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November 24, 2015
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PRI's The World: 11/24/2015 Turkish forces shoot down a Russian fighter jet on the border between Syria and Turkey. The Turks insist the Russian plane was in their airspace, but the Russians disagree. Plus, Muslims in the West talk about occupuying a Muslim "gray zone." Also, we take a look at a couple of immigrant entrepreneurs in Los Angeles who are trying to take their success beyond their own ethnic communities.
PRI's The World: 11/23/2015 Brussels is on lockdown for the third day in a row, as authorities continue to hunt for surviving suspects in the Paris attacks. Plus, we bring you a profile of one of the many Canadians who are sponsoring Syrian refugees. We also take a look at the new leader of Argentina.
PRI's The World: 11/20/2015 We hear about a new attack ? this time in the West African nation of Mali, where more than 100 people were taken hostage. Plus, a former State Department official explains how procedures have changed when dealing with the hostage standoffs. Also, it's been one week since the attacks in Paris. We check in a mother and daughter in Paris who are responded in two very different ways.
World Headlines
Russian marine killed in rescue bid A Russian marine is killed on a mission to rescue from rebels the crew of a jet downed by Turkey near the Syrian border, as Nato states join ranks.
Chicago police release shooting dashcam US officials release dashboard camera video showing a white policeman shooting a black teenager last year in Chicago as a murder charge is brought.
Paris 'ringleader was near Bataclan' Paris's chief prosecutor says the suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was near the Bataclan theatre while a siege was taking place.
College enrollment drops among low-income students
Despite billions of dollars invested, college access still lags.
Will reusable rockets bring us closer to consumer space travel?
Jeff Bezos? space company just became the first to land a spent rocket safely.
Despite alert, business travelers won't stay home
The State Department has told American travelers to be vigilant.
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