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March 5, 2021
APR News Reports
APR News Reports
No Relief From Heat Wave
(APR - Alabama Public Radio ) - More high temperature records will most likely be set in cities across drought-stricken Alabama this week (8-17). It appears to be a trend that will continue at least until this weekend. Alabama Public Radio's Brett Tannehill reports ...

It's expected to be more than 100 degrees in many Alabama communities today and tomorrow. For Tuscaloosa and Birmingham that would be 10 consecutive days over 100 degrees ... shattering their old records of 7. Montgomery's new consecutive days record would stand at 11. So far, at least 8 heat-related deaths have been reported in 14 Southern and Midwestern states stuck in the heat wave, including one death in Mobile. National Weather Service meteorologist John DeBlock says the heat is bad, but it's not the heat, it's the humidity ... or in this case, the lack of it ...

(DeBlock ... It is a little bit drier in the Southeast than usual, that's kind of a good news, bad news ... The Heat index isn't as high, but with the dry air folks don't realize they are dehydrating like they normally do ... We're very concerned about folks taking proper precautions with the heat; to avoid being outside and seeking shelter and cool air whenever possible.)

A strong high pressure dome over the South and Midwest is currently trapping the heat in and keeping the humidity out. But DeBlock says tropical weather is becoming more active and could bring a change ...

(DeBlock ... But that's going to make it more humid so we're really not going to see any relief until maybe the beginning of next week when Tropical Storm Dean may be approaching from the Southeast.)

Right now, Tropical Storm Dean is far from land, swirling over the open Atlantic. Its top wind speeds are around 50 miles per hour, well below the 74-mile-an-hour threshold for a hurricane. The forecast for most areas today and tomorrow is mostly sunny skies with highs ranging from 98 to around 105 ... slight chance of isolated showers statewide on Sunday.

For Alabama Public Radio, I'm Brett Tannehill in Tuscaloosa
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