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The Story of YOU! 
General Event Information
Event Category:
75.00 * contact the Venue listed below for ticketing information  
Dates and Times:
July 26, 5:00PM-9:00PM

What are the moments in our lives that define us? How do we understand them in the greater expanse of our lives and relationships? Have these moments left us feeling disjointed or more whole than before? What are the thoughts and beliefs about ourselves that are created within as a result of a moment? Join Alison Boissonnas and Meg Tobin, M.A. to explore these questions as you craft a story of you. Through guided writing exercises and meditation, we will help you to distill your thoughts to one defining moment. We will take time to write one specific story. As we sift through unnecessary details to the essence of a moment, we begin to see and understand the way it has shaped us. Sharing stories, in our own authentic voice, we hope to feel a greater sense of integration, clarity and honoring of our own life process.
Venue Information
3455 Erieville Road  
Zip Code:
United States 
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