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March 8, 2021
Alabama Lawmakers Pan Earmarks Proposal
(APR - Alabama Public Radio ) - Alabama lawmakers on both sides of the aisle took exception to President Bush's State of the Union proposal to block spending on local pet projects directed by Congress.

Senator Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican who has been particularly adept at steering money into the state said it gives to much power to the president.

Representative Artur Davis, a Birmingham Democrat, said Congress "has always had a role in earmarks." He also said the president wasn't so tough on earmarks when the Republicans controlled Congress.

Earmarks are money for local projects inserted into spending bills by individual lawmakers. They have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years as lawmakers have used them more frequently and as some have been accused of using them for personal gain.

In his final State of the Union address Monday night, Bush said he would veto any spending bill that didn't cut earmark money in half, saying that such spending undermines trust in Washington.

Representative Jo Bonner, a Mobile Republican, seemed to agree with the president. He said that even though many earmarks are worthwhile, Republicans lost their majority largely because they could not contain spending.

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