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April 23, 2018
WUSF 89.7 News
WUSF 89.7 News
Gov. Bush to Kick Off Opening of Ethanol Plant
(WUSF) - The ethanol industry is booming right now, with more than 30 plants under construction nationwide - and two planned for the Tampa Bay area - according to the president of U.S. EnviroFuels.

Bradley Krohn told WUSF recently that several studies show new technology has made ethanol production more environmentally efficient.

KROHN: These are by credible institutions USDA, National Argon Lab, Michigan State University, Colorado School of Mines and there are several others, have all shown corn ethanol has a positive energy balance and that includes everything from planting corn, cultivating and harvesting corn, all the pesticides and fertilizer inputs as well as transporting corn to the ethanol plant as well as transporting the ethanol to the gasoline market.

Some environmentalists say ethanol production is more costly to the environment than the oil savings it generates. But locally others have supported EnviroFuels plan to build ethanol production plants at the ports of Manatee and Tampa.
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