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October 31, 2014
Rhody Votes 2012
Rhody Votes 2012
Getting to the bottom of the voting delay By CATHERINE WELCH
Providence Mayor Angel Taveras says he wants to know exactly what happened at the Juanita Sanchez School that kept some voters waiting in line for hours.
Gambling supporters shocked, bond supporters pleased By RIPR NEWSROOM
Newport Mayor Harry Winthrop says voters in his city misunderstood a ballot question that would have allowed the Newport Grand slots parlor to offer full scale table gaming. And, he worries that the facility will be out of business in a few years.
Cicilline holds on to CD1, Newport rejects table games By RIPR NEWSROOM
Democratic Congressman David Cicilline beat Republican challenger Brendan Doherty by a surprisingly large margin. Cicilline credits the win to hard work and a disciplined message.
Gordon Fox fights back challenge to win reelection By IAN DONNIS
House Speaker Gordon Fox won a 16-point victory Tuesday over an independent candidate who waged an aggressive challenge against the longtime state rep.
Problems in South Providence at polling place By NATALIE JABLONSKI
Though election night in Rhode Island may have been mostly smooth sailing, some voters in South Providence had a tough time casting their ballot at the Juanita Sanchez Complex.
Referendum questions had positive election By LYDIA ROGERS
The Board of Elections is reporting it has 95 percent of the precinct polling results. It appears all seven referendum questions passed at the state level.
Same sex marriage not on RI ballot By IAN DONNIS
Same-sex marriage is on the ballot in four states Tuesday, including Maine. A leading local advocacy group remains opposed to putting the issue to a vote here in the Ocean State.
Election Day winds down in RI By RIPR NEWSROOM
Secretary of State Ralph Mollis isn't very optimistic about voter turnout. It's expected to be well below what it was four years ago. Meanwhile, across the state on Election Day, voters are waiting in long lines.
Concerns with polling place confusion, voter fraud By FLO JONIC
Secretary of State Ralph Mollis says he's concerned that a lot of voters will wind up going to the wrong polling places Tuesday. And the U.S. Attorney's office is asking voters to alert them of any suspected voter fraud.
Cicilline and Doherty down to the wire By FLO JONIC
In Rhode Island, the most hotly contested race is in the first congressional district where incumbent David Cicilline is fending off a tough challenge from Republican Brendan Doherty. They both hit the hustings Sunday in an effort to get out of the vote.
How young RI Latinos view the election By ELISABETH HARRISON
As part of our Rhody Votes 2012 coverage, we asked members of the Latino Student Organization at Rhode Island College their view of the candidates. Hispanic voters are another key demographic that both campaigns have been trying to capture, but a recent Gallup poll shows that both young voters and Hispanics are less likely to vote than they were four years ago.
Rhody Votes 2012: Main street weighs in on CD 1 race By ELI SHERMAN

The first congressional district race between democratic incumbent David Cicilline and republican challenger Brendan Doherty has been hotly contested. And pundits and pollsters declare it too close to call. Voters get their say Tuesday, deciding who will represent them in Washington for the next two years. As part of our Rhody Votes 2012 coverage, we set out to find out what voters on Main Street think of the race.

A snow storm moves into the campaign debate By FLO JONIC
A five-year-old snow storm has become an issue in the first congressional district race between incumbent Congressman David Cicilline and Republican challenger Brendan Doherty.
Races to watch in the RI Statehouse By IAN DONNIS & DAVE FALLON
The battle over the First District congressional race between David Cicilline and Brendan Doherty is front and center in Tuesday's election. But voters will also decide more than 60 legislative races. The most high-profile fight is a challenge to House Speaker Gordon Fox. But a number of other contests could affect the makeup of the General Assembly.
You still have time to get an ID By CATHERINE WELCH
Voters have a few more chances to get a voter ID card ahead of next week's election.
Recent poll shows strong leads in CD2 & Senate race By IAN DONNIS
A new Channel 12 poll shows Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Congressman Jim Langevin with double-digit leads over their Republican challengers. That's in contrast to the tight re-election challenge facing Congressman David Cicilline
House Speaker faces fight in bid for re-election By IAN DONNIS
House Speaker Gordon Fox is considered the most powerful state official in Rhode Island. But in his run for re-election Fox faces an aggressive challenge in Providence from independent candidate Mark Binder in the aftermath of the state's losing investment in failed video game maker 38 Studios.
Dems outraged by GOP ads in RI congressional race By IAN DONNIS
A state Democratic spokesman says Republicans have crossed the line with commercials aimed at Congressman David Cicilline. The campaign of Republican opponent Brendan Doherty responds by calling the criticism legitimate.