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Escapee Captured (2008-09-24)
An escapee was captured yesterday after officials say he fled from his trial in Scioto County.

Unemployment in Ohio (2008-09-24)
Southeast Ohio's Meigs and Morgan counties share Ohio's highest unemployment rate for August: 10.8 percent.

UPDATE: Nelsonville new police chief (2008-09-24)
Nelsonville has named Logan Police Department Lieutenant Jason Wallace as its new police chief.

$11.6 billion health care industry (2008-09-24)
$11.6 billion is paid out in wages in the health care industry in Athens and 78 other rural counties in Ohio.

OU hiring freeze (2008-09-24)
Effective immediately, Ohio University is imposing a hiring freeze.

Athens County 211 call center (2008-09-24)
United Appeal for Athens County is working to establish a 2-1-1 call center for Athens, Muskingum, Perry and Morgan Counties.

Coalton Released from Fiscal Emergency (2008-09-23)
Coalton has been released from fiscal emergency. The village was placed in fiscal emergency more than fifteen years ago because of deficits.

Department proposal in Nelsonville (2008-09-23)
An ordinance creating the Department of Code Enforcement was introduced last night at a meeting of Nelsonville City Council.

First time voters (2008-09-23)
The presidential election is generating very high interest among voters, including young people.

Health care industry in Ohio (2008-09-23)
The health care industry plays a big role in the economies of Ohio's 79 rural counties.

New Nelsonville police chief (2008-09-23)
Nelsonville has a new police chief. David Valkinburg of Logan was hired last night.

Athens trash collection (2008-09-23)
The Clean Committee is pushing for centralized trash collection in downtown Athens.

Athena Cinema's New Goal (2008-09-22)
The goal of the Athena Cinema is to become the premier art-house cinema in Southeast Ohio.

Farmers Markets Get Federal Funding (2008-09-22)
The Farmers Market in Athens is getting a little help - thanks to federal funds aimed at promoting farmers markets across the country.

Patrick Slider Indicted (2008-09-22)
A Little Hocking man is facing a long list of charges after being indicted today by the Athens County Grand Jury.

OU and Hocking sign agreement (2008-09-22)
Officials from Hocking College and Ohio University have just signed an agreement that makes it easier for some Hocking graduates to get a bachelors degree from OU.

Burr Oak ribbon cutting (2008-09-22)
State and local officials cut the ribbon Friday on improvements to the Burr Oak State Park Resort Lodge and Conference Center in Morgan County.

Grants allow for training opportunities (2008-09-22)
The Pike County Joint Vocational School gets 368 thousand dollars and Adena Health Systems in Chillicothe gets 277 thousand.

Slider Indicted in Bank Robbery (2008-09-22)
A Little Hocking man is facing a long list of charges after being indicted today by the Athens County Grand Jury.

Athens water outage (2008-09-21)
Parts of Athens are without running water Sunday morning.

Presidential Politics in Athens County (2008-09-19)
Presidential politics makes its way to Athens County today.

Scioto County Children Services Union (2008-09-19)
Union workers for Scioto County Children Services have rejected a contract offer and are continuing their plan to strike.

Cambridge shooting update (2008-09-19)
A shooting and chase incident in Cambridge Wednesday involved three juvenile boys.

Zanesville Jail over budget (2008-09-19)
Zanesville Police Chief Eric Lambes says the city jail is running over budget and they will be cutting the number of inmates by half.

Wind Storm Assistance (2008-09-19)
Low-income residents of Athens County affected by last weekend's storm are eligible for financial help.

Gallipolis Emancipation Day Celebration (2008-09-19)
Preparations are underway in Gallipolis for a gala of historic proportions.

Carr Concrete Accident (2008-09-19)
Two people are in the hospital after an accident at the Carr Concrete Corporation in Waverly, West Virginia, Thursday.

OU research impacts (2008-09-19)
Research discoveries at Ohio University are having a record impact on the regional economy.

Fatal Car Accident in Perry Co. (2008-09-18)
A car crash in Perry County this morning (thursday) leaves one man dead. It happened on the northbound lane of State Route 93 just south of the Muskingum County line.

Shooting Victim in Fair Condition (2008-09-18)
The victim of a shooting in Pike County earlier this week is in fair condition, according to a spokeswoman at a Columbus area hospital.

Ross County man sentenced (2008-09-18)
A Ross County man who stole nearly $57,000 from Concord Township EMS will serve 17 months in prison.

Quaker City man pleads guilty (2008-09-18)
A Quaker City man has pled guilty in Guernsey County Common Pleas Court to the attempted rape of a four year old girl back in April.

Gunshots in Cambridge (2008-09-18)
Gunshots rang out at a residence on North 6th Street in Cambridge yesterday.

Grant for EastPointe Business Park (2008-09-18)
The Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority has just been awarded one point six million dollars to construct a rail spur at the EastPointe Business Park.

Ohio still without power (2008-09-17)
About 1.3 million homes and businesses remained without electricity yesterday while grocery stores and other retailers tried to keep up with the demand on food, ice and batteries in areas hit hard by the remnants of Hurricane Ike.

State responds to severe weather (2008-09-17)
Officials say Ohio disaster assistance and extra food stamps are available for needy victims of this week's wind storm and power outages.

Chesapeake woman pleads guilty (2008-09-17)
An Ohio woman has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $52,000 from the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board.

Wilson Energy (2008-09-17)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Charlie Wilson says a piece of energy legislation passed by the House last (Tuesday) night could mean more jobs for Ohio.

Ohio Federal Heating Aid (2008-09-17)
Ohio will receive 4.9 million dollars as the Bush administration releases 121 million to help the poor pay the record heating bills expected this winter.

Ohio judge sentences man for shooting (2008-09-17)
A judge in southern Ohio has sentenced a man to four years in prison for shooting and killing a teenager who stole a bale of straw.

Federal Hocking resignation (2008-09-16)
Federal Hocking High School Principal George Wood has a new job--athletic director

Chesapeake Woman Convicted (2008-09-16)
An Ohio woman has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $52,000 from the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board.

AEP Ohio power projections (2008-09-16)
AEP Ohio has projected when power will return to most customers in southeast Ohio.

Medical education center in Chillicothe (2008-09-16)
After years of planning, the PACCAR Medical Education center in Chillicothe is now officially open.

Morgan County Dog Shelter (2008-09-16)
Animal advocacy groups are pleased with improvements at the Morgan County Dog Shelter, but say a lot of work still needs to be done.

Mondo Resigns (2008-09-16)
Nelsonville Council President Anita Mondo has resigned from her council position.

Financial help at O'Bleness (2008-09-15)
O'Bleness Memorial Hospital is trying to help with rising health care costs.

Kentucky jailer indicted (2008-09-15)
An eastern Kentucky jailer was indicted for allegedly raping a female inmate he was transporting.

Morgan Co. Dog Shelter Questions (2008-09-15)
Animal advocacy groups are pleased with improvements at the Morgan County Dog Shelter, but still say a lot of work needs to be done.

Chillicothe man indicted (2008-09-15)
A Ross County Grand Jury has indicted a Chillicothe man accused of killing a woman before setting her apartment on fire.

Gallipolis Man in Court (2008-09-15)
A Gallipolis man will make his first appearance in Gallia County Court today for robbery.

Windy weather hits Ohio (2008-09-15)
At least three people have been killed by fallen trees and more than a million Ohio customers remain without power after yesterday's powerful visit from the remnants of Hurricane Ike.

Federal Hocking Athletic Director Resigns. (2008-09-15)
More news from the Federal Hocking School District Athletic Department.

Environmental Consultant Pleads Guilty (2008-09-15)
A Lancaster-based environmental consultant has pleaded guilty to four felony counts of fraud.

College at Work program (2008-09-15)
The College at Work program at Hocking College is now taking off among students.

Man shot in Lawrence County (2008-09-15)
A man was shot in the back last night in Lawrence County.

Shawnee State Record Enrollment (2008-09-15)
Shawnee State University has hit a record high for enrollment this semester.

WV mines get airtight refuge chambers (2008-09-12)
Manufacturers have delivered nearly 200 airtight refuge chambers to West Virginia coal mines.

WVU expected to start presidential search (2008-09-12)
The search for a new president at West Virginia University is expected to get under way soon.

Sen. Brown wants more Fed help for Ohio (2008-09-12)
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown says the federal government should be doing more to help cash strapped states like Ohio with their budget problems.

Nelsonville Petition Removed (2008-09-12)
Nelsonville citizens will not be able to vote on whether to change their form of government in the November election.

Dems choose suburban mayor to replace Jones (2008-09-12)
Democratic Party leaders in northeast Ohio have chosen a suburban Cleveland mayor to replace the late Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones on the Nov. 4 ballot.

9/11 memorial at Rio Grande (2008-09-12)
On the seven year anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, volunteers at Rio Grande University took part in a memorial on campus yesterday.

SE Ohio to get Housing Improvement Awards (2008-09-11)
Several communities in southeast Ohio are getting grants from the state to improve housing. According to a press release from the Ohio Department of Development, 62 Communities across Ohio will received funds from the Community Housing Improvement program.

Obama gains in Ohio (2008-09-11)
A new poll has Barack Obama edging ahead of Republican rival John McCain in Ohio.

OU faces state budget cuts (2008-09-11)
Ohio University President Roderick McDavis says the latest round of state budget cuts will not have a dramatic effect on higher education in the state.

Bond Set at $1 million in Logan cold case (2008-09-11)
Bond is set at one-million dollars for a man accused in a 26 year old murder case.

Strickland announces budget cuts (2008-09-10)
Governor Ted Strickland says Ohio has to cut an ADDITIONAL half a billion dollars out of the state budget to keep from going into the red

Slider Accused of Bank Robbery (2008-09-10)
Investigators say a Little Hocking man has admitted to robbing a bank in Coolville in July.

Athens County Tourism (2008-09-10)
New numbers are out on tourism in Athens County and they show visitors generated business sales of 119-million dollars in 2007.

Ohio University Retention (2008-09-10)
Ohio University officials report things are looking good with student enrollment and retention but not so good as far as the state budget is concerned.

OU Semester Switch (2008-09-10)
The team that will determine the process for Ohio University's transition from quarters to semesters met for the first time yesterday.

Program for new businesses (2008-09-10)
Ohio University now has a program to help entrepreneurs learn to manage and grow successful businesses.

OU semester transition meeting (2008-09-10)
The team that will determine the process for Ohio University's transition from quarters to semesters met for the first time yesterday.

City water at Salt Fork (2008-09-10)
Visitors to Salt Fork State Park next summer will get a taste of "city water" each time they take a drink out of a fountain.

Slider back in Washington County (2008-09-10)
A Little Hocking man who was arrested after being on the run for more than a month, is now back in Washington County.

Tourism in Athens County (2008-09-10)
New numbers are out on tourism in Athens County and they show visitors generated business sales of $119 million dollars in 2007.

OU faculty union (2008-09-09)
A new collective bargaining resolution was put forward last night at the Ohio University Faculty Senate meeting.

Alleged Murderer Caught (2008-09-09)
The alleged murderer of David Durben of Zanesville has been arrested in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Tractor thieves in prison (2008-09-09)
Two Ohio men who stole 58 tractor trailers and pawned nearly a million worth of goods in three states are both now in prison.

Zanesville mayor upset (2008-09-09)
Zanesville Mayor Howard Zwelling is upset with City Council.

Community funding for Appalachia (2008-09-09)
Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher has just announced the availability of $300,000 for a new program that benefits Southeast Ohio.

Jackson Business Loan (2008-09-09)
The state Controlling Board has just approved a one million dollar loan for Ohio Basic Minerals and in Liberty Township in Jackson County.

Red light cameras (2008-09-09)
Chillicothe is cracking down on drivers who run red lights.

Fingerhut speaks to OU (2008-09-09)
Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Eric Fingerhut spoke before the Ohio University Faculty Senate last night about the benefits of his University System of Ohio initatives.

Fast-Trac Program (2008-09-09)
Ohio University now has a program to help entrepreneurs learn to manage and grow successful businesses.

Friends of Strouds Run (2008-09-08)
Strouds Run State Park may not be very big or busy but it is beloved, at least by one group.

Fatal car crash (2008-09-08)
A Portsmouth man was killed in a car crash in Scioto County over the weekend.

Patterson Sentenced (2008-09-08)
A Zanesville man has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for the death of his daughter.

Lobbyist Indicted (2008-09-08)
A one-time congressional aide who went on to work with jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff has been indicted on public corruption charges.

Chillicothe homocide (2008-09-08)
An arrest has been made in what Chillicothe authorities say is a murder case.

Slider arrested in Michigan (2008-09-08)
A man who allegedly faked his own disappearance before going to trial in Marietta, has been arrested in Michigan.

State Nursery (2008-09-08)
The Marietta State Nursery is Ohio's last state-owned tree nursery and now it, too, apparently will close.

Lawrence County drug bust (2008-09-07)
A South Point resident is being held in the Lawrence County Jail on five charges - including driving under the influence and drug possession.

Fatal car crash in Scioto County (2008-09-07)
A car crash in Scioto County has killed one person.

Hocking College President Resigns (2008-09-06)
The only president Hocking College has ever had plans to leave after the current school year.

OU student support committee (2008-09-06)
Ohio University is officially starting a new program to provide holistic support for students.

Quality childcare is now easier to find (2008-09-06)
With the challenges of finding affordable childcare, well-meaning parents may often over look one care criteria: quality.

Sierra Club opposes new coal extraction (2008-09-06)
The Sierra Club representatives say a national campaign to stop any new coal generation and extraction is trying to protect the air in southeastern Ohio.

Ohio sting leads to Colorado child porn conviction (2008-09-06)
Authorities say police from a small eastern Ohio town used an Internet sting to help prosecutors in Colorado convict a former pastor and correctional officer on child porn charges.

Abortion politics (2008-09-06)
One hot topic in this presidential race is the abortion issue.

State oversight group questions Federal Hocking School Board (2008-09-06)
Federal Hocking School Superintendent Jim Patsey says questions posed by the Financial Planning and Supervision Commission are routine and do not indicate any wrongdoing.

Psychiatric campus in Cambridge sold (2008-09-05)
A Florida company has bought one of two recently-closed psychiatric hospitals formerly operated by the state of Ohio.

Students back in Athens (2008-09-05)
Ohio University students are streaming back into Athens for the fall quarter.

Coal prices (2008-09-05)
Global demand for coal has shown some signs of slack. That's leaving investors to wonder what's next for U.S. producers who've seen prices at times triple over the past year.

Commission requests information from Federal Hocking School District (2008-09-05)
Federal Hocking School District officials are being asked to provide additional contract and personnel records to a state oversight group.

59-year-old man wanted for death of brother-in-law 33 years ago (2008-09-05)
A man wanted in Ohio in the death of his brother-in-law 33 years ago has surrendered to police in eastern Kentucky.

33 Closed Near Lancaster (2008-09-04)
A leaking propane tank has prompted evacuations and shut down a highway near a central Ohio business.

Facility closes in Zanesville (2008-09-04)
The Zanesville Times Recorder reports Lear Corp. will close its Linden Avenue operations in Zanesville by September 2009.

Abramhoff Sentenced (2008-09-04)
A federal judge has sentenced disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to four years in prison.

Cambridge's psychiatric campus sold (2008-09-04)
The state psychiatric hospital campus in Cambridge will be sold to Oglethorpe Inc., a private behavioral healthcare provider.

Move-in day for freshmen (2008-09-04)
The streets and sidewalks of Athens will get a lot more crowded today.

No clean coal power plant in southern West Virginia (2008-09-04)
The U.S. Department of Energy has dropped a proposed $416 million clean coal power plant in southern West Virginia.

Little Hocking plant closing (2008-09-03)
The Wilbert Plastic Services plant in Little Hocking is shutting down.

Murder indictment in Washington County (2008-09-03)
A Washington County grand jury has handed down a murder indictment against Noal Quattlebaum.

Trade ruling good for area company (2008-09-03)
A Southeast Ohio company says it's pleased with an International Trade Commission decision in an anti-dumping case on magnets like you might have on your refrigerator.

Scioto County Felon on the Loose (2008-09-03)
Police in Portsmouth are looking for a Columbus man who walked out of the courthouse during a recess.

Deadly knifing in Zanesville (2008-09-03)
Detectives with the Zanesville Police Department are investigating a homicide at a residence on Woodlawn Avenue.

Strickland hosts town halls around the region (2008-09-02)
Strickland hosted five town hall forums on the economy throughout the Southeastern and Southern parts of the state.

Marietta magnetic firm prevails (2008-09-02)
One southeast Ohio manufacturer is celebrating the International Trade Commission's decision in an antidumping case.

Stabbing in Zanesville (2008-09-02)
The Zanesville Police Department is searching for a suspect in a Saturday morning stabbing.

Funeral for Ashland veteran cop (2008-09-02)

Kentucky rape indictment (2008-09-02)

Labor Day Weekend Fatal Accidents Down (2008-09-02)
The State Highway Patrol says Labor Day weekend traffic deaths fell 42 percent in Ohio as law enforcement agencies had more officers patrolling for drunken drivers.

Man drowns in Chillicothe (2008-09-02)
A 22 year old Chillicothe man drowned in the Scioto River while on a fishing trip last evening.

WV tax holiday begins (2008-09-01)
A tax holiday has started for West Virginia consumers.

Payday lenders petition for repeal (2008-09-01)
Payday lenders turned in petition signatures in an attempt to repeal part of a lending law.

McGuffey back in the spotlight (2008-09-01)
A former Ohio University president is coming back into the spotlight.

Fatal motorcycle accident kills two (2008-09-01)
Two kentucky residents die in motorcycle accident in Washington County.

Gradual progress in WV health (2008-09-01)
The state has made gradual progress in meeting health goals set at the turn of the century, to be met by 2010.

Ohio Highway Troopers get a helping hand (2008-08-31)
The state of Ohio has a program to give Ohio State Highway Troopers a helping hand.

Nelsonville excavation sheds light on Native American life (2008-08-31)
One Ohio University archeology professor now knows a lot more about the Native Americans who lived in Athens County hundreds of years ago.

Holiday weekend trooper enforcement (2008-08-30)
With millions of people traveling this holiday weekend, ohio state troopers are stepping up enforcement.

Fred Dailey talks energy, economy, McCain (2008-08-30)
Fred Dailey was in town to celebrate the opening of the Athens County Republican Party headquarters yesterday.

Kentucky residents arrested for drug trafficking (2008-08-30)
Two kentucky residents have been arrested in Ohio for allegedly trafficking perscription drugs.

Kentucky to help with Gustav (2008-08-29)
Kentucky is preparing to house more than 4,000 Hurricane Gustav evacuees from New Orleans if necessary.

OU professor reacts to Obama's speech (2008-08-29)
African American delegates from Ohio said they were thrilled and even overwhelmed.

Battle over sending absentee ballots (2008-08-29)
Washington County is sending absentee ballot applications to all registered voters.

New study says state routes need improvements (2008-08-29)
A new study says major improvements are needed along State Routes 78 and 37 between Fairfield and Monroe Counties.

OU college democrats travel to DNC (2008-08-29)
Five Ohio University students were right in the middle of history being made in Denver this week.

WV energy prices going up? (2008-08-29)
Allegheny Power is asking the West Virginia Public Service Commission to raise its rates by about 18 percent.

Garvey Acquitted (2008-08-28)
A retired Belpre Police Officer has been acquitted on all counts in Washington County Common Pleas Court.

More with Zakes Mda (2008-08-28)
Yesterday, reporter Fred Kight introduced us to author Zakes Mda, his book "Cion" and Kilvert, a real town that he writes about in the book. Here now is the rest of that interview...

Health care at the Farmers Market (2008-08-28)
Shoppers at the Athens Farmers Market could do more than buy fresh corn, tomatoes and other produce yesterday.

OUPD chief quits (2008-08-28)
Ohio University Police Department Chief Mike Martinsen is quitting.

Logan Fugitive Arrested (2008-08-28)
A Logan man who has been on the run for years - was arrested Wednesday night in Cincinnati on child pornography charges.

Dogs Moved Out of State (2008-08-27)
Dozens of dogs removed in a recent raid at a Parkersburg kennel have been moved out of state for evaluation and possible adoption.

WV health group gets diabetes grant (2008-08-27)
The New River Health Association has won a $74,505 federal grant to help combat diabetes in the state where the disease is most severe.

Belpre Officer Trial Underway (2008-08-27)
A Jury has been seated in the trial of a Belpre Police Officer.

Fatal Crash in Scioto County (2008-08-27)
A Portsmouth woman is dead - after a one vehicle crash this afternoon in Scioto County.

Zakes Mda writes on (2008-08-27)
Yesterday, reporter Fred Kight introduced us to author Zakes Mda, his book "Cion" and Kilvert, a real town that he writes about in the book. Here now is the rest of that interview.

Strickland speaks at Democratic National Convention (2008-08-27)
Democratic governors lined up last night at the Democratic National Convention in Denver to criticize Republican John McCain and offer a chorus of praise for their party's presidential nominee, Barack Obama.

Poverty increase in Appalachia (2008-08-27)
The number of Appalachians living in poverty last year increased slightly.

OU airport receives funding (2008-08-27)
Ohio University is getting $231,000 for its airport at Albany.

West Virginia suing Ohio company (2008-08-27)
The city of Huntington, West Virginia is suing an Ohio company that plans to build a barge-mooring facility along the Ohio River.

Fire at book store in Chillicothe (2008-08-27)
The Bookworld store in Chillicothe was hit by fire last night.

Athens man promoting issues at Democratic Convention (2008-08-27)
According to one estimate, a quarter of the more than 4,200 delegates to the Democratic National Convention are active or retired union members or union household members.

Airport Funding (2008-08-26)
14 airports throughout Ohio have received more than 3 million dollars altogether in funding from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Turning to Youtube (2008-08-26)
Up against a multi-million dollar ad campaign, defenders of Ohio's tough new payday lending law are turning to YouTube.com.

New union contract for Hocking College (2008-08-26)
When it meets tonight, the Hocking College Board of Trustees will vote on a new union contract.

Attempted bank robbery in Guernsey Co. (2008-08-26)
Guernsey County authorities are on the lookout for a man who attempted to rob the National City Bank in Byesville yesterday.

Zakes Mda talks about "Cion" (2008-08-26)
Zakes Mda is an Ohio University professor with a reputation that extends far beyond Athens. To his students, he is a creative writing teacher...but to a world audience he is an author and a very good one. W-O-U-B's Fred Kight reports

Fire destroys house in Lawrence Co. (2008-08-26)
In Lawrence County, firefighters battled a house fire Monday evening along County Road 15 that sent a woman to a hospital.

Dog rescue could cost twice as much as orignial estimate (2008-08-26)
The rescue of nearly 1,000 dogs from a kennel in West Virginia now is estimated to cost as much as $200,000.

Chillicothe police on the lookout for robbery suspect (2008-08-26)
Law enforcement authorities are on the lookout for a man who robbed a Chillicothe cash advance store yesterday.

More jobs possible for Washington Co. (2008-08-26)
A company that makes silicon is looking at Washington County for a $56 million project.

Big plans for Multicultural Genealogical Center (2008-08-26)
The Multicultural Genealogical Center of Southern Ohio has big plans.

O'Bleness offers new support group (2008-08-25)
If you or someone you know has been widowed, there's help in Athens.

No More Fee Increase (2008-08-25)
Ohio has pulled back on a plan to increase fees on commercial trucks that carry oversize loads.

West Virginia College President Search Changes (2008-08-25)
Lawmakers have asked for one change but otherwise appear ready to embrace changes to the way West Virginia's public colleges and universities search for, select and pay their presidents.

WV Humane Society rescues nearly 1,000 dogs (2008-08-25)
The Humane Society has stepped in to rescue approximately 1,000 dogs from a kennel in West Virginia.

New Ohio poll shows McCain and Obama in dead heat (2008-08-25)
A new poll among Ohio's registered voters shows that John McCain and Barack Obama are in a statistical dead heat in the battleground state.

Clinton supporters now backing Obama (2008-08-25)
Bill Sams is a Clinton delegate but is ready to put that behind him at the Democratic National Convention this week.

Online sales help support American art (2008-08-25)
Americans need better access to American art. That's the business philosophy of Tom Reidy, CEO of Best American Arts.

Burchfield Pleads Guilty (2008-08-25)
A 21-year old is going to prison for five and a half years - after he pleaded guilty to 31 counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

8-month-old boy drowned in bathtub (2008-08-22)
An 8-month-old boy drowned Thursday while left unattended in a bathtub at his home along County Road 27 in Lawrence County.

Nation's Best Colleges and Universities (2008-08-22)
Two regional higher education institutions are among America's Best. That's according to the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings.

New health education specialist (2008-08-22)
Got a health question? You might want to give Lauren Borovicka a call.

Farm Worker Attacked (2008-08-21)
A Washington County farm employee was attacked with a knife last night.

Professor Remembers Tubbs Jones (2008-08-21)
A retired Ohio University African American Studies professor says Congressman Stephanie Tubbs Jones is irreplaceable.

Round-about for Athens (2008-08-21)
Athens now has the go-ahead to upgrade a major city intersection into a round-about.

County commissioners conference (2008-08-21)
The leaders of Ohio's 88 Counties were in Chillicothe yesterday to collaborate on common issues.

Thousands of marijuana plants found (2008-08-21)
West Virginia State Police troopers report they found more than $9 million worth of marijuana in the Gallipolis Ferry area.

Teenagers die in car crash (2008-08-21)
Two teenagers were killed in a car crash this morning in Jackson County, West Virginia.

OU student hopes to return to Georgia (2008-08-21)
Daniel McBrayer is back in Athens but Georgia is still very much on his mind.

Ohio Congresswoman Dies (2008-08-20)
Cleveland Clinic spokeswoman Eileen Sheil says Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones died at 6:12 p.m. today.

Lowered air-pollution limit for soot (2008-08-20)
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports Lawrence and Scioto counties exceed a new air-pollution limit for soot.

Automatic phone calls (2008-08-20)
The Federal Hocking School system is hiring a company to send out automatic phone calls to district residents in case of delays or snow days.

Major grants for southeast Ohio (2008-08-20)
Republican Senator George Voinovich has just announced two major grants for southeastern Ohio that could bring jobs to the region.

Thousands of unisured adults in Athens county (2008-08-20)
The local chapter of a health care advocacy group says a new report points out the need for reform in Ohio.

State's highest unemployment rate in Meigs County (2008-08-20)
The latest unemployment statistic provides additional incentive for Meigs County officials who have supported a new coal mine and power plant.

Marietta College Makes List (2008-08-19)
The Princeton Review has again named Marietta College one of the Best Colleges in the Midwest.

Fatal Accident in Athens County (2008-08-19)
A 24-year old Athens man is dead after a car accident this morning.

Hocking College says state audit is routine (2008-08-19)
Hocking College President John Light says a special audit announced last week by Auditor of State Mary Taylor is no big deal.

Congressman Wilson discusses education at regional forum (2008-08-19)
Sixth District Congressman Charlie Wilson says education reform in Ohio should be linked to employment opportunities.

Congressman holds rountable discussion with economic developers (2008-08-19)
More energy production, better schools, job creation.

Metal Theft Case (2008-08-19)
A Gallia County man is facing two counts of breaking and entering for allegedly trying to steal from a metal plant in Vinton County.

Special audit of Hocking College leaves unanswered questions (2008-08-18)
Last week we reported that Auditor of State Mary Taylor announced a special audit of Hocking College. Well, today W-O-U-B News tried to get some more information on that but without much luck.

Strickland talks energy, education and economy in Logan (2008-08-18)
Governor Strickland will be talking energy, the economy and education during a trip to Southeast Ohio today.

Woman Bank Robbers Increase (2008-08-18)
Authorities say more Ohio bank robbers are women, mirroring a national trend.

Congressman Attends Educational Forum (2008-08-18)
A U.S. congressman attends one Governor Ted Strickland's forums on education today.

DUI Crackdown (2008-08-18)
Extra officers are watching Ohio roads in a Labor Day push against drunken driving that got under way more than two weeks before the holiday.

Change in Drinking Age? (2008-08-18)
College presidents from about 100 of the nation's best-known universities -- including Ohio State -- are calling on lawmakers to consider lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18.

Renewable energy enterprise zone could bring thousands of jobs (2008-08-18)
Southern Ohio Neighbors Group is calling for establishment of a Renewable Energy Enterprise Zone at a U.S. Department of Energy site in Pike County.

Summer camp for special needs children (2008-08-18)
Special needs children like to swim and do crafts like other kids their age and that's just what they did at Beacon School in Athens for the past three weeks at a summer camp.

Outdoor art (2008-08-18)
Athens is getting some new outdoor art on Mill Street.

Fatal car crash in Hocking Co. (2008-08-15)
The Athens post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal car crash that occurred Thursday night in Hocking County.

Plant estimates clean-up in Portsmouth (2008-08-15)
The U.S. Department of Energy estimates it will cost $5 billion to $12 billion and take 36 years to clean-up the old Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Pike County.

Shawnee State Forest begins logging, but not all are happy (2008-08-15)
Ohio Valley Veneer will begin logging in the Shawnee State Forest after being awarded a contract by Ohio's Division of Forestry Wednesday, but some people are not happy with that.

Presidential economic advisors battle over tax plan (2008-08-15)
Economic advisors for both the Republican and Democratic presumptive nominees for President say that their candidate's tax plan will better help the middle class and small businesses. WOUB's Jason Koma talked to both campaigns and has more on the story.

Teen Dies in Belpre Fatal Accident (2008-08-15)
A 15-year old is dead - after the car he was driving crashed in Belpre early Friday morning.

Space announces broadband internet access for rural Ohio (2008-08-14)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Zack Space announced today that he is one step closer to bringing broadband internet access to rural Ohio.

Chauncey police department is no more (2008-08-14)
The Athens County Village of Chauncey is without a police department and that's got some folks there riled-up.

Wayne National Forest celebrates new land (2008-08-14)
The U.S. Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy and forest users celebrated yesterday.

Republican Congressional candidate tours SE Ohio (2008-08-14)
Republican Congressional candidate Fred Dailey is making a swing through Ohio's 18th District today talking energy.

Hocking College Audit (2008-08-14)
Auditor of State Mary Taylor's Office is conducting a special audit of Hocking Technical College in Nelsonville.

Former Band Director Arraigned (2008-08-13)
A former Rock Hill High School band director pleaded not guilty to two counts of sexual battery today in Lawrence County.

Woman in Zanesville Cop Case (2008-08-13)
A Roseville woman has been sentenced to five months in prison for lying to F-B-I Agents investigating a Zanesville Police officer.

Former Ohio congressman to be released (2008-08-13)
Former Ohio congressman Bob Ney is scheduled to be released Saturday from a halfway house after completing his sentence in a bribery scandal.

More nature preserves opening up for hunting (2008-08-13)
The deer keep multiplying and the state is responding by opening up more nature preserves for hunting.

Strickland's education forum moves to Chillicothe (2008-08-13)
Ohio Governor Ted Strickland says he's learning a lot from the people in our region about how the state's education system should be changed.

Kentucky Student Loans in Trouble (2008-08-12)
The state agency that loans to Kentucky's college students is running out of money while it waits for new federal funds.

Strickland Holds Education Forum in Chillicothe (2008-08-12)
Ohio's Governor says he's learning a lot from the people in our region about how the state's education system should be changed.

Appalachian Mental Health (2008-08-12)
Researchers commissioned by the Appalachian Regional Commission have found that residents of the impoverished mountain region wrestle more with mental health issues than the rest of the nation.

Ohio Corn Yield Up (2008-08-12)
The government says U.S. farmers are on track to produce the second largest corn crop and fourth largest soybean crop in history.

Washington county man now has two warrants for arrest (2008-08-12)
A Washington County man who officials believe is armed and dangerous now has out two warrants for his arrest.

OU grad student reports from Georgia conflict overseas (2008-08-12)
Ohio University graduate student Daniel McBrayer is now out of Georgia and no longer in jeopardy from the invasion of that country by Russia.

Strickland hosts education forum in Zanesville (2008-08-12)
The superintendent of the Muskingum Valley Education Services Center says Ohio needs to change the way it educates its children.

Athens City Council over-rides mayor's veto (2008-08-12)
A veto by an Athens mayor is rare and an over-ride rarer still, but it happened last night.

Chillicothe man charged of rape is set free (2008-08-12)
A Chillicothe inmate is free after spending nearly 18 years in prison on a charge of raping a 10-year-old girl.

Bunstine Case Dropped (2008-08-11)
Today was supposed to be the first day of his jury trial, but instead charges against former Chillicothe Law Director Ed Bunstine have been dropped.

Musical Therapy (2008-08-11)
Music is used as therapy as a way to encourage troubled teenagers to turn their lives around.

Growing number of men with eating disorders (2008-08-11)
Anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating; these are all eating disorders and they're of great concern to Francie Astrom.

Accident Victim's Name Released (2008-08-11)
The name of a woman killed in Byesville over the weekend is being released - but very little other information is available.

Fatal accident in Washington Co. (2008-08-11)
Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are investigating a fatal accident in Washington County.

Strickland talks education in Southeast Ohio (2008-08-11)
Governor Ted Strickland will be in Zanesville to talk education today.

Wayne National Forest expansion (2008-08-11)
The expansion of the Wayne National Forest in Lawrence County is finished.

Attempted abduction suspect found dead in jail cell (2008-08-11)
The Cleveland man accused of an attempted abduction in Athens, is dead.

O-U student fleeing from Georgia (2008-08-11)
An Ohio University student is among those fleeing from Georgia which is under attack by Russia.

Whole Foods recalling possibly contaminated beef (2008-08-10)
Whole Foods Market is recalling fresh ground beef because it might be contaminated with E. coli bacteria.

Fighting off foreclosure (2008-08-10)
Eleven nonprofit groups have kept over 500 low-income and middle class families in their homes by providing state funded no-interest loans.

Heating bills not rising as much (2008-08-10)
Heating bills are look to rise, not as much as feared.

Washington County man falls into ravine (2008-08-10)
A Washington County man has been life flighted to Huntington Medical Center after falling over 25 feet into a ravine.

Marijuana bust at the Salt Fork Wildlife area (2008-08-08)
An eastern Ohio man faces criminal charges for allegedly growing marijuana on public wildlife land.

Nelsonville pipe bombing update (2008-08-08)
A third Athens County teenager charged in the Nelsonville pipe bombing incidents last month, is due in court today.

Zanesville shooting (2008-08-08)
The Zanesville Police Department is investigating shooting last night.

Washington County runaway (2008-08-08)
A Washington County man is facing charges in connection with a runaway attempt by teenage girl from Lower Salem.

Cleveland area man in jail for attempted abduction (2008-08-08)
A Cleveland area man is facing two felony charges in an attempted abduction in Athens Tuesday night.

Hamden man in jail for nursing home robbery (2008-08-08)
A 23-year-old man is in jail in connection with the armed robbery at a McArthur nursing home last month.

Voinovich upset at lack of progress in D.C. (2008-08-07)
U.S. Senator George Voinovich voiced his frustrations with the federal legislative process as his continued his tour through Appalachian Ohio yesterday.

Little Hocking man on the run (2008-08-07)
Authorities in the Mid-Ohio Valley are looking for a man missing nearly a week and thought to be armed and dangerous.

Healthcare workforce discussed in Marietta (2008-08-07)
The future of the healthcare workforce in Appalachian Ohio was front and center during a roundtable at Marietta Memorial Hospital yesterday.

Developer agrees to pay Ohio EPA thousands of dollars (2008-08-07)
A Gallia County developer has agreed to pay the Ohio EPA a $15,000 penalty to settle environmental violations.

Man charged for stealing trailer (2008-08-07)
Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen says while Sheriff's office detectives were investigating a theft this week, they witnessed another one.

OU football player wins lottery (2008-08-07)
Weeks before the season starts, an Ohio University football player may have already snagged the biggest win of the year.

Cambridge schools choose new Superintendent (2008-08-07)
The Cambridge City School District has chosen a new Superintendent.

McArthur Village Council President asked to resign (2008-08-06)
The mayor of McArthur is asking the Village Council President to resign.

Background checks for carnival workers (2008-08-06)
Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren says all of the carnival workers at the Athens County fair this year have passed criminal background checks.

Voinovich visits Athens to talk water infrastructure (2008-08-06)
U-S Senator George Voinovich was in Athens yesterday to discuss regional water infrastructure needs.

More details in Perry Co. pot bust (2008-08-06)
Nearly 6,000 marijuana plants have been removed from a Perry County farm.

Voinovich hosts broadband roundtable in Logan (2008-08-06)
U.S. Senator George Voinovich held a roundtable in Logan yesterday to discuss an essential service he says Southeast Ohio desperately needs - broadband internet.

Woman held at gunpoint in Athens (2008-08-06)
The Athens Police Department is looking for a man who allegedly held a woman at gun point Tuesday night.

Woman pleads not guilty by reason of insanity (2008-08-06)
An Athens County woman charged with with one count of tampering with evidence in the miscarriage of her unborn baby is heading to prison for twelve months on a probation violation.

Attempted abduction suspect arrested (2008-08-06)
The Athens Police Department has made an arrest in connection with an attempted abduction of a woman in Athens last night.

Ohio's dying cities (2008-08-05)
Ohio dominates Forbes magazine's list of what it calls America's fastest-dying cities.

OU program gives students international feel at home (2008-08-05)
An Ohio University program is allowing some area high school students to learn about another culture without having to leave the country.

Possible Ohio candidate for McCain's running mate (2008-08-05)
It's been about a year since Rob Portman resigned as President Bush's budget chief to spend more time with his family and explore a possible statewide run in 2010.

Funds awarded in Washington and Noble counties (2008-08-05)
State Representative Jennifer Garrison says the State Controlling board has approved funds for projects in Noble and Washington Counties.

New Ohio lottery game has big expectations (2008-08-05)
Thousands of Ohioans took part in the state's new lottery game, Keno, yesterday.

Marijuana bust in Perry Co. (2008-08-05)
State and local law enforcement agencies are showing off the results of a big pot bust in Perry County today.

WV University cuts down on commuting (2008-08-04)
Students commuting to one college campus in the region may be keeping more money in their pockets.

World Championship of Cornhole in Scioto Co. (2008-08-04)
The sight of bean bags flying through the air is becoming a summer time tradition in Scioto County.

Meigs Co. residents consider new landfill permit (2008-08-04)
Meigs County residents will get a chance this week to voice their thoughts on a new landfill permit associated with AMP-Ohio's proposed power plant in Letart Falls.

