Association of Counties. House lawmakers agreed not to cap rural county millage rates at 2001 levels, but county leaders say that's not enough.

Florida Commentary - Deborah Sharp (2007-03-23)
In this week's Florida Commentary, state native Deborah Sharp muses on the difficulty of clearing one's mind - while trying to meditate.

Tampa Hosts Muslim Olympics (2007-03-22)
Earlier this month, Tampa hosted the Fifth Annual Muslim America Society Olympics. close to 900 participatd from 20 different cities. The games, by some accounts, may be the largest Muslim organized athletic event in the U.S.

Buchanan Tours TIA (2007-03-20)
US Congressman Vern Buchanan toured Tampa International Airport today. Buchanan serves on the house subcommittee which is considering a new funding request from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Florida Republicans' Tax Plan (2007-03-20)
Tallahassee lawmakers are considering several proposals to bring the property tax system into balance. WUSF News examines three of the competing plans.

House Examines Election Glitches (2007-03-20)
Today, the US House of Representatives holds hearings on whether technical glitches impacted several close races during the2006 midterm elections. The hearings come after revelations some Florida election officials dismissed a warning to upgrade their touch screen voting machines.

Crist Honors Former Governor (2007-03-20)
Former Governor and Tampa Mayor Bob Martinez was honored in Tallahassee Monday. The state named a Department of Environmental Protection building after the Bay Area Republican.

Fl. Presidential Primary Moving Up? (2007-03-15)
Florida House lawmakers are poised to approve a plan to move the state's 2008 presidential primary from March to as early as January.

Veterans Commission Gets Earful (2007-03-15)
An independent commission of veterans groups met in Tampa last night, with a mission of trying to improve the Department of Veterans Affairs. But the members may have heard more than they were expecting.

It's Redner vs. Miller In Tampa Council Runoff (2007-03-13)
It's only a runoff, but the race for the final citywide Tampa Council seat is shaping up to be an interesting contest. It pits a three-term city councilwoman against the owner of a well-known strip club.

Children of POW's Could Get College Aid (2007-03-13)
The children of prisoners of war or missing personnel in any combat service of the U.S. military could get state tuition assistance under a measure approved by a House committee.

Martinez: Property Tax Laws Need Revision (2007-03-13)
Florida sales tax revenues projections appear headed downward. State economists are saying they expect the state to collect about a billion dollars less than predicted in taxes. Meanwhile, state lawmakers are trying to find a way to reduce property taxes. Lawmakers have floated several ideas like capping city and county budgets. But, that's not a new tactic in tax tradeoffs.

Sen. Nelson Tours Haley VA (2007-03-12)
Senator Bill Nelson took a tour of the James A. Haley Veteran's Hospital in Tampa today. His visit comes on the heels of allegations that some veterans hospitals - including the Walter Reed center near Washington - are being neglected.

Progress Made on Alzheimer's (2007-03-12)
Experts say nearly five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's Disease, and as the "baby boomer" generation starts to reach retirement age, that number could triple. The search for a cure is accelerating and much of the cutting-edge research in the field is taking place at USF.

Growth on Sarasota Ballot (2007-03-12)
Voters in Sarasota County go to the polls tomorrow. In the city of Sarasota, voters will choose three city commissioners. And countywide, voters will decide whether to give the county more control over growth management in lands annexed by cities.

Major Crime Down in Tampa (2007-03-12)
The results are in on Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio's first term in office - there's a decline in the crime coupled with an increase in development.

Q & A From Tallahassee (2007-03-09)
The first week of Florida's legislative session has wrapped up. Gov. Crist kicked off the session with his first state of the state address, where he urged the legislature to work in a bi-partisan manner. Meanwhile, Crist's "anti-murder legislation" has passed the legislature unanimously. WUSF's John Sepulvado is in Tallahassee and he joins our Morning Edition Host, Carson Cooper.

Florida Stories - Magda Santos and Afsaneh Noori (2007-03-09)
Afsaneh Noori of Tampa tells her best friend, Magda Santos, about the trials and tribulations she faced as an Iranian immigrant coming to America. Thirty years later, Noori now flourishes in Tampa as a motivational speaker and consultant. Santos, a native of the Bronx, is the program director at USF's Preschool for Creative Learning. Both women can't imagine life without the other.

Q & A From Tallahassee (2007-03-09)
The first week of Florida's legislative session has wrapped up. Gov. Crist kicked off the session with his first state of the state address, where he urged the legislature to work in a bi-partisan manner. Meanwhile, Crist's "anti-murder legislation" has passed the legislature unanimously. WUSF's John Sepulvado is in Tallahassee and he joins our Morning Edition Host, Carson Cooper.

Belleview Biltmore Could Be Sold (2007-03-09)
Another suitor is being lined up to purchase what has been called the "White Queen of the Gulf." A Baltimore-based asset management firm wants to buy the Belleview Biltmore Hotel.

