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HIST 2490 01: First World War 
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January 22, 6:00PM-8:00PM; (Class begins Jan. 22 and meets Wednesday evenings Spring 2014)

HIST 2490 01 First World War -One century ago the “War to end all Wars” was fought, and the world was never the same
The cataclysm of World War I resulted in 20 million deaths, and a brutal type of warfare never seen before. It witnessed the widespread use of chemical warfare, first use of aerial warfare, undersea vessels sinking unarmed civilians without warning, machine guns, flamethrowers, tanks and much more. It also produced the first Communist state, the collapse of 3 empires, end of the caliphate, fateful redrawing of the borders of the entire Middle East and much of Europe. This and much more will be covered in HIST 2490 this Spring.
For more information contact Mike Walker;
Wednesday evenings 6-8pm, class begins Jan. 22nd
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Sheridan College  
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United States 
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