Participants sentenced in million-dollar theft ring (2008-08-04)
Six of nine known participants in a central-Ohio fraud and theft ring have been sentenced.

Meetings held in Athens to help understand Medicaid (2008-08-04)
Medicaid rules and regulations can often be confusing to those who are enrolled in the state's public insurance program.

New steel plant in Lawrence Co. (2008-08-04)
A Georgia steel company plans to open up a new plant in Lawrence County.

Bomb Threat Update (2008-08-01)
Authorities are following up on a number of significant leads in the investigation of the bomb threats at two Athens County post offices and the bank robbery in Coolville this week.

Cambridge man in jail (2008-08-01)
A Cambridge man is back behind bars after being charged with raping a 92-year-old woman six weeks ago.

Perry Co. residents still recovering from storms (2008-08-01)
Perry County residents trying to recover from the July 22nd storm can get help from the Perry County Department of Job and Family Services.

Bidwell man dies in motorcycle accident (2008-08-01)
The Highway Patrol says a Bidwell man was killed late Thursday night when he smashed his motorcycle into a guardrail.

American Electric Power plans to raise rates (2008-08-01)
The state's utility watchdog wants regulators to make adjustments to American Electric Power's plan to raise Ohio rates 45 percent over three years.

Eastpointe Business Park promising for employment (2008-08-01)
The folks behind development of the EastPointe Business Park near Zanesville spell "point" with an "e" at the end.

Logan area plant growing (2008-08-01)
S and G Manufacturing is growing. The Logan area plant opened in June with 14 employees and company officials expect to add 30 by the end of next month.

Brown Backs Job Training Bill (2008-07-31)
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown says new bipartisan legislation could help pair emerging industries with skilled workers in Ohio.

Lawrence Co. Decision Upheld (2008-07-31)
The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the state elections chief's decision to deny a county elections board seat to a Republican recommended by her party.

A new way to pay court fines (2008-07-31)
Jackson County has created a new way for low-level offenders to pay their court fines by picking up trash along local highways.

Reward for information on bomb threats and bank robbery (2008-07-31)
Authorities are now willing to pay reward money for information on the bomb threats at two Athens County post offices and the bank robbery in Coolville.

Republican denied county elections board seat (2008-07-31)
The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the state elections chief's decision to deny a county elections board seat to a Republican recommended by her party.

Nelsonville bomber will not serve prison time (2008-07-31)
An Athens County man will not spend any time in prison in connection with a pipe bomb explosion at a Nelsonville camera shop last week.

New OU board members (2008-07-31)
Governor Ted Strickland has appointed two Ohio University alumni to OU's Board of Trustees.

Post Office Incidents a Hoax (2008-07-30)
The FBI says two devices that appeared to be pipe bombs found at separate post offices in Ohio were not explosives.

No suspects in pipe bomb or bank robbery cases (2008-07-30)
Federal, state and local authorities are still trying to determine if two pipe bombs found at a pair of Athens County post offices yesterday are related to a nearby bank robbery.

Scrap Tire Removal (2008-07-30)
A Scioto County landowner has been ordered by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to remove approximately 2,500 scrap tires from his property.

National Register Nominations (2008-07-30)
Belmont County's Quaker Historic District and Lawrence County's Downtown Ironton Historic District are proposed for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

Operations levy request for Athens November ballot (2008-07-30)
The Athens County Health Department is asking for a general operations levy for the November ballot.

Date set for Cambridge Superintendent decison (2008-07-30)
Following an executive session last evening, the Cambridge City Schools Board of Education is said to be poised to vote on a new Superintendent.

Pipe bombs still under investigation (2008-07-30)
It was a long day for several agencies dealing with two pipe bombs yesterday in Guysville and Stewart.

Vinton Co. inmates attempt to sneak drugs into courthouse (2008-07-30)
Two Vinton County inmates at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail and the wife of an inmate are facing charges of Conveyance of Drugs on the Grounds of a Detention Facility.

Still no suspects in Coolville bank robbery (2008-07-30)
Athens County authorities are searching for the person who robbed a bank in Coolville yesterday.

Nelsonville bombers indicted (2008-07-30)
An Athens County Grand Jury has now indicted three Nelsonville men: Bryson Cuthill, Roy Plant and Logan Clay.

Pipe Bomb Clean-up (2008-07-29)
Two pipe bombs were found this morning at the post offices in the two Athens County towns.

Bank robbed in Coolville near pipe bomb scene (2008-07-29)
Athens County Sheriff Vern Castle says it's a distinct possibility that the pipe bombs found this morning at post offices in Guysville and Stewart may be related to the robbery of the Hocking Valley Bank in Coolville a few hours later.

Pipe Bombs Disrupted (2008-07-29)
Officials are trying to get things back to normal in Guysville and Stewart tonight.

Wrongful Imprisonment Settlement (2008-07-29)
A judge has approved a $600,000 state settlement to a southern Ohio man who pleaded guilty to murder, served nine years and then had his conviction overturned.

Ohio Basic Minerals planning million dollar expansion (2008-07-29)
Ohio Basic Minerals is apparently going to increase its operations and the state is offering incentives for that to happen at the company's present location in Jackson County.

"Campaign for change" office opens in Athens (2008-07-29)
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama now has a campaign office in Athens.

Three Ohioans suspected in WV murder (2008-07-29)
One man is behind bars and two others are suspects in the murder of a West Virginia man.

OU ranked in Princeton's Review of party schools (2008-07-29)
Ohio University says a national survey that calls the Athens school the fifth biggest party school in the country is not fair.

Employees laid off at R.J.F. International (2008-07-29)
R.J.F. International's Marietta area plant has laid off 18 employees, effective immediately.

One Athens Co. bomb disarmed (2008-07-29)
One bomb down and one to go...that's the latest from the two post offices in Athens County closed since this morning because of pipe bombs found at each location.

OU back in top 5 in party school rankings (2008-07-28)
Ohio University is climbing once again on the annual party school list.

Prison escapees back in custody (2008-07-28)
Four escapees from a federal prison camp in Kentucky are back in custody.

Glouster escapee loses appeal (2008-07-28)
Ohio's Fourth District Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction of an Athens County man found guilty of escaping from the Glouster Police Department last year.

Two men in jail for burglary and aggravated murder (2008-07-28)
Two men are in jail, accused of robbing and killing a Pike County man, then setting his house on fire to cover up the crime.

New program to help small businesses (2008-07-28)
Over the past few years, fewer banks have been processing Small Business Administration loans.

Organic in Ohio (2008-07-28)
When you think of agriculture in Ohio, what comes to mind?

Should your health information be shared? (2008-07-28)
If you had an accident away from home and needed to see a doctor, would that doctor have access to your medical history in a timely manner?

Woman charged in dead baby case (2008-07-28)
A Hollister woman is in the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail - charged with one count of tampering with evidence in the miscarriage of her unborn baby.

Motorcycle fatality in Hocking County (2008-07-27)
The State Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal crash involving a semi-truck and a motorcycle in Hocking County on Friday.

New VP of research at OU (2008-07-27)
Research is often regarded as the "coin of the realm" on college and university campus.

Hollister woman faces possible murder charge (2008-07-25)
Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren says charges are being considered against a Hollister woman who miscarried and buried the body of the fetus in her backyard.

Ohio University Chillicothe Grant (2008-07-25)
Some people in our region may soon be able to better prepare for the current and future job markets - thanks to a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission.

New chairman at Rio Grande University (2008-07-25)
Richard Dusterberg has been named the new Chair of the University of Rio Grande Board of Trustees.

Murder under investigation (2008-07-25)
There's been another homicide in Washington County.

Nelsonville bombers appear in court (2008-07-25)
Three Nelsonville teenagers are due in court this morning on bomb charges.

High school students get a taste of college (2008-07-25)
A summer school program at Hocking College is giving some high school students a taste of college life.

Jackson County murder case sentancing (2008-07-24)
A man accused of participating in a murder-for-hire scheme was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison after pleading guilty to extortion.

Legislation to help schools pay for gas (2008-07-24)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Zack Space is hoping a new piece of federal legislation will help ease the pain at the pump for rural school districts.

Nelsonville explosion update (2008-07-24)
The area around a downtown Nelsonville business is still blocked off as investigators try to piece together a possible pipe bomb explosion early this morning.

19-year-old found guilty of vehicular homicide (2008-07-24)
A 19-year-old Mount Perry man has just been sentenced to four years in prison.

Fatal fire in Pike County (2008-07-24)
A Pike County man was killed in a fire yesterday at his Horton Road Home.

Bridge safety in Ohio (2008-07-24)
Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has just announced legislation that will protect the structural integrity of Ohio's bridges.

Man admits insurance violations (2008-07-24)
The Ohio Department of Insurance has announced that Donald Saling of Caldwell has surrendered his insurance license.

Zanesville man in custody for bank robbery (2008-07-23)
Authorities have one suspect in custody and another remains at large in connection with the two recent robberies at the Century National Bank in Zanesville.

Flights to D.C. to continue from Parkersburg area (2008-07-23)
Colgan Airlines will continue to provide flights between the Parkersburg area and Washington, D.C.

Crites Enters Ohio AG Race (2008-07-23)
Republican Mike Crites entered the Ohio attorney general race today.

Strickland Declares State of Emergency (2008-07-23)
Governor Strickland has declared a state of emergency for Perry County after this week's storm.

Washington County man in custody for stabbing (2008-07-23)
Washington County authorities say a man who tried to kill his former girlfriend is now in custody.

Young woman murdered near Marietta (2008-07-23)
A Washington County man is in custody for allegedly killing a woman at their Lang's Farm Road home near Marietta.

Zanesville bank robbery suspect in custody (2008-07-23)
The Zanesville Police Department has taken one suspect into custody.

Storms cause state of emergency in Perry County (2008-07-23)
That nasty storm yesterday was bad enough that the county commissioners have declared a state of emergency in Perry County.

Who will be the Superintendent of Schools in Cambridge? (2008-07-23)
The position of Superintendent of Schools in Cambridge remains vacant.

Giant sandstone sculptures bring up to $35,000 (2008-07-22)
It's the outcome historians did not want to see: an eastern Ohio park and its giant sandstone sculptures have been sold piecemeal.

Zanesville Man pleas to involuntary manslaughter after seven years in prison (2008-07-22)
The Zanesville Times Recorder reports Eric Patterson entered a guilty plea to one count of involuntary manslaughter yesterday.

19-year-old on the run after stabbing girlfriend (2008-07-22)
Washington County authorities are searching for a stabbing suspect.

Tornado Touchdown? (2008-07-22)
The National Weather Service is trying to determine if a tornado touched down early this morning in Perry County.

Jackson County Roads Open (2008-07-22)
State Routes 32 and 7-88 in Jackson County are open to traffic again.

State Route 56 housing project possible without annexation to Athens (2008-07-22)
Local developer Brent Hayes says he's considering a State Route 56 housing project without annexation into the City of Athens.

No tornado touchdown in Perry Co. (2008-07-22)
A tornado DID NOT touch down in Perry County early this morning.

Damaged houses, blocked roads and thousands without power after storms (2008-07-22)
The sheriff in eastern Ohio's Perry County is urging drivers to use extreme caution because of roads blocked by downed trees and other debris from storms that whipped much of Ohio overnight.

Power Outage Update (2008-07-22)
More than 15,000 American Electric Power customers in southeast Ohio are still without power after last night's storms.

Extra funds for projects in Guernsey and Lawrence County (2008-07-22)
The State Controlling Board has just released funds to help with development projects in Guernsey and Lawrence counties.

Ohio unemployment rate rises (2008-07-22)
Cleveland's unemployment rate went into double digits last month, and southeast Ohio's Morgan County was almost there, according to new state figures.

Budget Cutting (2008-07-21)
The Ohio House and Senate are cutting a total of $3.7 million from their budgets in an ongoing state effort to pare expenses in a tight economy.

Athens family temporarily fosters Haitian baby for surgery (2008-07-21)
Keith and Salem Richards soon will be saying "goodbye" to their baby son. Schnider will be going back to Haiti.

OU task force determines university's future (2008-07-21)
OU's Task Force on the Future of Regional Campuses determine the direction for the years ahead.

Private colleges making their own plans for the future (2008-07-21)
Ohio has an aggressive, 10 year plan for the state's public colleges and universities.

Motorcycle Fatal (2008-07-21)
A Gallipolis woman is dead after a motorcycle accident yesterday (Sunday) on State Route 7 in Gallia County.

16-year-old Minford girl dies in car crash (2008-07-21)
The Highway Patrol is investigating a car crash in Scioto County that resulted in the death of a 16-year-old Minford girl.

138 underage drinking arrests at Jamboree in the Hills (2008-07-21)
State agents were busy over the weekend in Belmont County, arresting 138 for underage drinking.

Truck and Motorcycle Crash Kills 1, Injures 1 (2008-07-20)
A man was killed and a 12-year-old boy seriously injured when a truck and motorcycle collided in Ashland, KY.

Working Woman Supporting Obama (2008-07-20)
State Representative Jennifer Garrison of Marietta said she supports Barack Obama because he supports women like her.

City Council President Term Extension (2008-07-20)
Athens City Council meets tomorrow to discuss the extension of the council president's term.

Post Master Dead (2008-07-19)
A West Virginia postal worker who was shot at a Moundsville area post office yesterday has died from her wounds.

Ohio's Private Colleges and Universities (2008-07-19)
What the "University System of Ohio" may mean for Ohio's private colleges.

Frank Solich's New Contract (2008-07-19)
Ohio University has handed out another big raise, this one amounting to $90,000.

Glouster Facility Gets Funding (2008-07-18)
The U-S Senate Appropriations Committee approved $250,000 for renovations of the community facility in Glouster.

Fatal fire in Portsmouth (2008-07-18)
Authorities say firefighters have found four people dead at the scene of a house fire reported overnight in Portsmouth in southern Ohio.

No Working Smoke Detector (2008-07-18)
Authorities say there was no working smoking detector at a home in southern Ohio where a fire killed four people early today.

Names Released (2008-07-18)
Fire officials have identified the four people whose bodies were found in a burning home early today in southern Ohio.

New plans for the Athens County Historical Society and Museum (2008-07-18)
Heather Reed is not wasting any time. Reed is the new curator at the Athens County Historical Society and Museum.

Fatal fire in Portsmouth (2008-07-18)
Four are dead in Portsmouth in a fire on 4th Street.

Ohio Senators battle at the pump (2008-07-18)
Ohio's two U.S. Senators disagree on what the government can do to help ease the price at the pump.

Two new million dollar contracts for Rocky Brands Inc. (2008-07-18)
Rocky Brands Incorporated announced that it has received two contracts worth millions of dollars.

Wayne National Forest under critique (2008-07-18)
A study commissioned by two environmental groups criticizes the Wayne National Forest's management plan for not maximizing "public benefits."

ESPN coming to Parkersburg for "Titletown" (2008-07-17)
Parkersburg is getting a chance to take on the heavy weights in the world of sports. The city is one of twenty finalists for the ESPN network's "Titletown" U-S-A competition.

High fuel costs effecting Athens' budget for next year (2008-07-17)
Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl discusses next year's budget, which he says might have to be trimmed from current spending levels.

Two men plea not guilty to murder (2008-07-17)
Two men have pleaded not guilty after being charged with the killing of 43-year-old Dean Ross of New Concord.

Murder charge found not guilty (2008-07-17)
A man has been found not guilty in Ross County in the shooting death of his brother-in-law.

House passes bill to improve Appalachian region (2008-07-17)
The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Appalachian Regional Commission reauthorization bill.

Mayor Wiehl sets expectations for Code Enforcement Office (2008-07-17)
Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl is spelling out what he expects of the Code Enforcement Office when a new director is hired.

Former Ohio Bobcat returns as basketball coach (2008-07-17)
A former Ohio University basketball standout is returning the Bobcat sidelines.

Vinton County bomb scare (2008-07-16)
Authorities in Vinton County got a little more than they bargained for last night when trying to help a McArthur resident dispose of some potentially hazardous household products.

Body Recovered From Hocking River (2008-07-16)
A 47-year old Nelsonville man is dead after he drown in the Hocking River this afternoon.

Drowning Victim Name Released (2008-07-16)
Authorities says a 47-year old Nelsonville man broke his neck and drown after diving into the Hocking River this afternoon.

Alleged Ross County robber apprehended (2008-07-16)
A Chillicothe man has been charged with the robbery of a Ross County bank.

Perry County farmers discuss produce (2008-07-16)
Amid fun games and fair food, Perry County farmers get serious.

Fatal motorcycle accident (2008-07-16)
The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports 40-year-old Mike Gabriel of Stewart died in a motorcycle accident last night.

New jobs in Lawrence County (2008-07-16)
More jobs are coming to Lawrence County as Mercier's Incorporated expands.

O.U. Student Admits to Voting Twice (2008-07-15)
An Ohio University student has admitted to voting twice in the March Primary.

Possible budget cuts in Athens for 2009 (2008-07-15)
In what could be a sign of trouble ahead, Athens City Council is getting an early start on preparing a budget for next year.

Rio Grande fundraiser exceeds expectations (2008-07-15)
The University of Rio Grande is celebrating after the completion of the Lighting The Way Capital Campaign.

Trial date set in Woodsfield murder case (2008-07-15)
A trial date was set yesterday during a court hearing in the murder case against Jayson Kerns of Woodsfield.

New supervisor for Wayne National Forest (2008-07-15)
A Minnesota native was announced as the forest supervisor of the Wayne National Forest on Monday.

Muskingum College helps to prepare high school students (2008-07-15)
Muskingum College just started a summer program to prepare high school students with learning disabilities for college.

MIBA creates new jobs for Morgan County (2008-07-15)
It was the kind of announcement they could use more of in Morgan County, new jobs are coming.

Murder trial continues (2008-07-15)
The trial for a man accused of killing his brother-in-law began yesterday in Chillicothe.

Robbery in Ross County (2008-07-15)
Ross County Sheriff's Deputies are looking for a man who robbed a Richmond Dale bank yesterday.

West Virginia's Unemployment Rate Rising (2008-07-14)
West Virginia's unemployment rate climbed four-tenths of a percentage point to 5.5 percent in June.

Murder trial to start (2008-07-14)
A man accused of killing his brother-in-law goes to trial in Ross County Common Pleas Court today.

Oil drives prices up (2008-07-14)
It seems to happen every day. The cost for a barrel of oil goes up and and the price of gasoline follows.

OU prof talks about food safety (2008-07-14)
The Centers for Disease Control says more than 76 million people will suffer a food borne illness this year in the United States.

New murder mystery book (2008-07-14)
When P-L Gaus writes a book, he gives his readers two mysteries.

Watershed study nearly finished (2008-07-12)
A watershed study in southeastern Ohio is nearly 90 percent complete and could result in the improvement of the area both environmentally and economically.

Wilson announces educational grants (2008-07-12)
Two southeast Ohio School Districts and a YMCA will receive major grants from the U.S. Department of Education for health and physical education programs.

Coal Run water dispute not yet over (2008-07-12)
Coal Run resident Jerry Kennedy says he felt a sense of relief when jurors awarded him and his neighbors nearly $11 million in damages.

Burning Wayne National Forest (2008-07-12)
The Ironton Ranger District of the Wayne National Forest is proposing to improve habitat and reduce fire hazards with prescribed burning.

Ohio neighborhood awarded millions in water dispute (2008-07-11)
One lawyer involved calls the verdict unique among civil rights cases.

Senator Brown supports bill to cut Medicare payments to doctors (2008-07-11)
President Bush's advisers are recommending a veto of a bill that would nullify a cut in Medicare payments to doctors.

Athens gourmet kitchen receives delicious review (2008-07-11)
"Simply very good." Those are the words of one food reviewer for the sauces produced at a community kitchen in an unassuming building on Columbus Road in Athens.

Manufacturing plant in Willamstown expanding workforce (2008-07-10)
Hino Motors Manufacturing USA. Inc. plans to expand the work force at its Williamstown plant and increase production.

Monument to fallen soldiers missing (2008-07-10)
A monument to war dead has been stolen from the entrance to the fairgrounds in far southern Ohio.

McCain looks for votes in Portsmouth (2008-07-10)
Republican John McCain was at Portsmouth High School yesterday hoping to find support for his run for the White House.

McCain Visits Portsmouth (2008-07-09)
John McCain's lead in Ohio over Democrat Barack Obama in one arena is narrowing - visits to the state since both became their parties' presumptive nominees.

Strickland Holds Obama Rally (2008-07-09)
Republican John McCain is returning to Ohio, bringing his presidential campaign to the southern part of the state - but not with a little competition.

Deal made in apartment complex construction (2008-07-09)
As construction continues on an Athens apartment complex, WOUB News has learned more about a deal that made the project possible.

Athena Cinema to reopen (2008-07-09)
Ohio University now says the College of Fine Arts is working out the details to reopen the Athena Cinema in time for the start of the academic year.

Summer fun for the Kids in College program (2008-07-09)
The Kids in College program at Ohio University-Chillicothe is giving 200 young students a chance for some fun-learning this summer.

More Athens Zoning Board members quit (2008-07-09)
Two more Athens Zoning Board of Appeals members have quit in the wake of Mayor Paul Wiehl's firing of Code Enforcement Director Steve Pierson.

Teen Crash Death (2008-07-08)
The Portsmouth post of the state highway patrol is investigating a crash which lead to the death of a teenager.

Conservation land opening in Ohio (2008-07-08)
The federal government is opening conservation land in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and 13 other states to livestock grazing as part of a response to record flooding in the Midwest.

AMP protesters get pepper sprayed (2008-07-08)
Police have arrested eight people for criminal trespassing at American Municipal Power-Ohio to protest its plan to build a coal-fired power plant in Meigs County.

Athens County native promotes My Rural America group (2008-07-08)
An Athens County native is speaking up for rural citizens across Ohio.

McCain to Stop in West Virginia too (2008-07-08)
The presumptive Republican nominee for president will make a stop in West Virginia before a planned rally in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Athens woman pleas guilty in OU grad student traffic death (2008-07-07)
An Athens woman has pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide in the 2007 death of an Ohio University international student.

Logan death under investigation (2008-07-07)
South Carolina authorities say they are questioning people in southern Ohio about the death of a recent Logan High School graduate who fell from a sixth-story hotel window while in Myrtle Beach.

Motorcycle fatality (2008-07-07)
A Kentucky man is dead after he crashed his motorcycle head on into a pickup truck Sunday afternoon.

Athens city council discusses green energy projects (2008-07-07)
Athens City Councilmember Elahu Gosney says "We have a moral responsibility to act at the local level" to reduce greenhouse gases.

ODOT State Route 149 construction (2008-07-07)
A 5.7 million dollar project of the Ohio Department of Transportation is set to begin next Monday.

Program ACTIVE helps Appalachians fight diabetes (2008-07-04)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced this week that the number of people with diabetes increased 15% from 2005 to 2007.

Fight over a rock turned into a festival (2008-07-04)
The rock fight that's been going on between Ohio and Kentucky is once again surfacing, now that the city of Portsmouth is planning its first ever festival to celebrate the stone at the center of the controversy.

Nelsonville jail under review (2008-07-04)
Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail officials are reviewing policies after the facility ranked fourth in sexual victimization in a federal study.

OU Athletics have a "Bobcat Renaissance" vision (2008-07-03)
The Ohio University Athletics Department is asking more people in Southeastern Ohio to support the Bobcats because that can benefit the region economically.

Athens Mayor Wiehl making some changes in office (2008-07-03)
Six months after taking office, Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl is getting rid of some people at City Hall.

Advisory board formed for Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (2008-07-03)
The U.S. Department of Energy has just announced the formation of an advisory board for its Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Piketon.

Marietta College Chief of Police retires (2008-07-03)
The Marietta College Chief of Police announced his retirement Wednesday.

No Recount (2008-07-03)
A request for a hand recount of the Democratic Athens County Commissioner race has been denied.

Democrats may change Ohio presidential strategy (2008-07-02)
With the Democratic Party having lost the state in the last two presidential elections, Barack Obama's campaign hints about a different strategy in Ohio for 2008.

Vance Sentenced (2008-07-02)
18 years behind bars... That's what Terry Vance was sentenced to in Jackson County Common Pleas Court for aiding in the killing of a retired school principal.

Chillicothe missionaries robbed (2008-07-02)
An American Christian group says it will find a new location for its goodwill trips to Jamaica after 39 young missionaries -- including some from Chillicothe -- were robbed at gunpoint in the crime-prone capital of Kingston.

Obama campaigns in Zanesville (2008-07-02)
Yesterday, Barack Obama made his second trip to Ohio in the last two weeks. It was also his first to Southeastern Ohio since becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee for President of the United States... but he says it won't be his last.

Kentucky man killed by limb (2008-07-02)
Police in West Virginia have identified the man killed in a Charleston tree trimming accident as 35-year-old Steven A. Robinette of Catlettsburg, Ky.

OU marks loan rate cut (2008-07-02)
The cost of getting an education just went down for some college students.

New sponsor for Hocking College event (2008-07-01)
Hocking College's annual Great Outdoor Adventure event has a new sponsor -- Rocky Brands Incorporated of Nelsonville.

Obama addresses Ohio's rising demand for food banks (2008-07-01)
The number of Ohioans served by soup kitchens rose more than 50 percent from the beginning of 2006 to the start of this year.

Barack Obama in Zanesville (2008-07-01)
Barack Obama says he's heard first-hand from families struggling with the high cost of gasoline and its effect on their budgets.

Ohio offering a loan to attract a new business (2008-07-01)
The state is offering a $3.5 million loan and a 50% tax credit to Miba Sinter USA to get the company to come Ohio.

OU President McDavis receives pay raise (2008-07-01)
Ohio University President Roderick McDavis is now making $380,000 a year.

Pike County man shoots son (2008-07-01)
The Columbus Dispatch reports a grand jury has declined to indict a Pike County man who fatally shot his son, finding he acted in self-defense.

Former Ohio University Employee terminated from diversion program (2008-07-01)
A former Ohio University employee was found guilty yesterday of violating the terms of diversion program, resulting in her termination from the program.

College Aid Expands (2008-07-01)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Charlie Wilson marked the beginning of the largest college aid expansion in six decades today at Ohio University.

Ross Co. Fatal Accident (2008-06-30)
A Chillicothe woman is dead after a car accident on U-S Route 50 just outside Bainbridge this morning.

Hino's new home (2008-06-30)
This is not a particularly good time for truck manufacturers . Business is slow. But Hino Motors Manufacturing U-S-A is doing better than most and the company is looking forward to even better days as it moves all of its U-S production to a Mid Ohio Valley plant.

Obama heads to Zanesville Tuesday (2008-06-30)
Sen. Barack Obama will return to Ohio tomorrow. His Democratic presidential campaign is going to a charity food and clothing center in Zanesville.

Athens Co. sexual assault case (2008-06-30)
A 21-year old man is behind bars - facing a possible 46 and a half years in prison - for having sex with a minor in Athens County.

New VA outpatient clinic (2008-06-30)
The Department of Veterans Affairs plans to create an outpatient clinic in Gallia County.

New theatre youth program in Athens (2008-06-30)
A new youth program designed to nurture Athens area students in theatrical knowledge and skills is being offered by the Ohio Valley Summer Theatre.

Ohio University budget approved for 2009-10 (2008-06-30)
The Ohio University Board of Trustees has just approved a $658 million budget for the 2009-10 fiscal year.

McDavis Gets Raise (2008-06-27)
Ohio University's president is getting a raise. Trustees have voted to pay Roderick McDavis another 85-thousand dollars a year.

$5m for DHI (2008-06-27)
An Athens company apparently will be getting five million dollars from the state.

Budget cutting at Hocking College (2008-06-27)
Hocking College is going to implement a "recession budget."

Show Will Go On (2008-06-27)
The Aly and AJ show is going on tonight in Cincinnati, a day after the arrest of a central Ohio man accused of threatening and stalking the teen sister act.

Goodbye for OU quarters? (2008-06-27)
Today could be the day the quarters versus semesters debate is ended at Ohio University.

New Athens County home for endangered beetles (2008-06-26)
225 pairs of the American Burying Beetle from the Saint Lous Zoo are now residents of the Wayne National Forest.

Appalachia lagging behind (2008-06-26)
A new study says a little more than half of Ohio residents have broadband Internet access, but rural areas of Appalachia lag badly.

Big bucks for building at OU (2008-06-26)
The state's brand new capital appropriations budget allocates $29.5 million to Ohio University's main and regional campuses.

Space votes for tax cut (2008-06-26)
In Washington, the House has voted to protect more than 20 million taxpayers from being socked with a tax increase because of the alternative minimum tax.

Marietta hosts teachers at energy workshop (2008-06-25)
Teachers from around the state were in Marietta yesterday to learn more about energy.

New Red Cross leader (2008-06-25)
Pamela Martino says she's anxious to begin work with the Red Cross.

Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare changes (2008-06-25)
In just a matter of days, the Cambridge campus of Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare will close and the Athens campus will take over the care of all the hospitalized patients.

Charges Filed (2008-06-25)
The Scioto County Sheriff's Department is asking for your help - finding a man officials believe has committed several armed robberies in Ohio and Kentucky.

Record OU gift gets bigger (2008-06-25)
A record gift to Ohio University has grown by more than $10 million, now that the value of the donors' estate has become clearer.

Possible New Housing Project in Athens (2008-06-24)
Local businessman Brett Hayes is considering a new housing project off State Route 56 just west of Athens.

Transferring Ownership? (2008-06-24)
Ohio Historical Society officials say they don't have the money to maintain and manage a 2,000-year-old American Indian earthworks site in central Ohio and are considering a transfer to the National Park Service.

Ohio University to Receive Mystery Gift (2008-06-24)
It's being called the largest gift Ohio University or any public university in the state has ever received.

Summer Cooling Program Now Taking Appointments (2008-06-24)
The Hocking, Athens,Perry Community Action Agency is now taking appointments for its Summer Cooling Program.

Zanesville Woman's Death Under Investigation (2008-06-24)
Zanesville police are investigating the death of a 36-year-old Zanesville woman.

Marietta forum for baby boomers (2008-06-23)
If you're between 45 and 65 years old, you'd better start thinking about your future long-term care needs.

AMP-Ohio moves ahead with hydro projects (2008-06-23)
American Municipal Power-Ohio is investing more than a billion dollars in three Ohio River hydroelectric projects.

Kudos for Athens intervention program (2008-06-23)
When a police officer arrives on the scene of a potentially violent situation, there's a better chance of no one being hurt if the officer has had special training about mental illness and substance abuse.

Boy Scout dies during hike (2008-06-23)
Authorities say an 11-year-old boy has died after collapsing on a hiking trip with his Boy Scout troop.

Ohio Bobcat basketball coach leaves for New England (2008-06-23)
It's official, Ohio University is once again looking for a new basketball coach.

Ohio food banks worry about rising costs (2008-06-22)
Officials at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank say they're feeling the strain from rising food and fuel prices.

Visitation Center helps parents see their children (2008-06-22)
Divorce, separation, domestic violence. They happen all the time.

Economy leads to problems for the poor (2008-06-21)
With gas prices over four dollars a gallon and food costing more and more, many people are tightening their belts on spending.

Sunday Creek cleanup gets help from the EPA (2008-06-21)
The Sunday Creek cleanup effort is getting some help from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

New Ohio AG reassigns vehicles (2008-06-21)
Ohio's new attorney general is tightening office policies, including those governing the use of state-owned vehicles.

Poachers get jail time (2008-06-20)
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says three Highland County residents and a North Carolina man have been convicted in Hillsboro and Chillicothe Municipal Courts on a combined 28 wildlife violations related to the poaching of trophy deer.

Fed Hock teachers get no raise (2008-06-20)
Teachers in the Federal Hocking Local School District have a new contract.

Bob Evans Post Office (2008-06-20)
On the one year anniversary of his death, an effort is underway to rename the U.S. Post Office in Gallipolis after restaurant pioneer Bob Evans.

Body Found (2008-06-19)
U-S Route 23 just north of Chillicothe is open again.

O'Shea Leaving? (2008-06-19)
It appears another Ohio University coach is leaving...

Congressman says "use it or lose it" (2008-06-19)
Southeast Ohio Congressmen Charlie Wilson has just announced support of legislation designed to dramatically increase the amount of oil produced in the U.S.

Athens County mound to be preserved (2008-06-19)
A national conservancy group now owns a piece of history in The Plains.

Fatal Accident in Gallia County (2008-06-19)
A Vinton man is dead after a car crash this morning.

Library Fire Case (2008-06-18)
Four teenage boys are under house arrest and are not allowed to have contact with each other.

Pike County Shooting Arrest (2008-06-18)
Sheriff's deputies in Pike County have arrested a man in connection with the shooting death of his son...on father's day.

Athens County juveniles charged in Albany Library fire (2008-06-18)
Four juveniles have been charged in connection with a fire at the Albany Library.

Fish virus found in Central Ohio reservoir (2008-06-18)
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says it has found a fast-spreading fish virus for the first time in a waterway outside the Great Lakes basin.

Missing Zanesville kids found (2008-06-18)
Authorities say three missing children who were last seen playing outside a home in central Ohio have been found.

AMP-Ohio to bring dam to Ohio River (2008-06-18)
An Ohio River dam in our region is part of plans that could bring manufacturing jobs to Ohio.

Southeast Ohio airports receive federal grants (2008-06-18)
Airports in Ohio's Sixth District, including Ohio University's Snyder Field, will be getting about $650,000 thanks to two grants from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Jackson County girl killed in Father's Day ATV accident (2008-06-18)
The Ohio State Highway Patrol says a 9-year-old girl died on Father's Day when an all-terrain vehicle she was riding with her father flipped over.

Chillicothe gives green light to red light cams (2008-06-18)
Feelings are mixed in Chillicothe over the city's giving the green light to a red-light camera system.

Washington County Rape Case (2008-06-17)
Using beer and wine to get his step-daughter drunk, a Washington County man allegedly raped the teenager.

Airport Grants (2008-06-17)
Airports in Ohio's Sixth District, including Ohio University's Snyder Field, will be getting about 650-thousand dollars thanks to two grants from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Spraying two counties for moths (2008-06-17)
The Ohio Department of Agriculture will begin aerial treatments designed to disrupt the mating of the gypsy moth in Gallia and Jackson Counties.

Dirt removed from Athens hillside (2008-06-17)
Athens businessman Brent Hayes says dirt being hauled from a Harmony Road site has been sold to a contractor.

New Hocking degrees (2008-06-17)
Hocking College is now offering associate of arts and associate of sciences degrees.

More money for Athens project (2008-06-17)
Athens City Council is getting ready to put some more money into the Richland Avenue-State Route 682 project.

Fighting Against Possible Closures of Plastech's Plants in Ohio (2008-06-16)
State Representative Jennifer Garrison is vowing to fight efforts to move operations at Plastech's Byesville plant out of Ohio.

Mattox Trial Underway (2008-06-16)
A jury has been selected in a Perry County aggravated vehicular homicide trial.

Post Office Dedicated (2008-06-16)
Former astronaut and U.S. senator John Glenn says it's a bit overwhelming seeing his name on a post office.

Educate Foundation Incorporated and emPOWER Campaign Help Children in Uganda (2008-06-16)
Educate Foudation Incorporated and Ohio Univeristy work together on the emPOWER campaign to help children in Uganda.

Ohio University 2008 Commencement (2008-06-16)
The Ohio University class of 2008 has left the building,and Athens too, probably.

Ohio University Students Lobby in D.C. (2008-06-16)
There's more to doctoring than attending to the sick. There's also patient advocacy, like "D.O. Day on the Hill."

Marietta Man Killed in Accident (2008-06-16)
A Marietta man was killed in a two vehicle accident.

Blennerhassett Bridge Opens (2008-06-13)
The longest and most expensive bridge in West Virginia history opens to motorists today.

Journalists Remember Russert (2008-06-13)
His colleagues and the politicians he covered are remembering Tim Russert as a tough and thorough broadcast journalist.

Time has come for OU grads to walk across the stage (2008-06-13)
More than 600 master's and doctoral students are receiving degrees today at Ohio University's graduate commencement ceremony.

Strickland signs jobs bill, vetoes human cloning ban (2008-06-13)
Gov. Ted Strickland has signed a $1.57 billion jobs bill, vetoing a ban on funding human cloning and delaying a raid on the state's rainy day fund.

Ohio Congressmen among majority for jobless bill (2008-06-13)
Southeast Ohio's two Congressmen were among a two-to-one majority in the House to vote for a measure providing three months of additional jobless benefits for all unemployed Americans.

New Suddenlink Center (2008-06-13)
Suddenlink Communications says a new $3.5 million call center it plans for Wood County will be completed by October, adding to the company's area work force.

Husband of victim indicted in alleged murder-for-hire plot (2008-06-12)
A Jackson County man could face the death penalty if convicted of his wife's killing in an alleged murder-for-hire plot.

Rio Grande to open new facility in Pomeroy (2008-06-12)
It's out with the old and in with the new for Rio Grande Community College and the University of Rio Grande.

Logan teen dies in Myrtle Beach (2008-06-12)
Police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, say it's unclear why a Logan teen fell to his death from the sixth floor of a hotel.

PAL hosts fundraiser with free fill-up prize (2008-06-12)
Free gas. If that doesn't generate turnout for an event, nothing will.

Logan teen dies in Myrtle Beach (2008-06-12)
In South Carolina, Myrtle Beach police are investigating the death of a Logan teenager.

OU-Lancaster has new dean (2008-06-12)
John Furlow, Jr. will assume the duties of dean at Ohio University-Lancaster on July 1.

Former Zanesville-Area Cops Sentenced (2008-06-12)
Two former Zanesville area police officers have been sentenced to spend nearly seven years behind bars.

Strickland endorses Cordray for AG (2008-06-11)
Gov. Ted Strickland has endorsed state Treasurer Richard Cordray to be the Democrats' choice for attorney general.

Even if Ohio tomatoes are OK, all produce still needs washed (2008-06-11)
As inspectors continue to look for the source of a nationwide salmonella outbreak linked to tomatoes, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given an all clear to Ohio-grown tomatoes.

Credit crunch hits student loans (2008-06-11)
Driven by the credit crunch, some banks are cutting back student loan programs leaving college students and their parents looking for ways to find money for school.

Attorney talks about C8 (2008-06-11)
A lawyer for the C8 exposure class action lawsuit met last night with mid-Ohio valley residents to talk about a recent West Virginia University study.

OU faculty considers unionizing (2008-06-11)
The Ohio University Faculty Senate is considering a resolution calling for faculty to form a collective bargaining unit..

