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February 26, 2021
Summary of Action the Final Legislative Day
(APR - Alabama Public Radio ) - A summary of action in the Alabama Legislature on Thursday, the 30th and final meeting day of the regular session:


_Gave final passage to a bill to allow a police officer or firefighter to designate a beneficiary to receive death benefits if he or she is killed in the line of duty. Goes to governor.

_Approved a Senate-passed a bill to give some state agencies a supplemental appropriation for the remainder of the current fiscal year, including $5.3 million for Medicaid and $3 million for prisons. Goes back to Senate.

_Gave final approval to a resolution setting up a commission to try to build a limite-access freeway from Florence to Mobile.


_Failed to pass a state education budget.

_Adjourned without considering the governor's appointment of trustees to several universities.

_Gave final approval to a bill to require out-of-state residents who sell property in Alabama to have income taxes withheld at the time of the sale. Goes to governor.


_House and Senate will return for a special session at a date to be determined by the governor.


"I feel they ought to have had the courage to stand up and vote for it or against it." Rep. John Knight, D-Montgomery, complaining about the Senate not voting on his proposal to remove the state sales tax from groceries.

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