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March 6, 2021
Houses Passes Bill To Allow Double Dipping
(APR - Alabama Public Radio ) - The Alabama House has passed a bill that would allow public employees to also serve in the Legislature and in other elected positions.

The bill would do away with a state school board policy that says two-year-college employees would not be able to also serve in the Alabama Legislature or other elected positions. The measure now goes to the Senate for debate.

The House voted 57-36 to pass the bill which would allow the practice known as ``double dipping.''

The sponsor, Rep. Marcel Black of Tuscumbia, says the measure allows public employees to serve in their elected position. It also allows them to use leave time when away from their public job while serving in the elected position.

An opponent, Rep. Mike Hubbard of Auburn, said allowing what has been called ``double dipping'' is bad public policy.

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