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March 8, 2021
Fired Coach Still Gets Paycheck
(APR - Alabama Public Radio ) - A Madison County cheerleading coach who was fired more than two years ago will keep getting checks even though the Alabama Supreme Court ruled against her.

On Friday the court sent the case of Laura Wilson back to an arbitrator for a rehearing, and the state's new teacher dismissal law allows her to remain on the payroll as the process starts over.

The court agreed with a state appeals court that found the arbitrator wrongly used collective bargaining standards in deciding she should get her job back.

Wilson's long-running termination case is one of several that popped up throughout Alabama after a 2004 amendment to teacher tenure laws.

The change allowed teachers to keep getting paid while appealing their terminations.

Wilson was fired in April 2005 for 14 charges including altering checks made out to the school and depositing them in her personal account.

She also used the high school's gym to run a gymnastics business.

A person with Wilson's credentials would have made at least $46,000 annually in 2005 and would be making more than $54,000 this year.

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