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October 22, 2021
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WUSF 89.7 News
Dancing Pink Octopi and other Sea Monsters
Dr. Eugenie Clark
(WUSF) - Sarasota Mote Marine Laboratory is offering up encounters with sea monsters, shipwrecks and glimpses of the strange world miles below sea level. The lecture series kicks off this week with a sold-out appearance by famed shark researcher and co-founder of Mote.

Dr. Eugenie Clark co-founded Mote Marine in Sarasota in 1955. Since then, she's explored the depths of the world's oceans.

"Disappointingly, when you get down to 12,000 feet you don't see any sharks. But, the other creatures are so weird and wonderful," Clark says.

She once encountered a shark larger than her submersible during a dive at 6,000 feet. But it was on a submersible dive at 12,000 feet that Clark fell in love with what is called a "Dumbo Octopuses"

"This thing is so graceful. And when it gets off the bottom, it like dances," Clark says. "Which I think is the most beautiful sea monster I've ever seen, a dancing pink octopus on the bottom of 12,000 feet."

During her career, Clark has been on close to 70 submersible explorations and she still SCUBA dives at age 87.

But, she says her submersible dives don't compare to those of Don Walsh who has ventured to 36,000 feet. He is an adventurer named one of the world's greatest explorers by Life magazine. Walsh will explore the wreck of the WWII Battleship Bismarck during next week's lecture.
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