Q & A with Cleveland Orchestra (2007-03-09)
The venerable Cleveland Orchestra is coming to town Monday night. It's an orchestra with a long tradition and a history of long tenures among its musicians. WUSF spoke with principal trumpet Michael Sachs. He's been with the orchestra for 19 years.

"Anti-Murder" Bill Passes (2007-03-08)
The Florida Senate passed the so-called "Anti-Murder Act" yesterday. The vote was 40 to 0. Gov. Crist told lawmakers that this was the first bill he wanted to see on his desk from this session.

Penny For Pinellas Vote Coming Up (2007-03-08)
Next Tuesday, Pinellas County voters will decide whether to extend the Penny For Pinellas sales tax. County and city officials say the money is crucial to pay for essential infrastructure and for quality of life projects such as parks and playgrounds. But some taxpayers say they're already overtaxed and don't trust the government to spend the money responsibly.

Opposition Brews To Ethanol Plant (2007-03-08)
Plans to build Florida's first ethanol plant are in the works for the Port of Tampa. But there is some opposition from nearby Tampa neighborhoods, who are concerned about the smell.

Governor's "Anti-Murder" Bill Passes Senate (2007-03-07)
Florida State Senators today voted unanimously to approve the anti-murder bill, which is also the top legislative priority for Gov. Charlie Crist.

Couey Convicted of Killing Jessica Lunsford (2007-03-07)
Convicted sex offender John Evander Couey was found guilty Wednesday of kidnapping, raping and murdering 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford by burying her alive inside trash bags.

Manatee County Kidnap Suspect Gives Up (2007-03-07)
The man accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old boy from a bus stop in Manatee County gave himself up at the U.S. border with Mexico today.

Audio of Mayor Pam Iorio's Victory Speech (2007-03-06)
Here is the entire audio of Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio's victory speech at Valencia Gardens Restaurant.

Q & A with Susan MacManus on Charlie Crist (2007-03-06)
WUSF sat down with USF Political Scientist Dr. Susan MacManus to talk about Gov. Charlie Crist's first State of the State address. MacManus says Crist maintained his "people-centric" format.

Iorio Back as Tampa Mayor; Runoffs for Council (2007-03-06)
Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio cruised to an easy victory in yesterday's Tampa city elections. But there were some surprises in other city races.

Gov. Crist Takes on Global Warming (2007-03-06)
In his first state of the state speech, Republican Florida Gov. Charlie Crist warned that global warming is one of the most important issues Florida will face this century.

Turnout Low, Emotions High in Tampa Election (2007-03-06)
It's election day in the city of Tampa. But you couldn't tell by the lack of action at many polling sites.

Tampa Council Veteran Miller in 5 Challenger's Sights (2007-03-05)
There's little opposition for most of Tampa's incumbent city council members during tomorrow's election. Linda Saul-Sena is waltzing to another term without a challenger. Her colleague, Shawn Harrison, has one opponent in his quest for an at-large seat. But current incumbent Gwen Miller doesn't have it so easy. Six candidates are gunning for the open at-large seat.

Confession Thrown Out in Sarah Lunde Case (2007-03-05)
A judge today threw out the confession made in custody by the sex offender accused in the 2005 slaying of Sarah Lunde. The reason, he says, is that he didn't have access to an attorney.

Q & A with Grammy Award Winner Libby Larsen (2007-03-05)
Grammy award winner Libby Larsen is prolific. She's written more than 200 works, including intimate chamber pieces and massive orchestral compositions. She is among the most performed living composers in the U.S. Larsen talked with WUSF's Russell Gant in the Donis Studio.

Will Cigarettes Go Up in Smoke on Sarasota's Beaches? (2007-03-05)
There's apparently a problem with too many cigarette butts on Sarasota's beaches. There's a move afoot to stub out the problem by curbing smoking on the county's beaches.

WUSF Commentary - Deborah Sharp (2007-03-02)
In this week's WUSF commentary, Florida native Deborah Sharp relates the hardships of life on the Cracker Trail, and her discoveries along the way.

Homeless Tent City Back Up in St. Petersburg (2007-03-01)
In a reversal, St. Petersburg officials now say they'll allow the homeless to move back to the empty lot on Fourth Avenue which was known as "Tent City." The city shut down the original tent camp in January for code violations.

Condos Getting Slammed By Insurance Hikes (2007-03-01)
Insurance regulators say Florida homeowners could see average property insurance savings ranging from around 10 percent in the Panhandle to more 50 percent in South Florida. But that's for individual homeowners. It's an entirely different story for Floridians who live in condominiums.

"Visioning" A Livable Future for Tampa Bay (2007-03-01)
The population of the Tampa Bay area is expected to double in twenty years. Where are all these people going to go - and how will they get there? A group of people met in Tampa to take a look at how growth can be managed.

S.V. Date Reads from "Jeb: America's Next Bush" (2007-02-28)
You can listen to author S.V. Date read an excerpt from his new book, "Jeb: America's Next Bush."

