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March 5, 2021
Slavery Apologies Likely Will Be Combined
(APR - Alabama Public Radio ) - Alabama legislators with competing resolutions apologizing for slavery have decided to stitch their resolutions together in hopes of winning approval in the closing days of the legislative session.

One of the sponsors, Birmingham Representative Mary Moore, said its just a matter of getting it through the Senate.

On April 24th, the House passed a short resolution by Moore apologizing for slavery. That same day the Senate passed a much longer resolution by Selma Senator Hank Sanders that expressed "profound regret" for slavery.

Sanders' resolution went to the House. Moore's went to the Senate. And nothing happened for nearly three weeks because each had wanted their language to be the one that passed.

Only five meeting days remain in the legislative session and many bills are backlogged in the Senate waiting for attention.

If the resolution is approved, Alabama would join Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina in passing apology resolutions this year.

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