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March 30, 2015
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PRI's The World: 03/27/2015 Nigerians head to the polls this weekend. What's at stake for Africa's most populous nation? Plus, Mexican immigrants to the United States have trouble when they try to return home. Also, we hear about America's strange history of vaccinations, and George Washington's key role.
PRI's The World: 03/26/2015 What will Saudi air strikes in Yemen mean for the volatile mix that is the Middle East? Also, we hear how the Germanwings crash investigation focuses new attention on post-9/11 rules about cockpit safety. Later, musicians in the Nile River basin are helping their region tackle its drought problems.
PRI's The World: 03/25/2015 Today, we start with the latest on the crash of a Germanwings Airbus A320 on Tuesday. Also, new Americans find a path to prosperity through California's gardens. Later, DJ Edu tells us about his continent-wide search for the best nightclub in Africa.
World Headlines
Alps co-pilot 'had suicide treatment' Co-pilot of crashed Germanwings jet, Andreas Lubitz, had treatment for suicidal tendencies years ago, investigators say, but not recently.
Acquittal was 'rebirth' - Sollecito In his first remarks since his final acquittal of UK student Meredith Kercher's murder, Raffaele Sollecito says he will be "marked for life" by the ordeal.
Iran nuclear talks near key deadline Last hours of intensive diplomacy over Iran's nuclear programme take place in Switzerland ahead of Tuesday's deadline for a long-awaited deal.
U.S. allies rush to join World Bank alternative
America failed to persuade them to stay away from a new, Chinese-led institution.
Northeastern's Silicon Valley campus
The university plans to launch educational hubs embedded in Bay Area companies.
Atlanta puts roads and bridges on its to-do list
Voters approved a $250 million bond package to repair the city's infrastructure.
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