Q & A With S.V. Date About Book on Jeb (2007-02-28)
Even before Governor Jeb Bush took office, S.V. Date was following his career. Date is the Tallahassee Bureau Chief of the Palm Beach Post and has a new book about the former governor. He says he wrote it so that when Bush runs for president, the public will have a record of his administration in Florida to consider.

School Chancellor Doesn't Like 4-Year Community Colleges (2007-02-28)
The Florida Board of Governors today began collecting ideas on how to restructure the state university system. Converting community colleges into four-year institutions is one of many suggestions from a consultant's report. But one state administrator doesn't like the idea.

Safety Pin Secures Teen's Escape from Kidnappers (2007-02-27)
Details have emerged on how a 13-year-old Manatee County boy eluded his kidnapper. His secret - a safety pin.

Florida Backing Jobs for Coastal Alabama (2007-02-26)
Three Florida elected officials are lobbying a German company to build a steel factory in Alabama. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, along with U.S. Senators Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez are trying to lure German company ThyssenKrupp to Mobile, Ala.

Tampa and Cuba - A 500 Year Connection (2007-02-26)
From its street names to the fancy columns on its bungalows - Tampa cannot deny its link to Cuba. In fact, it's a connection that has endured longer than the existence of the Pilgrims Jamestown settlement. A display - celebrating the Tampa y Cuba Connection - opened Saturday at the Ybor City Museum.

Success Doesn't Go To Basketball Star's Head (2007-02-26)
The Tampa Bay area has produced many great athletes, including Wade Boggs and Gary Sheffield. And another appears to be emerging on the basketball courts at the University of South Florida.

State: Sarasota Voting Machines Not to Blame for Undervotes (2007-02-23)
Florida's secretary of state has released a report saying Sarasota County's touch-screen machines were not to blame for a large number of "undervotes" in the November election. But the losing candidate vows to press on.

Trisha Brown Dances Through Life at 70 (2007-02-23)
An icon of the modern dance world - Trisha Brown - is still performing, dancing and creating after close to five decades as an artist. Her signature work, "Set and Reset," is being performed through Saturday as part of University of South Florida Spring Dance Concert. Brown creates visual art which is on display at the USF Contemporary Art Museum through March 3rd. The Trisha Brown professional dance company will perform this upcoming week in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Florida Stories - Kristie and Myron Thomas (2007-02-23)
Myron describes seeing Kristie for the first time as a disc jockey during the disco era, and thinking that she was so beautiful that she "was out of my league." But their shared love for the popular dances of the mid-1970s soon brought them together again. The Bradenton couple married three months later, and today enjoy a mutual affection for the beaches, arts and culture of West Central Florida after almost 30 years of rarely being apart.

Crackdown Coming on Probation Violators (2007-02-22)
Florida felons on probation could soon be facing tougher standards. A bill aimed at clamping down on probation violators has cleared a second legislative committee in Tallahassee.

State's Privatization Efforts Face New Scrutiny (2007-02-22)
Accountability was an often-heard mantra during Jeb Bush's eight years in office. Now, accountability is being applied to the former governor's privatization of several state services.

Q & A with Writer and Art Critic Dave Hickey (2007-02-22)
Writer and art critic Dave Hickey is in town to speak at USF tonight. He sat down to talk to WUSF about art and culture.

Moffitt-Merck Collaboration Gets Kick-Start (2007-02-21)
The Hillsborough County commission voted to put twenty million dollars in a partnership with Tampa's Moffitt Center and Merck pharmaceutical company. The for-profit entity will create a statewide database of cancer and tumor research.

Insurers Can Resume Dropping Customers (2007-02-20)
The latest in the back-and-forth between state regulatros and Florida's private insurance companies. Insurance companies have agreed to drop their court challenge of a recent executive order that kept them from raising rates and dropping customers. But, there's a trade-off.

State Wants All "My Florida" Web Domains (2007-02-20)
Two Bay Area businessmen say the state of Florida is using the threat of lawsuits to seize personal property. One man sells real estate; the other operates a travel business. The state has sent both men letters telling them to turn it over, but it's not a case of eminent domain.

Bay Area Homeless Agencies Get $7 Million (2007-02-20)
Programs helping the homeless get back on their feet in the Tampa Bay area will get more than 7 million dollars from the federal government. Still, homeless advocates say that's nowhere near what's needed.

Fruit Hybrids Could Rescue Florida's Citrus Industry (2007-02-19)
some experts and government officials believe at least a few of the more than two dozen new disease-resistant fruits presented at a seminar by U.S. Department of Agriculture and University of Florida researchers could hold the future of the Florida citrus industry.

Insurers Drop Lawsuit Against State (2007-02-19)
The Florida Insurance Council today dropped its legal challenge to the state's emergency order that kept private companies from raising property insurance rates and dropping customers. But some policy holders may still have to start looking for a new insurer.

