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Ithaca's CSMA presents the 'Arts for all Marathon' 9/27 - 10/23
Robin Tropper-Herbel speaks with WSKG's Gregory Keeler
Ithaca's CSMA presents the 'Arts for all Marathon' 9/27 - 10/23
Online interview audio now available Ithaca's Community School of Music and Arts presents
Arts for all Marathon

Sept. 27 - Oct. 23, 2010

What is the Arts for All Marathon?
The Marathon is a fundraiser for the scholarship program at the Community School of Music and Arts. It is also a challenge to local artists to give their creativity a workout, and a celebration of creativity in our community.

Where and when will the Marathon happen?
In studios, living rooms, garages, schools, and nightclubs near you for 26.2 days, starting on September 27 and ending on October 23, 2010.

Why 26.2 days?
Because a marathon race is 26.2 miles long.

What is the Community School of Music and Arts?
For 50 years, CSMA has provided instruction in music and arts to people of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds through classes, private lessons, and other creative programs. (CSMA was officially incorporated in December, 1960.)

Why do you need my help?
The Arts for All Scholarship Fund makes it possible for people of limited income to attend classes, private lessons, and school break programs. In 2008, CSMA awarded $24,205 in scholarships to 81 recipients: 15 adults and 66 children.

I'm an artist/musician/dancer/writer… What do you want me to do?
Make a commitment to practice, rehearse, or create during the marathon days, and ask your patrons (family, friends, and fans) to make or pledge a donation to CSMA in honor of your efforts.

What kind of commitment?
Almost anything! Write a 26 line poem and ask your patrons to donate a dollar for each line. Make 26 tiny works of art. Practice your instrument for 26 minutes a day during the month. Do a gig. Or just get into the studio and work!

What's in it for me?
First, you get to give your creativity a workout by committing to make art. Second, you experience the delight in helping others to learn the arts. Third, if you are a doing a performance or displaying/installing your work somewhere, we'll list it in the Arts for All Marathon Calendar. Fourth, we'll advertise you on our Participating Artists page, with a link to your website!

How do I sign up?
Register online, email us at or call or visit the Community School of Music and Arts (607.272.1474) located in downtown Ithaca just east of the Commons (330 E. Martin Luther King Jr./State St.)