More help for ABC (2008-06-11)
More government help for an area business. Congressman Zack Space has just announced a $2.5 million loan guarantee for A-B-C Manufacturing in Malta.

Former ODNR wildlife chief talks wildlife preservation (2008-06-11)
We need to do more to protect our environment. That's according to Mike Budzik, retired chief of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife

Richland project to cost more than $6 million (2008-06-10)
If you want the Richland Avenue-State Route 682 intersection fixed, it's time to get out your checkbook.

Husband Charged in Death (2008-06-10)
A Jackson County husband has been charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated murder in the March death of his wife.

Strickland to Make Endorsement (2008-06-10)
Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is expected to endorse state Treasurer Richard Cordray for attorney general on Wednesday, clearing the way for the fresh-faced Democrat to lead the party's attempt to retain the scandal-marred office in November.

Zanesville City Council to build new fire station (2008-06-10)
The Zanesville Fire Department will add another station on the north end of the city.

ARC gives quarter million to regional health centers (2008-06-10)
The Appalachian Regional Commission has approved a grant of $250,000 to the Muskingum Valley Health Centers.

Young archers win national title (2008-06-10)
Some students at Meigs Intermediate School have hit the bullseye.

Zanesville Schools Audit (2008-06-10)
The Zanesville City School District has some work to do to get it's finances in order.

DuPont Co. finds elevated cancer rates among employees (2008-06-09)
Government records show DuPont Co. has discovered evidence of elevated cancer rates among employees at its Washington Works plant near Parkersburg.

No Attorney General Run (2008-06-09)
Former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine says he isn't going to run for Ohio Attorney General this fall.

Nelsonville boil order (2008-06-09)
There's a system-wide boil advisory for the City of Nelsonville while officials try to determine if bacteria found in the city's water distribution system has been removed.

Hocking College graduation (2008-06-09)
Hocking College graduated about one-thousand students yesterday and about two-thirds of them took part in the ceremonies.

Civil War exhibit in Nelsonville (2008-06-09)
The Athens County Military Museum in Nelsonville opened a Civil War exhibit over the weekend.

Forest group to help wood products business (2008-06-09)
As home to a national sustainable forest group, Athens is at the center of a movement that combines jobs and the environment.

Sandy Shirey Appreciation Day (2008-06-09)
Today is Sandy Shirey Appreciation Day in Athens. Acting Mayor Bill Bias proclaimed it so yesterday at a retirement reception for the outgoing leader of the Athens County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Roads Update (2008-06-06)
Many roads around southern Ohio that were closed due to flooding and damage caused by flooding are now open.

More Information Released (2008-06-06)
The Highway Patrol has just released more information about a deadly accident on U-S Route 50 in Washington County early this morning.

Man Indicted in 1982 Killing (2008-06-06)
DNA testing helps to indict a man for a 1982 killing in eastern Ohio.

Southern Ohio Road Closings (2008-06-06)
Several roads remain closed due to flooding and damage caused by flooding in southern Ohio.

Army Specialist's Funeral (2008-06-06)
Funeral services were held for a Belle Valley soilder in Zanesville yesterday.

Murder Charges Dropped (2008-06-06)
In Lawrence County, murder charges have been dropped against Jason Mooney.

Guernsey County Port Authority Awarded Grant (2008-06-05)
The Ohio Department of Development has awarded the Guernsey County Port Authority a $353,000 grant for improvements to the D.O. Hall Development Complex in Jackson Township.

ODOT Looking for Future Changes (2008-06-05)
The Ohio Department of Transportation is looking to establish priorities for the future of it's transportation system.

Brown Backs Obama (2008-06-05)
Ohio Democratic Senator and superdelegate Sherrod Brown is putting his support behind Barack Obama.

Ohio University Reaction to Obama's Presidential Nomination (2008-06-05)
Barack Obama says the Democratic nomination for president is his and he's urging supporters to "chart a new course for America."

Shelter Damaged (2008-06-04)
Flash flooding in Athens County is not only affecting its people- animals are feeling the effects of bad weather too.

Congressman Wilson holds telephone town hall forum (2008-06-04)
Congressman Charlie Wilson is giving residents in his Southeast Ohio district a chance to ask their U-S Representative some questions from the comfort of their own homes.

OU boasts reverse trend in high-achieving applicants (2008-06-04)
The Associated Press reported Ohio educators are saying more of this year's class of high-achieving seniors are heading to out-of-state colleges and universities.

House Dem Leader endorses Obama (2008-06-04)
House Democratic Leader Joyce Beatty yesterday endorsed presidential candidate Barack Obama, who has effectively secured the party's nomination.

Two Killed in Car Crash (2008-06-04)
Last night's severe weather is being blamed for the deaths of two people in a two vehicle crash in Ross County.

Artis Plea (2008-06-04)
A Lancaster man is going to prison for 10 years - in connection with an Athens County home invasion last January.

Paul Pleads (2008-06-03)
An Ohio man has admitted to conducting terrorist training in Southeast Ohio as part of a plea agreement with federal prosecutors.

Survey shows television ads for presidential hopefuls are boring (2008-06-03)
Boring and annoying. That's what most people call primary campaign television ads for the presidential candidates, according to a new poll.

DUF6 plant now ready at Piketon (2008-06-03)
They cut the ribbon today on a new facility at the old Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant near Piketon.

New president of University of Rio Grande (2008-06-03)
For two years, Gregory Sojka has been the INTERIM president of The University of Rio Grande.

Prices for garbage and pay increases for non-union workers (2008-06-03)
The price for hauling away your garbage and recycling is going up by one dollar a month in Athens.

Transmission Line Approved (2008-06-02)
The Ohio Power Siting Board approved the construction of a 138-kilovolt transmission line in Pike County.

Man to Plead Guilty (2008-06-02)
Court documents say an Ohio man will plead guilty in an alleged plot to bomb overseas U.S. military facilities and European resorts.

Route 50 Reopens (2008-06-02)
U.S. Route 50 in Ross County is now open after an overturned semi-tanker carrying ammonia nitrate forced it to close.

Kentucky man dies in weekend crash (2008-06-02)
A Kentucky man died in a single-vehicle crash this weekend in Sciotoville.

Green Energy Ohio highlights local "green" businesses at HC (2008-06-02)
On a splendid spring day, the hills were green and so was the talk inside at Hocking College Saturday.

Vinton County woman becomes Hall of Famer (2008-06-02)
At the age of 71, A Vinton County woman is now in the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame.

OU-COM to hold 29th commencement Saturday (2008-06-02)
The commencement season is nearly here for Ohio University.

Jailer fired for selling pills to inmates (2008-06-02)
A Boyd County, Ky. deputy jailer is facing drug charges after allegedly purchasing prescription pills that he planned to sell to inmates in the detention center.

Historian could be charged for removing river rock (2008-06-02)
A Kentucky grand jury is investigating whether criminal charges should be filed against an Ohio historian after he pulled an eight-ton boulder out of the Ohio River last fall.

Campus Dean to Leave (2008-05-30)
Ohio University Lancaster Campus Dean MaryAnn Janosik will leave her position effective June 30th.

New phone scam circulating Washington Co. (2008-05-30)
The Washington County Sheriff is warning residents of a new phone scam circulating the county.

Biodiesel as a cleaner American fuel (2008-05-30)
Clean Fuels Ohio, a non-profit organization, is trying to "increase the use of cleaner American fuels," including natural gas, propane and ethanol.

Construction on Route 52 (2008-05-30)
The Ohio Department of Transportation says that a nearly 11 million dollar resurfacing and bridge rehabilition project is now underway in Lawrence County.

Teacher in Ironton Court (2008-05-30)
A Lawrence County High School teacher waived his preliminary hearing in Ironton Municipal Court yesterday and will go before the Grand Jury in June.

New Agreement Signed (2008-05-29)
An agreement signed between two higher education institutions today will help transfer students in the region.

Construction Begins (2008-05-29)
Marshall University has started construction of its new Alumni Center and Foundation Building.

Belmont County Man Found Dead (2008-05-29)
A missing Belmont County man has been found dead about a mile from his home on the south side of Barnesville.

Save Our Scenic Viewsheds in Athens (2008-05-29)
Athens has a new group that's working to keep something that many of us take for granted -- the area's natural beauty.

Dispute Over a Big Rock (2008-05-29)
A group of Kentucky officials is calling for the return of Indian Head Rock, an 8-ton sandstone boulder that was removed from the Ohio River last year.

Fewer deaths on Ohio highways (2008-05-28)
The number of people killed in crashes in Ohio this Memorial Day weekend was the lowest it's been in 38 years....and at least one official says the reason, indirectly, is the high price of gasoline.

New Zanesville fire station (2008-05-28)
The Zanesville Fire Department wants to purchase a facility on the north end of the city.

New Ironton bridge design (2008-05-28)
The Ohio Department of Transportation continues to make plans for the reconstruction of the Ironton-Russell Bridge.

OU to run Athena (2008-05-28)
Ohio University says the College of Fine Arts plans to maintain the Athena Cinema as a working theater with an art film focus when it takes over management and programming of the Court Street facility July 1st.

New Attorney General (2008-05-28)
Governor Strickland has tapped the dean of the Ohio State University law school to serve as interim attorney general after a sexual harassment scandal forced out the previous attorney general.

Man dies in motorcycle accident (2008-05-27)
A man injured in a motorcycle accident in Middleport Sunday afternoon died Monday in a hospital in Huntington.

Task force to study the future of transportation (2008-05-27)
The Ohio Department of Transportation wants to know what type of transportation system is needed for the 21st Century...and YOU have a chance to give an opinion.

Two-year grant awarded to promote understanding of Islam (2008-05-27)
Polls show Americans are concerned about Islam and often connect it to negative stereotypes.

Ohio University student is burned, the family is suing (2008-05-26)
An Ohio University student's family is suing the school after the student had an epileptic seizure and fell face-first into a fire.

Cold War Heroes to be recognized (2008-05-26)
A southern Ohio group says don't forget us on Memorial Day.

Storing carbon dioxide underground at Burger power plant (2008-05-26)
A report just out indicates so far, so good for the idea of storing carbon dioxide underground at the Burger Power plant on the Ohio river in Belmont county.

Bucking the Trend (2008-05-23)
New figures from the Ohio Realtors Association indicate the Athens area is bucking the downward trend for home sales so far this year.

ACLP convenes at Burr Oak (2008-05-23)
They came from all over Southeast Ohio. Ten groups.

Power plant construction points to upward turn for Meigs (2008-05-23)
The AMP-Ohio power plant is supposed to be under construction next year. Another power plant is on the drawing board.

Governor selects OU student trustee (2008-05-23)
Having just received an appointment from the governor, Chauncey Jackson will begin a two-year term as a student member of the Ohio University Board of Trustees next month.

Forecast Okayed (2008-05-23)
The Ohio state auditor's office has okayed a troubled Meigs County school district's financial forecast for next year.

State recommends measures for Cambridge deficit (2008-05-23)
The state is recommending that the Cambridge City School District develop a sick leave abuse policy - to save money.

Assault and robbery charges could increase for Lancaster man (2008-05-23)
Right now, Harold Artis is charged with robbery and assault.

Performance Audit Complete (2008-05-22)
The state is recommending that the Cambridge City School District develop a sick leave abuse policy to save money.

Area housing projects get state funding (2008-05-22)
The Ohio Housing Finance Agency Board has approved funding for four housing projects in our region.

Area housing projects get state funding (2008-05-22)
The Ohio Housing Finance Agency Board has approved funding for four housing projects in our region.

OU environmental project gets funding for two more years (2008-05-22)
A "green teaching" program at Ohio University has gotten an "A" from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, which is rewarding the university with a $50,000 grant.

ODNR increases horsepower limit for two lakes (2008-05-22)
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has increased the horsepower limit for boats on two lakes in Eastern Ohio.

Cosmonaut tells his tale at Ohio University (2008-05-22)
Charles Simonyi realized a lifelong dream of flying in space about a year ago when he visited the International Space Station as a tourist.

Nelsonville man gets life in prison for rape (2008-05-21)
An Athens County man has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 15 years for sexually assaulting two boys last year.

State rep announces funds for SE Ohio (2008-05-21)
State Representative Jennifer Garrison announced today that more than $2.8 million of the current two-year Capital Appropriations Budget bill will go towards funding projects in her Southeast Ohio district.

Construction begins for Meigs Co. coal mine (2008-05-21)
Construction is underway on a new coal mining facility that Meigs County officials hope will ultimately bring 200 jobs to the area.

Department of Development giving incentive grants (2008-05-21)
The Ohio Department of Development hands out grants as incentives for companies to come to the state, and that's exactly what's going on with three projects here in Southeast Ohio.

SE Ohio airports get funds from FAA (2008-05-21)
The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded more than $4 million in funding to 18 Ohio airports, including three in Southeast Ohio.

Solid waste district gets aid for recycling programs (2008-05-21)
The Southeastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste Management District is receiving $100,000 from the state to aid in recycling and litter prevention programs.

Deputies in Washington County bust crack house (2008-05-21)
Sheriff's Deputies in Washington County made an arrest yesterday after busting an apparent crack house.

Chillicothe man arrested for stealing gasoline (2008-05-21)
A Chillicothe man is in custody after allegedly stealing gas from a semi truck parked at a convenience store in McArthur.

Kentucky primary election wrap-up (2008-05-21)
In the Ashland, Ky. mayor's race former police chief Tom Kelly and city commissioner Paula Hogsten are the top vote-getters in the primary yesterday, and they will move ahead to the general election.

Trimble Local School District Downsizing (2008-05-21)
Trimble Local is downsizing. The Athens County district's Board of Education last night approved six job abolishments.

Two teachers are facing sexual battery charges (2008-05-20)
Two Lawrence County High School teachers appeared in court yesterday, each facing charges of sexual battery in separate cases.

State rep bringing tax dollars back to southeastern Ohio (2008-05-20)
State Representative Jimmy Stewart wants everyone to know he's trying to bring some tax dollars back to his Southeast Ohio District.

Grant awarded to renovate National Guard Armory (2008-05-20)
Marietta has been awarded a 250-thousand dollar grant from the Governor's Office of Appalachia to renovate the city's historic National Guard Armory.

Surprise pay raise ordinance on the agenda (2008-05-20)
A pay raise ordinance makes a surprise appearance on the agenda of Athens City Council!

Warren Local school district will close two elementaries (2008-05-20)
The Warren Local School District is going to close two schools and reduce staff to save money.

Drugs probable cause of death: autopsy (2008-05-20)
Kelly Armbruster and Christopher Theil probably died from a drug overdose.

10 jobs eliminated (2008-05-20)
Ten jobs are being eliminated in the Belpre School District.

NAACP award granted to Students Teaching About Racism in Society (2008-05-19)
Voting is something many people take for granted -- sometimes to the point where they don't do it.

Kentucky Primary (2008-05-19)
Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama spent Monday stumping for their spouses ahead of Tuesday's Kentucky primary.

Youngstown lawmakers defend city after latest scandal (2008-05-19)
Jim Traficant, Tom Noe (NO-ee), Bob Ney and now, Marc Dann. Political scandals are no stranger to the state of Ohio. And some say that the city of Youngstown is more of a hotbed for scandal than other areas around the state. However, the two Congressmen who represent the city are crying foul of its reputation for corruption. WOUB's Jason Koma takes a closer look at political scandal in Ohio including the most recent involving the Attorney General's office

David Hostetler (2008-05-19)
Athens artist David Hostetler says it was overwhelming.

Hostetler film premier (2008-05-19)
Athens artist David Hostetler says it was overwhelming. He's talking about a film about him that was shown publicly for the first time yesterday.

Steel mill in Scioto County holds promise of 500 new jobs (2008-05-19)
If the State Controlling Board goes along, New Steel International will get four million dollars for a steel mill in Scioto County.

Athens-based organization wins grant from Forest Service (2008-05-19)
The National Network of Forest Practitioners is getting 100-thousand dollars from the U-S Forest Service.

Budget Plan (2008-05-19)
A bill authorizing the cuts needed to plug a projected $733 million hole in the current state budget has been introduced in the Ohio House.

Teacher Arrested (2008-05-18)
The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office arrested a high school teacher on sexual battery charges Friday afternoon.

Trip Back in Time (2008-05-18)
Marietta College's graduating seniors may have felt like they were jettisoned back to the 1960s during their commencement ceremony Saturday.

High-school principal appointed Southern Local supt. (2008-05-16)
The principal at Miller High School is moving up.

OU student captures burglary suspect (2008-05-16)
An Ohio University student chased down a man suspected in a string of burglaries after he found him in his house Thursday morning.

Dann Defends Himself (2008-05-16)
Former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann is defending himself against statements by Gov. Ted Strickland that Dann misled the governor's chief of staff about his extramarital affair with an employee.

Senate passes farm bill; President threatens veto (2008-05-16)
The Senate passed a $29 billion farm bill Thursday, and now it's headed to President Bush, who has threatened a veto.

Selby General Hospital joining Marietta System (2008-05-15)
Selby General Hospital is joining the Marietta Memorial Hospital System.

Governor's office filling three vacant OU Trustee spots (2008-05-15)
Three positions on the Ohio University Board of Trustees are in the process of being filled by Governor Ted Strickland's office.

Mayor hires OU grad as city planner (2008-05-15)
Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl has hired an Ohio University graduate to work as the city planner.

OU alumnus gives large gift for Baker Center renovation (2008-05-15)
The new building that will house Ohio University's College of Communication will be called the Schoonover Center for Communication.

Pay Day Lending Shutdown? (2008-05-15)
Two companies that employ about 22-hundred workers in Ohio says they may be forced to shut down their operations in the state if legislation restricting payday lending becomes law.

New Attorney General Qualifications (2008-05-15)
Governor Strickland's spokesman Keith Dailey says not to read too much into Strickland's use of the word maturity as a qualification for his attorney general pick.

Attorney in vehicular homicide case files seven motions, delays trial (2008-05-15)
It will be several weeks before a judge will rule on motions filed in the case of a Perry County woman charged with two counts each of aggravated vehicular homicide and vehicular assault.

Higher gas prices put Athenians in a pinch (2008-05-15)
At $3.95 a gallon, gas prices in the Athens area are well above the state average, and most people are feeling the pinch.

Attorney General Resigns (2008-05-14)
Facing possible impeachment, Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann resigned this afternoon amid the scandal of a sexual harassment investigation in his office and his extramarital affair.

Lawmakers react to AG resignation (2008-05-14)
State lawmakers are reacting to the resignation of Ohio's Attorney General.

Jobs effort in Jackson (2008-05-14)
City leaders in Jackson are hopeful they can work out an agreement to bring jobs back to the area.

Athens Chamber business survey (2008-05-14)
If Athens wants more businesses to stay and expand, it should improve internet service in the area.

Space, Wilson vote to stop gas stockpiling (2008-05-14)
WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress has voted to suspend the daily shipment of thousands of barrels of oil into the government's emergency reserve...and Southeast Ohio's two representatives went along.

Jackson gets money for rail improvements (2008-05-14)
The rail line owned by the City of Jackson is going to be fixed-up to handle heavier freight loads.

Kemper Resigns (2008-05-13)
Ohio University's associate vice president for finance and administration for human resources has resigned.

Dann Latest (2008-05-13)
A House lawmaker says Attorney General Marc Dann offered to resign if an investigation into his scandal-plagued office was delayed.

Gift Announced (2008-05-13)
A seven-point-five million dollar gift will help create the new home for Ohio University's Scripps College of Communication.

Recreation levy on November ballot (2008-05-13)
Nelsonville City Council has moved to put a recreation levy on the November ballot.

Training a skilled workforce is vital to growing Ohio's economy (2008-05-13)
Ohio's Lieutenant Governor says training a skilled workforce to meet the needs of businesses is important to growing Ohio's economy.

Diagnostic Hybrids Inc. is staying in Athens (2008-05-13)
The C-E-O of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce calls it "a true success story."

Small plane goes down in Morgan County (2008-05-13)
The Highway Patrol says a small plane carrying two people has crashed in a remote wooded area in southeastern Ohio.

Ohio House files impeachment charges against Dann (2008-05-13)
Ohio House Democrats have filed articles of impeachment against scandal-scarred Attorney General Marc Dann, seeking the fellow Democrat's removal for allegations including malfeasance in office.

New method for handling plagiarism (2008-05-13)
Ohio University's College of Engineering has changed the way it handles plagiarism charges.

Dillon Sentenced (2008-05-12)
A Zanesville man has been sentenced to life in prison with no possibility for parole.

Tough Choices (2008-05-12)
Ohio's working poor are making tough choices: shutting off utilities, pawning keepsakes and lining up at food pantries.

Hendrickson found guilty of aggravated murder (2008-05-12)
A Hocking College student has been sentenced to life in prison with possibility of parole after 30 years for fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend last year.

Little trouble at Palmerfest this year (2008-05-12)
As the school year winds down and the weather gets nicer, Ohio University students traditionally kick up their heels a little.

Plans for a second dog park (2008-05-12)
Plans are being made for a second Athens dog park.

Bicyclist killed during annual Tour of the Scioto Valley (2008-05-12)
The State Highway Patrol says a bicyclist taking part in the annual Tour of the Scioto Valley was killed on Route 23 when he was struck from behind by a motorist and thrown from his bicycle.

Plane Crash (2008-05-12)
The Highway Patrol says a small plane carrying two people has crashed in a remote area in southeastern Ohio.

Summer Concert Series Canceled (2008-05-10)
The Columbus Symphony's board of directors says the orchestra is cancelling its summer concert series and may not reopen for the 2008-2009 season.

Hendrickson Trial Day 3 (2008-05-10)
Accused Murder Ronald Hendrickson, the second took the stand Friday afternoon at the end of what was an emotion filled day for just about everyone in the courtroom.

Heroin Use in Southeast Ohio (2008-05-10)
The Assistant U.S. Attorney Don Pashayan is calling yesterday's heroin-ring bust the largest heroin indictment ever handed down in the state's Southern District.

Police Gearing Up for Palmerfest (2008-05-10)
Residents and Police are getting ready for Saturday's big block party.

Hendrickson Trial Day 3 (2008-05-10)
Accused Murder Ronald Hendrickson, the second took the stand Friday afternoon at the end of what was an emotion filled day for just about everyone in the courtroom.

Ashland Community and Technical College commencement tonight (2008-05-09)
Ashland Community and Technical College is holding its graduation ceremony for its 400 graduates this evening.

Coin modernization act passes House (2008-05-09)
Southeast Ohio US Representative Zack Space says a bill he introduced to save money for the government and save jobs in this area, has passed the House.

Athens law director says no blasting without permit (2008-05-09)
Athens City Law Director Pat Lang is promising "swift legal action" if a developer does any blasting without a city permit.

Sheriff's office investigates AHS bomb threat (2008-05-09)
Teachers and students at Athens High School might be a little on edge this morning.

OU to get big donation (2008-05-09)
Ohio University says it's getting a big wad of money next week.

Snack cake case lands man in jail (2008-05-09)
The verdict from the judge in the snack cake case in Vinton County -- 30 days behind bars.

Ohio drug ring busted (2008-05-09)
Officials say they have busted an Ohio heroin ring that moved more than $1 million in drugs a year.

Firefighters get wage increase (2008-05-09)
Athens' union firefighters will get a four percent pay raise this year.

Day Two Wraps Up (2008-05-08)
Technology took center stage as the trial of a Hocking College student accused of killing his ex-girlfriend continued today.

Belpre police officer to stand trial for felonies (2008-05-08)
A Belpre police officer pleaded not guilty to four felony counts yesterday.

Arts, Parks and Rec director plans for more special events (2008-05-08)
The new director of Arts, Parks and Recreation in Athens plans to hold more special events, especially youth events.

Day Two Underway (2008-05-08)
The prosecution continues to present its case in the trial of a Hocking College student accused of killing his ex-girlfriend.

Day One Wraps Up (2008-05-07)
Wednesday marked the opening day of the first murder trial in Athens County in eight years. A Hocking College Student is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and faces aggravated murder charges. W-O-U-B's Jason Koma was there for the emotional day in the courtroom...

Day One Wraps Up (2008-05-07)
Wednesday marked the opening day of the first murder trial in Athens County in eight years. A Hocking College Student is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and faces aggravated murder charges. W-O-U-B's Jason Koma was there for the emotional day in the courtroom...

Decoster Sentenced (2008-05-07)
A Former Ohio University baseball player has pleaded guilty to a charge of persistent disorderly conduct in connection with a gambling investigation.

Day One Wraps Up (2008-05-07)
Wednesday marked the opening day of the first murder trial in Athens County in eight years. A Hocking College Student is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and faces aggravated murder charges. W-O-U-B's Jason Koma was there for the emotional day in the courtroom...

Opening Statements Begin (2008-05-07)
The trial of a Hocking College student accused of klling his ex-girlfriend is underway. WOUB's Jason Koma is in the Athens County Courthouse and has more on the story.

Day One Wraps Up (2008-05-07)
Wednesday marked the opening day of the first murder trial in Athens County in eight years.

Ohioans can freeze credit to prevent identity theft (2008-05-07)
Ohioans can now place a freeze on their credit report if they are the victims of identity theft.

ACJFS to cut $885,000 in services (2008-05-07)
Athens County Job and Family Services Director Jack Frech says it's a crisis situation.

Elderly Gallia County couple's car found (2008-05-07)
A friend of an elderly Gallia County couple missing for nearly two months found their car Tuesday morning.

Grand jury decides not to indict former Ironton cop (2008-05-07)
A Lawrence County grand jury has decided not to indict a former Ironton Police Officer accused in a dragging death.

SEO lawyers volunteer to help foreclosure victims (2008-05-07)
Around Ohio, nearly 1,100 attorneys have volunteered to provide legal services free of charge to homeowners facing foreclosure.

MMK Permits Approved (2008-05-06)
The Ohio E-P-A has approved air and wastewater permits for New Steel International's steel mill planned for Scioto County.

Child Rape Charges (2008-05-06)
A Fairfield County man is being charged with raping a seven year old and a 12 year old.

More info on deaths of 2 students (2008-05-06)
There's no word yet from Athens authorities on what caused the deaths of Kelly Armbruster and Christopher Theil but we do have more information on the incident.

Ky trial moved (2008-05-06)
An eastern Kentucky judge has moved the trial of a West Virginia man accused of killing a woman and her two daughters to Johnson County.

Opening Statements Tomorrow (2008-05-06)
Opening statements will begin Wednesday in the case of a Hocking College student accused of killing his ex-girlfriend.

New money for area airports (2008-05-06)
The Federal Aviation Administration is giving improvements grants to three airports in our region.

Richland avenue improvement plans are in the works (2008-05-06)
The intersection of Richland Avenue and State Route 6-82 is one of the busiest in the City of Athens...so it's no surprise that members of City Council are very interested what happens there.

Two southeast Ohio mines could be forced to close (2008-05-05)
Coal mining company Murray Energy Corp. says two southeast Ohio mines could be forced to close over a dispute with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Murder trial starts (2008-05-05)
Jury selection is now underway in the trial of a Hocking College student accused of killing his ex-girlfriend in a rental house they shared.

Two students die in Athens apartment (2008-05-05)
Athens Police Lieutenant Ralph Harvey says the deaths of two students over the weekend was first reported as a possible drowning.

A professor's return to writing poetry is winning her awards (2008-05-05)
At 50 years old, Sandra Kolankiewicz decided to write poetry again.

The deaths of students reported as a possible drowning (2008-05-05)
Athens Police Lieutenant Ralph Harvey says the deaths of two students over the weekend was first reported as a possible drowning.

Hunter says he's done nothing unethical (2008-05-05)
Former Athens City Law Director Garry Hunter says he has done nothing wrong and published reports suggesting possible unethical behavior are over-blown.

Two dead from a shooting in Gallipolis (2008-05-05)
Two people are dead from a shooting in Gallipolis over the weekend.

Bodies Discovered (2008-05-04)
The bodies of two college students were discovered early Saturday at an off-campus apartment complex near Ohio University.

Jury Selection Begins (2008-05-04)
Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday in the trial of a Hocking College student accused of killing his ex-girlfriend in a rental house they shared.

Education leaders create the Higher Education Consortium of Southern Ohio (2008-05-02)
Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Eric Fingerhut was on hand to witness the official creation of the Higher Education Consortium of Southern Ohio Thursday in Athens.

Sherrod Brown says Democratic pres battle is good for the party (2008-05-02)
Democratic US Senator Sherrod Brown says the battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is good for the Democratic Party.

AG admits affair but won't leave (2008-05-02)
Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann says he had an affair with an employee and that he won't resign in the wake of scandal over sexual harassment allegations against an aide.

Wayne National Forest works with other groups on spring cleaning (2008-05-02)
The Wayne National Forest Ironton Ranger District and the U.S. Forest Service Northern Research Station in Delaware, Ohio, have recently completed the planting of 376 American chestnut tree seedlings.

Murder-suicide investigation underway in Jackson County, WV (2008-05-02)
Jackson County, West Virginia authorities are investigating a murder-suicide.

Fingerhut outlines University System of Ohio during visit (2008-05-02)
Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Eric Fingerhut has a vision for higher education that would make the state more competitive in the global economy.

OU admin proposed deadbolt policy for off-campus housing (2008-05-01)
A number of break-ins recently has some Ohio University students worried.

Belpre looks ahead to school cuts (2008-05-01)
It's business as usual in the Belpre school system for now, but that will change in the fall.

Ohio EPA denies water quality certification request (2008-05-01)
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is denying a water quality certification that would have allowed Ohio Valley Coal to impound Casey Run in the Captina Creek watershed.

Three charged in elderly woman's death plead not guilty (2008-05-01)
Three people charged in the brutal death of a retired Jackson County school principal pleaded not guilty yesterday.

Campitelli steps up as new APR director (2008-05-01)
Athens has a new director of Arts, Parks and Recreation.

"Seniors to Sophomores" program starts at OU regional campuses (2008-05-01)
Four Ohio University regional campuses will be some of the first to participate in the state's new Seniors to Sophomores program.

Frazeysburg woman pleads not guilty in husband's death (2008-05-01)
A Frazeysburg woman pleaded not guilty to one count of aggravated murder at her arraignment hearing yesterday.

Man who shot deputy pleads insanity (2008-05-01)
A man who authorities say shot a Washington County Sheriff's deputy is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.

Teenage boy dies in Fairfield County juvenile detention center (2008-04-30)
Fairfield County authorities are investigating the death of a 16-year old boy who was being held a juvenile detention facility in Lancaster.

Local judge to attend first Ohio Summit on Children (2008-04-30)
Tomorrow and the next day the first Ohio Summit on Children will be held in Columbus.

Councilmember seeking increase in garbage fee (2008-04-30)
Athens residents can add garbage collection to the list of things that could cost more because of higher fuel prices.

Lawrence County cracks down on big weekend (2008-04-30)
State authorities announced Tuesday they arrested seven people for drunk driving in Lawrence County over the weekend.

Study shows even insured Ohioans can't afford health care (2008-04-30)
A new study says nearly five million Ohioans don't make enough money to afford health care costs even if they have insurance.

Tax credits used to try to land steel plant in Lawrence County (2008-04-30)
Tax credits worth about $300,000 are being used to try to get a steel company to locate in Lawrence County.

Rocky Brands settles lawsuit (2008-04-30)
Rocky Brands, Inc. has reached a settlement regarding an intellectual property lawsuit that the Nelsonville company filed against three defendants.

OU Prof awarded nearly $1 million for research (2008-04-30)
An Ohio University professor who's been working with alternative energy, has been awarded $973,000 from Ohio's Third Frontier program for research and economic development.

OU to host creation of the High Education Consortium of Southern Ohio (2008-04-30)
Ohio University will host the signing of a memorandum of understanding that will create the Higher Education Consortium of Southern Ohio.

Belpre Sergeant remains on administrative leave (2008-04-29)
A Belpre Police Sergeant remains on administrative leave after being charged with four felony charges.

Debate over whether Hebe should be relocated (2008-04-29)
An old statue is generating quite a bit of discussion at Athens City Hall right now.

Surging coal prices will boost electric rates (2008-04-29)
Surging coal prices are translating into the latest attack on consumer's wallets.

Approval for a coal-fired electric generating station (2008-04-29)
For a second time, the Ohio Power Siting Board has approved construction of a coal-fired electric generating station in Meigs County.

Drug Bust after a year-long investigation (2008-04-29)
A year-long investigation resulted in a drug bust and two arrests last weekend in Meigs County.

Athens Film Festival (2008-04-28)
Seen any good movies lately? If you haven't and want to...and like lots of variety, try the Athens International Film and Video Festival.

More people riding the bus in Athens (2008-04-28)
Some say the price of gas is too high. Others that parking spaces are hard to find.

Sleep Disorders (2008-04-28)
Millions of Americans suffer from sleep disorders.

Task Force on transportation (2008-04-28)
A task force on transportation priorities is about to begin work in Columbus.

Booming wedding industry (2008-04-28)
Despite the sluggish economy, there is one business sector that's booming - the wedding industry.

Trimble cuts teachers (2008-04-25)
Trimble is cutting four teachers from the payroll.

Brown bill protects SS numbers (2008-04-25)
Identity theft runs up credit card bills and causes legal trouble for many Americans. Ohio U-S Senator Sherrod Brown hopes to decrease the number of stolen identities... especially when it comes to senior citizens.

OUCOM takes in more students (2008-04-25)
With an expectation that the number of Americans 65 or older will double in the next 20 years, the medical community is under pressure to produce more physicians.

Wayne rangers crack down on illegal ATV riding (2008-04-24)
Wayne National Forest law enforcement personnel are cracking down on illegal ATV trail riding.

Ross County man on trial for brother-in-law's death (2008-04-24)
A Ross County man has appeared in court facing charges in the shooting death of his brother-in-law.

Nelsonville picks up Athens' discarded bike race (2008-04-24)
Athens' loss is Nelsonville's gain. The Nelsonville Area Chamber of Commerce and Rocky Outdoor Gear Store have just announced the first annual Nelsonville Starbrick Criterium.

First lead tests show OU turf safe (2008-04-24)
Preliminary testing indicates no problem with the artificial turf on Ohio University athletic fields.

Motorcycle-car collision kills one in Ross County (2008-04-24)
One person is dead after a motorcycle accident on US Route 23 last night.

Expert says Wiles had bad reaction to anti-depressant (2008-04-24)
An expert witness says Robert Wiles had a rare bad reaction to an anti-depressant that caused psychosis the day he shot Kimberly McNeal.

Pro-gun group protests on campus (2008-04-24)
It's illegal to carry concealed weapons on college campuses in the state of Ohio.

Galbreath Phillips Dies (2008-04-23)
The first woman to chair Ohio University's Board Of Trustees has died.

Peden Turf Checked (2008-04-23)
There should be no worries about the artificial turf on Ohio University athletic fields.

Wayne National Forest burning for habitat preservation (2008-04-23)
Firefighters will be burning almost 1,500 acres of the Wayne National Forest over the next 30 days.

State auditor suggests ways Minford can get out of deficit (2008-04-23)
State Auditor Mary Taylor is suggesting employees in a Scioto County school district be asked to pay more for health insurance.

Fairfield County authorities say crime ring uncovered (2008-04-23)
Fairfield County authorities say they've busted a crime ring responsible for stealing millions of dollars of property in the region.

Attorneys begin defense in attempted murder trial (2008-04-23)
Attorneys for a man accused of attempted murder began presenting his defense yesterday in Chillicothe.

WOUB Newsroom named in honor of OU Alum Roger Ailes (2008-04-23)
Ohio University Alumnus Roger Ailes returned to campus yesterday - to have a newsroom dedicated in his honor and has words of advice for future journalists.

Potholes in Athens (2008-04-22)
Athens motorists tired of dodging potholes will be interested in this story.

Robert Wiles trial is underway (2008-04-22)
Testimony is underway in the trial of a former Ross County township Trustee who is accused of shooting the mother of his great-grandchild on Memorial Day in 2006.

Comprehensive plan commission (2008-04-22)
Back in February, former Athens City Councilmember Ed Baum urged Council to get busy on the city's comprehensive plan.

Pawpaws (2008-04-22)
The U-S Department of Agriculture is more than corn, wheat and soybeans.

Morgan County remains atop the state's unemployment list (2008-04-22)
Morgan County remains the toughest place in Ohio for finding work.

Resurfacing Project (2008-04-22)
Contractors for the Ohio Department of Transportation will soon begin construction on a resurfacing project on state route 32 in Jackson County.

Athens County Suicide Prevention Coalition (2008-04-21)
A better understanding of depression can save lives.

Ohio Food Policy Council (2008-04-21)
An Athens woman is helping strengthen and promote Ohio's agriculture industry.

Expensive litter (2008-04-21)
Highway litter is not just ugly it's also expensive.

Board of Trustees Meeting (2008-04-18)
Ohio University is raising the rent for students living on campus.

Puppy Abuser Sentenced (2008-04-18)
A Zanesville man convicted of throwing a puppy out of a second story window is to begin a three month jail sentence next week.

Adkins requests hand recount (2008-04-18)
Charlie Adkins has filed a request with the Athens County Clerk of Courts for a hand recount of the March 4 primary election results.

Company finalizes machine designs for Piketon plant (2008-04-18)
The company building a $3.5 billion uranium enrichment plant near Piketon says it has finalized the initial design for the machines that will be used.

HTC dean appointed interim associate provost (2008-04-18)
Ohio University Honors Tutorial College Dean Ann Fidler has a new one-year job.

NPR host and OU alum writes book (2008-04-17)
Michael Krasny has fond memories of his time at Ohio University. Krasny got two degrees at OU before eventually winding up at an National Public Radio affiliate in San Francisco, where he hosts an interview program.

Somali minister keynote speaker at OU summit (2008-04-17)
A former Foreign Minister of Somaliland is the keynote speaker for the second African Health Summit at Ohio University.

OU says the campus is safer a year after VT (2008-04-17)
One year after the worst mass shooting in modern US history, is Ohio University a safer place?

Adkins ask a judge for recound in Athens Co. Commissioner's race (2008-04-17)
Charlie Adkins has filed a request with the Athens County Clerk of Courts for a HAND recount of the March 4th primary election results.

Glenn museum acquires early sign put up by hometown (2008-04-17)
The eastern Ohio museum honoring former U.S. Senator John Glenn has acquired a sign put up in his proud hometown when he was a young astronaut who hadn't yet flown in space.

Williamstown, WV plant to benefit from Hino plant closure (2008-04-17)
West Virginia will benefit from Hino Motors' decision to close one of it's U.S. assembly plants.