Turning Chicken Fat into Fuel in Dade City (2007-02-19)
An old citrus plant in Dade City is gearing up to be riding the crest of a wave of alternative fuels - and this one will be powered by chickens. When it's done, it will be the largest producer of biodiesel in the country. All this in a state that now produces little of the fuel.

Q & A with Conductor Anton Coppola (2007-02-16)
Maestro Anton Coppola says luck has played a big role in his long career. He's been a conductor for more nearly 70 years. And he'll be in Tampa Saturday to direct a performance of his opera, "Sacco and Venzetti."

Florida Stories - Patricia and A.J. Bastille (2007-02-16)
Imagine you're driving down the New Jersey Turnpike with a trunkful of human heads - when you get pulled over by a state trooper. On this week's edition of Florida Stories, Patricia and A.J. Bastille discuss a heart-pounding incident of her father's career of collected body parts for medical research.

Florida's Catastrophe Fund at Issue (2007-02-15)
The Florida Catastrophe Fund has been beefed up. In January, the legislature expanded the Cat Fund to cover more than 30 billion dollars in damages caused by a major hurricane or series of storms. The expansion, say some elected officials, is helping to reduce property insurance rates. But, others say it's also jeopardizing Florida's fiscal health.

Optical Scan Ballots Needed Statewide, Election Official Says (2007-02-15)
There is a need to have optical-scan voting systems in every precinct in the state. That's the word from the supervisor of elections for Leon County, who was in the Tampa Bay area today.

Q & A With Winning Competitor in Robert Helps Festival (2007-02-14)
The Robert Helps Festival continues this the week at both USF's Tampa campus and in New York City. The winning competition was composed by Kyung Mee Choi, a professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago. She spoke with WUSF's Bethany Cagle about her winning piece.

Property Insurers Still Pulling Out of Florida (2007-02-14)
Florida lawmakers recently wrapped up a special session to address the state's property insurance crisis. Gov. Crist and the Cabinet passed an executive order as a stop-gap to prevent companies from raising rates or dropping customers until the new reform rules take effect. The insurance industry is now taking this to court. This is the first in a series on Florida's struggling property insurance market.

Sen. Nelson's Bill Would Mandate Paper Trail for Ballots (2007-02-13)
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson today filed the first bill that would mandate all ballots include a paper trail - nationwide.

Illness Threatens Florida's Honeybees (2007-02-13)
Florida's citrus, watermelons and other agricultural crops are facing a serious threat, a shortage of honeybees to pollinate the fruits.

Sen. Nelson's Bill Would Mandate Paper Trail for Ballots (2007-02-13)
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson today filed the first bill that would mandate all ballots include a paper trail - nationwide.

Sen. Nelson's Bill Would Mandate Paper Trail for Ballots (2007-02-13)
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson today filed the first bill that would mandate all ballots include a paper trail - nationwide.

Mysterious Illness Devastating Florida's Bee Colonies (2007-02-13)
Florida's citrus, watermelons and other crops are facing a serious threat - a shortage of honeybees to pollinate the fruits.

Judge Denies Delay; Lunsford Murder Jury Selection Begins (2007-02-12)
Jury selection began Monday after a judge denied another effort by defense lawyers to delay the trial of a convicted sex offender accused of the 2005 abduction and murder of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford.

Florida Stories - Ernest C. Simmons and Joe Mercurio (2007-02-09)
Florida wildlife artist Ernest C. Simmons talks with his fishing buddy, Joe Mercurio, about his obsession for detail and technique in painting Florida birds and outdoor scenery. The Dunedin resident and gallery owner depicts blue herons, anhingas, pelicans and common seabirds like no one else in the world. Some compare his work to that of John James Audubon.

The Price and Politics of Gasparilla Beads (2007-02-09)
For those who haven't experienced enough Gasparilla celebrations, the Sant' Yago Illuminated Night parade is set to roll from Channelside to Seventh Avenue in Ybor City. It's expected to attract thousands of partygoers ready to spend tens of thousands of dollars. WUSF profiles one small business that makes a nice profit off of the would-be pirates.

"Green" Building Getting Toehold In Some Cities (2007-02-09)
The second annual conference called "Smart, Sustainable Tampa Bay" was held today in Clearwater. So-called "green building" is taking hold in many parts of the country.

Remembering John Iorio - In His Own Words (2007-02-09)
Retired USF English professor John Iorio -father of Tampa's Mayor - died Wednesday after a long bout with cancer. Along with teaching countless students for three decades, the Purple Heart recipient was also known for his quick wit - and his flare for Italian cooking. A memorial service will take place this weekend at USF in Tampa. And from the USF Library's Oral History Project - in his own words - in this remembrance.

CFO Alex Sink Eyes Consequences of Property Tax Cuts (2007-02-08)
Alex Sink, Florida's Chief Financial Officer, says she'll be keeping an eye out for the effects of any moves to cut property taxes and lower insurance bills.

