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November 28, 2014
Memorial Hospital to join Care New England By KRISTIN GOURLAY
Memorial Hospital is set to join Care New England, one of Rhode Island's multi-hospital health care systems.
How to keep your New Year's resolution By CATHERINE WELCH
If you want to keep those New Year's resolutions, one University of Rhode Island professor says the best way is to create a plan. URI kinesiology professor Bryan Blissmer says break the big goal into manageable steps and monitor yourself to help stay on track.
Proposal to curb ER visits due By KRISTIN GOURLAY

Monday is the deadline for Rhode Island's Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals to come up with a proposal to address a sticky problem: substance abusers who frequently end up in the emergency room. That proposal is likely to contain a range of services to stop the cycle of abuse.

Rep. Morgan calls for RI to comply with gun background check rules By KRISTIN GOURLAY
State representative Patricia Morgan is calling on Attorney General Peter Kilmartin to step up efforts to restrict gun ownership by people with mental illness.
Preventing holiday back pain By CATHERINE WELCH
If you're feeling a bit of back pain this holiday season, one University of Rhode Island professor says a few changes in habits and a bit of mindfulness can help.
RI compounding pharmacy reopens, scrutiny continues By KRISTIN GOURLAY

A South Kingstown compounding pharmacy ordered closed until it corrected some unlawful practices has reopened. But public scrutiny of compounding pharmacies continues.

The right shoes can prevent back pain By CATHERINE WELCH
If you're feeling a bit of back pain this holiday season, one University of Rhode Island professor says a few changes in habits and a bit of mindfulness can help.
RI wins federal approval on health insurance exchange By KRISTIN GOURLAY
U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius has given Rhode Island a green light to move forward on developing its online health insurance marketplace.
Flavored tobacco sales to be banned in Providence By FLO JONIC
Starting January 3rd it will be illegal to sell flavored tobacco products or redeem tobacco coupons in the city of Providence. Flavored tobaccos include but are not limited to those infused with fruit, chocolate, vanilla, candy or dessert flavors.
Study shows RI hospital payments vary widely By KRISTIN GOURLAY
A new study reveals how widely costs can vary in Rhode Island, from hospital to hospital, for the same service. But those variations don't necessarily have to do with quality.
Local study finds 500% increase in homeless sleeping outside By FLO JONIC
The state's latest homeless census shows a sharp uptick in the number of people living outdoors. It's a consequence of the overcrowded state of shelters.
Medical marijuana centers can open in RI the end of this week By KRISTIN GOURLAY
Medical marijuana dispensaries, or "compassion centers," can officially open and begin selling medical marijuana, now that Rhode Island state regulations have been finalized. The regulations take effect December 23rd.
RI fiscal cliff: Cuts in health programs could cost jobs By KRISTIN GOURLAY
We continue with our look at what's at stake for Rhode Island in the so-called "fiscal cliff" negotiations. It's unclear whether Washington lawmakers will come to an agreement. But if they don't, several health department programs in Rhode Island--like mammograms for uninsured women and nursing home inspections--could lose critical federal funding. Jobs, too, could be lost.
Emphasis on safe driving in RI By FLO JONIC
Rhode Island state police are launching a two-and-a-half week crackdown Thursday on problem drivers. State police will have extra officers on duty looking for drunk and impaired drivers, people not buckled up and folks who are driving aggressively.
An ER alternative for substance abusers in Cambridge By KRISTIN GOURLAY
A small group of people with substance abuse problems is having a big impact on Rhode Island's hospital emergency rooms and rescue workers. Yesterday we examined the high cost of intoxicated people making frequent trips to the ER. In the second part of our series, we visit an alternative to the ER. It's a sobering shelter in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And it's a model Rhode Island might adopt.
Intoxicated "frequent fliers" strain emergency services By KRISTIN GOURLAY
Rhode Island is taking its first steps toward solving an intractable problem: frequent trips to hospital emergency rooms by a small group of people who are often drunk or high. In the first of our two-part series, Rhode Island Public Radio health care reporter Kristin Gourlay explores how those trips are straining resources and wasting lives.
Judge rules for Providence in kids tobacco suit By KRISTIN GOURLAY
District Court Chief Judge Mary Lisi has ruled in the City of Providence's favor on a case involving tobacco companies and marketing to children. Rhode Island Public Radio's health care reporter Kristin Gourlay has more on what the case will mean for the city and for tobacco companies.
RI fiscal cliff: What happens to Health and Human Services By FLO JONIC
In Washington, talks continue in an effort to avert the so-called "fiscal cliff" - a combination of tax hikes and budget cuts that take effect January 1st unless Congress can agree on a deficit reduction plan. Rhode Island Public Radio begins a six part series on how the fiscal cliff would affect the Ocean State with a look at human services.
Flu widespread; vaccine or mask now required for health workers By KRISTIN GOURLAY
Rhode Island health department officials say the flu is officially widespread. That designation means that health care workers must be vaccinated or wear a surgical mask.
Providence policy targets unnecessary emergency calls By KRISTIN GOURLAY
A new policy in Providence means non-emergency calls for medical attention to 9-1-1 go to the bottom of dispatchers' lists. The policy is already freeing up rescue workers to attend to real emergencies.