Nearly a ton of pot found destined for Jackson Co. (2008-04-17)
A major drug bust in Jackson County nets nearly a ton of marijuana.

Baseball Player Pleads Guilty (2008-04-16)
An Ohio University baseball player pleaded guilty to illegal bookmaking charges.

Local author examines expensive American weddings (2008-04-16)
An associate history professor at Ohio University has written a new book examining the high cost of weddings.

Flowers planted to honor crime victims (2008-04-16)
Planting flowers is something a lot of people do in the spring. Yesterday, several people got together at the Athens County Courthouse to do that but there was more to it than a little gardening project.

Athens Bobcat hockey team wins state tourney (2008-04-16)
A big day yesterday for the Athens High School club hockey team, which won the Buckeye Cup High School Club Hockey state championship!

Padgett proposes giving the boot to foreign-made flags (2008-04-16)
If one state senator gets her way, it will soon be against the law to sell an American flag or an Ohio flag here, unless it's manufactured in the U.S.

Tuberculosis still a Southeast Ohio issue (2008-04-16)
While Tuberculosis is thought to be mostly a problem of Third World countries, it is still an ongoing disease even here in Southeast Ohio.

Difficulties continue with Olympic Torch relay (2008-04-16)
At least for now, the Olympic Torch protests have stopped. But relay runs in the US, England and Paris met with major disruptions as protestors demonstrated against China's human rights record.

Take Back the Night (2008-04-15)
The annual Take Back the Night week began yesterday on the Ohio University campus.

Earth Week at Ohio University (2008-04-15)
This week, Ohio University is celebrating Earth Week with a focus on environmental justice.

Dickies brand (2008-04-15)
Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co., makers of Dickies, the leading global workwear brand, announces an extension of the current license agreement allowing Rocky Brands to continue to exclusively manufacture and market footwear under the Dickies brand in the U.S. through 2010.

Athens train depot (2008-04-15)
It's been many, many years since a train stopped in Athens but the train depot is still here and members of City Council are concerned that it's properly preserved.

Agreement on alleged clean-air violations (2008-04-15)
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it has reached an agreement with American Energy Corporation on alleged clean-air violations at the company's coal preparation plant at Beallsville in Monroe County.

OU delays pay raises (2008-04-14)
Ohio University President Roderick McDavis says some employees are not going to get a salary increase when they expect it in the upcoming fiscal year.

New Medical Facilities in Meigs County (2008-04-14)
Meigs County will soon be getting funding for new medical facilities.

OU alum to speak at commencement (2008-04-14)
Ohio University seniors will be hearing from an O-U alum at commencement ceremonies in June.

Bird Book for Kids (2008-04-14)
Listeners and viewers of W-O-U-B probably recognize the name Julie Zickefoose from her commentaries and writing about birds.

Women as Global Leaders Conference in Dubai (2008-04-14)
Students in Ohio University's Global Leadership Center recently returned from Dubai after participating in the Women as Global Leaders Conference.

OU pairs up with federal agency for new airplane technology (2008-04-11)
Ohio University's Avionics Engineering Center is working with the Federal Aviation Administration on technology to make air travel safer and faster.

Randy Dillon found guilty on all charges (2008-04-11)
Randy Dillon is found guilty of kidnapping a 14-month-old child from her Zanesville home last year.

Tri Valley School District names new leader (2008-04-11)
A superintendent from Putnam County is going to be the new leader of the Tri Valley School District in Muskingum County.

Ironton policeman resigns after car accident (2008-04-11)
Ironton's police chief says an officer who dragged a man beneath his cruiser for about a half mile last month has resigned, effective today.

ODNR plans new state forest in Vinton County (2008-04-11)
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources plans to establish a new state forest in Southeastern Ohio with help from an American Electric Power smog settlement.

Olympics historian discusses protests (2008-04-11)
Looking at the headlines today, it's easy to forget that the Olympics is supposed to be all about building a peaceful and better world.

Kenworth Layoffs (2008-04-10)
The Kenworth Trucking plant in Chillicothe is issuing layoff notices to employees.

Simon testifies in Columbus for Nelsonville bypass (2008-04-10)
Officials from Athens, Meigs and Fairfield counties went to Columbus yesterday to ask state lawmakers to hurry up and finish the Nelsonville bypass.

Another Arrest in Washington County (2008-04-10)
Another arrest in connection with the shooting of a Sheriff's deputy in Washington County.

WV agency asks for more efficient light bulb use (2008-04-09)
The West Virginia Division of Energy is encouraging West Virginians to replace at least one light bulb with a more energy-efficient one.

Attorney General considers whether to prosecute Skybus (2008-04-09)
Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann says he's looking at whether Skybus Airlines should be taken to court over last weekend's sudden shutdown.

Elderly woman dies in head-on collision (2008-04-09)
A head-on car crash on State Route 682 killed an elderly Athens County woman.

Athens County considers other dog euthanasia methods (2008-04-09)
Athens County is considering new methods of euthanasia at its dog shelter.

Frances Strickland visits Vinton Family and Children First Council (2008-04-09)
If any county in Ohio needs an organization that provides services for the well-being of children, it's Vinton.

More Charges (2008-04-09)
A Washington County man faces another charge of attempted murder after a stand-off Monday evening.

Hocking College Review (2008-04-09)
An outside review of the executive mentoring program at Hocking College is finished - and found no wrongdoing by the college.

Authorities investigate link between bones, serial killer (2008-04-09)
The Scioto County sheriff's department says human skeletal remains found in the Shawnee State Forest may be connected to a serial killer.

The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy revokes Holtel's license (2008-04-09)
The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy is revoking the license of Steven Holtel of Nelsonville.

Skeletal Remains Found (2008-04-08)
Scioto County sheriff's department officials say human skeletal remains found in the Shawnee State Forest may be linked to a serial killer.

Chris Knisely is new Athens City Councilmember (2008-04-08)
Athens has a new Athens City Councilmember. Chris Knisely took the oath of office last night from Law Director Pat Lang.

Meigs County Sheriff says Clinton was misinformed (2008-04-08)
A Meigs County deputy sheriff is backing up Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton, who's been criticized for telling a story about an uninsured pregnant woman who died after being refused medical treatment.

Former Athens Mayor Don Barrett (2008-04-08)
Former Athens Mayor Don Barrett is remembered as "very well liked."

Flood Alert System Tested (2008-04-08)
Ohio University tested a new flood alert system Tuesday.

Brownfields Grants (2008-04-08)
Ohio, 12 cities and one county will share about $6 million that they can spend on expanding or reusing sites that have been contaminated by pollution or hazardous substances.

Deputy shot in Washington County (2008-04-08)
Domestic violence incident escalates with shooting

Scioto County Fatal Fire (2008-04-07)
The State Fire Marshall's office is investigating an early morning fire in Wheelersburg that killed one man.

Dog Warden Resigns (2008-04-07)
The part-time Morgan County dog warden has resigned.

Infant Death Investigation (2008-04-07)
Preliminary results from an autopsy on a 10-day-old boy will take at least two weeks to complete.

Colgate-Palmolive chemical spill (2008-04-07)
The state Environmental Protection Agency says Colgate-Palmolive has agreed to pay a fine of a little over fourteen thousand dollars because of a chemical spill at its Cambridge plant last August.

Green Party of Ohio picks a candidate (2008-04-07)
Meeting in Athens over the weekend, the Green Party of Ohio picked Cynthia McKinney as its nominee for President of the United States.

Jim Pancake is still the winner (2008-04-07)
Jim Pancake is still the winner of the Athens County Democratic primary for county commissioner.

Green Party of Ohio picks a candidate (2008-04-07)
Meeting in Athens over the weekend, the Green Party of Ohio picked Cynthia McKinney as its nominee for president of the United States.

Trial postponed for man accused of helping terrorists train in Burr Oak State Park (2008-04-07)
The trial of a Columbus man accused of of helping train terrorists in Burr Oak State Park has been delayed six months.

Clinton Striking Southeast Ohio Story (2008-04-06)
Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign says it will strike from her standard speech a thirdhand story she heard while campaigning in southern Ohio.

Preliminary Study Results In (2008-04-06)
Preliminary data from a study paid for by DuPont shows thousands of West Virginia and Ohio residents have elevated levels of a chemical used to make the nonstick coating Teflon.

Morgan Co. woman found murdered in Columbus (2008-04-04)
A Franklin County man is facing murder charges in the death of Southeast Ohio woman whose body was found in a dumpster in Columbus yesterday.

Susan Gwinn wins (2008-04-04)
Susan Gwinn will remain Athens County Democratic Party Chair.

OU-C Dean approves of state's higher ed plan (2008-04-04)
Officials at Ohio University-Chillicothe like what they see coming out of Columbus regarding the future of higher education in Ohio.

WV man gets life in prison for Gallia Co. murder (2008-04-04)
A West Virginia man has been sentenced to life in prison for a murder in Gallia County.

Forum on Higher Education (2008-04-04)
A forum on higher education in Washington D-C yesterday (Thursday) is said to be the largest meeting of Ohio college presidents ever.

OU-Z and Wendy's teaming up on bio-diesel project (2008-04-04)
Researchers at the Zanesville Campus of Ohio University are teaming up with the fast food chain Wendy's to see if french fries and other fried goods can help the environment.

WV to get new veterans cemetery (2008-04-04)
Governor Manchin has signed legislation authorizing West Virginia's first state-operated veterans cemetery.

Gwinn Remains (2008-04-03)
Susan Gwinn will remain Athens County Democratic Party Chair. An Athens County Central committee member says the Athens County Democratic Party held its Central Committee Re-organizational meeting Thursday night and Gwinn won the vote.

Higher Education Meeting (2008-04-03)
Ohio University's President calls a meeting in Washington D-C Thursday very successful.

Ohio EPA listens to water quality concerns in Racine (2008-04-03)
A crowd gathered at Southern Elementary School in Racine last night to speak both in favor of and against a proposed AMP-Ohio power plant.

Chamber of Commerce to reorganize (2008-04-03)
When it comes to economic development in Athens County, the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce is a big player.

Scioto County judge recuses himself in murder case (2008-04-03)
A Scioto County judge is recusing himself from a murder case involving a farmer accused of shooting a teenager who allegedly tried to take a bale of hay from his property.

Morgan County ordered to clean up mass dog grave (2008-04-03)
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency says county officials who didn't properly dispose of euthanized dogs found in a shallow grave must remove the remains and bring them to a licensed landfill.

West Virginia man dies in one-vehicle accident (2008-04-03)
A West Virginia man is dead after a single vehicle accident on Interstate 77 last evening.

Athens County man dies in car crash (2008-04-03)
An Athens County man is dead following a fatal car crash on Township Road 112 near Guysville early this morning.

Ohio EPA to meet in Racine about AMP-Ohio plant (2008-04-02)
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is having a meeting in Racine this evening to talk about a proposed American Municipal Power-Ohio power plant. Also to listen.

Democratic Party Change? (2008-04-02)
Just a few weeks after losing the Democratic nomination for Athens County prosecutor to David Warren, Susan Gwinn may be replaced as county party chair.

LIMS system aids in investigations (2008-04-02)
If you watch crime shows such as CSI, you've seen investigators gather evidence and submit it to a lab for analysis.

Baker Peace Conference to address truth and reconciliation commissions (2008-04-02)
Ohio University's Baker Peace Conference was started in 1984 to explore how peace can be established and maintained throughout the world.

Boy found responsible for teen's death (2008-04-02)
A 17-year-old boy has been found responsible for the death of another teen in Athens County last September.

Lake Snowden to reopen (2008-04-02)
Campers -- grab your sleeping bags. After almost two years, Lake Snowden is officially open for business again.

O.U. Stabbing (2008-04-02)
An Ohio University student is OK today after being stabbed late Tuesday night.

OU President to Attend Forum (2008-04-01)
Ohio University's President will be in Washington D.C. later this week to attend a forum about goals and opportunities in higher education.

Lake Snowden Open (2008-04-01)
Campers and adventurers, grab your sleeping bags and hiking shoes because after almost two years, Lake Snowden is officially open for business again.

Jackson County Murder Update (2008-04-01)
Authorities in the southern Ohio county narrow down the list of suspects in the murder of a 72-year-old woman.

Parkersburg woman dies in crash (2008-04-01)
A Parkersburg woman is dead after crashing her car on Route 47 yesterday.

Federal investigator says regulators were negligent in Utah mine collapse (2008-04-01)
A federal watchdog investigating last summer's deadly mining collapse in Utah says regulators were negligent and too influenced by the mining company, Cleveland's Murray Energy.

OU president praises new higher ed plan for Ohio (2008-04-01)
"This is a good day for education in the state of Ohio and a good day for us."

Cancer research center to be dedicated in Meigs County (2008-04-01)
Ferman Moore is a Meigs County resident who died last year after battling skin cancer, which ended up spreading to his lungs and heart.

Restitution for trophy deer and other wildlife (2008-03-31)
If you illegally kill a trophy deer in Ohio, you could be ordered to pay more than eight-thousand dollars for the animal.

Steve Free to receive award from Governor Strickland (2008-03-31)
A singer-songwriter from southern Ohio and a politician from southern Ohio will re-unite next month at a ceremony in Columbus.

Group Wants to Meet With AMP-Ohio (2008-03-28)
Environmental Activists are trying to set up a meeting with leaders at American Municipal Power Ohio in hopes of stopping a proposed coal-fired power plant from being built in Meigs County.

Jackson Co. Sheriff has suspects in woman's murder (2008-03-28)
The Jackson County Sheriff says there are several suspects in the death of a woman found murdered inside her Camba Road home Wednesday morning, including her husband.

New Ohio Athletics Donation (2008-03-27)
The Ohio University Athletics Department is closer to getting out of red - after a huge donation Thursday.

Brown in Vinton County (2008-03-27)
Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown has conducted more than 90 community development round tables across the state since being elected in 2006.

Jackson County officials investigating a murder (2008-03-27)
A murder investigation is underway in Jackson County.

Flood Watch in effect for the region (2008-03-27)
A Flood Watch in effect through Friday afternoon for our region.

Number enrolled in WV food stamp program rises (2008-03-27)
The number of West Virginians receiving food stamps has jumped by 11 percent in five years amid rising costs for food and fuel.

Flip of a Coin (2008-03-27)
A winner has been decided in the Democratic Athens County Commisioner race by the flip of a coin.. For now.

Man Sentenced for Attempted Arson (2008-03-26)
A Lancaster native is going to prison for four years for setting an Athens church on fire last year.

I-70 Death (2008-03-26)
The State Highway Patrol wants to know why a motorist from the Dayton area took a fatal walk into traffic on Interstate 70 in eastern Ohio.

New research study shows living near coal mines may harm health (2008-03-26)
Living near a coal mine can be hazardous to your health. At least that's the conclusion of West Virginia University researcher Michael Hendryx.

Green Energy Summit (2008-03-26)
Green Energy was front and center on the Athens campus of Ohio University this week. A two day summit billed as the "first major green energy business conference in southeastern Ohio" culminated Wednesday with a forum between U-S Senator Sherrod Brown and several green energy business owners.

City Council adopts ordinances toward access road at Holzer (2008-03-25)
As construction continues on the new Holzer Clinic on East State Street in Athens, Holzer is making plans for construction of an access road, which eventually would be owned and maintained by the city.

Local chef turns heads nationally with food blog (2008-03-25)
Recipes, cooking tips and food ideas are right at your fingertips when you log onto Internet, including some from a woman who may have prepared your meal at an Athens restaurant.

Zanesville City Council decides on fire lieutenants, possible police cruisers (2008-03-25)
Zanesville is going to hire nine fire lieutenants.

Senator Brown and OU host green energy summitt (2008-03-25)
The plan is to try to find ways to make Southeast Ohio "the Silicon Valley" of green energy. That's the agenda of an energy summit today at Ohio University.

Portsmouth City Council adopts controversial ordinance (2008-03-25)
Last night, Portsmouth City Council waived the rule requiring three readings and adopted a controversial ordinance.

Local writer compared with greats (2008-03-25)
Knockemstiff, Ohio, may sound like a made-up name, but it's not.

Scioto County is second the State Highway Patrol's top ten arrest list (2008-03-25)
Scioto County is number two on the Ohio State Highway Patrol's top ten list of counties with the highest number of arrests so far in 2008.

Family settles lawsuit of against state of Ohio over 2006 Gallia Co. crash (2008-03-25)
The state of Ohio has reached a tentative settlement with the family of a woman who was killed in a fiery crash with two state highway patrol troopers.

Permit prices for Wayne National Forest go up (2008-03-25)
Permits to use facilities and trails in the Wayne National Forest will increase starting Monday.

Morgan County's 11.1 jobless rate highest in state (2008-03-25)
State officials say unemployment was at double-digit levels last month in three southern Ohio counties.

Man dies from four-wheeler crash (2008-03-24)
A man was pronounced dead at the hospital Friday night after a four-wheeler crash in Jackson County, West Virginia.

Police investigate shooting in Parkersburg home (2008-03-24)
Parkersburg Police are investigating a Sunday morning shooting that sent one man to the hospital.

Trial Begins (2008-03-24)
A rape trial is underway in Ross County. Court officials say a jury was seated in the Jonathan Irwin case this morning.

Critics call OU prof's book "quirky" (2008-03-24)
The book "Between Panic and Desire" has been called "quirky," and the man who wrote it does not disagree.

Name of Lawrence County shooting victim released (2008-03-24)
Authorities have released the name of a man who was shot Friday Night in Lawrence County.

Man found dead in creek in Pleasant Township (2008-03-22)
The Perry County Sheriff's Office is investigating the discovery of a body found in a creek off of State Route 13 in Pleasant Township Friday.

Fatal house fire determined arson (2008-03-22)
Investigators say a house fire in Portsmouth that killed a 22-year-old woman and her three young children was arson.

Air Force picks up coal as fuel source to avoid foreign oil (2008-03-22)
Good news for the coal industry! The Air Force has launched a plan to wean itself from foreign oil by turning to an unlikely source: coal.

Judge dismisses Gallipolis sex offense charges against OB/GYN (2008-03-22)
An Ohio judge has dismissed a sex offense charge against a Billings doctor accused of sexually assaulting a woman, but prosecutors say they will seek another indictment.

Gallia County motorist dies after vehicle swept away by floodwaters (2008-03-21)
Authorities say a man who drove his pickup truck into flood waters in Gallia County was swept away and drowned.

Governor surveys flooded areas of Ohio (2008-03-21)
Governor Strickland has taken a look at the flood damage in southwest Ohio and has told victims in South Lebanon the state will do what it can to help.

State Auditor questions a Monroe County agency's finances (2008-03-21)
One Southeast Ohio county agency doesn't have all its financial ducks in a row.

Group hails announcement of advisory board for old nuclear site near Piketon (2008-03-21)
It's about time! That's the reaction of a citizen's group to the announcement that an advisory board will be established for the Department of Energy site near Piketon

Congressman Space holds second Renew Ohio 18th working group (2008-03-21)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Zack Space is continuing a series of meetings designed at redeveloping the economy in Ohio's 18th district.

Congressman Wilson's economic tour comes to Meigs County (2008-03-21)
Congressman Charlie Wilson has been traveling down the Ohio River to find out what residents of his district have to say about the economy.

The Year of the Liberal Arts (2008-03-20)
No cake has been baked and no trumpets sounded -- it's not that kind of event.

Flood warnings in southeast Ohio (2008-03-20)
A flood warning continues for the Hocking River this morning..

New chimney will reduce pollution (2008-03-20)
Construction is complete on a new chimney that will reduce pollution at Allegheny Energy's coal-fired electric power plant on the Ohio River at Willow Island, West Virginia.

Investigation results of Guy Thomas' death (2008-03-20)
Ironton Police Chief Jim Carey says state agents have completed their investigation of Guy Thomas's death and the results of that investigation will be forwarded to the Lawrence County prosecuting attorney on Monday.

Authorities investigating Athens County Courthouse bomb threat (2008-03-20)
Authorities say the Athens County Courthouse in was evacuated yesterday after they received anonymous 911 calls threatening an explosion.

Flooding closes roads (2008-03-19)
A Flood Warning is under effect for urban areas and small streams in Athens, Jackson, Meigs, Morgan, Perry, Vinton and Washington Counties until 7:15 tonight.

Local soldier plays key role in Iraq peace effort (2008-03-19)
A Southeast Ohio man is playing a key role in efforts to establish peace and stability in Iraq.

Heavy rains cause flooding on area roadways (2008-03-19)
Heavy rains around the region are causing some minor flooding and shutting down several roadways.

Flooding hits Ohio (2008-03-19)
The entire state of Ohio is under a flood watch today and parts of Southeast Ohio are under a flood warning from the National Weather Service.

Army Corps of Engineers says moving rock could damage it (2008-03-19)
The Army Corps of Engineers has put a damper on plans to display the so-called Indian Head Rock at a welcome center in Portsmouth.

Strickland pulls keno money request (2008-03-19)
Governor Strickland has pulled a request for money to expand lottery gaming throughout the state because Republican lawmakers on a key panel say they will oppose it.

Bracing for Floods (2008-03-18)
Communities across Ohio are bracing for possible flooding, as rain falls heavily while melting continues from the massive stormstorm earlier this month.

New market for sheep farmers (2008-03-18)
Ethnic market grows for sheep and goat meat, farmers take note

Ohio superdelegates (2008-03-18)
Most of Ohio's superdelegates remain uncommitted in the Democratic race for the Whitehouse, despite a clear choice made by the state's primary voters.

Flood Watch (2008-03-18)

Athens News publisher predicts Great Bicycle Race will be disappointing (2008-03-18)
The "First Annual Athens Great Bicycle Race" will not be great at all.

Traffic Circle at Richland and State Route 682 (2008-03-18)
How do Athens residents feel about having a traffic circle instead of a regular intersection at Richland Avenue and State Route 682?

Unresolved issues between Rio Grande schools (2008-03-18)
An agreement has been signed but there's still disagreement between the Rio Grande Community College and the University of Rio Grande.

Barnesville out of fiscal emergency (2008-03-18)
Randy Lucas is a happy man.Lucas is superintendent of the Barnesville Exempted Village School District...which, until recently, was in fiscal emergency.

Enforcing conservation practices around streams (2008-03-18)
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency says enforcing conservation practices and installing more defenses around streams running through Meigs County can greatly improve water quality.

Ohio EPA to hold meeting about new steel plant (2008-03-17)
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency will hold a meeting this week to discuss air and wastewater discharge permits for a new steel plant planned for Scioto County.

Ethnic market helps farmers (2008-03-17)
In a time of declining wool prices, many sheep farmers across the country have discovered a new group of customers.

OU Aviation Department promotes professor to department head (2008-03-17)
Ohio University has a new person piloting its aviation program.

Rio Grande schools ink agreement but questions remain (2008-03-17)
An agreement has been signed but there's still disagreement between the Rio Grande Community College and the University of Rio Grande.

Supreme Court rules Meigs customers won't pay for AEP plant (2008-03-17)
The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that American Electric Power cannot pass on to customers the cost of building a new power plant in Meigs County.

Leading Creek Watershed officials say they're cleaning up (2008-03-17)
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency says enforcing conservation practices and installing more defenses around streams running through Meigs County can greatly improve water quality.

Ohio Underground Railroad site to be promoted (2008-03-17)
The state Division of Tourism has joined the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in promoting sites in Ohio that were part of the escape route system for slaves fleeing the pre-Civil War South.

I-70 Closed (2008-03-16)
The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating an accident with a tractor trailer and a motorcycle that left the motorcyclist dead and closed Interstate 70 in Columbus.

West Virginia Family Accused (2008-03-16)
In West Virginia, five members of a Jackson County family are accused of defrauding 9 million dollars from the federal government by diverting money from family owned businesses to themselves.

COAD to get Funding (2008-03-16)
The Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development is among 10 local agencies awarded state money for energy efficiency.

Clinton to West Virginia (2008-03-16)
Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to bring her presidential campaign to West Virginia next week.

Marietta gets state dollars for theater renovation (2008-03-14)
Renovation plans for the historic Colony Theater in Marietta get a boost from the state.

USDA Rural Development gives loans to regional businesses (2008-03-14)
USDA Rural Development has announced the selection of 12 organizations in 10 states for $7.8 million in loans to spur economic development.

Christine Knisely to replace Amy Flowers on City Council (2008-03-14)
It will be Christine Knisely who takes over for Amy Flowers on Athens City Council.

Senator Brown adds Piketon cleanup funds to budget blueprint (2008-03-14)
A federal budget blueprint just passed by the U.S. Senate contains extra money to help the cleanup efforts of the old Portsmouth Diffusion Plant near Piketon.

Southeast Ohio Congressmen praise ethics bill (2008-03-14)
Southeast Ohio's two Congressmen are praising the passage of a measure which creates an independent panel to oversee ethics investigations in U-S House of Representatives.

Train crossing in Corning coming under critique (2008-03-14)
Perry County Sheriff's Deputy Pat Corder says the train crossing on Adams Street in Corning is not safe.

Athens City Council to pick Flowers' replacement (2008-03-13)
Athens County Democratic Party officials will meet this evening to pick a replacement for Amy Flowers on Athens City Council.

Morgan Twp. Deficit (2008-03-13)
Morgan Township in Gallia County is facing a deficit of nearly 16-thousand-dollars.

Ohio politicans mourn Senator Metzenbaum (2008-03-13)
His colleague John Glenn says former Ohio U.S. Senator Howard Metzenbaum was willing to give up a lucrative business career to help the little guys.

Frazeysburg Woman Indicted for Murder (2008-03-13)
A Frazeysburg woman has been indicted on one count of aggravated murder - after her husband was found shot to death earlier this month.

Too Much Smog (2008-03-13)
The goverment said yesterday that air in hundreds of U.S. counties is simply too dirty to breathe, ordering a multibillion-dollar expansion of efforts to clean up smog in cities and towns nationwide.

Split on Farm Bill (2008-03-13)
Ohio's farmers are anxious to see the passage of a new farm bill -- but the state's congressional delegation is mixed about whether the measure will pass anytime soon.

Car-train Collision (2008-03-13)
An eight year old girl is in critical condition following a car-train collision last night in Corning, in Perry County.

Murder of a Zanesville Man (2008-03-13)
Police continue to investigate the murder of a 33-year-old Zanesville man.

A Roseville man in serious condition after a gunshot wound (2008-03-13)
A 28 year old Roseville man is listed in serious condition at a Columbus hospital as a result of a shooting yesterday.

Patterson to run for Athens County Democratic Party Chair (2008-03-13)
Former Athens City Councilmember Carol Patterson says she's running for Chair of the county Democratic Party.

Roseville Shooting (2008-03-12)
The weapons of two Perry County Sheriff's Deputies have been seized - to see if they were involved in a shooting this afternoon in Roseville.

Shooting Death In Zanesville (2008-03-12)
Details are coming in about a fatal shooting in Zanesville last night.

Krendl reports record number of enrollment applications (2008-03-12)
Ohio University Executive Vice President and Provost Kathy Krendl says the university has a record number of enrollment applications.

Man dies in hospital after shooting (2008-03-12)
Gunshots are reported on Gray Street, and when Zanesville Police respond to a home there, they find the resident has been killed.

State Auditor says company overcharged Scioto County (2008-03-12)
Auditor of State Mary Taylor says a Scioto County medical equipment supplier incorrectly billed the state approximately $420,000.

Athens ZBA says no to Stimson strip club (2008-03-12)
The Athens Zoning Board of Appeals says "no" to a strip tease operation on Stimson Avenue.

Zanesville police cruisers (2008-03-11)
The Zanesville Police Department is going to get six new police cruisers.

$1 million from Malaysia (2008-03-11)
President Roderick McDavis has announced The Ohio University Foundation has received $1 million from the government of Malaysia.

Ironton Police Latest (2008-03-11)
The nephew of a southern Ohio man who was dragged more than a half mile under a police cruiser says his uncle might have had a seizure.

Ironton Police cruiser accident (2008-03-11)
The police chief in Ironton says one of his officers dragged a man under a cruiser for more than a half mile and didn't notice the body until the officer reached work.

Nelsonville Police Chief (2008-03-11)
Nelsonville City Manager Joe Scherer is recommending Dave Redecker for police chief.

Step forward for sexually oriented businesses in Athens (2008-03-11)
Another step forward for new zoning regulations for sexually oriented businesses in Athens!

Bicycle race (2008-03-11)
It looks like bicycle racing is returning to Athens.

New manufacturing plant in Morgan County (2008-03-11)
A-B-C Manufacturing Incorporated is getting 250-thousand dollars from the state to help the company start a plant in Morgan County.

Athens County Grand Jury finds no probable cause in videotaped sex case (2008-03-10)
An Athens County Grand Jury has decided not to file charges against Ohio University students allegedly involved in making a sex videotape.

OUPD investigating gunshot (2008-03-10)
The Ohio University Police Department is investigating a gunshot fired near a campus residence hall.

Appalachian professor compiles regional history through music (2008-03-10)
An Athens man who is a native of Appalachia and grandson of a coal miner is proud of his heritage and dedicated to sharing the region's story with others.

Ironton man dies in crash with police cruiser (2008-03-10)
A man leaving the American Legion in Ironton Saturday night never made it home.

Tracing Your Roots (2008-03-09)
Many people are find it hard to trace their family roots, but as Briggs Lawrence County Adult Services Librarian Lori Shafer says that for African Americans it is even harder.

After the Storm (2008-03-09)
Snow plows and clean-up crews continue working overtime after a record-setting snow storm buried Columbus and many parts of Ohio yesterday, closing highways and stranding travelers at airports.

OU Gets Scholarship Money (2008-03-09)
Ohio University is among seven colleges and universities to receive part of $22.7 million dollars for student scholarships in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medical fields.

Winter Weather (2008-03-08)
The freezing rain and snow continues today for Southeast Ohio, part of a winter storm that pounded most of Ohio all day Friday - will continue Saturday.

Winter weather makes a comeback (2008-03-07)
A winter storm in the region is shutting down colleges campuses and government buildings.

PSC approves clean-coal plant in Mason County (2008-03-07)
West Virginia regulators have approved American Electric Power's plan to build a $2.3 billion clean-coal plant in Mason County.

OU marks 40 years with Southeast Asian Studies conference (2008-03-07)
Ohio University has a 40-year history with Southeast Asia through a well known program -- the Southeast Asian Studies Program.

Don't forget Daylight Saving Time (2008-03-07)
Don't look now, but it's almost time to change your clocks.

Wilson deems Telephone Town Hall meeting a success (2008-03-07)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Charlie Wilson says his Telephone Town Hall meeting Thursday night was a success.

Bebb changes plea, will undergo mental health evaluation (2008-03-07)
Accused killer Jonathan Bebb of Athens will undergo a mental health evaluation.

Winter storm headed for Southeastern Ohio tonight (2008-03-07)

Kentucky and Ohio officials fight over historic rock (2008-03-06)
The border fight over a crudely carved 8-ton boulder known as Indian Head Rock is escalating.

Major drug bust in Washington County (2008-03-06)
Drug agents in Washington County have seized the largest amount of crack ever for the county.

Space upset by lack of progress on ethics reform (2008-03-06)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Zack Space wants the House of Representatives to get moving in a effort to cleanup congress.

A new group in Athens to help town and gown relationship (2008-03-06)
It's a common problem in college towns everywhere -- permanent residents and students often don't get along so well. Athens is no different

Flooding (2008-03-06)
The Hocking River at Athens is below flood stage now.

River flood warnings (2008-03-06)

State finds problems in Perry County audit (2008-03-06)
A 2006 state audit of Perry County points to problems with the County's former Auditor.

Southeast Ohio helps Clinton take state Democratic Primary (2008-03-05)
Voters in Southeast Ohio's two Congressional Districts played a big role in helping push Hillary Clinton to victory in last nights' primary.

Out of Fiscal Emergency (2008-03-05)
The Barnesville School District is no longer in fiscal emergency.

Bridges Closed (2008-03-05)
A highway bridge and a CSX railroad bridge spanning the Ohio River in Parkersburg are closed for inspections after being struck by barges this afternoon.

New sheriff for Muskingum County (2008-03-05)
Muskingum County voters picked Republican Matthew Lutz over Bryan Hoover in the primary yesterday.

Warren stays, Castle goes in Athens election (2008-03-05)
Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren is happy but also angry. Happy that he won his election against challenger Susan Gwinn but resentful because of the campaign she ran against him

Ohio House primary wrap-up (2008-03-05)
In Ohio House contests around the region, starting in the 91st District -- Republican Bill Hayes defeats Chuck Wellman with 61 percent of the vote.

Southeast Ohio Incumbents get pink slips (2008-03-05)
Some incumbents across Southeast Ohio will have to start looking for a new job following yesterday's primary election.

Dailey faces Space in General Election (2008-03-05)
Fred Dailey will be the competition for Southeast Ohio Congressman Zack Space in the General Election.

WOUB Primary Election Results (2008-03-04)
Get the latest results from WOUB News on local and regional results from Tuesday's primary election.

Polling location closed by flooding (2008-03-04)
An Athens County polling place is closed due to flooding.

Proposed retirement center (2008-03-04)
Ohio University is submitting a new agreement to the state for a proposed retirement center along Stimson Avenue.

Construction of a coal-fired generating system is approved (2008-03-04)
The Ohio Power Siting Board has just approved construction of a coal-fired electric generating station in Meigs County.

Superdelegates (2008-03-04)
Voters across Ohio are heading to the polls today to help decide who will get a chance to be the next President of United States.

Flood watch (2008-03-04)
The National Weather Service says we need to be on the look-out for flooding.

Obama, Strickland campaign in SE Ohio (2008-03-03)
Presidential hopeful Barack Obama spent about an hour campaigning at Hocking College in Nelsonville yesterday.

Women find themselves in the minority in OU engineering (2008-03-03)
There's hardly any job these days that isn't done by a woman.

Line Out the Door (2008-03-03)
Athens County residents aren't waiting until tomorrow to vote in the primary election.

Poll Location Changes (2008-03-03)
Athens residents heading out to the polls Tuesday need to be aware of some changes in voting locations, due to the Ohio Men's Basketball game.

Proposal Submitted (2008-03-03)
Ohio University is submitting an agreement to the state, which will allow a proposed retirement center to lease the university's land on Stimson Avenue for 60-thousand dollars a year.

Clinton offers plan to improve child nutrition, cut child poverty (2008-02-29)
Hillary Clinton is offering a plan to improve childhood nutrition. And she's setting a goal to reduce by half the 12 million youngsters living in poverty over the next dozen years.

Chelsea Clinton visits Athens (2008-02-29)
Her voice was hoarse Thursday in Athens, but Chelsea Clinton did her best to persuade people to vote for her mother for president.

New Drug on the Streets (2008-02-29)
There's a new drug on the streets in Washington County. And authorities in Washington County have arrested two men on drug trafficking charges.

Looking Better (2008-02-29)
Ohio officials report that an eastern Ohio waterway is beginning to look clearer again following a spill of mining waste.

Michelle Obama speaks for Barack in Athens (2008-02-29)
Michelle Obama says it's becoming more and more difficult for Americans to succeed and her husband can change that.

Coal slurry spill blackens 10 miles of creek (2008-02-29)
Part of Belmont County's Captina Creek has turned black from a coal slurry spill.

Drug informant accused of lying to federal agents (2008-02-29)
The FBI says a drug informant lied to agents investigating a Zanesville police officer whose charges of arranging cocaine deals were later dropped.

Sherrod Brown seeks funding to clean up plant (2008-02-29)
Ohio U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown wants additional funding for cleaning up the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant.

Burr Oak Lodge Reopens (2008-02-29)
The Burr Oak State Park Lodge in Glouster is reopening tomorrow after being closed for remodeling since December.

Burglary Arrrest (2008-02-28)
Authorities in Scioto County say they've made arrests in connection with a burglary where a five year old girl was in the get-away car.

Presidential candidates in Southeastern Ohio (2008-02-28)

Athens Job and Family Services calls on government for help (2008-02-28)
Local officials who assist the poor of Athens, Hocking and Vinton counties are calling on the state and federal governments to do more to help.

Obama in Columbus yesterday (2008-02-28)
Hoping to seal the deal with a come-from-behind primary win in Ohio, Barack Obama campaigned in Columbus yesterday.

Hocking College money matters (2008-02-28)
Both state and federal agencies have been asking questions about money matters at Hocking.

Detroit woman sentenced to 20 years (2008-02-28)
A Detroit woman is sentenced to 20-years in prison for what authorities call the largest crack cocaine seizure in Scioto County history.

Superdelegates may have to decide '08 Democratc Primary (2008-02-28)
On March 4th, Ohio voters are going to have a say in who will run for President in November. But, in a historic Democratic Primary, the votes which decide that contest may not come from the people but from superdelegates. WOUB's Jason Koma checks in with some of Ohio's superdelegates and gives a brief history of how this presidential selection process came to be.

FBI Says Informant Lied (2008-02-28)
The FBI says a drug informant lied to agents investigating a Zanesville police officer whose charges of arranging cocaine deals were later dropped.

Ohio schools close and delay again (2008-02-27)
Some Ohio schools are closing for a second day, while many more are opening a couple of hours late because of roads that are under snow and ice.

Panic Alarm Working (2008-02-27)
City Hall workers in Newark can once again push a "panic button" in case of an emergency and feel confident they'll be summoning police.

HC mentoring program under review (2008-02-27)
Following action last night by the Hocking College Board of Trustees, the executive mentoring program at Hocking College will undergo "an outside review."

Worst of winter storm passes Ohio, some schools still closed (2008-02-27)
Some Ohio schools are closing for a second day, while many more are opening a couple of hours late because of roads that are under snow and ice.

Hillary Clinton visits southeast Ohio (2008-02-27)
Hillary Clinton brings her presidential campaign to southeast Ohio today.

Hilary Clinton to visit Southeastern Ohio (2008-02-26)
President Clinton criss-crossed the region yesterday to campaign for his wife Hillary as Ohio's March 4th Democratic Primary approaches.

Car crash kills West Virginia teen (2008-02-26)
A West Virginia teenager is dead after a crash last night in Jackson County, West Virginia.

Zanesville State of the City (2008-02-26)
Zanesville Mayor Howard Zwelling delivered his annual State of the City address last night.

Two high-tech programs to receive funds (2008-02-26)
Two organizations in Southeast Ohio will receive funds to establish high-tech internship programs.

Bill Clinton campaigning for his wife (2008-02-26)
Bill Clinton yesterday continued hammering Hillary Clinton's themes of reclaiming the middle class, insuring health care for Americans and bringing troops home from Iraq.