Q & A With Conductor Bill Wiedrich About Robert Helps (2007-02-08)
Next week, the celebration of the life and musical legacy of pianist, teacher and composer Robert Helps continues at USF with the 2007 festival that bears his name. WUSF spoke to conductor Bill Wiedrich about it in the WUSF Donis Studio.

NPR's Juan Williams Says "Enough" on Race (2007-02-07)
Juan Williams is a Senior Correspondent with National Public Radio, a political analyst with Fox News and he spent more than two decades writing for the Washington Post. The veteran journalist appears at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg tonight to talk about the racial divide - the basis for his sixth book Enough.

State to Look at Weather Warning Options (2007-02-07)
Last week's deadly tornadoes in Central Florida brought twenty deaths and at least sixty eight million dollars in property damage. Now state officials are wondering if they should invest in a new warning system.

Voters Happy with Crist, So Far (2007-02-07)
Two-thirds of Floridians surveyed in a telephone poll last week said they approve of the job being done Florida's new governor. Here's more on the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Devastated Central Florida Communities Recover (2007-02-05)
The sounds of chain saws and the bustle of recovery are greeting folks in central Florida today, as recovery continues in the wake of Friday's storms. Twenty people are dead - and around 1,300 homes were damaged or destroyed. Eight thousand members of the Florida National Guard are among those helping restore order.

AIDS Seminar Aims to Educate Black Women (2007-02-05)
Florida has the third-highest number of people in the country with AIDS. And more than half of those infected are black. A seminar held today aims to change those numbers.

New Ringling Museum Offers Remarkable Transformation (2007-02-05)
The Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota has just completed a $76 million expansion. Museum officials say the Ringling is now among the top 20 museums in the country. The new wing opened to the public on Saturday.

Q & A With Boston Pops Conductor Keith Lockhart (2007-02-05)
It's been 12 years since Keith Lockhart took the helm of the Boston Pops. They call themselves "America's Orchestra." And Lockhart takes pride in the ability to make classical music accessible. he Pops maintains a rigorous touring schedule and WUSF caught up with Lockhart by phone.

Tornado Victims Attend What's Left of Their Church (2007-02-05)
One hundred people gathered at the wreckage of the Lady Lake Church of God for a Sunday service, three days after tornadoes killed 20 people and destroyed hundreds of homes.

Lawmakers Keep Balance of Power As Is (2007-02-02)
State lawmakers from Hillsborough County got together Thursday in Tampa to set their agenda for the upcoming legislative session. Two items that came up would have changed the balance of power between Tampa and Hillsborough County.

Florida Stories - Malcolm Taaffe and Shaun King (2007-02-02)
Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King of St. Petersburg and good friend Malcolm Taaffe of the Bronx, N.Y., talk about the importance of families spending time together, and the significant role that parents play as role models and disciplinarians in the raising of children.

"Circus" Ringleader on Music, Parenthood (2007-02-02)
Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams is coming to Tampa's St. Pete Times Forum Saturday. No, it's not a Cirque de Solei spin off. Gandalf Murphy is a New York-based band with a growing Bay Area following.

Human Trafficking: A Florida Problem (2007-02-02)
An Ocala Republican is asking state lawmakers for some money to help spread the word about human trafficking in Florida.

Q & A with Forensic Anthropologist Kathy Reichs (2007-02-02)
As a top forensic anthropologist, Kathy Reichs has worked to identify individuals in mass graves in Guatemala; Ground Zero victims of 9/11 and World War II war dead. Reichs is also a best-selling novelist and the producer of the "Bones" TV series on Fox. She will be speaking at Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport on Monday at noon, discussing forensics and crime fiction.

Dali Museum Goes For Baroque (2007-02-02)
A new exhibit at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg traces the origins of the surrealist's influence - all the way back to the Renaissance.

Crist Says He's OK Using Adult Stem Cells (2007-02-01)
Gov. Crist was at USF in Tampa yesterday to talk about stem cell research. The governor says he's OK with the idea of spending $20 million on it - as long as one type of stem cell is left off the list.

New Tampa Museum Architect Unveils Himself to Public (2007-02-01)
The San Francisco architect hired to design Tampa's new Museum of Art will meet with local architects this afternoon for input. Last night, Stanley Saitowitz heard from the city's art lovers.

Drawing Board Wiped Clean For New Tampa Art Museum (2007-02-01)
The San Francisco architect hired to design Tampa's new Museum of Art met with local architects today. But, last night, Stanley Saitowitz heard from the city's museum lovers - some still smarting from the last - failed - design that was too costly and controversial.

Insurance Rates, Policies Temporarily Frozen (2007-01-31)
For the time being, your insurance company cannot drop you or raise your rates - under a new "emergency rule" approved yesterday by the Florida Cabinet. However, it didn't pass without a few questions.

Incompetent Inmates to Get Help in Jail (2007-01-31)
A new pilot program in Pinellas County is intended to streamline the way mentally ill jail inmates are treated.

