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March 6, 2021
Alabama's Population Increased in 2007
(APR - Alabama Public Radio ) - New Census Bureau data show Alabama's population increased in 2007 by a small margin. There are more than 4.62 million citizens living in the state. That's an increase of eight-tenths of one percent or 37,611.

The Census Bureau estimate is reached by measuring births, deaths and migration into and out of each state. In Louisiana, the Census estimates a net increase of 29,000 people moving into the state.

The fastest-growing states in the nation continue to be in the Rocky Mountain region, the Southeast and Texas. Nevada topped the list, with its population growing by 2.9 percent to 2.6 million.

Only two states lost population. Michigan dipped by three-tenths of a percent and Rhode Island saw a decrease of four-tenths of a percent. Ohio's population was virtually unchanged.

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