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Warrior to Warrior Volunteer Veteran Program Initial Training 
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Community Events
Free of Charge with Volunteer application on website * contact the Presenting Organization listed below for ticketing information  
Dates and Times:
March 1, 10:00AM-3:00PM; (Lunch Will Be Provided( must Apply by our website))

IL Warrior-to-Warrior Volunteer Veteran Program Seeks Volunteers

The Illinois Warrior to Warrior Peer support program aims to address the unique challenges facing Citizen Soldiers who often deploy multiple times and are isolated from those with whom they served once they return to their home communities. This peer-to-peer intervention uses military culture to overcome the stigma around asking for help that is so prevalent in the military. To do this, we are looking for volunteer Veterans who will attend drill weekends on a regular basis in order to provide support to those who need assistance in any area. Addressing smaller scale issues before they turn into large scale problems allows the Service Member to optimize their quality of life while getting support from their volunteer Veteran.

Volunteer for at least one year that will involve the following time commitments:
o Attend initial training (1 day)
o Spend 1-2 hours a week following-up with referrals
o Spend one day per month for 1-3 hours with assigned unit during drill weekend
Engage with strangers face-to-face
Be able and willing to use email and internet
o Complete interaction logs
o Search for referrals to resources
Undergo a background check
Maintain effective and frequent contact with outreach and program coordinators
Comply with confidentiality requirements
Four major tasks include:
o Establishing a positive relationship,
o Helping develop or maintain positive life skills,
o Assisting in case management, and
o Increasing assessment of and ability to interact with other social and culture groups.

If you are interested in volunteering for this program please complete our application located at Volunteer Application - Illinois Warrior To Warrior

More information is available on our website or may call Juan Perez the Director of Volunteer Veteran Relations at 312-265-9101, should you have any questions.
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United States 
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