Winter Storm Hits Ohio (2008-02-26)
A winter storm that could become one of the snowiest of the season has rolled into Ohio, closing schools and challenging morning commuters across the state's northern counties.

Michelle Obama (2008-02-26)
Southeast Ohio is getting another visit from a Democratic Presidential candidate's spouse.

Project cost of Uranium-enrichment plant doubles (2008-02-26)
The company building a proposed uranium-enrichment plant in southern Ohio says the project's cost has jumped to 3.5 billion dollars -- more than double the original estimate.

Advisors for Obama Make Stop in Athens (2008-02-26)
Those who advise Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama on foreign policy made a stop yesterday in Athens.

Barack Obama's foreign policy team heads to Athens (2008-02-25)
Barack Obama will not be here but the presidential candidate will have an Athens presence today.

Low-income families build their way into new homes (2008-02-25)
In the past four years, 19 low-income families in Athens County have moved into new homes, thanks to a cooperative, do-it-yourself program.

OU graduate student senate works on health care reform (2008-02-25)
Ohio University graduate students are working on reforming health care for graduate teaching assistants.

Obama takes campaign to OSU Medical Center (2008-02-25)
Senator Barack Obama took his campaign to Central Ohio over the weekend and the focus was on healthcare.

Wayne National Forest supervisor retires (2008-02-25)
The main person in charge of the Wayne National Forest is leaving in a few days.

Construction to get Underway (2008-02-23)
The first coal-burning power plant in decades is scheduled to begin construction next year in Ohio and start producing electricity in 2013.

Suerpdelegate Meetings (2008-02-23)
Democratic bigwigs in Ohio have been subject to a barrage of phone calls and one-on-one meetings with candidates, their spouses and high-profile surrogates.

Former President Bill Clinton to stop in Athens (2008-02-22)
Former President Bill Clinton is coming to Athens.

Mason County law enforcement makes bust in Point Pleasant (2008-02-22)
Six people - including a 17-year-old from Columbus - were behind bars Friday morning, after a drug bust in Mason County, West Virginia.

Wayne says "thank you" to partners (2008-02-22)
Wayne National Forest officials say they appreciate everyone who has helped them over the years.

Man dies after shooting ex and himself in breakup argument (2008-02-22)
A man who engaged in a four-hour standoff with police in southern Ohio before shooting himself has died.

Supreme Court Ruling (2008-02-22)
Even though the election is not until November, it looks like Incumbent Marty Donini has won the race for Sheriff in Scioto County.

Emergency Text Messaging For Faculty and Staff (2008-02-21)
Ohio University is expanding its emergency text message system to include faculty and staff.

Former Congressman Heads to Halfway House (2008-02-21)
Former U.S. Congressman Bob Ney has been moved from the Federal Corrections Institution in Morgantown (W.Va.) to a halfway house in Cincinnati.

Voting machine flaws (2008-02-21)
Officials from the Ohio Secretary of State's office say a new report shows that every voting machine in our state has some flaws.

Washington Street Bridge (2008-02-21)
The Washington Street Bridge in Marietta will undergo a complete rehabilitation.

Elections complaint dismissed (2008-02-21)
An elections complaint against Athens County Democratic Party Chair Susan Gwinn has been dismissed.

Mother wants more arrests (2008-02-20)
The mother of a woman whose body was dumped along the side of a road in Scioto County is grateful that the man who authorities say confessed to killing her daughter and two other women is in jail.

School tax levy will be on ballot for Southern Local Perry County (2008-02-20)
Voters in Ohio will see 137 school tax issues on the ballot in the upcoming primary election.

PACCAR Center gets money for projects (2008-02-20)
New money for the PACCAR Medical Education Center in Chillicothe!

Marietta College chef heads to Hollywood to cook Oscar cuisine (2008-02-20)
Marietta College chef Walter Miller is on his way to Hollywood today.

Man dies in fire (2008-02-20)
A house fire that claimed the life of an elderly man Zanesville man remains under investigation.

Snow causes hazardous roads in SE Ohio region (2008-02-20)
Authorities says roads are hazardous around the region this morning and drivers are warned to be cautious.

Serial Killer Behind Bars? (2008-02-19)
Law enforcement officials in Scioto County says there's a serial killer in custody.

Higher prices for Time Warner Cable (2008-02-19)
Time Warner Cable customers in Athens may have a rate hike in their future.

Regulations for sexually oriented businesses (2008-02-19)
There were no objections last night as Athens City Council moved to impose more regulations for sexually oriented businesses.

Vacant Residences are costing Ohio cities (2008-02-19)
A report released today says that more than 25,000 vacant and abandoned properties cost Ironton, Zanesville and six other Ohio cities at least 63 million dollars.

OU Innovation Center gets recognition from incubator program (2008-02-18)
Ohio University's Innovation Center has seen a lot of success during its 25-year history, and now that success is being rewarded.

Bill Clinton draws crowd of hundreds in Marietta (2008-02-18)
Former President Bill Clinton told voters in blue-collar towns across Ohio yesterday that they have a clear choice for president in times of economic uncertainty.

Kentucky governor wants to open 12 casinos (2008-02-18)
Kentucky's governor wants to open 12 casinos in the Bluegrass State, including one in Ashland.

AEP puts up $100K for Ohioans' electric bills (2008-02-18)
American Electric Power is putting up $100,000 to help low-income Ohioans pay their electric bills.

Obama Campaign kicks off Southeast Ohio efforts (2008-02-18)
About 150 people packed the ballroom at the Ohio University Inn tonight for a rally to kick off the Southeast Ohio Field Office for Senator Barack Obama's Presidential campaign in Ohio's March 4th Primary.

Obama Campaign kicks off Southeast Ohio efforts (2008-02-18)
About 150 people packed the ballroom at the Ohio University Inn tonight for a rally to kick off the Southeast Ohio Field Office for Senator Barack Obama's Presidential campaign in Ohio's March 4th Primary.

Trimble forest represents community effort for wildilife conservation (2008-02-18)
As the name indicates, the Trimble Township Community Forest is a forest.

No Move Necessary (2008-02-18)
The president of the Athens Farmers Market says the group has signed a lease with the owners of the University Mall.

Man makes second suicide attempt (2008-02-18)
The man who threatened to commit suicide at Ohio University's Baker Center 10 days ago, has done it again.

Big Gift (2008-02-16)
Former Walt Disney CEO Michael Eisner has donated 1.75 million dollars to Denison University to honor one of his favorite professors.

Honor Code Signed (2008-02-16)
The long investigation into plagiarism at Ohio University's Russ College of Engineering has reached an important point.

More Allowed on Lawsuit (2008-02-16)
A judge has allowed eight additional Ohio death row inmates to join a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the state's lethal injection procedures.

Regents Request (2008-02-15)
The Ohio Board of Regents is asking Hocking College to provide more information on why the college gave twenty two academic degrees to business leaders who attended a peer mentoring program one weekend last spring.

Scioto County Indictment (2008-02-15)
A Scioto County farmer is facing murder charges in the shooting death of a Chillicothe teen who was allegedly trying to take a bale of hay from his property.

Hocking Co. Sheriff's Race (2008-02-15)
A man who wants to be sheriff in Hocking County has lost his bid to have the Ohio supreme court order his candidacy to be certified, but it appears his name will be on the March fourth ballot anyway.

Sheriff's race incumbent and challenger butt heads over legal past (2008-02-15)
Athens County Sheriff Vern Castle says his Democrat opponent is not trustworthy.

Gallia mother changes plea for infant's death (2008-02-15)
A Gallia mother charged with killing her her baby was back in court Thursday to change her plea.

Portsmouth child's death ruled homicide (2008-02-15)
The death of a 2-year old child in Portsmouth has been ruled a Homicide.

Wildlife officials again find no chronic wasting disease in state deer (2008-02-15)
Each year, Ohio's deer herd is tested for a brain disease called chronic wasting disease.

Two levies on ballot for East Muskingum (2008-02-15)
Two levies are on the March 4 ballot for the East Muskingum Local School District.

Officers Plead Guilty (2008-02-14)
Two of the police officers in the Zanesville-area have pleaded guilty to drug charges.

Brown on Budget (2008-02-14)
An U-S Senator from Ohio is blasting President Bush's budget proposal for fiscal year 2009 saying it doesn't address the needs in the rural part of the state.

ORITE Road Treatment (2008-02-14)
In winter weather like we've been getting recently, the Ohio Department of Transportation has its hands full trying to make your drive to school or work a safe one.

One dead in Hocking County car crash (2008-02-14)
A one-car crash on State Route 664 in Hocking County leaves a Logan man dead and a 5 year-old boy severely injured.

Ohio University Jobs (2008-02-14)
The economy is taking a beating right now and that doesn't bode well for Ohio University students who soon will be out looking for jobs.

Longaberger to cut jobs (2008-02-13)
Blaming a tough economy, central Ohio's Longaberger Company has laid off 200 of its basket makers.

Former DNC Chair Wilhelm endorses Obama (2008-02-13)
An Athens County native who led Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential bid is endorsing Senator Barack Obama today, passing over the wife of his one-time boss.

Double fatal accident on I-77 in WV (2008-02-13)
Two people are dead after an accident on Interstate 77 in Jackson County, West Virginia this morning.

Embezzlement investigation finds at least $28K missing (2008-02-13)
Prosecutors say an embezzlement investigation involving a former employee in the Lawrence County treasurer's Office puts losses at $28,000 and counting.

Hopewell nominated for world heritage status (2008-02-13)
The Hopewell Culture National Historical Park in Ross County has made the cut for the U.S. Park Service's list of nominated sites to be considered for world heritage status.

EPA loans Muskingum county money for faulty line (2008-02-13)
The Ohio Enviromental Protection Agency is extending a helping hand to the Muskingum County Water District to replace a faulty water line.

Report suggests asbestos is in Chillicothe prison (2008-02-13)
A state prison report suggests a southern Ohio prison was laden with dangerous asbestos despite an official's claims otherwise.

Le-Ax calls off extension project (2008-02-13)
Residents in Hocking County who wanted Le-Ax Water service are out of luck.

OU holds first of "green" forums (2008-02-13)
How can we not pollute so much? That was the basic question yesterday at the first in what is supposed to be a series of forums being held at Ohio University.

Sixth graders in the Federal Hocking Local School District (2008-02-12)
Sixth graders in the Federal Hocking Local School District will NOT be going to the middle school next year.

Nathan Alexander sentenced to life in prison (2008-02-12)
Nathan Alexander of Portsmouth has been sentenced to life in prison in connection with the 2003 murder of 18 year old Jordan Payton of Columbus.

OU airport key to business growth (2008-02-12)
Ohio University and Athens business leaders believe a bigger and better O-U airport is a key to a bigger and better local economy.

Ohio University's airport could help the economy (2008-02-12)
An idea for Ohio University's airport could paint a brighter economic picture for the region.

Regulations for sexually oriented businesses (2008-02-12)
Athens City Council is talking about more regulations for sexually oriented businesses.

Russ College gets $85 million in gifts (2008-02-11)
Dennis Irwin is a happy man. You would be, too, if you were on the receiving end of gifts totaling $85 million.

Classes resume at elementary school where teacher was stabbed (2008-02-11)
Classes resume at elementary school where teacher was stabbed

Ohio University pushes retention effort (2008-02-11)
A top goal for the year ahead -- doing a better job with student retention.

Guitar repairmen seek excellence in Odd Fellows lodge (2008-02-11)
Two Athens County men have a lofty goal --to be among the best guitar restorers in the world.

OU has a new Dean of Students. (2008-02-11)
Ohio University has a new Dean of Students. Ryan Lombardi will take over the position in May.

Ross County woman pleads guilty to attempted murder (2008-02-11)
A Ross County woman pleaded guilty this morning to attempted murder and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Florida sex offender found in Ross County (2008-02-11)
A convicted sex offender wanted in Florida for nearly the last 20 years is in custody in Ross County.

Annual OU Presidential Evaluation Process Revised (2008-02-09)
The Ohio University Board of Trustees accepted a new process for the review of the university president.

Attempted Abduction at Ohio University (2008-02-09)
The Ohio University Police Department is investigating a report by a female student that she was abducted while walking on campus Thursday evening.

Ironton Bridge Restoration Plans (2008-02-09)
The city of Ironton and the Ohio Department of Transportation will start a planned $1.2 million preservation project on the Ironton-Russell Bridge this summer, avoiding the nesting season of the city's resident peregrine falcons.

Incident Over (2008-02-08)
The student center at the Ohio University Athens campus is reopening - after a man is threatened suicide inside the building.

Baker Center Closed (2008-02-08)
The student center at the Ohio University Athens campus is closed right now - because a man is threatening suicide inside the building.

Hocutt is Gone (2008-02-08)
Kirby Hocutt has been hired as the University of Miami's athletic director. He'd been the AD at Ohio University since 2005.

School stabbing victim OK after surgery (2008-02-08)
The teacher who was stabbed by her estranged husband as her fifth grade students looked on yesterday morning was doing fine after surgery.

Strickland gets mixed reviews over plan (2008-02-08)
Governor Ted Strickland's plan for a director for the Ohio Department of Education is getting mixed support from state legislative leaders.

EPA issues air permit for Meigs County power plant (2008-02-08)
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has just issued a final air permit for the American Municipal Power Plant in Meigs County.

Auditor suggests ways to help Rolling Hills debt (2008-02-08)
State Auditor Mary Taylor says the Rolling Hills School District could save $1.5 million by implementing recommendations in a new performance audit.

Cause of death determined for OU-C basketball player (2008-02-08)
We now know the cause of death of the OU-Chillicothe basketball player who died suddenly Monday night.

Athens County prosecutor race gets personal (2008-02-08)
The Democratic primary election for Athens County Prosecuting Attorney is developing into a very personal battle.

Hocutt leaving OU? (2008-02-08)
It looks like Ohio University's Athletic Director is leaving.

Permit Granted (2008-02-07)
The Ohio EPA has issued a final air permit for the American Municipal Power Plant in Meigs County.

Hocutt Leaving? (2008-02-07)
It looks like Ohio University's Athletic Director is leaving.

Portsmouth Shooting & Stabbings (2008-02-07)
One person is dead and two others are in critical but stable condition after a stabbing and shooting at a Portsmouth elementary school.

Ohio Democratic Party Chair to stump for Warren (2008-02-06)
A big gun from Columbus is coming to Nelsonville tomorrow to weigh in on behalf of Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren.

Flood Advisory for Hocking, Muskingum and Ohio Rivers (2008-02-06)
The National Weather Service has issued a flood advisory for the Hocking River at Athens, the Muskingum River at McConnelsville, and the Ohio River at Willow Island Lock.

Health Recovery Services to move (2008-02-06)
Health Recovery Services Incorporated will have to find a new location in Athens.

Ohio University-Chillicothe students mourn basketball player's death (2008-02-06)
Students at Ohio University-Chillicothe are mourning the loss of one of their own.

Strickland calls for veterans department, energy re-regulation, educational improvements and economic recovery (2008-02-06)
Governor Strickland announces bold initiatives during his second State of the State address

Athens families find child care through local group (2008-02-06)
Athens area families with kids are getting some help with child care.

Killer Correspondence (2008-02-05)
Authorities have released flirty jailhouse letters exchanged by a Detroit area man who killed his wife and a woman convicted of fatally stabbing her daughters.

Skill Games Coming to Zanesville (2008-02-05)
The Zanesville mayor has signed an ordinance allowing skill games in the city.

Smokeless Tobacco Tax (2008-02-05)
Anti-smoking forces say they'll push for a 55-percent tax on smokeless tobacco products.

Special Prosecutor Requested (2008-02-05)
Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren is asking for a special prosecutor.

Ohio University-Chillicothe basketball player died after collapsing (2008-02-05)
A member of the Ohio University-Chillicothe men's basketball team has died after collapsing during basketball practice.

Special Prosecutor Appointed (2008-02-05)
A special prosecutor has been appointed to a case in Athens County.

Athens City Council Comprehensive Plan (2008-02-05)
Athens City Council needs to get on the ball and take action on the city's comprehensive plan.

Athens City Council approved "gentlemen's club" (2008-02-05)
Athens City Council's response to a proposed "gentlemen's club" was approved last night.

The Athens Fire Station needs repairs (2008-02-05)
The Athens Fire Station on Columbus Road needs repairs -- and fast.

Evans will remain on ballot (2008-02-05)
Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has denied a protest which would have kept State Representative Clyde Evans off the primary election ballot.

Events at OU continue for Black History Month (2008-02-04)
More events are planned this week to celebrate Black History Month at Ohio University.

OU professor gets grant for research and education (2008-02-04)
An Ohio University professor is receiving over half a million dollars from the National Science Foundation for a project than combines research with educational activities.

Logan County man sentenced for Perry County shooting (2008-02-04)
A Logan man is heading to prison for 24 years after firing shots into a Perry County home last June.

Energy companies consider big investment for natural gas field (2008-02-04)
Energy companies are looking at a huge natural gas field for possible development

Athens switches to "green" streetlights (2008-02-04)
The City of Athens is working to be more green, and it's paying off.

DNR pays for forest maintenance (2008-02-04)
Forests help clean the air and water. They provide income to landowners. And they help support the wood industry in Ohio. So the Department of Natural Resources is trying to protect forests.

Carlston Resigns (2008-02-04)
After 5 straight NCAA tournament appearances, the head coach of the Ohio Women's Volleyball team is stepping down. But he isn't leaving the state of ohio...

Cambridge MH patients will come to Athens (2008-02-01)
When the Cambridge state hospital is closed in the coming months to save money, most of the 48 patients will be transfered to Athens.

No Vote, No Voice students register in Athens County (2008-02-01)
With the primary election coming up, more than 30 Ohio high schools are doing their part in the No Vote, No Voice voter registration campaign.

Cambridge mental health facility to close (2008-02-01)
A Guernsey County mental health facility is a casualty of Governor Strickland's budget cuts.

Dodd praises Strickland (2008-02-01)
Southeast Ohio State Representative Dan Dodd is praising Governor Ted Strickland for his plan to solve the state's budget problem.

McDavis gives State of the University address (2008-02-01)
The state of Ohio University is strong, according to President Roderick McDavis.

EPA issues final air permit to Chillicothe company (2008-02-01)
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has issued a final air permit to the Kenworth Truck Company.

Five local trails recommended for grants (2008-02-01)
Five recreational trails in our region are being recommended to receive grants from the federal Recreational Trails Program.

Hemming: Many Ohio agencies preparing for cuts (2008-01-31)
With a potential budget shortfall of nearly $2 billion, many state agencies in Ohio are preparing for budget cuts.

Guersney facility to close as part of state budget cuts (2008-01-31)
A Guernsey County mental health facility is a casualty of Governor Strickland's budget cuts.

OU Reacts to State Budget Cuts (2008-01-31)
Officials at Ohio University are reacting to Governor Strickland's budget cuts announcement.

Authorities link robbery suspect with cold case (2008-01-31)
Authorities in central Ohio say new DNA evidence has linked a man to the killing of a teenage girl 19 years ago.

Little Hocking announces boil order (2008-01-31)

State Budget Cuts (2008-01-31)
Governor Strickland says the state will cut up to 2,700 jobs and close two mental hospitals as a way to deal with its budget troubles.

Criminal cases handled by arrested Zanesville police officers in flux (2008-01-30)
Two convicted crack dealers want to take back their guilty pleas in light of the drug charges against three Zanesville police officers.

Wiehl chooses new service safety director (2008-01-30)
Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl has picked Paula Moseley to be the city's service safety director.

Winds down trees, power lines (2008-01-30)
Strong winds moved through our region overnight.

Jazz and Blues Festival set for this weekend (2008-01-30)
The Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau is trying something new this weekend -- a music festival.

Waiting for a decision (2008-01-29)
Ohio University's classified employees union is now waiting for University Human Resources to decide if O-U violated the union contract - when eliminating 24 maintenance and custodial positions last summer.

City Council Fighting Proposed Strip Club (2008-01-29)
It's the talk of the town -- the proposed "gentlemen's club" on Stimson Avenue in Athens. And it's not good talk.

Bond Passes in Zanesville (2008-01-29)
Zanesville City Council last night passed the first reading of an ordinance to fund repairs to the State Street Bridge.

Kane can stay on the ballot for Athens Co. Sheriff (2008-01-29)
Steven Kane will be on the ballot for Athens County Sheriff.

Farmers Market on the Move? (2008-01-29)
Everybody agrees the Athens Farmers Market is a wonderful thing. Where it should be located is a whole different matter.

OSU President Visits Athens (2008-01-29)
The president of the nation's largest university talks about how the economic downturn will affect education - while visiting Southeast Ohio.

Apparently Morgan will keep its prosecutor (2008-01-28)
Last week, the Morgan County Board of Elections determined that County Prosecutor Richard Welch was not a resident of Morgan County. Although the residency issue did ruin any plans of re-election, Welch will most likely be able to complete his term that ends this year.

Wayne, state agencies sign "Memorandum of Understanding" (2008-01-28)
The Wayne National Forest, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Ohio Division of Forestry are joining forces to better help woodland owners in our area.

Brown on State of the Union (2008-01-28)
President Bush is expected to urge Congress to quickly finish an economic stimulus package and talk of improved security in Iraq during his final State of the Union address Monday night.

More talks for Rock Hill (2008-01-28)
Back to the bargaining table in the Rock Hill School District!!

Carey to Strickland: Don't jump right to Rainy Day Fund for budget woes (2008-01-28)
It's been about a week since Governor Ted Strickland announced that Ohio could be looking at a budget shortfall of at least $733 million due to the slowing economy.

Arrest Made (2008-01-28)
A West Virgina man wanted in his home state is in custody in Gallia County.

Summit Begins (2008-01-25)
A series of meetings on redeveloping the economy in southeast Ohio has begun in Zanesville.

Athens homeless problem persists (2008-01-25)
An area homeless shelter director wants to let the people of Athens know he needs help addressing the issue of homelessness.

Bus Crash (2008-01-25)
Authorities say a half-dozen children were taken to a hospital to be looked at, after a school bus and a car collided this morning in southeastern Ohio.

Elections panel: complaint is legit (2008-01-25)
The chairwoman of the Athens County Democratic Party may have violated the law. That's the finding of a panel of the Ohio Elections Commission

OU prof says stimulus not the answer (2008-01-25)
Energizing the economy is the goal of the stimulus package being talked about in Washington. But Bolong Cao says giving money to people is not going to help.

Evans Election Issue (2008-01-25)
It may be another two weeks before Republican state representative Clyde Evans of Rio Grand knows whether he may run for a fourth term as a Republican.

Gallia County Sheriff warns about a string of home robberies (2008-01-24)
Gallia County Sheriff's officials are warning people to be careful...following robberies at two homes recently.

Brown says stimulus package isn't enough (2008-01-24)
An Ohio Senator says the proposed economic stimulus package being talked about is a good one, but is not good enough.

EPA settlement for Perry County plant (2008-01-24)
Hol Holdings L-L-C will pay the state of Ohio 62 thousand dollars to settle pollution law violations.

OSU business development center helps Gallia County company (2008-01-24)
"Your success is our business" is the motto at the Ohio State University South Centers Small Business Development Center.

PUCO to cover construction costs on Perry County railroad (2008-01-24)
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio will cover construction costs for a safety project on Norfolk Southern Railway in Perry County.

Scioto County Board of Elections says New Boston officer can run for sheriff (2008-01-24)
Last night the Scioto County Board of Elections heard a challenge to the candidacy of New Boston police officer Ken reed...who filed to run for sheriff.

OU airport gets grant for taxi service (2008-01-24)
Ohio University is going to use a $50,000 grant to determine whether the Athens area can support an air taxi service which would operate from the University airport.

OSU business development center helps Gallia County company (2008-01-24)
"Your success is our business" is the motto at the Ohio State University South Centers Small Business Development Center.

Sheriff fights to keep opponents off ballot (2008-01-23)
The primary is not until March and the general election not until November, but they may be moot as a result of a hearing in Athens next week.

Market to move to Community Center, construct pavilion (2008-01-23)
Athens City Council is endorsing plans to move the Farmers Market to the Community Center.

Biddlestone to sit on Athens County Board of Elections (2008-01-23)
Bill Biddlestone has been picked to sit on the Athens County Board of Elections.

State budget shortfall projected (2008-01-23)
State lawmakers say there will be some difficult choices ahead as Ohio attempts to correct an expected budget shortfall of between $700-million and nearly $2-billion dollars in the fiscal year that begins July First.

Budget cuts coming to Lawrence County (2008-01-23)
Lawrence County government officials are bracing for heavy budget cuts in the wake of a substantial budget shortfall for this year.

OU student does not have bacterial meningitis (2008-01-23)
An Ohio University student does not have bacterial meningitis.

Proposed Athens strip club faces opposition (2008-01-22)
A proposed gentlemen's club in Athens is drawing plenty of opposition from just about everywhere including Athens school officials.

Identity theft on the rise, targets senior citizens (2008-01-22)
Identity theft is quickly becoming one of the most common types of fraud in Ohio.

Man dies from pickup truck collision (2008-01-22)
A man was killed last night in Greenup County, Ky., after being struck by a pickup truck.

ACEnet launches fundraising campaign (2008-01-21)
For the first time in more than 20 years, ACEnet is having a multi-year fundraising campaign.

Passion Works exhibit up at Casa Nueva (2008-01-21)
Part of the passion of the Passion Works art studio in Athens is sharing what they do.

Brunner Battles (2008-01-21)
After one year on the top as Ohio's top elections official, Jennifer Brunner has drawn a new portrait of Ohio's electoral landscape and drawn the criticism that goes with it.

Officials put on leave (2008-01-21)
Two officials at the Belmont County Health Department have been put on paid administrative leave after the use of about $250,000 in public money has come into question.

Ohio Athletics announces fundraising initiative (2008-01-21)
Ohio Athletics has announced a major new fundraising initiative.

McDavis comments on baseball gambling allegations (2008-01-18)
Ohio University President Roderick McDavis says he's not blaming coaches or administrators in the athletic department for an alleged gambling ring involving some OU baseball players.

Artis Arraigned (2008-01-18)
Bond has been set at $1 million for a Lancaster man accused of stabbing and beating a woman in Trimble.

Ohio's first lady visits Athens (2008-01-18)
Ohio's first lady wants major changes in education.

Wrongful imprisonment settlement? (2008-01-17)
A Chillicothe man imprisoned nine years for murder after pleading guilty - then released after being acquitted following an appeal over evidence - may get 600-thousand dollars from the state for wrongful imprisonment.

Coates Run housing project getting closer (2008-01-17)
The people behind the Summit at Coates Run are closer to having everything they need to start construction.

Gentleman's club will have to get through Board before opening (2008-01-17)
If there's going to be a so-called "men's club" on Stimson Avenue in Athens, it's going to have to get an approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Lockdown at crisis center (2008-01-17)
Athens police have a man in custody after a lock down at a mental health facility Thursday morning.

Chillicothe Plant Closing (2008-01-16)
An Ohio company that supplies paper to catalog and magazine publishers says it's shutting down operations at some plants, including one in its home state.

Volunteer Emissions (2008-01-16)
Ohio environmental regulators have asked 1,000 businesses and organizations to volunteer emissions information to a group tracking greenhouse gases across North America.

Chieftain Biofuels gets state loan to add jobs (2008-01-16)
Chieftain Biofuels of Hocking County will receive a half-million dollar loan from the Ohio Department of Development to grow its business.

Auditor: Scioto County Jail must make cuts to clear deficit (2008-01-16)
The Scioto County Jail is facing a more than $1.5 million deficit.

Eramet pollution called into question (2008-01-16)
Eramet is an important business with a big impact on the local economy.

Trimble beating and robbery suspects indicted (2008-01-16)
A Lancaster man has been indicted for allegedly robbing and beating an Athens County woman.

EPA pollution standard affects southeast Ohio (2008-01-15)
A new air pollution standard from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has implications for several Southeast Ohio counties.

Proposal to Move Farmers Market (2008-01-15)
Tentative plans call for the Athens Farmers Market to move from its present location to the Community Center sometime this year.

City Council to introduce flood prevention ordinance (2008-01-15)
The Athens Flood Plains Task Force thinks flooding is a bigger potential problem than most people think, and is asking City Council to take preventive action.

Two students charged in gambling investigation (2008-01-15)
Two students at Ohio University are being charged with taking bets on professional sports.

Portsmouth woman dies after Thursday kitchen fire (2008-01-14)

Librarian writes Ohio history books (2008-01-14)
Gary Williams of Caldwell has always been interested in history.

OU students charged with gambling (2008-01-14)
Two Ohio University students are being charged with gambling.

OUPD investigating baseball gambling (2008-01-14)
The Ohio University Police Department is investigating illegal gambling allegations against members of the OU baseball team.

Educators find news ways to keep OU students focused (2008-01-14)
Students are now back in the classroom at Ohio University, and educators are trying to find new ways to help keep them focused and engaged.

Space says Farm Bill is important after holiday break (2008-01-14)
After a break for the holidays, Congressman Zack Space is heading back to Washington, where he says the Farm Bill is an important item on the immediate agenda.

Package scare (2008-01-11)
Calm has returned to the eastern Ohio city of Cambridge after a scare caused by a package left on a Greyhound bus.

Mistrial declared (2008-01-11)
A mistrial was declared Friday in the case of a Zanesville man accused of trying to kill a toddler.

Baker Center wins top architectural honors (2008-01-11)
An architectural company has awarded Ohio University's Baker Center top honors for college-level educational building design.

Trial on for man accused of trying to kill a toddler (2008-01-11)
A trial began yesterday for a Zanesville man accused of trying to kill a toddler.

OU tests emergency sound system (2008-01-11)
Ohio University tested a sound system for broadcasting emergency messages yesterday.

Attorney challenges Hocking County prosecutor in primary (2008-01-11)
Hocking County prosecutor Larry Beal has a challenger in the March 4 primary.

Mehta case wraps up (2008-01-10)
A former Ohio University professor will likely have to wait until the spring to find out if he proved to a state Court of Claims judge that he was slandered by the university when it fired him for his role in a plagiarism scandal.

Fire department gets Homeland Security grant (2008-01-10)
The Athens City Fire Department will purchase new equipment with a $122,000 Homeland Security grant.

Contested primary in Hocking County prosecutor's race (2008-01-10)
Hocking County prosecutor Larry Beal has a challenger in the March 4th primary.

Hocking holds meeting for plans to re-open Snowden (2008-01-10)
It seems Lake Snowden remains a popular spot for camping and fishing.

Crisis Intervention Team trained officers recognized for work (2008-01-10)
It's estimated that 10 percent of all law enforcement calls involve someone with mental illness issues. Officers in the Athens area are better preparded than most to deal with that thanks to a Crisis Intervention Team.

New West Supreme Court Chief Justice (2008-01-09)
West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Elliott "Spike" Maynard is now at the helm of the state's highest court.

Pickaway County school treasurer sentenced to three years (2008-01-09)
A former school district treasurer in southern Ohio has been sentenced to three years in prison for stealing $57,000 to cover debts from online betting.

Ohio EPA gives Uhrichsville loan for sewage problems (2008-01-09)
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is giving Uhrichsville a low interest loan so the Tuscarawas County town can renovate its sewer system.

Garrision introduces sexual predator ban bill (2008-01-09)
A southeast Ohio state representative will introduce a bill to ban the most serious sex offenders from being on school, pre-school and daycare properties.

MAHLE Engine Components USA to close in 2009 (2008-01-09)
The largest manufacturing facility in Noble County is set to close by the end of 2009.

Fed Hock chips away at budget deficit (2008-01-09)
Federal Hocking's budget problems are getting better.

Hocking College board elects new president (2008-01-09)
The Hocking College Board of Trustees has a new president.

Kentucky man charged with assault for alleged shooting (2008-01-09)

S and G Manufacturing to Expand (2008-01-08)
S and G Manufacturing is expanding it's operations with a new plant.

No students on bus during crash (2008-01-08)
An Athens City School bus traveling on an east bound entrance ramp slammed into an SUV this morning.

Two file for 6th Congressional District (2008-01-08)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Charlie Wilson will have some competition in his bid for re-election to represent Ohio's 6th Congressional District.

Robbery in Trimble was No Surprise (2008-01-08)
An armed robbery occured in Trimble over the weekend.

"Re-entry" Center to Open in Chillicothe (2008-01-08)
The Chillicothe Corrections Institution will be the site for what the state is calling a re-entry center.

Athens City Council Kicks Off New Term (2008-01-08)
New faces were seen around the room when the Athens City Council had there first meeting last night.

Overnight Shooting (2008-01-08)
The Greenup County Sheriff's office is investigating a shooting that occurred last night.

Zanesville mayor wears LSU clothes after title game (2008-01-08)
Zanesville mayor loses title game bet to Lousiana mayor.

Five accused in Trimble armed robbery (2008-01-07)
An Athens County woman is in critical condition after an armed robbery at her home yesterday.

Former OU professor accuses school of slander (2008-01-07)
A former Ohio University professor goes to court today to try to prove that he was slandered by the university when it fired him for his role in a plagiarism scandal.

OSU - LSU title game bet about more than football (2008-01-07)
There's a little bit more than just a college football national championship riding on the Ohio State and Louisiana State game today.

Flu season: slow start? (2008-01-06)
State officials say the flu season has begun in Ohio, but so far it's been a slow start and it hasn't been too menacing.

Competition for Kucinich (2008-01-06)
Democratic candidate for president Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland faces new opposition -- for his congressional seat.

Former Chief Dies (2008-01-06)
Funeral arrangements have been announced for a Perry County Sheriff's Deputy found dead in his cruiser Friday.

Election bids are in (2008-01-04)
There's a last-minute challenge to Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren's bid for re-election.

Holtel Resigns (2008-01-04)
The Chairman of the Hocking College Board of Trustees has resigned.

OU may bring in consultant for president evaluation (2008-01-04)
Consultants may be brought in to help the Ohio University Board of Trustees evaluate the performance of the school's president at the end of this school year.

Athens candidates file to run (2008-01-04)
Seven people want to succeed Athens County Commissioner Bill Theisen when he leaves office after this year.

Paul Wiehl discusses his plans as Athens' new mayor (2008-01-04)
Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl. It may sound a little funny after 12 years of Ric Abel having the title, but as of Jan. 1, Wiehl is the top guy at Athens City Hall.

Glouster man charged with assaulting an officer (2008-01-04)
A Glouster man was jailed yesterday after allegedly trying to strangle a police officer.

Athens County company dissolves (2008-01-04)
An Athens County food company is no longer in business.

Planning commission withholds judgement on housing project (2008-01-04)
The Athens City Planning Commission is withholding judgement on a proposed student housing project.

Consultants Brought In? (2008-01-03)
Consultants may be brought in to help the Ohio University Board of Trustees evaluate the performance of the school's president at the end of this school year.

AG says no DNA evidence in Spirko murder case (2008-01-03)
Attorney General Marc Dann has concluded that no DNA evidence links condemned inmate John Spirko with the killing for which he was sentenced to die.

Man shoots wife, self during nursing home visit (2008-01-03)
Authorities say a man visiting his wife at a nursing home today shot and killed the woman in her room and then shot himself.

Ric Abel leaves Athens City Hall after 26 years (2008-01-03)
Something's missing at Athens City Hall. Ric Abel is not around any more.

Space announces reelection plans (2008-01-03)
Congressman Zack Space says he'll file petitions for reelection on Friday.

Former girlfriend of convicted cop killer sentenced (2008-01-02)
A former girlfriend of a man serving a life sentence for murdering a police officer was sentenced to a year in prison Wednesday for attempting to destroy letters she wrote her boyfriend while he was awaiting trial.

New Year's stabbing suspect captured (2008-01-02)
A Meigs County man is facing attempted murder charges after a New Year's Day stabbing in Pomeroy.

Armed robbery suspect in custody (2008-01-02)
A Columbus man wanted in connection with an armed robbery near Nelsonville last week is in custody in Franklin County.

Dailey to run for Congress (2008-01-02)
Former State Agriculture Director Fred Dailey plans to make his run for Congress in Ohio's 18th District official tomorrow.

Athens artist loves women (2008-01-02)
Surprisingly, the name David Hostetler does not mean much to most people around Athens...even though he lives just outside of town. But in the art world it's a different story.

Famous urn on display in Zanesville (2008-01-02)
A piece of Zanesville's history is on display for the first time.

Suspect in armed robbery at large (2008-01-02)
Authorities are looking for a suspect in an armed robbery near Nelsonville.

Suspect on run after New Year's Day stabbing (2008-01-02)

Ohio University joins HIV/AIDS cause in Africa (2008-01-02)
Ohio University is helping to tackle the HIV/AIDS problem in Africa.

Housing program helps local elderly stay 'in place' (2008-01-02)
If you want to know something about aging in place, ask Joe Gage

Kister announces run for county commissioner (2008-01-02)
Long-time local activist Chad Kister says he'll file Thursday to run for Athens County Commissioner.

Dailey to run for Cogress (2008-01-02)
Former State Agriculture Director Fred Dailey plans to make his run for Congress in Ohio's 18th District official tomorrow.

Safety officials say 'ring in 2008 with a designated driver' (2007-12-31)
Officials are urging Ohio motorists to make a safe trip into 2008.

National Guard sends 1,600 Ohio troops to Kuwait, Iraq (2007-12-31)
The U.S. military is giving the Ohio National Guard its biggest call-up since World War II this week, sending about 1,600 troops to Kuwait, with some of them going on to Iraq.

Funeral for Marshall University student (2007-12-30)
Funeral services for Marshall University student Leah Hickman were held in her home town of Point Pleasant at the National Guard Armory yesterday.

Testing polling places (2007-12-30)
Ohio's chief elections officer says she wants to use the March 4th primary as a test of her plan to replace schools, churches and other neighborhood polling places with a smaller number of more centralized voting centers.

OU health program expands with federal funds (2007-12-30)
One Ohio University health program will now be able to expand in Southeastern Ohio thanks to federal funds.

Space questions VA's feasibility plan (2007-12-29)
Congressman Zack Space is calling a veteran's feasibility study an injustice.

Missing child advisory (2007-12-29)
The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is looking for a child believed to be in danger.

Fish program receives federal funds (2007-12-28)
More than half a million dollars coming from the federal government will help keep an Ohio aquaculture research program a float.

State Representative announces candidacy (2007-12-28)
State Representative Dan Dodd has announced he'll seek a second term in the 91st Ohio House District.

Goldsberry seeks re-election (2007-12-28)
Athens County Common Pleas Court Judge Alan Goldsberry is seeking another term.

