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October 24, 2016
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PRI's The World: 10/21/2016 Residents of the Iraqi city of Mosul continue to flee for safety. We hear from some of them. And as ISIS loses ground in Iraq and in Syria, we hear how its appeal to potential recruits is taking a major hit. Plus, we meet one of the few Pakistani women in professional sports. She's captain of the national women's cricket team.
PRI's The World: 10/20/2016 The final presidential debate is over. We'll hear reaction to Republican candidate Donald Trump refusing to say whether he will accept the outcome of the election. Plus, there's been some lively reaction on social media to Trump's "bad hombres" comment during last night's debate. Also, Boise, Idaho, is taking in a lot of Syrian refugees ? 122 so far this year. We'll check in on how it's going.
PRI's The World: 10/19/2016 Russia tests long-range missiles and moves nuclear-capable missiles closer to the West. We learn why. Also, on day three of the Mosul offensive, we learn what a post-ISIS future might look like. Plus, we make some multicultural stops on the US campaign trail ? with Hindus for Donald Trump and Danes for Hillary Clinton.
World Headlines
Belgium Walloons block key EU Ceta trade deal with Canada Belgium cannot sign a landmark EU trade deal with Canada, Prime Minister Charles Michel says, because of regional objections.
US election: Polling stations open in must-win state of Florida Polling stations open for early voting in key battleground state of Florida, where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump remain in a tight race.
Bobby Vee: 1960s pop singer dies aged 73 Bobby Vee, best known for 1960s hits including Rubber Ball and Take Good Care of my Baby, dies at the age of 73.
The rise of Paramount Pictures and anti-trust regulation
AT&T's $85.4 billion bid for Time Warner and the sky-high price for political ads.
What the Golden Age of Hollywood can reveal about the AT&T-Time Warner deal
AT&T has plans to purchase Time Warner for $85.4 billion.
Will Visa?s recent PayPal partnership stoke its earnings?
PayPal once steered users away from using Visa.
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