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January 29, 2015
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PRI's The World: 01/29/2015 The US ambassador to the UK is 44 and an audiophile, and he puts on house concerts with his favorite indie bands at the US embassy. He calls it "vinyl diplomacy." Also, Cubans in Miami satisfy their nostalgic yearnings for home at a shop that stocks Soviet-era foods. Plus, what will be Canada's official bird? The common loon is winning right now, but who knows if the snowy owl will pull ahead?
PRI's The World: 01/28/2015 Jordan offers to swap an imprisoned Iraqi woman for a Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS. Kurdish troops handed ISIS its first major defeat in Syria, but does that mean much in the broader war? And a celebrated matzo bakery on New York's Lower East side prepares to move, but it leaves a lot of memories behind.
PRI's The World: 01/27/2015 Today marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. World leaders, religious figures and survivors are marking the occasion at a solemn ceremony outside the gates of the former Nazi concentration camp. We'll hear the stories of two survivors. Also, a Russian spy is arrested in New York City, and the best chocolate chip cookie in the world is apparently made by Mexican-Americans in Brooklyn.
World Headlines
Deadly attacks hit Egypt's Sinai At least 26 people, including soldiers, are killed in a series of attacks by Islamist militants in Egypt's Sinai peninsula.
EU extends sanctions against Russia Foreign ministers from the EU agree in Brussels to extend existing sanctions against Russia until September but not to impose any new sanctions.
Balloonists set new world record Two pilots have set a new world distance record for a flight in a helium balloon after crossing the Pacific Ocean.
Guess everything costs more in New York City
... including snow and ice removal, which averages $1.8 million per inch. Say what?
Value of a dollar in Indiana's Medicaid expansion
Under the deal reached this week, there will be monthly premiums of at least $1.
Penalties on the way for the uninsured under Obamacare
As many as 6 million households will be fined, but it's unclear how many will pay.
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