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September 19, 2017
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Trump's UN agenda, stubborn sexism in Germany and turning ice into music Today, with President Donald Trump at the United Nations, we look at how UN ambassador Nikki Haley became the voice of Trump's foreign policy. Also, Ho Chi Minh's complex relationship with the US before the Vietnam War. Plus, how to record melting ice and turn into music.
An attack in London, cruising the Northwest Passage and singing waitresses The London subway once again comes under attack, and officials suspect its terrorist related. Plus, melting ice means the Northwest Passage is now open to cruise ships. We'll look at the pros and cons. And, sure, nuclear weapons are a big sticking point in any negotiations with the North Koreans. But so too are a group of singing waitresses. Those stories, plus some new music from Kronos Quartet ? today on The World.
Coming together after Harvey, decision time on North Korea and Russian war games get too close for comfort In Houston, the cleanup effort is bringing divided communities together. Our reporter rides along with young Muslims who are volunteering throughout the city. Russia's military exercises in Belarus are a little too close for comfort in NATO countries. And, zero's our hero, and maybe a little older than we thought.
World Headlines
Trump: US would destroy North Korea if forced to defend itself The US president condemns "rogue nations" in his debut speech to the UN General Assembly.
Hurricane Maria regains strength after battering Dominica Maria weakened after pounding the island of Dominica but is now back to category five strength.
FBI wiretapped Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort - reports Paul Manafort's home was raided by agents probing Russian influence on the US election
Toys 'R' Us files for bankruptcy, but keeps stores open
The toy retailer is struggling with $5 billion in debt.
Ray Dalio on how to stress test your ideas and make better decisions
Some say his method is ruthless. He says it's honest.
Are stock payouts linked to high housing prices?
Glenn Kelman, CEO of the tech real estate site Redfin, believes reporting stock payouts properly could better distribute wealth.
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