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Contemporary Composer Sergio Cervetti on WRTI's Crossover
Sergio Cervetti, contemporary composer
Contemporary Composer Sergio Cervetti on WRTI's <i>Crossover</i> Composer Sergio Cervetti and Jill Pasternak at WRTI's studio.

Join Jill for a fascinating interview with Sergio Cervetti - a highly accomplished composer and teacher who enlightens the ear with diversified sounds that are beautiful and invigorating. Cervetti's compositions include electronic and instrumental scores for orchestra, opera, chamber ensemble, voice, dance and film. describes Cervetti's 2009 release, Visual Diary/The Mouth of Boredom as "...interlaced with Alternative, Electronic, Contemporary and New Age Classical creations...The visions and artistic musical conceptions in the CD are inspiring and expertly written. More...
Click here to sample one-minute excerpts of Cervetti's compositions.

Watch and Listen: Video includes music composed by Sergio Cervetti

Sergio Cervetti's website