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Weekend Edition Sunday
Liane Hansen

Weekend Edition Sunday has covered newsmakers, artists, scientists, politicans, musicians, writers, thinkers, theologians and all manner of news events.
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Zorba Paster
Zorba Paster, M.D., and Tom Clark

Laughter's the best medicine! Each week, co-hosts Zorba Paster, M.D., and Tom Clark kick back with callers from around the country to talk about what's new in health and fitness, and share tips for healthy living. The hosts' irreverent humor makes this one show that's not just informative but downright fun.
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A Praire Home Companion (repeat)
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12:00 pmThe Splendid Table
12:30 pm
1:00 pmBeing
Krista Tippett
Being is a spacious conversation and an evolving media space about the big questions at the center of human life, from the boldest new science of the human brain to the most ancient traditions of the human spirit. The program began as an occasional series on Minnesota Public Radio in 1999, then became a monthly national program in September 2001, and launched as a weekly program titled Speaking of Faith in the summer of 2003.
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Travel with Rick Steves
Rick Steves
2:30 pm
3:00 pmTED Radio Hour
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Weekend All Things Considered
Debbie Elliot

Breaking news mixed with compelling analysis, insightful commentaries, interviews, and special sometimes quirky features.
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5:00 pmThis American Life
Ira Glass
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Celtic Connections
Bryan Kelso Crow

Public Radio's Celtic Connections offers radio listeners a wide variety of traditional and contemporary music associated with the western European lands occupied at one time or another by people of the Celtic tribes and their descendants. Host Bryan Kelso Crow brings you great music from England, Scandinavia and other European regions.
6:30 pm
7:00 pmPutumayo World Radio Hour
Rosalie Howarth and Dan Storper
7:30 pm
8:00 pmRhythm in Bloom
John Hochheimer
8:30 pm
9:00 pmMagic Soul
DJ Sweets
9:30 pm
10:00 pmAcoustic Nature Hour
10:30 pm
11:00 pmComputer Ed Radio
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12:00 amRhythm in Bloom
John Hochheimer
12:30 am
1:00 amDream Farm Cafe
Julie Lavender
1:30 am
2:00 amAcoustic Nature Hour
Kevin Boucher
2:30 am
3:00 amSounds Like Radio
Dave Armstrong
3:30 am
4:00 am
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Inside Europe
5:30 am
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Planetary Radio

Each week, Planetary Radio visits with a scientist, engineer, project manager, advocate or writer who can provide a unique perspective on the quest for knowledge about our solar system and beyond.
6:30 amState Week in Review



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