Donations, Plan Offered for Homeless Care (2007-01-31)
For the past several weeks, homeless people have made their home in several tent cities near downtown St. Petersburg. Tuesday, Mayor Rick Backer announced a plan designed to help ease that situation.

Tent Cities Raise Questions, Controversy (2007-01-31)
The City of St. Petersburg and homeless advocates have been going back and forth in recent weeks over the city's homeless population. Tent cities popped up and headlines were made when police came in and tore one down. Not long after -- two homeless men were murdered. Homeless activists were quick to suggest a link between the murders and the demise of their tent city home. Others say the there's no connection and that homelessness - wherever you are - is dangerous.

Florida Stories - Scott Nolan and Marilyn Nolan (2007-01-26)
WUSF's Scott Nolan interviews his mother, Marilyn, about his sister, Renee. Renee died from complications of a brain tumor that developed when she was a college student. Celebrate Renee's life and learn how much joy she brought to her family and friends.

Dick Greco: Fidel's Death Won't Change Cuba Overnight (2007-01-26)
The health of longtime Cuban leader Fidel Castro has been making the news lately. Proponents of change hail his eventual demise as leading to a reawakening of democracy on the troubled island. But one prominent Tampa politician predicts change will come slowly - if at all.

WUSF Commentary - Deborah Sharp (2007-01-26)
In today's WUSF commentary, journalist Deborah Sharp wonders: What's up with that New Year's resolution you made 27 days ago?"

Temporary Head of State Education Board Chosen (2007-01-26)
Florida has a new - if only temporary - education commissioner. The state Board of Education is still looking for a permanent replacement.

Higher Ed Strategy Meets Resistance (2007-01-25)
The suggestion that Florida needs to refocus its state university system to produce more undergraduates is meeting resistance and outright refusals from at least one university leader.

Chai Found Musicians Visit WUSF (2007-01-25)
WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck spoke to Chai Found Music Workshop musicians who are touring the United States as well as composers Chichun Lee and Michael Timson of the University of South Florida.

Insurance Reform - What Can You Expect? (2007-01-24)
A deal has been reached on property insurance and now it's off to Republican Governor Charlie Crist for his approval or his veto. Meanwhile the insurance companies are unhappy with many of the proposals, while groups like the Florida trial lawyers and the Florida AFL-CIO are calling the plan a good first step. WUSF Morning Edition Host Carson Cooper talks with Reporter John Sepulvado who has followed the story in Tallahassee and back in the bay area.

Freshmen React to First State of the Union Speech (2007-01-24)
Last night, President Bush delivered his sixth State of the Union address. But, it was a first for two bay area members of Congress listening from the floor of the House Chambers.

Paper Trail Coming to Sarasota Ballot (2007-01-24)
A paper trail may be down the road for people who want tangible proof of their electronic voting.

Councilman: Solution Coming for St. Pete Homeless (2007-01-24)
Both sides have stepped back and are evaluating their options in St. Petersburg's battle over a homeless tent camp after a week which saw the city draw national attention over a police confrontation with homeless tent campers.

Rates Coming Down, But Crisis Not Over (2007-01-24)
Florida's special session on property insurance ended with compromise legislation and promised rate reductions. But, that doesn't necessarily mean the insurance crisis is over.

Crist: Shift in Sales Taxes May Be in Florida's Future (2007-01-24)
Florida lawmakers and Gov. Charlie Crist want to hold a special election this summer to give voters the chance to amend the state's constitution.

Rudy Guiliani Takes Tough Stance on Iraq (2007-01-23)
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani spoke at a fundraiser today in Sarasota. He came out in favor of continuing the war in Iraq - even if it costs him some votes in a possible presidential campaign.

State Lawmakers Finalize Insurance Plan, Cuts (2007-01-22)
Florida homeowners could see property insurance rate cuts anywhere from about 5 percent to more than 40 percent under a plan finalized Sunday by state lawmakers.

Details Bedevil Lawmakers on Insurance Reform (2007-01-22)
State lawmakers are still debating a wide-ranging plan they say will mean property insurance rate cuts for nearly every homeowner. Legislators have become bogged down in the details of the bill.

Homeless Count Held This Week Across State (2007-01-22)
A statewide effort to count homeless people is getting underway this week. The count comes only a week after a tent city for the homeless was disbanded in St. Petersburg.

Florida's Jobless Rate Decreases; High-wage Jobs Growing (2007-01-19)
New statistics just released by the state's workforce agency says Florida's unemployment rate is among the lowest in the nation.

Listen to Classical Guitarist Jason Vieaux (2007-01-19)
WUSF spoke to guitarist Jason Vieaux ahead of his performance - presented by GuitarSarasota - Saturday night at 7:30 at St. Paul Lutheran Church on Bahia Vista in Sarasota.

Q & A with Violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg (2007-01-19)
Violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg is performing the Tchaikovsky violin concerto this weeekend with the Florida Orchestra. WUSF spoke with her about her career and why she thinks such a fuss has been made about her personal style.

