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August 22, 2014
OSM: Block Island
OSM: Block Island
One Square Mile: The rise of tick-borne diseases A Rhode Island Public Radio community forum about Block Island and the rise of tick-borne diseases. Lyme disease and, now, babesiosis have had a huge impact on the island. We talk about our current understanding of these diseases and our emerging understanding of the ecology of disease with a group expert panelists.
One Square Mile: A ferry ride to Block Island By SCOTT MACKAY
As part of our `One Square Mile' reports on Block Island RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay takes a break from the political circuit to take us for a ferry ride to Block Island. Block Island s just nine miles from the Rhode Island mainland but a world away.
One Square Mile: Block Island's History By FLO JONIC
One Square Mile: Block Island takes a look at its history. Originally part of Massachusetts, Block Island has long been the pride of Rhode Island --- a place so undeveloped it's almost like going back in time.
One Square Mile: Concerns linger over the wind farm By CATHERINE WELCH
Most residents on Block Island support the construction of a five-turbine wind farm off the coast because it will reduce their power bills, which are some of the highest in the nation. The project has at least one vocal critic, resident and former Redmond, WA mayor Rosemarie Ives.
One Square Mile: Keeping the power bills down By CATHERINE WELCH
Block Islanders are paying some of the highest costs for electricity in the nation. And a small-scale wind farm is planned to go up just off the island to provide some relief to those bills that can climb into the tens of thousands for some businesses.
One Square Mile: new disease gains a foothold By KRISTIN GOURLAY
As part of our series One Square Mile: Block Island, we're looking at tick-borne diseases on the island. Previously, we explored how Lyme disease got to be so prevalent on the island. Now, a team of scientists tries to uncover what's driving the spread, not only of Lyme, but another, even more serious disease from ticks.
One Square Mile: Tick-borne diseases on Block Island By KRISTIN GOURLAY
As part of our series One Square Mile: Block Island, we're looking at the prevalence of tick-borne diseases on the island. Islanders have been grappling with Lyme disease for a while. For the next three mornings, we explore the causes and implications--of this growing health problem on Block Island. First, how Lyme and another tick-borne disease have gotten so bad.
One Square Mile: Babesiosis in the blood supply By KRISTIN GOURLAY
As part of our series One Square Mile: Block Island, we've been exploring the rise of diseases spread by ticks, which are a big problem on the island. But the problem is spreading to the mainland.
One Square Mile: One of the most expensive schools in RI By ELISABETH HARRISON
On Block Island, a single public school serves all of the island's year-round residents. Kindergartners and high school seniors have classes in the same building and eat lunch in the same cafeteria. It's a close community, but it's also one of the most expensive public schools in the state.
One Square Mile: Can you get there from here? By CATHERINE WELCH
Turns out that on Block Island, nobody really knows the address of where they work or live because there are no addresses on Block Island.
One Square Mile: A talk with the First Warden By IAN DONNIS
As part of our `One Square Mile' reports on Block Island RIPR talks with Block Island top elected official First Warden Kim Gaffett. On a recent drive around Block Island,she talked about the demands facing the island change dramatically with the seasons.
One Square Mile: The story of the Southeast Lighthouse By BRADLEY CAMPBELL
In 1875, workers constructed the Southeast Lighthouse on the edge of the Mohegan Bluffs. It worked for more than a century to help keep sailors safe. But in the 1990s, erosion forced the islanders to make a decision: save the lighthouse, or let it fall into the sea.
One Square Mile: Justin Lewis takes the baton By BRADLEY CAMPBELL
Over the last 40 years or so, residents of Block Island have worked to conserve nearly half of the island. But there's still more work to do.
One Square Mile: Block Island memories By RIPR LISTENERS
Several listeners responded to our request for Block Island memories. One listener gave us more than 20 memories, another told us how he met his wife on the island, and another gave us a fascinating story of adventure on the island.