OU to pay former student in sexual harassment settlement (2007-12-28)
Ohio University will pay $225,000 to a former student who said the school dragged its heels when she accused an art professor of sexual harassment.

New year, new mayor in Athens (2007-12-28)
It's out with the old and in with the new times two in Athens.

Deputy sheriff, wife investigated for child endangerment (2007-12-27)
A Washington County Deputy Sheriff and his wife are being investigated on child endangerment charges.

Athens man found dead in Wayne National Forest (2007-12-27)
Sheriff Larry Mincks says 76-year-old Jack Rosser from Athens was found dead in the Wayne National Forest last night.

Scioto County man charged with aggravated murder (2007-12-27)
Scioto County Sheriff Marty Donini says aggravated murder, aggravated burglary and tampering with evidence charges have now been filed against Ray Heid of Pike County.

Columbus man charged with Christmas day kidnapping (2007-12-27)
A Columbus man has been charged in Ross County with three counts of kidnapping.

Appalachian coal production slows (2007-12-27)
The latest federal figures show U.S. coal production dipped slightly this year.

Two southeast Ohio groups get money for AIDS patients (2007-12-27)
Two southeast Ohio agencies are among six organizations in the state sharing more than $1 million in grants for AIDS patients.

Ross County dispute leads to gun threats, arrests (2007-12-26)
In Ross County, three men were arrested after a dispute that led to threats involving a gun.

State Auditor concerned with South Point grants (2007-12-26)
State Auditor Mary Taylor says "serious concerns" regarding South Point Local School District's management of federal grant funds "is a recurring issue and should be addressed and corrected."

As credit card debt piles up, know your credit history (2007-12-26)
Unpaid credit card bills are piling up in a nation seemingly obsessed with plastic.

Jackson County former dog warden under investigation (2007-12-26)
The Jackson County Board of Commissioners has turned its former dog warden in for investigation after an audit report released Monday.

Ohio's Charlie Wilson weighs in on Texas's Charlie Wilson (2007-12-26)
The movie "Charlie Wilson's War" depicts the efforts of Congressman Charlie Wilson of Texas and Congressman Charlie Wilson of Ohio helps people sort out their Charlie Wilson's.

Funeral date set for Marshall University student (2007-12-26)
Funeral arrangements are set for a Marshall University student whose body was found in a crawl space at her apartment building last week.

Gahanna man kills himself with deputies in pursuit (2007-12-24)
The Muskingum County coroner identified Jesse Veach as the man who killed himself after allegedly shooting his estranged wife Saturday night at her home in Gahanna.

Fire leaves Lawrence County family homeless (2007-12-24)

Man driving tractor dies in car crash (2007-12-24)

Scioto County shooting suspect turns himself in after two days in the woods (2007-12-24)
A West Portsmouth man suspected in a murder turned himself in to the sheriff's office over the weekend.

House fire near Scioto County line results in injuries (2007-12-24)

OU plans airport projects (2007-12-24)
Ohio University Airport is planning a series of projects that its director says will make it safer and more accessible.

Chillicothe City Council holds emergency meeting (2007-12-21)
Chillicothe City Council used a brief emergency meeting Thursday to approve a pay raise ordinance on a 7-1 vote.

Scioto County Police look for shooting suspect (2007-12-21)
Police in Scioto County are investigating a murder in West Portsmouth, and they're looking for Scott Heid.

Monroe Sheriff's Department gets funding for safety upgrades (2007-12-21)
Monroe County Sheriff Tim Price is surprised but happy after hearing that his department will soon be getting $70,500 from the Federal Government.

State gives money to southern Ohio (2007-12-20)
Five volunteer fire departments in southern Ohio are getting money from the state to upgrade equipment.

New Athens teacher contract (2007-12-20)
The Athens City Schools Board tonight is expected to approve a new contract with district teachers.

Ariel Theater asks community for help (2007-12-20)
The Ariel Theater in Gallipolis needs help keeping the lights on and the heater running.

Stewart seeks another term as judge (2007-12-20)
Athens County Probate and Juvenile court judge Robert Stewart has announced that he will seek another term.

Athens County's good finances get award from the state (2007-12-20)
The state of Ohio is recognizing Athens County for a good financial track record.

Kelly puts his hat in the ring for Athens County Sheriff (2007-12-20)
If running as an Independent for Athens County Sheriff doesn't work, try throwing your hat in as a Democrat. Patrick Kelly of The Plains filed petitions of candidacy today seeking the Democratic nomination.

Kelly puts bid in for Athens County Sheriff (2007-12-20)
If running as an Independent for Athens County Sheriff doesn't work, try throwing your hat in as a Democrat. Patrick Kelly of The Plains filed petitions of candidacy today seeking the Democratic nomination.

Government releases money for coal mine clean-ups in region (2007-12-19)
The federal government is releasing $274 million to clean up abandoned coal mine sites that are posing a threat to the public and the environment.

South Point fire ruled arson (2007-12-19)
The State Fire Marshal's Office has ruled arson in a fire that left two families homeless in Lawrence County.

Mid-East gets $3 million from state (2007-12-19)
The State Controlling Board has just released $3 million to the Mid-East Career and Technology Center.

Zanesville mayor says police chief is staying (2007-12-19)
The mayor of Zanesville says there will be plenty of changes to the city's police department in the wake of federal drug charges against three police officers

Space claims credit for ARC amendment (2007-12-18)
Congressman Zack Space says the House last night passed legislation that increases funding to the Appalachian Regional Commission, which provides assistance to our area for economic development and public works projects.

District property assessment postponed (2007-12-18)
As we reported last week, a planned assessment on property owners in 18 Ohio counties has been put on hold.

Breaking the news on deadly accidents (2007-12-18)
Approximately 1100 people have been killed on Ohio roadways so far this year...which means about that same number of times, somebody has had to make a very difficult visit to the home of the next of kin.

City Council passes percent for art measure (2007-12-18)
In the future, if Athens spends $1 million on a building project, the city will also spend $10,000 on art for the project.

City Council adopts new budget at year's end meeting (2007-12-18)
Athens City Council held its last meeting of the year last night, voting to adopt a new budget.

Space visits district to address hunger problem (2007-12-18)
Congressman Zack Space was in his Southeast Ohio District yesterday to get a first hand look at the hunger problem.

Parkersburg man accused of murdering wife (2007-12-18)
A Parkersburg man is accused of killing his wife at their home.

Nelsonville City Council votes for levy on primary ballot (2007-12-18)
Nelsonville City Council voted last night to put a 1.8 mill levy on the ballot for the 2008 primary.

Abel, Hunter, council members honored at final City Council meeting (2007-12-18)
"It was fun." With those three words, Athens Mayor Ric Abel acknowledged the applause and appreciation of City Council last night.

Wilson votes for bill with $6 million for Ohio River Valley (2007-12-18)
Democrat Charlie Wilson says the $516 billion Omnibus Appropriations bill contains more than six million dollars for his Ohio River Valley congressional district.

Crash kills Oak Hill man, injures three others (2007-12-17)
Four Oak Hill residents were involved in a crash on State Route 93 in Jackson County yesterday morning, a crash which left one man dead.

ACTC breaks enrollment record (2007-12-16)
The Ashland Community and Technical College in Ashland, Ky. has set another record in enrollment.

Ohio University building large animal research building (2007-12-16)
Construction is underway on a large animal research facility at Ohio University.

Ohio Supreme Court asked to review disclosure rules (2007-12-16)
The Ohio Supreme Court is being asked to take a new look at court rules on how much information prosecutors are required to turn over to defense attorneys.

New report: Many lose homes, lives while waiting for disability benefits (2007-12-16)
A new report finds that many people in the region have lost their homes while waiting to receive Social Security disability benefits.

MWCD assessment stopped (2007-12-15)
The state legislature has stopped the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District from implementing a 200 million dollar assessment for a major building program.

Drug store owner accused of filling illegal Internet prescriptions (2007-12-14)
The owner of a Nelsonville drug store says he did not violate state pharmacy laws.

One person still at large after Perry County ATM theft (2007-12-14)
Perry County authorities are searching for a second suspect in the theft of an A-T-M machine from a private club last night.

Ironton gets $400K for downtown revitalization (2007-12-14)
Ironton is getting a $400,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Development to improve its downtown area.

Commission narrows Nelsonville police chief applications (2007-12-14)
The Nelsonville Civil Service Commission screened applications for the city's vacant police chief position Thursday night.

Man changes plea to OU library incident (2007-12-13)
A former Ohio University student has pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of persistent disorderly conduct.

Bill to help transfer soldiers' medical records (2007-12-13)
A Southeast Ohio Congressman is hoping a new piece of legislation will make sure two different government agencies communicate better when it comes to the medical records of American soldiers.

Curbing diabetes (2007-12-13)
Recent studies show that just about one out of every ten people in Appalachian Ohio is struggling with diabetes and now a new piece of federal legislation is attempting to help curb the disease.

Bio-Enterprise Showcase (2007-12-13)
A forum in Athens brought in businesses from all parts of the country and the world Thursday.

DHI on the move (2007-12-13)
An Athens business-owner says his company is making the transition into the old McBee Building in Athens.

Economy bouncing back in Morgan County (2007-12-12)
After years of decline, Morgan County may be poised for an economic comeback.

Pomeroy kidnapper still at large (2007-12-12)
A Meigs County woman and two children were found in Columbus last night and police are still looking for her boyfriend, who allegedly abducted them.

Strouds Run panic charges dismissed (2007-12-12)
A Millfield man is no longer charged with being the person responsible for the closing of Strouds Run State Park beach one day last summer.

Beautiful Town (2007-12-12)
A sixteen-year-old Wellston girl has helped put her town's name back on the map.

Chauncey drug case lawsuit settled (2007-12-12)
Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren has resolved a dispute with Chauncey over a drug case.

Kane runs for sheriff in Athens County (2007-12-12)
Stephen Kane today declared his candidacy for Athens County Sheriff.

Pomeroy kidnapper still at large (2007-12-12)
A Meigs County woman and two children were found in Columbus last night and police are still looking for her boyfriend, who allegedly abducted them.

Appalachian Power might agree to clean-coal plant construction cap (2007-12-11)
Appalachian Power might be willing to compromise on a key objection to a proposed clean-coal power plant in West Virginia.

Zanesville bridge repair delayed (2007-12-11)
The State Street Bridge in Zanesville is not going to open in January.

Steel supplier to set up shop in New Boston (2007-12-11)
An Atlanta-based steel supplier has chosen a former steel mill site in Scioto County for a distribution center.

Potty problem (2007-12-11)
The small community of Mason, West Virginia, has attracted a lot of attention because of an unusual controversy.

Regional campus plan (2007-12-11)
An Ohio University vice president says O.U. is right on track with the state's vision for the future of higher education.

License hearing for AEP's clean coal plant to begin today (2007-12-10)
The question of regulatory approval for American Electric Power Company's first so-called clean coal generating plant figures to come down to cost.

New project aims at suicide prevention (2007-12-10)
A new life and death project is taking shape in Athens, Hocking and Vinton counties.

Crawley doubles as basketball coach, motivational speaker (2007-12-10)
You may know Sylvia Crawley as a former WNBA player.

Ross County man found guilty in hit and run (2007-12-10)
A Ross County man is heading to prison for an additional six months in connection to a fatal hit and run accident in February.

Little Hocking C8 levels lower (2007-12-10)
New tests show lower levels of C-8 in the area served by Little Hocking Water Association.

Fires burn two homes in Perry County (2007-12-10)
The Red Cross is helping two families in Perry County who were burned out of their homes this morning.

Dog being retrained (2007-12-10)
A Zanesville police dog is nearly ready for action after his handler wound up in jail.

NCAA tourney benefits Athens economy (2007-12-07)
The NCAA Division One volleyball tournament hosted at Ohio University this past weekend brought in nearly $300,000 for the Athens business community.

Nonprofit treasurer faces theft charges (2007-12-07)
A former treasurer for the Moonville Rail Trail Association has been indicted for stealing from the non-profit organization.

Brown Legislation for Piketon (2007-12-07)
Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown is proposing a piece of legislation that would continue funding for the clean up of the Piketon Enrichment Plant.

New Leadership at VA Medical Center (2007-12-07)
There's a new man in charge at the Chillicothe V-A Medical center and he says big changes are in store.

ESPN-U lets college reporters contribute (2007-12-07)
Calling games on an ESPN network will no longer be just a fantasy for college journalism students.

Icy roads cancel schools (2007-12-06)
Dangerous road conditions have forced the closing of schools in the Athens area today.

Brown not happy with mortgage plan (2007-12-06)
President Bush is announcing a private-sector plan to help many thousands of strapped homeowners whose mortgage payments are scheduled to rise in the coming months.

Working to put out fire (2007-12-06)
Work is underway in Hocking County to put out an underground coal fire.

Athens man makes fine furniture (2007-12-06)
Steve Kropf takes great pride in creating heirloom quality furniture. In a day and age when many pieces end up on the trash heap after a few years, his tables, desks and other woodcrafted items are made to last for generations.

New Athens effort to promote business (2007-12-06)
Some people would consider Rick Batyko a magacian because of what he's done to revitalize Cleveland. Yesterday, Batyko came to Athens to share his expertise, stressing the need for a group effort

Citizens oppose Mar-Zane plans to expand (2007-12-06)
Eight people braved the snow and cold in Logan last night to attend a public hearing about a controversial quarry in Hocking County.

Deadline extended (2007-12-06)
The Athens Planning Commission has granted a deadline extension to a project that has created a rift in the community for two years.

Winter storm hits Ohio (2007-12-05)
It's a wintry Wednesday in Ohio, with snow falling throughout the state, making a mess of roads and closing schools.

Ironton man dies in crash (2007-12-05)
The Highway Patrol is investigating a two car fatal crash north of Ironton.

Ohio University leads in license income (2007-12-05)
Ohio University says it led the state in licensing income in 2006 among public colleges and universities.

Fenton Art Glass back in business (2007-12-05)
Fenton Art Glass is back in business, thanks to support from dealers and collectors.

I70 closes because of accident (2007-12-05)
Trucks collide this morning in westbound lanes in Muskingum County.

Teacher Strike Proposal (2007-12-05)
Imagine an Ohio where there is no such thing as a teacher's strike.

Local schools close (2007-12-05)
Bad weather causes school closings around the region.

Governor signs anti-poaching bill (2007-12-04)
A bill that increases penalties for poaching wildlife in Ohio will become state law in 90 days.

Ohio deer-gun season kills down 9 percent (2007-12-04)
Ohio deer hunters took more than 103,000 deer during the week long deer-gun season.

Payne Announces For Commissioner (2007-12-04)
A former mayor of Albany is now running for Athens County Commissioner.

Abel and Wiehl give 2008 budget for first reading (2007-12-04)
Athens Mayor Ric Abel says he and mayor-elect Paul Wiehl have been working together on a 2008 city budget.

Fraud Indictment (2007-12-04)
A Washington County woman was indicted on five counts of wire fraud and three counts of filing false income tax returns Tuesday.

Area companies offered loans and tax credits (2007-12-04)
With low interest loans and tax credits, the state is helping four companies in our region.

Historical sites up for grabs (2007-12-04)
20 Ohio historical sites are up for grabs now that the state is looking for local groups to take over ownership including six in our region.

Department of Transportation opens Ironton-Russel Bridge bids (2007-12-03)
The Ohio Department of Transportation says bids to rehabilitate the Ironton-Russell Bridge have been opened.

Ashland tech raises $5.2 million in gifts campaign (2007-12-03)
Ashland Community and Technical College has closed its first major gifts campaign with an announcement of $5.2 million raised for program enhancements and student scholarships.

OU student manages online election paper (2007-12-03)
Ohio University student Meghan Louttit is an online journalism major who is not content with learning only from books and classes.

Columbus man dies in Morgan County crash (2007-12-03)
The Highway Patrol says alcohol and drugs are suspected as factors in a fatal car crash on Saturday night.

Water Expansion Controversy (2007-12-03)
Plans to expand a water district in the region may be off.

New Chauncey Mayor (2007-12-01)
The results of the recount are in and the mayor of Chauncey has been decided.

Bids open (2007-12-01)
The Ohio Department of Transportation says bids to rehabilitate the Ironton-Russell Bridge have been opened.

Rail running again (2007-12-01)
Rail service is running and all roads are open after Wednesday's train derailment near Albany.

Bottled Water Continues (2007-12-01)
People who've been getting free bottled water from duPont because of the C-8 controversy will CONTINUE to get it, at least for a while, but they'll have to get their money back from the chemical company.

Athens County arrests (2007-12-01)
The Athens County Sheriff's office says it arrested two men at gunpoint Friday afternoon at their trailers in Guysville.

Athens County woman and dog compete (2007-11-30)
Athens County may soon lay claim to being the home of a champion.

Mid-East gets school construction grant (2007-11-30)
The Mid-East Career and Technology Centers in Muskingum County is getting over 20 million dollars in state money for school construction.

Ohio University, Washington State sign transfer agreement (2007-11-30)
An agreement between Ohio University and Washington State Community College will make it easier for more students to finish their degrees at O-U.

Belpre chemical plant closes (2007-11-30)
A company is shutting down its southeast Ohio plant that produces the plastic used in packaging such as the jewel cases for compact discs.

Little Hocking water still shows C8 levels, water association says (2007-11-30)
The Little Hocking Water Association says C-8 remains in its water and DuPont should not stop providing bottled water to customers in the district.

11 southeastern Ohio newspapers sold (2007-11-29)
A media company in the Cincinnati area is selling 11 newspapers in southeastern Ohio.

OU gets research money (2007-11-29)
Ohio University is teaming up with several leaders in the aerospace industry to work on new technology for military airplanes and spacecraft.

Retirement project hits snag (2007-11-29)
There's another chapter unfolding in the seemingly never ending saga of National Church Residences' Athens retirement center project.

New boat launch (2007-11-28)
The Wayne National Forest is set to receive money today from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for a new boat launch.

Coal cars derail in Athens County (2007-11-28)
Tons of coal lay strewn on the ground in southern Athens County today. Several cars from a Norfolk Southern train derailed this morning near Albany.

Bebb arraigned for murder (2007-11-28)
An Athens man accused of killing his father is now being held on a $1 million bond after his arraignment this morning in Athens County Common Pleas Court.

Athens train wreck (2007-11-28)
The Athens County Sheriff's Office says there's been a train wreck south of Athens -- near Hebardsville.

Stabbing case bound over (2007-11-28)
A Grove City man is being held on a $50,000 bond for allegedly stabbing an Ohio University student earlier this month after an argument.

Train clean-up could take days (2007-11-28)
Cleaning up the mess from a train derailment in Athens County could take three to four days.

Rail trail project moves ahead (2007-11-28)
What used to be a railroad that ran from Marietta to Cincinnati is now the Moonville Rail Trail in Athens and Vinton counties.

More new deer hunters this year (2007-11-27)
The Ohio Division of Wildlife says more first-time hunters are going after a deer this year.

Guernsey on top (2007-11-27)
Guernsey County is tops when it comes to gun-deer hunting season.

Ohio University announces emergency Web site (2007-11-27)
Ohio University has just announced a new emergency-information Web site and a call-in number.

Belpre Levy Still Fails (2007-11-27)
The number of votes changed but the result stayed the same. The Belpre School levy failed.

Police search for suspect in stabbing (2007-11-27)

Chillicothe Correctional names new warden (2007-11-27)
Chillicothe-area resident Robin Knab is the new warden at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution.

Portsmouth Audit (2007-11-27)
The city of Portsmouth's 2006 fiscal year audit shows city officials aren't following strict policies and procedures implemented by the state of Ohio.

Athens auditor to run for state rep (2007-11-26)
Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson is expected to announce a run for state representative today.

OU prof studies cyberbullying (2007-11-26)
An Ohio University professor who's studied teenage internet harassment says it's happening more and more in places where parents might not think to look.

Thompson Announces Run (2007-11-26)
There's a new name in the race for the 92nd state representative seat, but the name is not new to those in Athens County.

Teacher Academy gives teacher wanna-be's early start (2007-11-26)
High school seniors in Athens, Hocking and Perry counties interested in teaching can jump-start their careers in the Tri-County Teacher Academy.

Athens escapee captured (2007-11-26)
One of two men who were discovered missing from a mental health facility Thursday morning has been found.

Hunter Dies (2007-11-26)
A deer hunter in northeast Ohio who accidentally shot himself in the leg Monday morning has died.

Congress works to improve rural Head Start (2007-11-26)
Congressman Zack Space's plan to expand and strengthen rural Head Start programs has passed the House and Senate.

Police search for escaped Athens County inmate (2007-11-23)
An Athens County man is one of two men who escaped from a mental-health facility yesterday morning.

Grants help fund broadband for healthcare in rural Ohio (2007-11-23)
More than $25 million in grants is heading to rural Ohio to help develop high speed broadband internet access in hopes of bolstering the region's telemedicine.

Public Hearing for Hocking County gravel mine expansion (2007-11-23)
Opponents of an expansion of a sand-and-gravel mine in Hocking County will have a chance to voice their concerns on the project in a few weeks.

General Mills in Wellston earns Healthy Ohio award (2007-11-23)
Twenty-two Ohio businesses are being recognized by the state for what they do to help promote the health of their employees.

Stores open early on "Black Friday" (2007-11-23)
For eager holiday shoppers, "Black Friday" dawned a little earlier this morning.

Settlement reached (2007-11-21)
A Fairfield County motorcycle and ATV dealer has agreed to pay 70-thousand dollars in costs and civil penalties - for violating Ohio's consumer protection laws.

Belpre Levy Still Fails (2007-11-21)
They've narrowed the margin but officials in the Belpre City School district are still on the losing end of the vote.

Athens County drug case (2007-11-20)
Athens County authorities say they've stopped the sale of prescription drugs at a home located near an elementary school.

New Mayor in Chauncey (2007-11-20)
There's a new mayor in Chauncey, who won by the skin of her teeth.

New book from Helitzer (2007-11-20)
Funny man Mel Helitzer has done it again. The Ohio University professor with six books to his name has come out with a seventh.

Hino rolls out first truck (2007-11-20)
The first truck has rolled off the assembly line at Hino Motors Manufacturing's Williamstown plant.

High tech jobs grant for region (2007-11-20)
The United States Department of Labor is putting up $5 million to train people in interactive digital technology in the Appalachian Ohio region.

Jonathan Bebb Indicted for Aggravated Murder (2007-11-19)
An Athens man accused of killing his father has been indicted on a charge of aggravated murder.

Long ride for woman equestrian (2007-11-19)
Author rides horseback from Argentina to New York.

OU students talk religion. (2007-11-19)
The Difficult Dialogues Project involves getting people to talk with each other about religion.

Space calls for border crackdown (2007-11-19)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Zack Space is calling for tougher enforcement against illegal immigrants coming from Mexico.

State Auditor says the city of Wellston has big financial woes (2007-11-19)
The state auditor is questioning whether a Jackson County city can continue operating.

Man shot in Portsmouth (2007-11-19)

Man hospitalized in stabbing incident (2007-11-19)
A Grove City man has been charged with felonious assault after a Saturday night fight in Athens.

Theater fire ruled arson (2007-11-19)

Services Changed? (2007-11-18)
A rule proposed by Governor Strickland's administration would limit some specialized services for disabled children who are eligible for Medicaid payments.

Hocking College official charged in prescription drug scandal (2007-11-16)
The chairman of the Hocking College Board of Trustees is being charged with illegally filling hundreds of orders for prescription drugs over the Internet.

Point Pleasant student death possible medical condition (2007-11-16)
Authorities in Point Pleasant, West Virginia believe a medical condition may have killed a teenage boy whose body was found outside the Mason County Courthouse Tuesday.

Chillicothe Board of Education settlement agreement (2007-11-16)
The Chillicothe Board of Education has approved a settlement agreement with former director of personnel Lawrence Butler for about $30,000.

Gallia County fugitive apprehended in Mexico (2007-11-16)
A Gallia county man wanted for trying to kill his ex-girlfriend is found hiding out in Mexico.

Hocking College Energy Institute (2007-11-16)
It was cold, rainy, and windy yesterday but Hocking College Board of Trustees bember Dick Brandt called it a "BEAUTIFUL" day.

Mid-Ohio Valley drug bust at medical waste disposal facility (2007-11-16)
Authorities in the Mid-Ohio Valley have made a major drug bust in connection to the theft of more than 250-thousand pills from a medical waste disposal facility.

Fairfield County kidnapping charges (2007-11-16)
A Fairfield County man is facing kidnapping charges after a fight turned into a hostage situation early Friday morning.

Ironton downtown revitalization plan (2007-11-16)
The city of Ironton is moving forward with its downtown revitalization plan.

Problems with Athens Flood Plain Task Force (2007-11-15)
Athens Mayor Ric Abel says there may be a down side to new proposals from the Athens Flood Plain Task Force.

Underground fire at Wayne National Forest (2007-11-15)
An underground coal fire has shut down a five acre section of the Wayne National Forest in Hocking County!

Parkersburg bridge to open in spring (2007-11-15)
A bridge that will allow U-S Route 50 traffic to bypass Parkersburg now is scheduled to open next spring.

High School student dead in Point Pleasant (2007-11-15)
A grisly discovery has police in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, asking a lot of questions...but not getting many answers.

Holzer Layoffs (2007-11-15)
A Gallipolis health center is eliminating 51 positions.

33 Accident (2007-11-15)
A portion of 33 is shut down after a two car accident.

Lawrence County receives loan from EPA (2007-11-15)
Lawrence County is receiving a $25 million loan from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Homemade explosives in Gallia County (2007-11-15)
In Gallia County, the sheriff's department says three people reported their mailboxes were blown up yesterday afternoon.

Oxycontin drug bust (2007-11-14)
The Scioto County Sheriff's Department made a drug bust last night at a rest area on U-S 23 near Lucasville.

Athens Flood Plain Task Force reports (2007-11-14)
The Athens Flood Plain Task Force says the city had better impose tougher regulations or suffer the consequences -- disastrous flooding.

House passes Space's broadband bill (2007-11-14)
A Southeast Ohio congressman's quest to bring broadband internet to Appalachia is taking a small step forward.

Trimble Teacher's license revoked (2007-11-14)
The teaching license of a former Trimble Local School District teacher has been permanently revoked by the state board of education.

Hocking College Energy Institute ground breaking (2007-11-14)
Hocking College will break ground tomorrow for the college's new Energy Institute.

Lancaster writer publishes book on bullying (2007-11-14)
Tami McCandlish was a happy teenager whose life took a definite turn for the worse when she became a victim of girl-on-girl bullying.

Glacial Relic protected in Jackson County (2007-11-13)
A relic of Ohio's glacial past is now protected for future generations.

Athens County Historical Society and Museum photos (2007-11-13)
When people visit the Athens County Historical Society and Museum, they often ask about the collection of photographs.

Glacial Relic protected in Jackson County (2007-11-13)
A relic of Ohio's glacial past is now protected for future generations.

Nelsonville plan approved (2007-11-13)
The Nelsonville Comprehensive and Economic Plan was approved last night.

Buchtel pays state almost $3,000 (2007-11-13)
Buchtel has paid the state nearly three thousand dollars that auditors said was due from court fees assessed to defendants.

Change of Venue? (2007-11-13)
Prosecutors want to move the next trial of Edward Mahony (MANNY) out of Athens.

New Hearing (2007-11-13)
A Muskingum County woman whose driver's license was suspended for two years after being convicted of killing two people in a motorcycle accident, wants some of her driving privileges back.

Two Southeast Ohio Places Added to National Historic Register (2007-11-13)
Two Southeast Ohio places have joined the ranks of the Hoover Dam and the Empire State Building.

Court rules for Coates Run (2007-11-12)
A proposed Southside Athens apartment complex is in the clear.

Past, present coal miners sought for registry (2007-11-12)
Miners registray being compiled by Little Cities of Black Diamond.

OU goes after state dollars (2007-11-12)
Ohio University has its eyes on 250 million dollars the state plans to spend on science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medical programs.

Trimble teacher gives up license (2007-11-12)
The Ohio Board of Education will talk Tuesday about a former Trimble Local School District teacher who allegedly had sexual contact with a student.

Preparing men for fatherhood (2007-11-12)
Before soldiers can serve in the Army, they must first attend boot camp. Now, in Zanesville, there is new type of boot camp -- one for future dads.

House burned in Nelsonville (2007-11-12)
Firefighters are saying a nearly one-hundred-year-old house in Nelsonville caught fire yesterday because of a faulty chimney.

Waterloo man sentanced to prison (2007-11-09)
A Waterloo man is going to prison for five years for a drunk driving accident that killed his wife.

Athens County receives USDA grant (2007-11-09)
Athens County may be on the verge of a business boom.

Morgan County receives grant (2007-11-09)
Morgan County gets a half million dollars to help a new company set up shop in Malta!

New OU poll on education, security (2007-11-09)
Ohioans weighed in on topics ranging from the importance of higher education to illegal immigration in a recent survey conducted by Ohio University's Scripps Survey Research Center.

Strickland Endorsement (2007-11-09)
Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland endorsed Hillary Clinton for president Friday, saying she would be the best candidate to win the race and represent Ohioans' interests in the White House.

A plan to keep Lake Snowden viable (2007-11-09)
Hocking College has come up with a plan to maintain Lake Snowden as a public recreational resource for camping, fishing, hiking and picnicking.

Vinton joins jail group (2007-11-09)
The Southeast Ohio Regional Jail will now take prisoners from a fifth county.

Bebb evaluation says competent (2007-11-09)
A psychiatrist reports Jonathan Bebb IS competent to stand trial for the alleged murder of his father.

Millions for area water projects (2007-11-09)
Several million dollars for water projects will be coming to Southeast Ohio thanks to a veto override yesterday (Thursday) in Washington.

Millions for area water projects (2007-11-09)
Several million dollars for water projects will be coming to Southeast Ohio thanks to a veto override yesterday in Washington.

Athens Jury unable to reach verdict (2007-11-09)
An Athens County Municipal Court jury could not reach a verdict in the menacing and ethnic intimidation trial of Edward Mahoney.

Belpre still tallying provisional votes from election (2007-11-08)
In Belpre, 40 provisional votes have not been added-in yet...so the school district's levy loss Tuesday could yet be a win.

OU lab simulates potential critical incidents (2007-11-08)
Ohio University's School of Telecommunications will use the virtual world to help keep the real world safe.

New Lexington Levy fails (2007-11-08)
They gave it the old college try in New Lexington but officials there fell short in their effort to pass a levy Tuesday....which means plans for a new fire station will have to wait.

Fatal crash kills Vincent woman (2007-11-08)
A car crash last night has left an elderly Vincent woman dead.

Zanesville woman finally identified after fatal accident (2007-11-08)
Authorities in eastern Ohio's Muskingum County say they've identified a woman whose body was found on Interstate 70 earlier this week.

Guernsey County Election Results (2007-11-07)
There are two new mayor-elects and a school district won't be seeing additional money in Guernsey County after Tuesday's election.

Athens County Election Results (2007-11-07)
For the first time in 12 years the city of Athens will have a new mayor but a democrat will still hold the office.

Election results from Athens (2007-11-07)
Paul Wiehl and Pat Lang are winners in the City of Athens.

Washington County Election Results (2007-11-07)
In Washington County, incumbent mayor Michael Mullen of Marietta wins by a landslide over his independent opponents, Chris Hansis and Richard Hudson, 2,088 to 891 and 320 respectively.

Athens election: Hunter is out and Lang is in (2007-11-07)
For the first time in 12 years the city of Athens will have a new mayor but a democrat will still hold the office.

Woman Identified (2007-11-07)
The Muskingum County Sheriff's Office has identified the woman killed on Interstate 70 Monday night.

Athens County Election Results (2007-11-07)
For the first time in 12 years the city of Athens will have a new mayor but a democrat will still hold the office.

Hocking County Election Results (2007-11-07)
The incumbents ruled in Hocking County in all three races.

Ross County Election Results (2007-11-07)
It was a big night for Incumbent candidates in the Ross County election.

Perry County Election Results (2007-11-07)
In Perry County, voters decided to renew a New Lexington City School district 3 mill levy.

Marietta man pleads guilty to year-old hit and run (2007-11-07)
A Marietta man indicted for a wreck that killed a pedestrian more than a year ago entered a guilty plea yesterday in court.

Muskingum County Election Results (2007-11-07)
In the City of Zanesville mayoral race, Democrat Incumbent Howard Zwelling beat out Randy Case with 3,104 votes to only 638 votes.

Belmont County Election Results (2007-11-07)
Voters in the Bridgeport School District have renewed a four mill tax levy.

Athens sewer bill increase (2007-11-06)
Athens residents -- your sewer bill is going up.

New rhinos at The Wilds (2007-11-06)
The folks at The Wilds are all smiles over their new babies.

Zuni Indian fetishes (2007-11-06)
Many American Indians believe fetishes holds magical powers.

Chillicothe election law complaint (2007-11-06)
The Ohio Elections Commission is moving ahead with a complaint of election law violations in the Chillicothe Mayoral race.

Columbus man works to save Timber Rattler from extinction (2007-11-05)
Most people run the other way when they see a Timber Rattlesnake.

More money for mentors (2007-11-05)
Students at three Athens County high schools are getting the chance to be positive role models to sixth graders in their districts.

Trooper is first to die in line of duty since 1999 (2007-11-04)
A State Police trooper from Charles Town has become the first to die in the line of duty in West Virginia in more than eight years.

Miami University students' prosecutions dropped in train death (2007-11-04)
The prosecutions of three of the five Miami University students charged with helping an underage student get drunk before she was struck and killed by a freight train were dropped.

Rolling Hills School District Looking to Pass a New Tax Levy (2007-11-02)
If at first you don't succeed - try, try again - and throw in a little bit of a twist.

New filtration system in Little Hocking Water Association (2007-11-02)
The Little Hocking Water Association announced today the start up of a new filtration system to remove C-8.

Skeletal Remains Discovered (2007-11-02)
The skeletal remains found in Perry County over the weekend have been identified.

New Rhino Born at The Wilds (2007-11-02)
As of yesterday, the Wilds has not one but TWO new baby rhinos...

McConnelsville welcomes home Ohio Soldiers (2007-11-01)
It was a Happy Homecoming yesterday for nearly 200 Ohio Soldiers .

Pizza Recall (2007-11-01)
3.3 million pounds of frozen meat pizza products made in Jackson County are being recalled because they may be linked to an outbreak of E-coli in several states.

Another Evaluation (2007-11-01)
A second mental evaluation will be conducted on the Ohio University graduate student accused of killing his father, a retired history professor.

New student numbers at O-U (2007-11-01)
Updated fall quarter figures show Ohio University's overall student enrollment is up from last year.

Mayoral debate in Athens (2007-10-31)
One week before the election, the candidates for Athens mayor pitched their ideas about governing the city.

Ohio Supreme Court dismisses Massillon woman's lawsuit (2007-10-31)
Yes, the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District's Conservancy Court was legally created by the Ohio General Assembly.

Interim dean at OU's Eastern Campus (2007-10-31)
A new dean has been named to head Ohio University's Eastern campus.

New county may join regional jail (2007-10-31)
The Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail may be adding one more county to its service area.

FOX News Chairman makes major contribution to OU (2007-10-31)
FOX News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes is giving back to his alma mater.

Skeleton in Perry County (2007-10-30)
A human skeleton has been found in Perry County. According to a release from the Sheriff's Department, the bones were found Sunday afternoon in a wooded area near Glenford.

Circleville fugitive found guilty of traffic accident (2007-10-30)
A Circleville man has been found guilty of aggravated vehicular homicide and aggravated vehicular assault in Ross County.

Fairfield County Escape (2007-10-30)
A burglary suspect in Fairfield County was able to escape from a Sheriff's cruiser by simply opening the window.

Autopsy on skeletal remains (2007-10-30)
The Franklin County Coroner's office needs the help of an anthropologist to identify skeletal remains found in Perry County over the weekend.

Fatal crash on Route 62 (2007-10-30)
Police say speed was a factor in a deadly accident in Jackson County, West Virginia.

Miami University student in critical condition (2007-10-29)
A Miami University student was last reported in serious condition after sustaining head injuries while visiting Ohio University over the weekend.

Youthbuild program helps at risk teens (2007-10-29)
The Youthbuild program comes by its name honestly.

Multi-agency drug crackdown (2007-10-29)
519 people were charged with a crime as a result of a state and local multi-agency drug crackdown on roads in Washington and Athens Counties this weekend.

Fossils in Athens County (2007-10-29)
Ever find a rock that looked like it might be a fossil?

Fatal crash in Meigs County (2007-10-29)
A man is dead and the Highway Patrol is trying to figure out what happened and who was driving.

Athens peacemaker in Iraq (2007-10-29)
Peggy Gish is in Iraq again. The Athens County woman plans to spend four months working in the northern part of the country.

Marietta man recieves Jenco Award (2007-10-29)
Henry Burke is a teacher, lecturer and historian. He's also an award winner.

Halloween weekend numbers (2007-10-28)
The Halloween weekend is here at last, and the Athens Police Department reports that officers made only 12 arrests Friday night, something police say is nothing out of the ordinary for a Friday night.

Halloween arrests Saturday (2007-10-28)
Athens police are reporting that Saturday night's Halloween crowd seemed smaller and mellower than previous years and that people were wearing more costumes.

Phillips to run for state representative (2007-10-26)
Debbie Phillips is making another stab at state politics.

Jobs versus environment for Meigs County (2007-10-26)
Meigs County is playing host to a contentious jobs-versus-environment debate.

Average Crop Revenue Program (2007-10-26)
Ohio U-S Senator Sherrod Brown is singing the praises of the 2007 Farm Bill, which was voted out of committee yesterday.

Athens plan for Halloween lawbreakers (2007-10-26)
With the annual Halloween celebration being held in Athens this weekend, law enforcement has geared up with a new plan for law breakers.

College tuition freeze (2007-10-25)
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Ohio's public universities are living up to an agreement with lawmakers to hold the line on tuition.

Halloween help in Athens (2007-10-25)
There will be a lot of law enforcement officials in Athens this Halloween weekend - because the city is welcoming them to help manage the annual street party.

Inmate Suicide (2007-10-25)
A Ross County Jail inmate has been found dead in his cell.

Officer charged with illegal conveyance of drugs (2007-10-25)
On Tuesday we reported that Linda Muenick of Glouster had been arrested at the Pickaway Correctional Institution in Circleville for illegal conveyance of drugs into a detention facility.

Athens costume business busted (2007-10-25)
An Athens business is in trouble for allegedly selling cosmetic contact lenses without a license.