Q & A With Classical Guitarist Jason Vieaux (2007-01-19)
WUSF interviews classical guitarist Jason Vieaux ahead of his performance Saturday night at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Sarasota.

Florida Stories - Paula Schoenwether and Nancy Wilson (2007-01-19)
Paula Schoenweather, an artist and photographer, and the Rev. Nancy Wilson, moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches, talk openly about their 28-year-old civil union as partners in all aspects of life.

USF Football Players Grieve for Colleague (2007-01-18)
University of South Florida football players continued to grieve today after some witnessed the collapse of a freshman player, who later died.

Lawmakers Move Quickly to Revise Insurance (2007-01-18)
WUSF's Morning Edition host Carson Cooper gets the latest from reporter John Sepulvado who is in Tallahassee tracking proposed legislative changes on property insurance.

Citizens Property at Heart of Insurance Debate (2007-01-18)
Florida House and Senate leaders began looking for compromises in their quest to craft a policy that lowers property and home insurance rates. One disagreement concerns how large the catastrophic fund should be, and what to do about Citizens Property Insurance.

Weather Warnings to Get More Specific (2007-01-18)
The old cliche goes, "If you don't like the weather in Florida - wait five minutes." The National Weather Service is changing the way it warns the public about quickly changing severe weather.

Lawmakers Discuss Strengthening Homes Against Hurricanes (2007-01-17)
Today begins day two of the special session in Tallahassee on hurricane property insurance. Lawmakers in the House and Senate say they're fairly sure they'll be able to enact some meaningful reforms.

Economist: Government Should Stay Out of Insurance Biz (2007-01-17)
One of the nation's leading economists spoke to a group of commercial real estate professionals yesterday in Tampa. He says there are no easy solutions to Florida's property insurance crisis.

Schools, Public Housing Feeling Insurance Pinch (2007-01-16)
Homes aren't the only buildings that require insurance. The crisis is also affecting state and local governments - including schools.

Business Group Wants State Out of Insurance Biz (2007-01-16)
While the focus on this week's special session in Tallahassee will be on skyrocketing homeowner's insurance rates, business owners say they're hurting as well.

Insurance Reform May Hinge on New Computer Risk Models (2007-01-16)
State lawmakers will meet in a special session beginning today to discuss rising property insurance rates. Among the things they'll focus on are the computer models used by insurance companies to predict risk. What they do could have implications far beyond Florida.

Close Friend Remembers Martin Luther King Jr. (2007-01-16)
Monday would have been the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 78th birthday. He's been dead almost 40 years - yet his close friends still hold precious memories of the slain civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Business Owners Say Insurance Rates Hurt Them, Too (2007-01-13)
While the focus on this week's special session in Tallahassee will be on skyrocketing homeowner's insurance rates, business owners say they're hurting as well.

"Tent City" Homeless Told to Pack Up and Move (2007-01-12)
The deadline has passed for the homeless residents of St. Petersburg's Tent City to dismantle their camp and move on. But move on to where? Some have been able to find other shelter, while others say they will stay on the property to protest what they see as the city's neglect of the needy.

Florida Stories - Eva Frank and Lynne Brolly (2007-01-12)
Eva Frank shares memories of being young, Jewish and scared in Hungary following the outbreak of World War II. Among her tales as told to daughter Lynne Brolly: Escaping to Paris on one of the last trains out of her ancestral country at a time when a scarcity of food and freedom forced strangers to depend on each other for survival. Both women now live in Sarasota.

Florida May Get Earlier Shot at Presidential Primary (2007-01-12)
Florida voters decided who won the 2000 presidential race in the general election. But now, state lawmakers want to strengthen the state's political clout in the presidential primaries.

Sarasota City Manager Resigns (2007-01-11)
The City of Sarasota will be looking for a new city manager. The current manager resigned today after serving for five years.

Bill Could Reap Citizenship for Migrant Farm Workers (2007-01-10)
Florida's thousands of migrant farm workers could soon earn their way to citizenship - if a bill introduced by a Florida Senator passes Congress.

Betty Castor Goes Global at USF (2007-01-10)
Betty Castor has been at her new post only a week. But the new executive director of the Kiran Patel Center for Global Solutions at the University of South Florida is already right at home.

Commuter Rail Plan Back on Track (2007-01-09)
If that rush hour crawl has gotten you down, just think ahead to 2025 - when more than five million people are expected to call Tampa Bay home. A plan to have a commuter rail line is once again on the drawing boards.

Money May Be Coming to House Mentally Ill Inmates (2007-01-08)
About 300 mentally ill inmates currently in jail may soon be transferred to treatment facilities. This week, lawmakers will consider emergency funding to pay for the additional services and treatment beds.

Asthmatics Should Shun Beaches During Red Tide (2007-01-08)
Here's another reason not to go to the beach: If you suffer from asthma, a new study says red tide could have you gasping for breath for days.

