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July 27, 2017
World Headlines
No US transgender policy change 'for now' The US top general says President Trump needs to issue guidance before any changes come into effect.
Venezuela crisis: Bans on protests that 'disturb' election Demonstrations that could "disturb or affect" Sunday's controversial vote are outlawed.
Boy Scouts apologise for Trump's speech The president had encouraged the Scouts to boo Barack Obama as he touted his political agenda.
In an era when water ownership sparks disputes, one Georgia water agency wants to share its supply
Use less water, share more of it. One Georgia water agency bucks the water wars stereotype.
07/27/2017: Why communities can find solace at their local McDonald's
The end may be nigh for one of the world's most important interest rates. The LIBOR, or London Interbank offer, may play a role in whether your household budget is on track and your adjustable mortgage. But there's news that it may get phased out over the next four years. On today's show, we'll look at why it may go away and what'll take its place. Afterwards, we'll discuss the future of the Fed Chair position, and then chat with Guardian reporter Chris Arnade about the importance of McDonald's in local communities.
Virtual reality filmmaking moves forward
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