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March 9, 2021
House Passes Bills To Strengthen Laws Against Computer Predators
(APR - Alabama Public Radio ) - Adults convicted of using computers to entice children to meet them for the purpose of sexual relations could lose their computers and possibly their homes under a bill passed by the Alabama House.

The bill by Representative Lea Fite of Jacksonville would allow authorities to confiscate computers, homes and other items that a person used when enticing a child to a meeting. The bill passed the House on a 98-0 vote today.

The House also today passed legislation by Representative Steve McMillan of Gulf Shores that says an adult can be prosecuted if the thinks he's soliciting a child on the computer. That's even if the apparent child turns out to be a law enforcement officer or a person working with law enforcement.

The bill was inspired by the Dateline NBC television show that often features adults being arrested after they set up meetings with ``children'' on the Internet and then find out the ``children'' were adults working with law enforcement officers.

The bills now go to the Senate for debate.

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