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January 24, 2017
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Former Defense Secretary on Trump, Barbie encryption, El Chapo and Chicago Starting today, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates gives us his take on President Donald Trump. Then, American business leaders urge Trump to fight climate change, despite his past statements calling it a hoax. Plus, why some toymakers didn't think a typewriter that lets kids write encrypted messages would appeal to girls.
Trump cans TPP, Russian media advice for American reporters, and Lalo Alcaraz on 'alternative facts' A Russian journalist has some tips for covering President Trump. Plus, we check in with someone who is currently protected from deportation under the DACA program created by former President Obama, and whose life would be affected if President Trump decides to scrap it. And we talk about the role of humor at a time of extreme political divisiveness.
President Trump's inauguration, Mexico's Trump worries, Russia celebrates The beginning of the Trump era, as seen from Washington and across the globe. Plus, the Women's March on Washington goes global with sister marches around the world. And Wynton Marsalis on what he would have played at the inauguration if he'd been invited.
World Headlines
Trump's voter fraud claim 'based on evidence' The president's claim that millions illegally voted is based on unspecified studies, says the White House.
UK government loses Brexit vote appeal Parliament must vote on whether the government can start Brexit, the Supreme Court rules.
Bana Alabed: Syrian tweeting girl pens letter to Trump "You must do something for the children of Syria," writes a girl famous for her tweets from Aleppo.
Syrian immigrants are incredibly entrepreneurial
Syrians drill it into their children?s heads that they have to be self-reliant.
Judge blocks Aetna merger with Humana
A federal judge also says Aetna misled the public on its reasons for withdrawing from Obamacare in some states.
The case for Trump being a Marxist
Professor Mark Blyth said Trump has some of the same problems with capitalism as Marxists did back in the '70s.
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