Former Zanesville Officer Indicted (2007-10-25)
A federal grand jury has indicted a police officer accused of conspiring to rob a drug dealer of two pounds of cocaine and sell it for profit.

Fatal accident in Scioto County (2007-10-25)
A Franklin Furnace man is dead after a car accident in Scioto County Thursday morning.

Athens County Man Shot (2007-10-25)
A shooting death with drug overtones in Athens County.

Vinton County Drowning (2007-10-25)
An elderly woman was found dead in a pond behind her home in Vinton County this morning.

Athens Red Cross helps out (2007-10-25)
Thanks to calmer winds, some progress is being made on the front lines of the battle against the southern California wildfires.

OU Eastern Campus Dean Resigns (2007-10-25)
The dean of Ohio University's Eastern campus is stepping down.

Mulch Fire (2007-10-24)
Firefighters this morning were still fighting a mulch fire in Lawrence County that was continuing to spread.

Athens City Council Forum (2007-10-24)
A pair of candidates for at-large seats on Athens City Council strongly disagree about how the city should grow economically.

Mercury thermometer recycling in Belmont County (2007-10-24)
A Belmont county hospital is getting some money from the state to recycle its mercury thermometers.

Nelsonville better for business (2007-10-24)
With the Nelsonville bypass in the works, business owners say the city's new Comprehensive and Economic plan will be implemented just in time.

Hocking College President speaks out (2007-10-24)
John Light is speaking out in defense of allegations of misspending at Hocking College.

Possible chemical leak in Worthington (2007-10-23)
Schools are closing and evacuations are being carried out in and around Greenup County, Kentucky.

14-year-old overdoses on methadone (2007-10-23)
A 14-year-old girl was charged yesterday with providing a fatal dose of pain pills to a fellow Logan High School freshman.

Space sends letter for Jackson Metals (2007-10-23)
More than a dozen workers at a plant in Jackson are on a temporary layoff and a Southeast Ohio Congressman wants to speed up the process to get them back to work.

Nelsonville Comprehensive and Economic Plan (2007-10-23)
The Nelsonville Comprehensive and Economic Plan was just an idea back in 2003.

All clear after chemical leak (2007-10-23)
Stay-indoors advisory lifted in southern Ohio county

Hit and run enters not guilty plea (2007-10-23)
The Kentucky woman accused of hitting and killing a man while driving under the influence last week is pleading not guilty.

Wellhead protection ordinance (2007-10-23)
In an effort to keep the city's drinking water safe, Athens City Councilmembers adopted a wellhead protection ordinance.

Prosecutor reacts to case (2007-10-23)
The Hocking County Prosecutor says the death of a Logan High School freshman due to a drug overdose caused him to have an important conversation with his own child.

Athens is thinking green (2007-10-22)
Thanks in no small part to Al Gore and his new Nobel Prize, more people are thinking green.

Childhood obesity- a growing problem (2007-10-22)
Childhood obesity is a huge problem in the United States.

Rapp Pleads (2007-10-22)
A woman has pleaded guilty to charges she destroyed letters exchanged with an inmate who escaped from a southern Ohio jail last year while awaiting a death penalty trial.

AK Steel plans expansion (2007-10-22)
AK Steel plans $180 million project at Ohio, Pennsylvania mills

OU Professor remembered (2007-10-22)
Ohio University history professor Phillip Bebb was remembered Saturday at an Athens memorial service.

A possible "Medical Amnesty" for OU (2007-10-19)
Ohio University's Student Student has passed a resolution asking O-U to explore the possibility of instituting a "medical amnesty" program.

Mother arrested in Death of child (2007-10-19)
A Bidwell woman is behind bars, charged with aggravated murder in the death of her four month old son.

OU business students to determine theater's future (2007-10-19)
Six years after Ohio University bought the Athena Theater, O-U is enlisting business students to help determine the theater's future.

Athens residents voice concerns about the Richland Avenue corridor (2007-10-18)
Athens residents had a chance give their two cents worth about the future of the Richland Avenue corridor at public meeting last night at the Dairy Barn.

Hocking teen charged in crash (2007-10-18)
A Hocking County teenager is facing charges in connection to a fatal accident in Athens County last month.

New city manager for Nelsonville (2007-10-18)
The City of Nelsonville has a new city manager.

Strickland discusses higher education (2007-10-18)
Governor Strickland talks about his plans for colleges and universities in the state of Ohio.

Jail escape (2007-10-18)
Law enforcement officers are searching in our region for a jail escapee, who is facing charges of rape and impersonating a police officer.

Athens County Search (2007-10-18)
Law enforcement officials in Athens County are looking for a man the prosecutor says the village of Chauncey let slip away.

Bridge Re-Opens (2007-10-17)
People of Portsmouth celebrated an anniversary last night.

Not guilty plea (2007-10-17)
Prosecutors say a woman accused of sneaking into a cemetery, digging up her former boyfriend's grave and removing an urn that held his ashes pleaded not guilty.

Money for Richland Ave. study approved (2007-10-17)
Athens City Council has approved spending $200,000 to study the Richland Avenue Corridor.

Shooting sentencing (2007-10-17)
In Ironton, a man will spend 18 years behind bars for killing another man.

Gettles Industrial Park addition (2007-10-16)
The State Controlling Board has approved more than $700, 000 to expand an industrial park in Wellston.

Scioto County brush fire still burning (2007-10-16)
Firefighters in Scioto County are still working to extinguish a large brush fire.

Citizens on Patrol (2007-10-16)
A Hocking College course on crime prevention and community relations will be getting a first hand look at how everyday citizens can prevent and fight crime.

Salt Fork State Park gets money (2007-10-16)
Salt Fork State Park is getting more than a quarter of a million dollars to help improve the park water system.

O.U. Computer Used to Download Child Pornography (2007-10-16)
A 22 year old has admitted to using an Ohio University computer to download child pornography.

Monroe County shooting investigation (2007-10-16)
The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says there is no threat to the public after a shooting last night on State Route 255.

Pennsylvania man arrested in internet sex case (2007-10-16)
A Pennsylvania man is facing charges in Washington County after authorities say he emailed pornographic pictures to what he thought was a 14-year old girl.

Money approved for Artco (2007-10-16)
The State of Ohio has approved a $2.5 million loan to help a company purchase and renovate the closed-down Ormet Corporation rolling mill in Monroe County.

Scioto brush fire (2007-10-15)
Firefighters are battling a large brush fire early this morning in Scioto County.

Scioto boy murdered (2007-10-15)
A Scioto County man is facing murder charges in connection with a fatal shooting yesterday.

Ravenswood plant to close (2007-10-15)
The Ravenswood Specialty Services plant will likely close its doors for good early next month.

Sheriff charged with DUI (2007-10-15)
The State Highway Patrol says the northeast Ohio Columbiana County sheriff was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after a trooper saw him weaving in and out of lanes at 81 mph.

Athens Law Director Debate (2007-10-15)
The two candidates running for Athens City Law Director don't see eye to eye on the responsibilities of the position.

Hobson to retire (2007-10-15)
Republican Congressman David Hobson of Springfield yesterday announced his retirement plans in a speech in his west-central Ohio district.

New Lexington Income Tax Proposal (2007-10-15)
Voters in New Lexington are being asked to do something they've never done before, pass an income tax proposal.

Scioto County Shooting (2007-10-15)
A farmer says he was just trying to scare two boys who stole a bale of his hay when he fired his gun at their truck, killing one.

Belmont County weapons confiscated (2007-10-15)
Belmont County authorites confiscate several assault weapons

WIlson Out of Hospital (2007-10-15)
Congressman Charlie Wilson of Ohio has been released from a Washington hospital following emergency colon surgery last week.

Scioto County Shooting (2007-10-15)
A Chillicothe boy is dead and the farmer accused of killing him says he was just trying to scare him away from his neighbor's property.

Parkersburg elementary students write, illustrate book (2007-10-14)
A group of Parkersburg elementary students have put together an illustrated children's book about a cat that lives at their school.

Athens County haunted houses forced to move by fire officials (2007-10-14)
Two haunted houses in Athens County are now haunting the great outdoors, after fire investigators discovered a variety of safety violations.

Fill dirt for sale? (2007-10-12)
It looks like J.B. Hayes may be able to put up a "fill dirt for sale" sign before too long.

Ohio University Homecoming 2007 (2007-10-12)
Ohio University Homecoming Weekend 2007 begins tonight.

Ora Anderson trail dedication (2007-10-12)
A dedication will be held tomorrow for a new nature trail at Wayne National Forest.

Athens prosecutor reacts to Cleveland school shooting (2007-10-12)
The school shooting in Cleveland two days ago has caused the Athens County's Prosecutor to make sure area schools know how to handle a similar situation.

Zanesville police officer resigns after drug scandal (2007-10-12)
One of the three Zanesville-area police officers accused of trying to steal cocaine from a drug dealer and sell it - has resigned from his job.

Possible Liquid coal plants for West Virginia (2007-10-11)
Several sites in West Virginia are being considered for a liquid coal plant.

Pick-a-Property (2007-10-11)
Ohio University has set up a website to evaluate off-campus housing in Athens.

OU students to pay for Halloweend guests (2007-10-11)
Some Ohio University students who are hosting guests this upcoming Halloween weekend will have to fork over a little cash.

Wilson recovering from surgery (2007-10-11)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Charlie Wilson is in stable condition following emergency surgery Thursday morning.

Police officer resigns (2007-10-11)
One of the three Zanesville area police officers accused of trying to steal cocaine from a drug dealer and sell it, has resigned from his job.

Athens Law Director candidates debate (2007-10-10)
Garry Hunter and Pat Lang each talked about their own strengths and the other's weaknesses at an Athens candidates forum last night.

Strickland calls on lenders to help cut foreclosures (2007-10-10)
A plan proposed by Governor Strickland yesterday would require mortgage lenders in Ohio to submit a monthly report on their efforts to restructure loan agreements with delinquent homeowners.

Greenup County Shelter-in-place order cancelled (2007-10-10)
It's now safe for some residents in Raceland, Kentucky venture outside.

State supervisor docked 1 week of vacation over data theft (2007-10-10)
The massive state data theft case is going to mean a week of lost vacation for a supervisor with the state's new payroll and accounting system.

Construction on Richland Avenue (2007-10-09)
If you drive much on Richland Avenue in Athens, you might want to mark October 17th on your calendar.

Summit at Coates Run a hot topic for City Council (2007-10-09)
If you want to start a lively debate, put the Summit at Coates Run on the agenda.

Chillicothe man to run for 18th Congressional District (2007-10-09)
The latest candidate in the race for the 18th Congressional District seat now held by the first-term Democrat, is Paul Phillips.

Fixing Marietta's budget problems (2007-10-09)
Marietta faces a potential deficit of more than $3 million by 2011. State Auditor Mary Taylor released a report today saying the city will reach the deficit if officials do not cut costs and improve efficiency.

Zanesville-area officer released (2007-10-09)
One Zanesville-area police officer accused of trying to steal cocaine from a drug dealer and sell it will be released from jail tomorrow morning - while another will stay locked up.

Athens man recieves Jenco service award (2007-10-09)
An Athens County man has received a service award acknowledging his contributions not only locally but on an international level.

Athens man sings of coal (2007-10-08)
The coal mining industry has a rich history in our region.

Tackling childhood obesity (2007-10-08)
Two big reasons why kids get really fat are physical inactivity and poor diet.

Fugitive captured (2007-10-08)
Law enforcement agents say they've caught an escaped convict from Ashland, Kentucky who was in a standoff at a suburban Pittsburgh hotel.

Russian company starts paperwork with EPA for steel mill (2007-10-08)
A Russian steel company pondering building a $1 billion steel mill in southern Ohio has asked for a permit from the state's environmental agency.

OU crime stats fall (2007-10-08)
In the past year, Ohio University has experienced a drop in crime statistics.

Federal funding for job development (2007-10-08)
The Oak Hills Bank Community Development Corporation is getting $40 million from the U.S. Department of Treasury for economic development projects.

Hocking College president investigation continues (2007-10-08)
Further investigation into Hocking College expense reports found the president has spent thousands of the college's money on travel all over the world.

Forum held to educate others about Aspergers (2007-10-07)
The Mid Ohio Valley Autism Network is holding a forum to help educate others about a seldom diagnosed condition called Aspergers.

Climate and energy workshop (2007-10-05)
Green was the color of the day yesterday at Ohio University's Baker Center, where OU sponsored climate and energy workshop.

First Lady visits Glouster (2007-10-05)
Ohio's first lady made a special visit to one Southeast Ohio school.

Personnel Plus gets new home (2007-10-05)
An Athens County employment service for individuals with disabilities has a new home.

Woodward at OU (2007-10-04)
One of the world's best-known investigative journalists says 98 percent of what happens is never reported or discovered too late, and it's the job of journalists to bring more information to the public's attention.

Investigation moves to campus (2007-10-04)
The investigation into the murder of a retired Ohio University history professor has moved on campus.

Brown: Craig should resign (2007-10-04)
Idaho Senator Larry Craig says he's staying put as a senator, but an Ohio senator thinks that's the wrong decision.

Gallia County using GPS for house arrest (2007-10-04)
One southeast Ohio county is turning to technology for safety.

Sudderth is guilty - jury (2007-10-04)
An Ironton jury has reached a verdict in the case against Isiah Suddereth -- guilty.

SCHIP veto not good -- local reaction (2007-10-04)
A split decision from Ohio's senators after Bush's veto on the State Children's Health Insurance Program yesterday.

Farm Service Agency in Perry County looking to close (2007-10-04)
Farmers in Perry County might have to travel a little more to use the Ohio Farm Service Agency. The agency is looking to close in Somerset and combine its offices to consolidate operations.

SCHIP veto will hurt Albany girl (2007-10-03)
President Bush is expected to pick up his veto pen today, and that's going to make Margaret Demko unhappy. Demko lives in Albany and is the mother of a little girl with Down Syndrome

Logan man killed in car crash (2007-10-03)
The Highway Patrol is investigating the fatal crash of a Logan man.

Woodward Speaks at Ohio University (2007-10-03)
One of the world's best-known investigative journalists says 98% of what happens is never reported or discovered too late, and it's the job of journalists to bring more information to the public's attention.

Storms sentence upheld (2007-10-03)
An appeals court has upheld an increased sentence for a convicted Athens County kidnapper.

Zanesville cops busted (2007-10-02)
Three Zanesville police officers are in jail in Columbus, accused of being involved in a cocaine drug ring.

Athens sewer rates may go up (2007-10-02)
The cost of flushing a toilet in Athens may be going up.

Athens puts out help wanted sign for police department (2007-10-02)
Athens is losing another police officer. Mayor Ric Abel told city council Monday night that an officer has just resigned, further aggravating the manpower shortage in the department..

Vote early for convenience (2007-10-02)
The Athens County Board of Elections is encouraging voters to cast their ballots early, even before election day November 6th.

OU Press book goes underground (2007-10-01)
Normally, the Ohio University Press publishes books for academics. "Under Ohio: The Story of Ohio's Rocks and Fossils" departs from that practice.

Tutoring tips for parents (2007-10-01)
From kindergarten to college, school is back in session. For most students, instruction from teachers and professors is all that's needed. But others may need a tutor.

Teachers go on strike (2007-10-01)
The school week has begun with teachers striking at a district in eastern Ohio.

Lawsuit dismissed (2007-10-01)
A U.S. District Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit an Ohio University professor of engineering brought against university leaders following an investigation into student plagiarism.

Bebb mental evaluation (2007-10-01)
The Ohio University graduate student charged with killing his father will undergo a mental evaluation.

Kudos for Athens theater group (2007-10-01)
An Athens area theater group was recently recognized for its acting at an Ohio theatre state conference.

Ethics Hotline Back (2007-09-28)
Ohio University is re-instating a telephone hotline for anonymous reporting of suspected fraud or policy violations.

New OU ad campaign (2007-09-28)
A new Ohio University advertising campaign will be all over media in Central and Southeastern Ohio soon.

Prison Art (2007-09-28)
Prisoners at a Nelsonville correctional facility are being recognized not for their crimes, but for their artistic abilities.

Fed Hock budget cuts (2007-09-28)
A plan approved yesterday will cut costs to get the Federal Hocking School District out of fiscal emergency.

Lake Snowden campground meeting (2007-09-27)
Hocking College says a target date of April 1st has been set to have camping reinstated at Lake Snowden.

Athens environmentalist protests The Summit (2007-09-27)
Athens area environmental activist Chad Kister is protesting the possibility of excavated dirt being dumped at The Ridges.

Making Athens cool (2007-09-26)
New, energy efficient light bulbs. Building renovations that include energy efficient designs and materials. These are two steps that may be in Athens' future so the city can live up to its Cool Cities promise.

Suspect charged in murder of OU professor (2007-09-26)
Athens police think they know who killed Ohio University professor Phillip Bebb.

Professor's son charged with murder (2007-09-26)
Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren says he does not want an Ohio University student released from jail after having been charged with murdering his father.

Hocking College state investigation (2007-09-26)
The Hocking College Board of Trustees met Tuesday night and not a word was said about a state criminal investigation until the meeting was nearly over.

New jobs for Morgan County (2007-09-25)
The Malta Industrial Park is getting a $750,000 low interest state loan for a project that's expected to create 40 jobs.

History professor homicide investigation (2007-09-25)
Athens police are investigating an apparent stabbing death of a semi-retired Ohio University history professor and calling it a homicide.

Sternwheelers gather on the Ohio River (2007-09-25)
Big wheels keep on turning; life is good while rolling on the river.

New OU emergency alert system (2007-09-25)
A wave of school shootings has Ohio University turning to technology to keep students safe.

Southeast OH water development projects (2007-09-25)
A report passed by the U-S Senate last night authorizes funding for several southeast Ohio water development projects.

City, university discuss Athens false alarms (2007-09-24)
Ohio University and the City of Athens are trying to deal with Athens' false alarm problem.

Death Investigation (2007-09-24)
The death of a 14 year old Logan girl has been labeled suspicious.

What's a rain garden? (2007-09-24)
If you're interested in improving local water quality and creating a beautiful area for plants outside your home, then you should try rain gardening.

Fall foliage earlier this year due to drought (2007-09-24)
Foliage watchers in southern Ohio may have to look early this year to see the trees' displays of color, thanks to the summer's hot temperatures and drought conditions.

Ohio University forms first SWAT team (2007-09-24)
The Ohio University police department has formed its first SWAT team trained to respond to specialized emergencies on campus.

New accidental death legislation (2007-09-21)
Members of the Ohio State Prosecuting Attorneys' Association are working on new accidental death legislation.

Southern Local's commendable practices (2007-09-21)
Perry County's Southern Local District is being called "a potential model for small districts experiencing financial trouble."

Deployment bill falls short (2007-09-21)
Congressional Democrats have suffered another blow in their efforts to challenge President Bush's Iraq war policies.

New candidate in 94th race (2007-09-21)
Jennifer Stewart of Zanesville has filed petitions to run for the 94th District seat of the Ohio House of Representatives on the Democratic ballot.

OU will not pay for false alarms (2007-09-20)
Athens Mayor Ric Abel says Ohio University owes the city "thousands" of dollars but a new legal opinion lets the university off the hook.

Strickland talks energy in Athens (2007-09-20)
Governor Ted Strickland was in Athens County yesterday to see what it's like to live in a house completely powered by alternative energy.

Hocking College investigation (2007-09-19)
The Hocking College Board of Trustees voted late Wednesday afternoon to retain a law firm due to an investigation by the state attorney general's office.

School back in session (2007-09-19)
Federal Hocking Middle School and High School will re-open Thursday.

Possible steel mill in Scioto County (2007-09-18)
Governor Strickland met with officials of a Russian steelmaking company yesterday to discuss the possibility of the company locating a $1 billion steel mill near Portsmouth.

OU gets millions in grants (2007-09-18)
Ohio University physicists have just received a total of $3.3 million for international research.

Voinovich Iraq legislation (2007-09-18)
Senator George Voinovich has drafted a legislation aimed at moving forward with a compromise in Iraq.

Wilson back from Mideast (2007-09-18)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Charlie Wilson is back in Washington, D.C. after a trip to the mideast.

Not Discrimination (2007-09-18)
The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights determined that Ohio University did not discriminate when it cut some men's sports programs earlier this year.

OU enrollment up (2007-09-18)
Ohio University's Athens campus enrollment is up. Total enrollment on the campus this year is slightly more than 20,300 students.

Street study for Athens (2007-09-18)
Richland Avenue will be studied to better accommodate many cars and trucks and lots of Ohio University students.

Athens site plan review ordinance amended (2007-09-18)
There were no negative comments last night as Athens City Council discussed some new rules for developers.

Nelsonville gets new forest group (2007-09-17)
The National Network of Forest Practitioners is moving its national headquarters to Nelsonville.

Scioto County killing (2007-09-17)
LUCASVILLE, Ohio (AP) - Authorities in southern Ohio accuse an 18-year-old woman of beating an older man to death with a large flashlight and stealing his wallet.

Marietta man dies in fall (2007-09-17)
BELMONT, W.Va. (AP) - A construction worker fell 200 feet to his death while working at the Pleasants Power Station in Belmont, West Virginia on Saturday.

Rape suspect arrested (2007-09-17)
A man accused of sexual assault in Ross County is in the custody of police in Louisville, Kentucky.

More Jobs (2007-09-17)
Ohio's Governor was in Scioto County Monday to try and bring more jobs to the region.

SSU president gets pay raise (2007-09-17)
The Shawnee State University Board of Trustees recently approved a salary increase for university President Rita Morris.

Book festival (2007-09-17)
A book published by Ohio University Press was the inspiration for a festival in Columbus Saturday -- The Ohioana Book Festival.

Simon Says Break World Record (2007-09-17)
A giant game of Simon Says in southeast Ohio didn't break the world record over the weekend, and there was no winner, except some Athens High School athletes.

Russian steelmaker to look at southeast Ohio site for steel mill (2007-09-16)
State and local development officials are hoping the head of one of Russia's biggest steelmaking companies will build a $1 billion steel mill in southeast Ohio.<

Parole Board votes against offering death row inmate clemency (2007-09-15)
The Ohio Parole Board has unanimously voted against offering clemency to a Cleveland death row inmate who joined a lawsuit challenging lethal injection as unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment.

Trimble gets award (2007-09-14)
Trimble Elementary is getting a special award for its work with children with disabilities.

Jackson theater gets grant (2007-09-14)
A decade-long campaign to renovate a Jackson arts center has met success at last.

Wiehl announces proposal (2007-09-14)
Athens Democrats opened their party headquarters yesterday and, at the same time, mayoral candidate Paul Wiehl unveiled a new policity proposal.

Chauncey Lawsuit (2007-09-13)
Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren is turning up the heat on Chauncey.

Borrower Outreach Day (2007-09-13)
Home owners worried about foreclosure may want to head to Nelsonville tomorrow.

Chillicothe Grant (2007-09-13)
The City of Chillicothe has been awarded a nearly $400,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to encourage arrest policies and enforcement of protection orders.

Toddler Doing Well (2007-09-13)
Police say a 2 year old is OK after an Alice in Wonderland style episode at her home in eastern Ohio.

Cytec Closing (2007-09-13)
Dozens of employees at a West Virginia plant will be out of a job within the next year.

Cytec Closing (2007-09-13)
Dozens of employees at a West Virginia plant will be out of a job within the next year.

Lyons Sues (2007-09-13)
Chauncey ((CHAN see)) Village Solicitor Robert Shostak says Councilmember Danny Lyons has told him he's going to sue the village.

Wilson visits Iraq (2007-09-13)
The situation in Iraq is "bleak and scary." That comes from someone who visited Bagdad Thursday, Southeast Ohio Congressman Charlie Wilson.

Performance Audit Done (2007-09-13)
The State Auditor says the Federal Hocking school district needs to consolidate into one single campus.

Deer virus hits our area (2007-09-12)
State suspects virus is killing deer herds in Southeast Ohio.

New arts festival in Perry County (2007-09-12)
A new festival in Perry County will feature spinners, weavers and knitters.

Athens homeless shelter denied (2007-09-12)
Bad news for Good Works. It's been turned down by the the Athens Zoning Board of Appeals.

Borrowing money (2007-09-12)
A state panel says Ohio's agency for school construction must borrow $150 million over the next six weeks.

Task force created (2007-09-12)
Ten Ohio University deans Wednesday announced that they have created a Task Force on Centers of Excellence in Graduate and Professional Education.

New Muskingum watershed board? (2007-09-12)
The Ohio House yesterday approved a bill creating a new nine-member board to oversee the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District.

Strategizing for new jobs in S.E, Ohio (2007-09-12)
AEP lands available for redevelopment in four county area.

Lancaster fire destroys two buildings (2007-09-12)
Two historic buildings were gutted by fire in Lancaster yesterday.

Veterans Waiting for Medical Care (2007-09-11)
An internal investigation at the Department of Veterans Affairs shows that the department repeatedly understated wait times for injured veterans seeking medical care.

Downtown Fire (2007-09-11)
LANCASTER, Ohio (AP) - A stubborn fire in downtown Lancaster has kept firefighters in the central Ohio city busy for hours.

New jobs for Logan, maybe (2007-09-11)
S and G Manufacturing Group of Logan is thinking about establishing a new manufacturing and distribution facility that's expected to create 100 jobs.

Ashland College grant (2007-09-11)
Ashland Community and Technical College's Foundation is getting a gift of $1 million for an Endowed Chair in Mathematics and Science.

Zanesville bridge problem (2007-09-11)
Zanesville is going to spend between 200 and 300 thousand dollars to fix a crack in a bridge.

Athens site plan review okayed (2007-09-11)
New rules for developers for doing projects in Athens

Logan man killed in crash (2007-09-10)
A Logan man was killed Saturday night when he hit an embankment and his truck rolled over. The victim is 27 year old Gabriel Ward. The Highway Patrol says the accident happened on Maysville Williams Road.

Woodsfield cleans up (2007-09-10)
The Village of Woodsfield is asking the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to approve a plan for dealing with a sewage problem.

Athens County heroin bust (2007-09-07)
Investigators say an undercover drug operation ends with a Parkersburg man behind bars.

Politicians -- one out, one in (2007-09-07)
Two big political announcements for our area yesterday! They came within minutes of each other.

Pickets march at O.U. (2007-09-07)
Unhappy about layoffs over the summer, union workers picketed at Ohio University yesterday.

Athens County drug indictments (2007-09-06)
Five individuals from Glouster have been indicted for allegedly selling Oxycodone to undercover officers in Glouster.

Ohio University childcare plan (2007-09-06)
Ohio University's Executive Vice President and Provost say improving the child care situation in Athens County is key to recruiting good employees.

Post office renaming (2007-09-05)
The post office in Cambridge is one step closer to being named after a hometown hero.

No strike in Barnesville (2007-09-05)
The Barnesville Education Association says it's reached a tentative agreement with the school district.

Subpoenas issued in Chauncey drug case (2007-09-05)
Chauncey Village Solicitor Robert Shostak says he will fight subpoenas from Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren.

Nelsonville boy dies in car crash (2007-09-05)
A Nelsonville teenager is dead after a two vehicle accident in Athens County last night.

Lyons appointed to Chauncey council (2007-09-05)
Danny Lyons is once again occupying a seat on Chauncey ((CHAN see)) Village Council...but his situation is still unresolved.

Cows get deer virus (2007-09-04)
State officials say for the first time, Ohio cattle have turned up with a virus that typically attacks deer.

Guilty plea (2007-09-04)
A former coroner in Clermont County pleaded guilty in United States District Court Tuesday to his role in a pain clinics scandal and two of the clinics were located in Chillicothe and Jackson.

Paw paw season (2007-09-04)
Paw paws here, paw paws there, everywhere you look it's paw paws.

O.U. responds to child care concerns (2007-09-04)
Executive Vice President and Provost Kathy Krendl says Ohio University will respond to recommendations from the O.U. Child Care Task Force and try to improve the child care situation in Athens County.

Athens feasibility study (2007-09-04)
Is Athens County ready for a technology and commerce park? That question will be answered with a feasability study that's being funded by a new $48,000 USDA Rural Development grant.

Athens County coach goes to court (2007-09-04)
HS volleyball coach gets restraining order against MS coach

Dann files suit (2007-09-04)
Attorney General Marc Dann says he's cracking down on illegal electronic gaming in Belmont and Licking counties.

Fatal bus accident (2007-08-31)
Passenger from disabled bus struck, killed by car.

International student increase (2007-08-31)
Since the post 9-11 drop in the number of international students at Ohio University, this fall is the first time that the number has increased drastically.

New contract for teaching aides in Athens (2007-08-31)
The 65 educational aides that work in the Athens City Schools will be getting three percent pay raises this year...and for each of the next two years, too.

Athens ballot set (2007-08-31)
It's okay to print the ballots now. The Athens County Board of Elections Thursday certified candidates and tax issues for the general election.

Green heat (2007-08-31)
Changing the oil in your car is something we all do on a regular basis, but in Athens, an auto-repair shop has found a way to make this a green habit.

More talks in Barnesville (2007-08-31)
The president of the Barnesville Education Association says he's trying to be hopeful about upcoming contract talks. But Chris Pack says differences may be hard to overcome Tuesday in a last ditch effort to prevent a strike.

State to retry U.S.-British citizen in 1986 death (2007-08-31)
A prosecutor will drop appeals of a death penalty case and retry a U.S.-British citizen accused of setting a fire that killed a 2-year-old-girl in a 1986.

Citation Dropped (2007-08-31)
A Chillicothe Bar owner won't have to pay a fine for not cooperating with Ohio's smoking ban.

An escaped prisoner on the loose in Jackson County (2007-08-30)
Jackson County authorities are looking for a potentially dangerous escaped prisoner.

OU students return to campus (2007-08-30)
OU residence halls officially open today. Newest dorm opens Sunday.

Missing Hocking County girl found (2007-08-30)
A 13-month old Hocking County girl reported missing yesterday (Wednesday) in Laurelville was found this morning in Jackson County with her mother.

Plant closing (2007-08-30)
The Benson International Company is closing it's Mineral Wells truck equipment manufacturing facility immediately.

Barnesville talks fail (2007-08-30)
Barnesville school officials and the district's teachers union still have not come to terms for a new contract, despite a five hour bargaining session last night.

Ethics hotline shutdown (2007-08-30)
Ohio University has shut down its EthicsPoint Website and telephone reporting system.

USEC bomb threat incident (2007-08-30)
A Scioto County man is facing charges after calling in a bomb threat to the United States Energy Corporation plant near Piketon Wednesday.

OU wins in court (2007-08-30)
Ohio University says a lawsuit filed against it by two former students has been dismissed.

Athens County man charged for water threat (2007-08-30)
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says John Fisher of Millfield is the person responsible for the closing of Strouds Run State Park beach last month. The closing was prompted by a concern that the water had been tainted, a concern that turned out to be unfounded.

More talks scheduled in Barnesville (2007-08-30)
Another bargaining session is scheduled for Tuesday, and if there's no agreement, it looks like the Barnesville teachers will be going on strike.

Sexual Battery Arrest (2007-08-29)
The Washington County Sheriff's office has arrested a Marietta man for sexual battery.

Disaster training at Hocking College (2007-08-29)
Officials from around the state got a taste of what to expect during a mock school shooting at Hocking College Wednesday.

McDavis TV news interview (2007-08-29)
Ohio University President Roderick McDavis says he's getting the job done here in Athens and so is Governor Ted Strickland.

Smoking fines issued (2007-08-29)
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Thirty Ohio bars, veterans halls and other establishments have been issued the first $100 fines under the state's smoking ban.

Bids opened for bypass (2007-08-29)
Kokosing Construction Company is the apparent low bidder for phase one of the Nelsonville bypass project.

State help for Monroe County industry (2007-08-28)
The State of Ohio is providing financial assistance to help bring jobs to Monroe County.

Death ruled homicide (2007-08-28)
The June death of a Nelsonville man has been ruled a homicide.

New 33 interchange (2007-08-28)
The Ohio Department of Transportation says construction on the U.S. 33 Rocksprings Interchange in Pomeroy is almost complete.

PSC asked to weigh in on using 911 fees to pay courthouse workers (2007-08-28)
In what could set precedent, the Public Service Commission could investigate whether counties can use 911 fees to pay the salaries of public employees.

Federal grants for Meigs, Morgan healthcare (2007-08-28)
Family Healthcare Incorporated-PRAV in Chillicothe is getting $197,000 in federal funding so it can expand services to Meigs County.

OU researcher goes after dopers (2007-08-28)
An Ohio University researcher is working on a way to catch athletes who cheat by doping.

Burglary warning (2007-08-28)
Authorities in central Ohio's Fairfield County say residents need to be on guard against a serial burglar.

Southeastern Ohio businesses fined (2007-08-28)
The first fines are being handed out in connection with Ohio's smoking ban and some of those are being levied against businesses in Southeastern Ohio.

Avon builds in Zanesville (2007-08-28)
Avon Products Incorporated is investing 117-million dollars in a new facility in Zanesville.

Beware financial aid scams (2007-08-28)
Tips for parents and college students from the Better Business Bureau.

MWCD levies assessment (2007-08-28)
Property owners in 18 eastern Ohio counties will have to pay a special assessment for flood control.

ATV crackdown (2007-08-27)
You've heard of D.U.I checkpoints, well something similar is going on with ATV's in Scioto County.

Ohio solider killed (2007-08-27)
The military is reporting that two Army soldiers with Ohio ties were killed during non-combat convoy operations when a Humvee rolled over in Afghanistan.

New research on test anxiety (2007-08-27)
As students head back to the classroom, many are feeling a sense of dread...and not just the kind that comes from an end to the carefree days of summer. The worry may be most intense for those who suffer from Test Anxiety.

Athens County child support (2007-08-26)
The theme says it clearly -- "Child Support: It's more than just money."

Black and whites make a comeback (2007-08-24)
After falling out of favor in the 1990s, traditional black and white police cars are making a comeback in Ohio and across the nation.

Albany housing (2007-08-24)
The ProMoving Systems company is asking for village approval for a housing project in Albany.

Sex offender arrested in Athens (2007-08-24)
Athens police and U.S. Marshalls arrested a convicted sex offender at an Athens motel Friday morning...though the local charges against him involve only possession of drug abuse instruments, for now.

Heat postpones high school football games (2007-08-24)
The heat is playing a role in the first week of high school football games slated for tonight in our region.

OU students learn about death (2007-08-24)
"Confessions of a Reluctant Caregiver" is a play about a family coping with end-of-life issues. And while anyone could learn from it, the target audience is student doctors at the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Logan man dies in car crash (2007-08-24)
A Logan man is dead after a one vehicle crash in Vinton County yesterday (thursday) afternoon.

Housing improvement money (2007-08-23)
Several Southeastern Ohio communities were among sixty-one that have been awarded more than $31 million for housing improvements.

Parkersburg police arrest alleged killer (2007-08-23)
Manhunt finally successful. Suspect now in jail awaiting court hearing.

Meigs County woman teaches homeschooling (2007-08-23)
Homeschooling has its fans and critics. Debra Cochran is one of the fans and she talked about why with WOUB News.

Ohio University grant potential (2007-08-23)
OU seeks research dollars through new partnership.

Cable deal reached (2007-08-23)
As many Ohio State fans are scrambling for satellite TV, a south central Ohio cable company has inked a deal with the Big Ten Network.

Deputies go to help (2007-08-23)
A group of Ross County Sheriff's Deputies is back in Chillicothe, after stepping up to help those in northern ohio deal with flooding.

Nelsonville looks for a city manager (2007-08-23)
Interviews are underway for a new city manager in Nelsonville

Blood donors needed (2007-08-23)
Blood supply very low. Donors asked to help. Hospitals running short.

Guernsey County audit findings (2007-08-23)
Guernsey County Board of Elections allegedly overpays officials.

Antioch alumni raise $5.3 million for college (2007-08-22)
Antioch College alumni say they raised $5.3 million for the school in a weekend fundraising drive.

Drunk driving deaths increase (2007-08-22)
Drunken driving deaths have increased in West Virginia.

Improving health care services (2007-08-22)
Marietta's two hospitals have announced they will begin formal talks on how they can work together "to enhance the Delivery of healthcare services".

City Manager Interviews (2007-08-22)
Members of Nelsonville City Council will meet Wednesday evening to interview a candidate for city manager.

Hudson repairs (2007-08-22)
Ohio University will receive $400,000 for repairs to Hudson Health Center.

Unemployment highest in southern Ohio's Meigs, Pike Counties (2007-08-21)
Officials say two counties in southern Ohio shared the state's highest unemployment rate last month.

Controlled deer hunt on Blennerhassett Island (2007-08-21)
A controlled deer hunt is scheduled for later this year on Blennerhassett Island.

States including Ohio urge federal energy drink crackdown (2007-08-21)
Ohio is joining 27 other states in asking federal regulators to crack down on the makers of energy drinks that contain alcohol and caffeine.

Moving in the right direction (2007-08-21)
Ohio University Communications Director Joe Brennan says he doesn't put much stock in the Princeton Review's Top Party School List, but O.U. is moving down the list, which is the right direction.

West Virginia lawmakers wrapping up special session (2007-08-21)
All told, the West Virginia Legislature passed more than a dozen bills during the three-day special session convened by Governor Manchin.

U.S. foreclosures rise sharply in July, led in part by Ohio (2007-08-21)
A research firm says Ohio helped to lead a sharp rise in foreclosures last month.

Sexual Predator Loophole? (2007-08-20)
Victim's advocates and lawmakers are moving to close a legal loophole that would allow an Ohio man to walk out of prison next month without having to register as a sexual predator.

O.U. falls down party school list (2007-08-20)
For a second year in a row, Ohio University has fallen on a national ranking list and university officials are cheering.

School groundbreaking (2007-08-20)
Plans for a new middle school in the Nelsonville-York District are bringing people together.

"Duct Tape Bandit" Indicted (2007-08-20)
The man known as the "Duct Tape Bandit" has been indicted by a grand jury in Kentucky on a robbery charge.

More Campus Security (2007-08-20)
As Ohio colleges preparing for the start of the school year, campus security teams are stepping up efforts to keep students safe.

Court OKs Flood Plan Fees (2007-08-20)
A plan is advancing that would charge property owners in 18 eastern Ohio counties special assessments for flood control.

Proposed gas tax credit (2007-08-20)
A Southeastern Ohio congressman wants to provide a credit to people who rely on their cars in order to work.

Holistic Medicine Courses Offered (2007-08-19)
Alternative medicine will be part of the classroom this fall at Hocking College.

