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March 7, 2021
Ala. Legislature Begins Special Session On Education
(APR - Alabama Public Radio ) - The Alabama Legislature has returned for a special session to make a second attempt at passing a state education budget. More than 1,000 teachers have been laid off across the state due to the Legislature's failure to pass a budget and the anticipated cuts in that budget when it does pass.

Some of those jobless teachers were at the Statehouse today to plead for quick action on the budget.

Kelley Routh, a 30-year-old mother of two from Decatur, said she got laid off from her job as a sixth-grade special education teacher due to the failure of the budget.

She said there is a shortage of special education teachers and she could find a job quickly in a neighboring state. But she doesn't want to uproot her family.

Instead, she is hoping like other laid-off teachers that she will get recalled when a budget becomes law. She says all laid-off teachers need jobs because they have mortgages to pay and children to support.

Governor Riley called the special session after the Legislature's regular session ended May 19 with the Senate failing to pass a budget to fund schools in the fall. The Senate broke down over how much money to provide to higher education in a year when nearly every facet of public education is being cut.

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