Florida Stories - James Ransom and Cherie Johnson (2007-01-05)
Cousins James Ransom and Cherie Johnson are third-generation Floridians from a large, extended family that settled in Tampa, Bradenton, New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach. Each generation has served in the community as volunteers and community activists beyond their varied professions of farmers, tailors, insurance salesmen and running a variety of businesses. James' mother, HalliqueRogers, taught her children to be community-oriented "people servants."

Student Injury Spotlights Need for School Crosswalks (2007-01-05)
The injuries to a teenager walking to school in Tampa this morning has placed attention again on the need to install more crosswalks at area schools.

Business Group Takes on Crist On Property Insurance (2007-01-05)
The state's largest business association has given the governor a list of what it would like to see accomplished during the upcoming legislative session on property insurance. But at least one consumer's group says that may not be in the state's best interest.

Lawmakers Finding Money For Mentally Ill Inmates (2007-01-05)
The Florida Department of Children and Families is looking for more money to help move hundreds of mentally ill inmates out of county jails and into treatment facilities. State lawmakers now appear ready to find the money.

Three Bay Area Freshmen Go to Congress (2007-01-05)
The political shift of power in Washington D.C. was marked by the election of the first female Speaker of the House and the swearing in of three freshmen from the bay area.

New Congress IncludesThree Bay-Area Freshmen (2007-01-04)
Today is swearing-in day for Congress. It will be a first-time experience for Sarasota's Vern Buchanan and two other freshman from the Bay area.

New Members of Congress Promise Bipartisanship (2007-01-04)
Today, three new members to congress from the Tampa Bay Area will be sworn-in just as the political winds begin to shift in the nation's capital.

A Conversation with Congressman Bilirakis (2007-01-04)
Freshman Gus Bilirakis of Palm Harbor was sworn-in as the new U.S. Representative for Florida Congressional District 9. While his face is new to Washington D.C., his name is quite familiar. His father, Michael Bilirakis, held the same office for 24 years before retiring in 2006.

A Conversation with Congressman Buchanan (2007-01-04)
Republican Vern Buchanan of Sarasota took the oath of office today as Katherine Harris' replacement in Congress representing District 13. That's despite the fact that his opponent from the November election is still appealing his win.

A Conversation with Congresswoman Castor (2007-01-04)
On the day that Nancy Pelosi became the first woman to serve as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Kathy Castor was sworn in as Tampa's first female member of Congress. Here's an extendend interview with Congresswoman Castor.

Jennings Appeals Ruling in Contested Congressional Seat (2007-01-04)
Republican Vern Buchanan is scheduled to be sworn in today as Katherine Harris' replacement in Congress, but his opponent from the November election is still appealing his win.

Tampa Mayor Iorio Wants Another Term (2007-01-03)
Tampa's mayor Pam Iorio formalized her political plans by filing for re-election.

Study: Florida Middling in Preparing Students for Life After School (2007-01-03)
A new educational study shows Florida's public school system is in the middle of the pack on how it is preparing students to cope with life after school.

Minimum-Wage Workers Get New Year's Bonus (2007-01-02)
Some lower-paid Florida workers will be getting a raise today - thanks to the state's voters.

Looking Back at 2006: Sami Al-Arian (2007-01-02)
WUSF is revisiting some of the top issues of the past year. This year marked the sentencing - and continued jailing of Sami Al-Arian. We take a look back at events of the year in the ongoing case - and what might lie ahead for the former USF engineering professor.

Crist Takes Office, Pledges "Open Government" (2007-01-02)
Gov. Charlie Crist took office today in chilly Tallahassee. Band members from his alma mater, St. Petersburg High, took part in the inauguration ceremonies.

Crist Set to Be a Different Kind of Governor (2007-01-02)
Charlie Crist is expected to be a very different kind of governor than his predecessor, Jeb Bush.

Florida Stories - Dr. Philip Adler (2007-01-02)
Pediatrician Philip Adler, a well-known and highly-regarded fixture in Tampa's medical history, talks about the community's struggles to integrate Florida's hospitals. Dr. Adler led the effort to provide equal medical care to all patients black and white, young and old starting in the 1950s, when he flew into town from Boston with a new degree and a fresh perspective.

A Look Back at 2006: Cuba and Florida (2007-01-02)
WUSF is revisiting some of the top issues of the past year. We consider how the Tampa Bay area would be affected by the death of Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Home Town May Benefit from Charlie Crist's Governorship (2007-01-02)
The inauguration of St. Petersburg's Charlie Crist puts a Tampa Bay resident in the governor's mansion for the first time since Bob Martinez. But will it add to the Bay area's clout in Tallahassee?

Crist To Be Sworn in as 44th Governor (2007-01-02)
Charlie Crist is Florida's 44th governor as of noon today. His inauguration keeps the state in Republican control for at least four more years as he takes over from Jeb Bush.