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February 21, 2017
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Travel ban uncertainty, women and national security, mixed feelings from Brexit voters Today, how uncertainty over President Trump's travel ban is keeping some scientists away from the US. Also, Syrian refugees are grateful for the help they get in Canada. And Brexit voters in one English town have mixed feelings about immigration.
Trump worries Europe, immigrants leave US for Canada, K-pop school in New York. What's normal and what's not about Trump's first month in office? Also, can the media remember world news beyond the US president? Plus, a visit to a New York school where you can learn how to be a Korean pop star.
Sanctuary campuses, Trump fails to denounce anti-Semitism, Kim Jong-nam's mysterious murder Immigrants in some US cities stayed home Thursday to show how critical they are for their industries and their communities. An Iraqi who runs a cafe in Washington, DC, supports the action, but says what's really needed is meaningful immigration reform. Also, President Donald Trump gets asked twice in two days what he's doing to stem a rising tide of anti-Semitic incidents. Plus, a retired professor in Cuba whose family lost land when Castro's revolution triumphed. Now she's doing well in the new Cuban economy.
World Headlines
Trump names Lt Gen HR McMaster as national security adviser Lt Gen HR McMaster replaces Gen Michael Flynn, who was fired after just three weeks.
Melbourne plane crash: Five killed as aircraft hits shopping centre The light aircraft hit a shopping centre in Victoria's worst civil aviation disaster in 30 years.
Trapped in Raqqa: Sri Rahayu's story Indonesian Sri Rahayu was forced to live under the control of so-called Islamic State.
Why a food scientist is trying to make powdered breast milk
Donated breast milk in liquid form can be expensive because it needs to be to be screened for disease and drugs, and then stored. One way to address this may be a technique called "spray-drying."
Walmart results come amid fierce competition with Amazon
A four-letter word is shaping the debate on minimum wage increases
Wage hike or wage increase? Does it really matter? Linguists would say "yes."
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