Washington County Sex Case (2007-08-19)
A 22 year-old Washington County man is behind bars after being accused of having sex with a young girl.

Volunteers Help Region (2007-08-19)
Nationally volunteers contribute close to $300 billion to the economy and in our region that number is in the millions.

Murder Charges (2007-08-19)
Two teenagers in the central Ohio town of Newark have been charged with murder in the death of a pizza delivery driver last month.

Child Porn Case Heads to Court (2007-08-17)
Authorities call it one of the sickest cases of child pornography they've seen.

Chemical Released in Mason Co., WV (2007-08-17)
300-gallon container at a chemical plant used to make organic phosphates was leaking Friday morning

Ohio University Gets High Marks (2007-08-17)
Ohio University is at the top of the list for student success.

Man dies in vehicle crash (2007-08-17)
An elderly Lawrence County man is dead after a two vehicle crash in Ironton Thursday afternoon.

Barnesville Teachers Strike? (2007-08-17)
The teacher's union in the Barnesville School District has set a strike date of September 5th.

Elderly Man Dies in Ironton Crash (2007-08-17)
An elderly Lawrence County man is dead after a two vehicle crash in Ironton yesterday (thursday) afternoon.

Mattresses Sent to Tropical Region (2007-08-17)
Thanks to an unusual re-use project on Ohio University's campus, hundreds of mattresses are on a one-way trip to Jamaica.

An accident in Parkersburg this morning has left one man dead (2007-08-16)
Parkersburg police say a car and garbage truck collided.

The Rolling Hills Local School District will try a new approach to alleviate its budget woes (2007-08-16)
The Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday night to put an income tax levy on the ballot for the upcoming November elections.

GOP official: Pryce may not seek re-election (2007-08-16)
Republican officials say seven term Congresswoman Deborah Pryce won't seek re-election when her term ends at the end of next year.

Audit finds mismanagement in chain of charter schools (2007-08-15)
A new review by the state auditor says a chain of northeast Ohio charter schools were mismanaged and engaged in improper business practices.

Woman to pay funeral expenses of two killed (2007-08-14)
A Nashport woman has to pay the funeral expenses of the two people she killed in a motorcycle accident last year.

Officials install lights to protect vandalized cemetery (2007-08-13)
Flood lights have been added at a southern Ohio cemetery that was attacked twice by vandals in recent months.

Ohio Kiwanis clubs reject proposal to waive soldier dues (2007-08-13)
Ohio Kiwanis members have rejected a proposal to let clubs statewide suspend the dues of active-duty soldiers.

State Fair moves toward livestock eye scans (2007-08-10)
The Ohio State Fair is adopting a high-tech approach to make sure there's no cheating in livestock competitions.

Stash of weapons found at motel where shooting suspect stayed (2007-08-10)
Authorities say they found a small arsenal in the Michigan motel room rented by a truck driver accused of killing two Ohio co-workers.

Ex-funeral director gets 10 years for stealing burial money (2007-08-09)
A former central Ohio funeral director has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing nearly $1 million from clients and insurance companies.

Ohio will continue to sizzle today (2007-08-08)
Ohioans should not expect much relief from the heat today.

Students to try out for roles in district's anti-bullying movie (2007-08-08)
A school district in eastern Ohio is putting out a casting call for bullies.

Board of Education calls for better access (2007-08-08)
West Virginia educators know that computers are the wave of the future. They say increased funding for the state's virtual school is necessary for students to have equal access to alternative, computer-based coursework.

Two shot during bank robbery; hunt on for two suspects (2007-08-06)
Police report two people have been shot during a bank robbery this morning on Louisville's south side. The incident occurred at a Chase Bank branch on Poplar Level Road at Taylor Boulevard.

Man charged in the beating of his newborn daughter (2007-08-06)
Authorities have upgraded the charge for a Portsmouth man in the beating death of his newborn daughter.

Minnesota bridge collapse a reminder of Ohio River tragedy (2007-08-03)
The bridge that collapsed in Minnesota this week was built in 1967, the same year the Silver Bridge collapsed between Kanauga, Ohio, and Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Dentist and Ohioans buy historic Wheeling music hall (2007-08-02)
A Wheeling, West Virginia, landmark has been sold to a local dentist and a couple from nearby Bellaire, Ohio.

Strickland announces changes in higher education structure (2007-08-02)
Governor Strickland is uniting Ohio's public universities and community under one banner to focus on their common goals.

Farmer found guilty of starving and neglecting stuck cattle (2007-08-02)
A Columbus area farmer faces up to $3,000 in fines and nearly a year in jail after a judge ruled today that he left four of his animals up to their necks in mud to die.

Charges dropped against teacher accused of molesting students (2007-08-02)
Prosecutors have decided to drop four remaining sexual abuse charges against a former Capital High School teacher who in turn agreed to give up teaching.

27 year old Jonathan Brown is charged with killing Doyle Sweeny. (2007-08-01)
A one million dollar bond was set Tuesday for a Grayson, Kentucky, man accused of murder.

Hearing scheduled on plan for 3 months' mandatory maternity leave (2007-08-01)
State officials want to find out what people think of a proposal that would guarantee 12 weeks off for working women who give birth.

Area projects get water treatment grants (2007-08-01)
A $21 million water clean-up project apparently is about to be approved for the Monday Creek watershed.

Purchase deals near for Glouster flood victims (2007-07-31)
The long wait may finally be over for Glouster residents displaced by a flood in 2003.

OU lifts hiring freeze (2007-07-31)
Ohio University is lifting a three-month long hiring freeze.

School district eliminates principal position (2007-07-31)
In a cost cutting move, the Federal Hocking Local School District is eliminating the principal's position at the middle school.

OU incubator helps create over 340 new jobs (2007-07-30)
In this area of Ohio, jobs sometimes are hard to find. But Ohio University's small business incubator managed to create 344 jobs last year -- the highest number it has ever created.

Marietta reaches tentative agreement with Teamsters (2007-07-30)
The city of Marietta has reached an agreement with the local Teamsters.

Arrests in Athens after Saturday night disturbance (2007-07-30)
Athens police arrested several people during a disturbance Saturday night, including one who was charged with rioting.

Driver dies after car plunges from Ohio River bridge (2007-07-30)
The Meigs County sheriffs office is still working to pull a man and his car out of the Ohio River after he drove off the Pomeroy-Mason Bridge in Pomeroy.

Brook named new CEO of Appalachia foundation (2007-07-30)
The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio has a new leader.

Sheriff says jail more secure, year after escape (2007-07-30)
CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (AP) - The sheriff says $200,000 worth of improvements have been made at southern Ohio's Ross County Jail in the year since a cop killer escaped.

Ohio students turn in $2,200 handed from man on street (2007-07-27)
Four Ohio University students who were handed $2,200 by a stranger on the street turned the money into local police.

Church can't find background check on man accused of molestation (2007-07-27)
Church officials who vouched for a volunteer camp counselor accused of inappropriately touching three young boys at a church camp say they can't find paperwork to support their claim that they performed a background check.

Watergate figure Magruder cited in Columbus accidents (2007-07-26)
Police say Watergate figure Jeb Stuart Magruder has been cited in two traffic crashes and with leaving the scene of an accident.

Ohio University is going to lay off 24 maintenance and custodial workers. (2007-07-26)
Ohio University is going to lay off 24 maintenance and custodial workers. Eight other positions that are now vacant are being eliminated.

Police say church camp counselor has previous conviction (2007-07-25)
Police say the camp counselor accused of molesting three boys at a church camp in central Ohio had a misdemeanor conviction for indecent assault and corruption of a minor in Pennsylvania.

Women sentenced for home invasions (2007-07-25)
Two women have been sentenced to ten years in prison for an Athens County home invasion.

Officials concerned about pitfalls over tobacco payments (2007-07-24)
State officials say urgency is a key in Ohio's plan to sell future payments from the landmark lawsuit settlement with tobacco companies at their maximum value.

Church camp counselor arraigned in sex case (2007-07-24)
Authorities say a church camp counselor was arraigned this morning on charges he inappropriately touched three boys.

Panel endorses change to State Use Program (2007-07-23)
West Virginia is moving to change the oversight of its employment outreach program for workers with disabilities.

New information on construction worker death (2007-07-23)
New information is out about the death of a construction worker who was found dead last Thursday.

Body found in a parking lot under investigation (2007-07-20)
Police in Gallipolis are investigating a body found Thursday in a parking lot.

Dentist tries to buy oxycontin from an undercover officer (2007-07-20)
A dentist in Washington County was arrested yesterday after investigators say he tried to buy oxycontin from an undercover officer.

OU unveils multi-pronged emergency alert plan (2007-07-20)
Ohio University plans to use a variety of ways for spreading the word quickly in the event of an emergency on the Athens campus.

Driver charged in pedestrian's bridge death (2007-07-20)
An Athens woman is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide in the death of an Ohio University student authorities say was walking across a bridge when he was knocked into a river by an SUV.

Strip club backers balk at demands from Christian group (2007-07-19)
A group trying to overturn statewide restrictions on strip clubs says it won't change its name despite legal threats by a conservative Christian organization.

Man sentenced to four years in officer's drowning (2007-07-18)
A man has been sentenced to four years in prison for a probation officer's death in the Ohio River off southern Ohio.

Drug bust at Belpre motel (2007-07-18)
Four men are facing charges in Washington County after a drug bust at Belpre motel Wednesday morning.

Jan Sole, public radio announcer, will be missed by the staff of WOUB (2007-07-18)
Jan Sole, whose smooth, comforting voice was known to WOUB radio listeners for more than 20 years, died July 18 at Riverside Hospital in Columbus after a short illness.

Boy dies at Lake Hope State Park (2007-07-17)
On-lookers claim a Perry County boy is dead because state park officials didn't react in time.

Huntington businesses told to stop sales to "habitual drunkards" (2007-07-17)
The city of Huntington is taking another step in its effort to clean up the downtown.

Researchers work on more accurate bag-scanning system (2007-07-16)
A team at Ohio University is trying to develop more efficient technology for scanning checked bags for bombs.

Data theft update (2007-07-16)
The Columbus Dispatch reports that state employees had been ordered to remove thousands of Social Security numbers from a new payroll system.

Man dead after car accident Sunday (2007-07-16)
An elderly Jackson man is dead after a one car accident on State Route 93 in Jackson County yesterday.

Board reverses decision to release inmate serving life sentence (2007-07-13)
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The Ohio Parole Board reversed its decision to release a man who has served 30 years for murdering his wife after the woman's two daughters protested.

OU investigates misuse of purchase card by former athletics staffer (2007-07-13)
Robert Andrey, one of Ohio University's associate athletics directors, has resigned as a result of an ongoing investigation into alleged misuse of his purchasing card.

Ohio State reintroducing Gee as president (2007-07-12)
A person close to Gordon Gee says the former Ohio State University president is excited to be coming back.

Castle to step down as sheriff, supports Hartley's candidacy (2007-07-12)
Vern Castle says he's retiring at the end of his current term as Athens County sheriff and is throwing his support in the 2008 Democratic primary behind an Athens police officer currently on active military leave.

AEP pays OSHA penalty (2007-07-12)
American Electric Power has agreed to pay a $55,000 penalty for safety violations at a power plant in Washington County.

Man who had affair with accused nurse takes stand (2007-07-11)
A man who had an affair with a nurse accused of killing her husband says he hasn't been in contact with the woman since shortly after her husband's death.

Wheelersburg juveniles charged with rape (2007-07-11)
Two Wheelersburg juveniles are being charged with the rape of a five year old girl.

Southeast Ohio remembers fallen soldier (2007-07-10)
The telephone has been ringing a lot at the Rutherford house in Newport, Ohio. Neighbors in this southeast Ohio town along the Ohio River want Gary and Penny Rutherford to know how sorry they are about the death of their 25-year-old son Christopher. He was killed July 2 in Iraq, as a roadside bomb detonated near his vehicle. WOUB's Fred Kight talked to several area residents who are grieving for the local war hero.

Technical problem knocks out Fibernet system (2007-07-10)
Fibernet customers throughout West Virginia are without telephone service this morning.

Couple hurt when backyard pool collapses (2007-07-10)
A backyard dip turned into a trip to the hospital for an eastern Ohio couple.

One dead after single vehicle car crash (2007-07-09)
One person is dead after a single vehicle car accident in Wood County Monday morning.

Trial begins for nurse accused of drugging and killing husband (2007-07-09)
Prosecutors allege that infidelity, dislike for work and hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance policy payouts drove a nurse to drug and kill her husband before setting their home on fire.

Arrests made in 1 of a series of suspicious package scares (2007-07-06)
Columbus police have made arrests in one of a series of suspicious package scares that kept the bomb squad busy yesterday.

Lake closed by mysterious tennis balls reopens (2007-07-06)
A southeast Ohio lake has been reopened to swimmers and boaters after a scare over tennis balls.

Police investigate a fatal crash (2007-07-05)
Ironton police are investigating a fatal car crash that took place Thursday morning in Union Township.

Man to face life term for killing witnesses (2007-07-05)
A Columbus man convicted last week of killing two witnesses in a bank robbery case will be sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole.

A piece of Ohio's heritage has returned, but only for a brief time. (2007-07-04)
The Appalachian Green Parks Project has returned to perform reunion shows through July 7th.

Nearly 1,500 apply for 80 jobs at Hino truck assembly plant (2007-07-04)
More than a thousand people are vying for the 80 jobs at the new Hino Motors' truck assembly plant.

Lawsuit: prison wouldn't stop softball game despite storm (2007-07-04)
Two Ohio inmates are claiming a prison recreation director ordered them to keep playing a softball game during a thunderstorm in which lightning killed one prisoner and injured several others.

OU says drinking cases down amid new alcohol policy (2007-07-03)
ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio University officials say they're seeing results from the school's relatively new strategy to curb high-risk drinking among students.

WOUB garners three Emmy awards (2007-07-03)
The WOUB Center for Public Media's documentary "Passion Works: A Story of Flying" and the high school football show "Gridiron Glory" were honored with Emmy awards last month in Columbus at the 43rd annual Midwestern Regional Emmy Awards ceremony in Columbus.

Athens council still debating Halloween event planner (2007-07-03)
It was both trick and treat Monday night for a proposal to hire an Athens Halloween event planner.

Police: Body in river that of man struck in crash (2007-07-02)
Authorities in Athens say they believe a man wound up in the Hocking River after being hit in a traffic accident Saturday night.

Hocking Co. man arrested after standoff with police (2007-07-02)
A Hocking County man was arrested after a nearly three hour long stand-off with police Friday night.

Police: Body in river that of man struck in crash (2007-07-02)
ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - Authorities in Athens say they believe a man wound up in the Hocking River after being hit in a traffic accident Saturday night.

Kelly to make another run for Athens Co. sheriff post (2007-06-29)
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Former Athens County Sheriff's Deputy Pat Kelly says he plans to run for Athens County Sheriff.

OU looks at $154M plan to overhaul dorms (2007-06-29)
ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio University trustees are expected to consider a plan for bringing some of the school's aging residence halls into the 21st century.

Fire ravaged comic book store hopes to reopen by fall (2007-06-29)
The Universe of Superheroes comic book store is getting some super help from other Athens businesses.

Drug investigation leads to two area burglaries (2007-06-28)
Sheriff's Officials in Washington County say it started as a drug investigation but now links to two area burglaries have been found.

Budget passes with near universal health coverage access for kids (2007-06-28)
The final tally today on the 52.3 billion state budget wasn't the only thing about it that was nearly universal.

C8 panel says spending records won't be released (2007-06-28)
A scientific panel studying the possible health effects of the chemical known as C8 has rejected a newspaper's request for its expense records.

Drought conditions worsen in southwest Ohio (2007-06-28)
Today's rain comes just in time, with a drought worsening in Ohio.

Love Canal activist to join fight against nuclear waste project (2007-06-27)
The woman who led the fight over New York's notorious Love Canal will help activists battling a proposed nuclear waste project in southern Ohio.

Government to study VA hospital for southeast Ohio (2007-06-27)
Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson has approved a study of whether southeast Ohio should have its own a VA medical center.

Father of kids killed in boating accident attempts suicide just (2007-06-27)
The father of a four year old girl and 16 month old boy killed in a weekend boating accident tried to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge into same river his children died in.

Funeral, burial today for Bob Evans (2007-06-26)
Restaurant and sausage king Bob Evans will be buried today following a funeral service in southern Ohio.

Schools ready to receive safety funding (2007-06-26)
Schools across the state are getting ready to upgrade their safety systems. Funds are set to roll out July First.

Toyota manufacturer announces plans to invest to open a plant in West Virginia (2007-06-25)
A Toyota owned truck manufacturer announced plans today to invest 8.6 million dollars to open West Virginia's first vehicle assembly plant.

A Toyota owned truck manufacturer is bringing a plant to West Virginia (2007-06-22)
Paperwork filed with the Secretary of State's Office shows that Hino Motors plans to open a plant in Williamstown in Wood County, on the site of the former Walker Systems operation.

Doctor dies in club swimming pool (2007-06-22)
Despite the fact that there was at least one lifeguard on duty, no one saw a doctor who apparently drowned in a racquet club swimming pool go under the water.

Bob Evans has died at the age of 89. (2007-06-22)
Bob Evans has died at the age of 89.

Opponents again are attacking plans for a Southside Athens apartment complex. (2007-06-21)
Don and Joyce Lambert are asking a judge to stop the Summit at Coates Run project.

A camping trip in Washington County leads to gunfire. (2007-06-21)
30 year old Larry Ridgeway Junior of New Matamoras was shot Wednesday night

Police officers run with Special Olympics torch (2007-06-21)
Ohio law enforcement officers are on the run to set the stage for this weekend's Special Olympics Ohio Summer Games.

Strickland to announce additional data on stolen computer tape (2007-06-20)
Governor Strickland will hold a news conference this afternoon to announce additional data that was contained on a backup computer tape stolen from the car of an intern.

The daughters of an Amesville man convicted of killing their mother stopped in Athens (2007-06-20)
The daughters of an Amesville man convicted of killing their mother stopped in Athens Wednesday one day after their father spoke out about the efforts to keep him in prison.

DNA testing under way to see if baby belongs to missing woman (2007-06-20)
DNA testing has begun to see if a newborn found on a northeast Ohio porch belongs to a missing woman who's nine months pregnant.<

New jail administrator (2007-06-19)
In the wake of a mistaken release, Ross County's jail administrator has resigned.

May county-by-county unemployment results (2007-06-19)
State officials say Monroe County in southeast Ohio had last month's highest unemployment rate in the state 8.7%.

Appalachian Power says it needs consumer help (2007-06-18)
Appalachian Power says it needs consumer help in the way of higher rates to build a clean coal power plant in West Virginia.

An Ironton man is dead and a Columbus man is accused of killing him. (2007-06-18)
31 year old Damon Pringle suffered multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Ironton Police Department, which says 25 year old Isaiah Sudderth is in custody.

Man pleads guilty to charges related to drug store siege (2007-06-15)
A man who allegedly held six people hostage at gunpoint at a Logan County drug store has pleaded guilty to a two-count federal indictment.

Ohio University is going to make the campus more handicapped accessible (2007-06-15)
Following a complaint and recommendations by the US Department of Education, Ohio University is going to make the campus more handicapped accessible.

State worker data stolen from employee's car, governor says (2007-06-15)
Governor Strickland says a backup computer storage device containing personal information on the state's entire work force has been stolen.

Legislative watchdog says former lawmaker broke ethics law (2007-06-14)
The state's legislative watchdog says a former lawmaker broke Ohio ethics laws when he lobbied the state to reduce insurance rates for his gas station business.

Ohio first lady wants to promote glass works corridor (2007-06-14)
Ohio first lady Frances Strickland says she wants to draw visitors to a part of central Ohio by promoting it as a glass works corridor.

USEC shares tumble after Times report (2007-06-13)
The stock price of the nation's only company that enriches uranium for nuclear power plants tumbled today.

Ex-Head Start official charged with embezzlement (2007-06-13)
A former fiscal manager has been accused of embezzling $20,000 from a Parkersburg based organization that administered federal Head Start funding for ten counties.

WOUB's Wired For Books Web site celebrates 10 years (2007-06-12)
"Wired for Books" (www.wiredforbooks.org), a WOUB Center for Public Media Web site, celebrated 10 years on June 1 with a reception held at the Baker University Center in Athens. Present were "Wired for Books" volunteers, WOUB staff and students, and some of the original voices including Karen Chan, Peter Heidtmann, Laura Parrotti, and Edgar Whan.

Company says demonstration of American Centrifuge Plant is near (2007-06-12)
Officials at a nuclear facility in Pike County are getting ready to show off their uranium enrichment process to investors.

Roadside cameras are topic of a proposed state law (2007-06-12)
Those roadside cameras that some Ohio cities are using to catch motorists who run red lights are once again the topic of a proposed state law.

Governor calls for stop to cash payouts from gaming machines (2007-06-12)
Governor Strickland wants to stop cash payouts from the gaming machines popping up around the state.

Man in custody awaiting extradition to Ohio (2007-06-12)
A Wood County, West Virginia man is in custody in Kentucky and awaiting extradition to Ohio on felony charges.

Hocking College president honored at OU (2007-06-11)
ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - The long-time head of one southeast Ohio school has been honored by another.

Beal denies neglect of duty charges (2007-06-11)
Hocking County Prosecutor Larry Beal denies allegations that he "committed wanton and willful neglect of duty."

World War I-era military camp remembered today (2007-06-08)
A southern Ohio town today is remembering the 124,000 soldiers who trained at a World War One era military camp before heading off to European battlefields.

Ohio University tries to haul fill dirt to the Ridges (2007-06-08)
Athens activist Chad Kister is criticizing Ohio University's negotiations with the Edwards Company to haul fill dirt to The Ridges.

Area residents remember answering the call to 'Come on Down' (2007-06-08)
Linda Dent is preparing to say goodbye to CBS game show host Bob Barker.

Man who used lighter fluid to burn wife gets 18 years in prison (2007-06-07)
A Columbus man who pleaded guilty to dousing his wife with lighter fluid and setting her on fire has been sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Tri-State now offering non-stop flights to Atlanta (2007-06-07)
Non-stop flights to Atlanta will be available from Tri-State Airport near Huntington starting this afternoon.

Drug-sniffing sheriff's dog gets retirement after 9 years (2007-06-07)
The Fairfield County sheriff's department is honoring its long time drug sniffing dog.

House bills would punish worst sex offenders (2007-06-07)
Sex offenders are the target of a number of bills working their way through the Ohio House.

Robert Glidden has left his post as a consultant and fundraiser for OU. (2007-06-07)
Former Ohio University president Robert Glidden has left his post as a consultant and fundraiser for OU.

A pacu fish, native to the Amazon found in an Ohio lake (2007-06-06)
A boy from the Cincinnati area and a woman fishing in a southern Ohio lake both thought they'd reeled in piranhas because of all the teeth.

Fed Hock is currently facing a projected deficit of nearly one million dollars. (2007-06-06)
Elementary school students in the Federal Hocking School District could be headed to high school much earlier than expected

Bears popping up in southeast Ohio (2007-06-06)
Residents in different parts of southeast Ohio have been reporting the same rare sight: black bears.

Husband, wife found dead in burned home had been shot (2007-06-06)
Authorities say a southeast Ohio couple found dead inside their burned home had been shot and killed before the fire that destroyed the house was deliberately set.

Doctor pleads guilty to a federal conspiracy charge (2007-06-05)
A Wood County doctor accused of trading prescription drugs for sex has pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge.

Ross County man found guilty (2007-06-05)
A Ross County man has been found guilty of killing a man stopped on the road checking his vehicle.

College approved for exchange program with China (2007-06-05)
Marietta College has a new China connection.

Senators act to freeze tuition, attract new scientists (2007-06-04)
Republicans who control the Ohio Senate have released a plan to freeze college tuition for the next two years.

A teenager is under arrest, charged with making Terrorist threats (2007-06-04)
Police officers have been stationed at Ravenswood Middle School for the final days of the school year after a 15-year-old student's arrest on one count of making terrorist threats.

New group wants to ease funding issues at Strouds Run (2007-06-04)
Strouds Run State Park has been dealing with funding issues, and now a new group wants to help ease the problem.

Little Hocking water warns consumers (2007-05-31)
The Little Hocking Water Association is warning customers it may have to start pumping water from a well known to have higher amounts of the chemical C8.

Two railroad crossings to be resurfaced (2007-05-31)
Two railroad crossings in our region will be less bumpy by this fall.

Attorney general employee fired because of criminal record (2007-05-31)
A person with a criminal background was behind the wheel for the state's top law enforcement official.

At least three shot outside Columbus bar (2007-05-29)
Police and fire personnel say at least three people were shot outside a bar on the east side of Columbus Monday night.

University studies trash as it considers composting (2007-05-29)
Even the trash is getting studied these days at Ohio University.

Experts say Ohio threat from ash borer exaggerated (2007-05-29)
Forest experts say a destructive beetle may not be nearly as big a threat as state officials have described.

WOUB productions are recognized by the Ohio Regional Emmys (2007-05-29)
Two WOUB productions have been recognized by the Ohio Valley Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Authorities investigate Perry Co. death (2007-05-25)
Perry County deputies are investigating the death of a man found Thursday in Junction City.

State funds restoration of historic Marietta towboat (2007-05-25)
The Ohio River Museum in Marietta now has the money needed to repair and restore a historic boat and is making plans to start the project this fall.

OU censures business professor (2007-05-24)
An Ohio University professor has been censured for retaliating against students.

Charges filed in death of Gallia officer (2007-05-24)
The man a Gallia County law enforcement officer was pursuing when he drowned Tuesday is being charged in connection with his death.

State auditor questions spending in Zanesville school district (2007-05-24)
More than $120,000 worth of spending is in question in the Zanesville city school district.

Shock, questions remain after officer's death (2007-05-24)
David Poling was only 32 and a former Marine who was in good physical shape. So Gallipolis Police Chief Clinton Patterson is having a hard time understanding how Poling could drown in the slow-moving Ohio River.

Prosecutor warns about new mail scam (2007-05-24)
Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren is warning people about a new scam that's made its way to the county.

McDavis addresses media after student no confidence vote (2007-05-24)
Ohio University's president addressed the media for the first time yesterday since students gave him a vote of "no confidence" last week.

OU won't file criminal charges against aviation student (2007-05-24)
Criminal charges will not be filed against an Ohio University aviation student who was suspended earlier this month for allegedly making threats towards classmates.

Carolyn Bailey Lewis, WOUB director and general manager, is named OU Outstanding Administrator (2007-05-23)
Top Administrators honored at the annual OU Administrator Awards on May 22.

Wood County plant part of GE sale (2007-05-22)
Wood County officials are hoping that a new owner will help the GE Plastics plant reach its full potential.

Recording industry seeks to sue Ohio University students (2007-05-19)
Ohio University has received a subpoena to turn over the names of 14 students accused of illegally downloading music to the Recording Industry Association of America.

Women dead after car accident in Washington County (2007-05-19)
A woman is dead after a one vehicle car accident near Barlow in Washington County.

Parkersburg man sentenced (2007-05-17)
A Parkersburg man has been sentenced for an April 2006 bank robbery.

Man indicted for murder in Parkersburg case (2007-05-17)
An indictment has been issued in the death of a Parkersburg man.

Michael Smith found guilty (2007-05-17)
An Athens County jury has found Michael Smith guilty of felonious assault but not guilty of attempted murder and arson.

Wrong bonding material delays Wheeling Tunnel renovation 2 months (2007-05-15)
Renovation of the Interstate 70 tunnels at Wheeling, West Virginia, has hit another snag.

Federal Hocking School Board to meet this evening (2007-05-15)
It's not going to be a fun time when the Federal Hocking School Board mets this evening.

Columbus mayor challenged over ailing downtown mall (2007-05-15)
A Republican challenger is slamming Columbus's mayor over a dying downtown mall.

Mason hires 2 new officers in wake of 6 resignations (2007-05-14)
The Mason Police Department is back up to four officers, including a new interim chief, after losing the majority of its force last week.

Annual review of President Roderick McDavis to take place (2007-05-14)
The Ohio University Board of Trustees says all facets of the university will be heard from in its annual review of President Roderick McDavis.

Conley is charged with involuntary manslaughter. (2007-05-14)
Donna Conley is now on trial in Perry County for the death of her stepdaughter.

Mason police officers resign to protest chief's firing (2007-05-10)
Five police officers have resigned in Mason, W.Va., to show support for their chief, who was asked to step down.

Outgoing Athens mayor reflects on election loss (2007-05-10)
After losing to Paul Wiehl in the Democratic primary for Athens mayor, Ric Abel will be ending his nearly three-decade run in elected office in the city.

Former assistant treasurer Debra Michael was improperly paid over $12,000. (2007-05-10)
The State Auditor says there have been some problems with unauthorized spending at the Southern Local School District in Meigs County.

Bill Cowgill wins Republican nomination for Cambridge mayor (2007-05-10)
Bill Cowgill defeated Tom Orr to win the Republican nomination for mayor in Cambridge.

Morgan County to receive money to buy property (2007-05-10)
The Federal Emergency Management Agency is giving Morgan County $141,000 to buy property in Windsor Township that has repeatedly flooded.

Tower painting to cause some outages on WOUB's Ironton transmitter (2007-05-09)
Listeners to WOUB Radio's Ironton transmitter (89.1 FM in the Ironton/Ashland/Huntington area) will experience some outages while the station's tower is being painted.

McDavis shifts his focus (2007-05-08)
Ohio University President Roderick McDavis says he's shifting his focus toward fundraising and government lobbying.

Dale Reed defeated Johnathan Claytor by grabbing 86%of the vote (2007-05-08)
The incumbent in the mayoral race in the city of Waverly has won the democratic primary by a decisive margin.

Close school issue in Washington County (2007-05-08)
Results in for close school issues in Washington County.

New mayor coming to Martins Ferry (2007-05-08)
A new mayor is coming to Martins Ferry, after incumbent Leslie Douglas lost the Democratic primary election.

Athens Councilwoman loses her seat in primary (2007-05-08)
An Incumbent At-Large Athens City Councilwoman loses her seat in the Democratic Primary.

Marietta incumbent Mayor Mullen wins primary (2007-05-08)
In Marietta Incumbent Mayor Michael Mullen has won the democratic primary.

Longtime Athens mayor loses primary race (2007-05-08)
Preliminary results show First Ward Councilman Paul Wiehl won the election Tuesday with 53% of the vote beating Ric Abel.

Culloden murder trial begins, 2 1/2 years after shooting (2007-05-08)
It's been more than 2.5 years since 34 year old Danuel Harden was shot and killed at his Culloden-area home.

Marietta College offers music sharing on campus (2007-05-08)
Marietta College is offering students the opportunity to download and share music via the school's computer network.

Howard Zwelling wins Zanesville mayoral primary (2007-05-08)
In Muskingum County Current Mayor Howard "Butch" Zwelling won the Zanesville mayoral primary.

Shane Goodman remains mayor of Jackson (2007-05-08)
The mayor of the city of Jackson has won the republican primary.

Caldwell Schools bond issue fails again (2007-05-08)
For the third time, a bond issue for the Caldwell Exempted Village School District has failed.

Race for Athens City Law Director (2007-05-08)
There will be a race for Athens City Law Director in November for the first time in several years and an Assistant Athens County Prosecutor will be Garry Hunter's challenger.

EPA says air cleaner in Mid-Ohio Valley (2007-05-07)
Washington County residents can breathe easier these days. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says the air is cleaner there and around Parkersburg, too.

OU scientists study how to restore chestnut trees (2007-05-06)
A tree species that was all but wiped out by a fungus now has a shot at making a comeback, thanks to a $100,000 grant.

First day of smoking ban enforcement brings 100 complaints (2007-05-04)
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The Ohio Department of Health says it received 100 complaints about potential violators Thursday as the state began enforcing its smoking ban.

Ohio gas prices climb higher (2007-05-04)
UNDATED (AP) - If you thought Ohio gasoline prices were high enough earlier this week, you may not want to look next time you pass a service station.

Area school districts get facilities funds (2007-05-04)
School districts in Gallia, Morgan, and Scioto counties will be receiving funding for building improvements from the Ohio School Facilities Commission.

Former teacher and councilman to spend 6 years in prison (2007-05-03)
A former Vinton County teacher and Wellston City Councilman will spend six years in prison for engaging in sexual activity with underage students.

Faculty letter criticizes Ohio U., asks for sweeping change (2007-05-03)
Senior faculty members at Ohio University have presented the board of trustees with a letter that is critical of school leaders and asks for "sweeping change."

OU Aviation students make threats towards classmates (2007-05-03)
The Ohio University Police Department is investigating alleged threats made by an OU Aviation student towards classmates.

Senior faculty call for changes in OU administration (2007-05-02)
Senior faculty members at Ohio University have sent a letter to the university Board of Trustees asking for sweeping changes in the school's current administration.

5 arrested on drug and weapons charges (2007-05-02)
Five individuals in West Portsmouth and another in Lucasville were arrested on various drug and weapon offenses and violation of probation.

Washington County to build new business park (2007-05-02)
The construction of a Washington County business park will start, hopefully sometime this summer.

Deer warnings for drivers in warm weather months too (2007-05-02)
Motorists in southeast Ohio are well aware of warnings from the Ohio Division of Wildlife about being careful in the fall when it's mating season for deer. Now, the Division is advising caution in May and June, too.

Student accused of murder hired company to post bail (2007-05-01)
The Hocking College student accused of fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend hired a bonding company to post bail.

OU enacts hiring freeze (2007-05-01)
As it deals with an expected budget shortfall, Ohio University says it has frozen hiring in some areas.

Dancers to rally against strip club bill (2007-05-01)
A group called "Dancers for Democracy" is planning to rally a few blocks from the Statehouse today against a proposal for new restrictions on Ohio strip clubs.

Governor says deregulation of electric industry not working (2007-05-01)
Governor Strickland says the state needs a fresh approach to overseeing the electricity industry.

Local farmer wins environmental award (2007-04-30)
Every day is Earth Day to a farmer. So says Curt Cline, an Athens County farmer who, with his wife Wendy, has received an Environmental Stewardship Award.

Reading Rainbow writing contest winners announced by WOUB-TV (2007-04-30)
The winners of the WOUB-TV Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest were recently announced. Children from kindergarten through the third grade in 33 counties participated in the contest.

WOUB Center for Public Media honors community volunteers (2007-04-30)
The WOUB Center for Public Media sponsored a volunteer appreciation event on Wednesday, April 18, at the Margaret M. Walter Hall Rotunda room on the campus of Ohio University. The event honored volunteers who assist in various capacities at the Center.

Supreme Court to decide constitutionality of pain and suffering caps (2007-04-30)
A woman who says she suffered life-threatening blood clots from a birth control medication wants the Ohio Supreme Court to throw out caps on pain and suffering awards.

Weather service confirms tornadoes in recent storms (2007-04-30)
The National Weather Service has confirmed tornadoes in both Pike and Adams counties Thursday evening.

WOUB to hold Community Involvement Day at OU Zanesville (2007-04-30)
WOUB will be holding a Community Involvement Day at the OU Zanesville Campus Center on Monday, May 7, 2007. The event will feature several activities including a visit from Clifford the Big Red Dog, a WOUB Advisory Council meeting, and a community forum. All of the events are open to the public.

It's official: DHI to move into McBee building (2007-04-27)
A much anticipated Athens business deal is done. Diagnostic Hybrids Inc. is moving into the old McBee Building.

Bids opened this week for new school construction in Ironton (2007-04-27)
It shouldn't be too long before the first dirt gets moved for a $48 million Ironton City School District construction program.

Suspect in stabbing death pleads not guilty (2007-04-25)
A Hocking College student accused of fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend two weeks ago is pleading not guilty to aggravated murder.

OU to shut down file sharing on campus network (2007-04-25)
Ohio University is once again cracking down on peer-to-peer file sharing.

OU to shut down file sharing on campus network (2007-04-25)
Ohio University is once again cracking down on peer-to-peer file sharing.

Parkersburg man arrested in murder case (2007-04-25)
Parkersburg police are questioning a suspect who was arrested in connection with the death of a man who was found in his home Monday night.

University lauches large scale compost project (2007-04-25)
Ohio University will be the first college or university in the state to implement a full-scale composting project.

Police investigating Parkersburg death as homicide (2007-04-24)
Police are treating the death of a man whose body was found in his Parkersburg home last night as a homicide.

Supreme Court turns down appeal from man set for execution (2007-04-24)
The US Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from an Ohio man scheduled to be executed today for gunning down his wife.

Monroe County leads state in unemployment (2007-04-24)
Officials say Monroe County in southeast Ohio had the state's worst unemployment rate last month:9.7%.

Panel approves site of clean coal plant (2007-04-24)
A state panel has ok'd the location of a new American Electric Power plant in southeast Ohio.

2 courts deny Ohio killer's request to delay execution (2007-04-23)
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The Ohio Supreme Court and a federal judge Monday denied a killer's request for an emergency delay of his execution.

OU football scrimmage pays tribute to Merritt, Va. Tech victims (2007-04-23)
Fans at Ohio University's annual spring intrasquad football scrimmage Saturday got a glimpse of two different tributes during every play.

Board of Trustee's approves several building improvements (2007-04-23)
The Ohio University Board of Trustees has approved several facilities improvement projects for the university's six campuses.

OU trustees approve building plans (2007-04-23)
The Ohio University Board of Trustees has approved several facilities improvement projects for the university's six campuses.

Homeless man's body found in Hocking River (2007-04-23)
The body of a homeless man was found in the Hocking River Sunday.

Zanesville man charged in abduction of teenager (2007-04-20)
A Zanesville man is facing several felony charges including kidnapping and rape in connection with the abduction of a 14-month old girl last month.

Wayne forest reopened (2007-04-19)
The Wayne is the only national forest in Ohio featuring recreational options such as bike, equestrian and hiking trails.

Church replaces vandalized Martin Luther King sign (2007-04-19)
A church in southern Ohio has replaced a tribute to Martin Luther King that was vandalized last weekend.

Suspect ruled competent for trial in shooting of teen (2007-04-17)
A man has been ruled competent for trial in a case accusing him of shooting a teen after she and her friends had been sneaking around outside his house in suburban Columbus.

Measure would mandate shaken-baby education, tracking (2007-04-17)
Ohio lawmakers will consider having the state keep track of the number of infants who die or are hurt from being shaken.

O'Bleness Hospital confirms 21 layoffs (2007-04-16)
O'Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens is eliminating 21 full-time equivalent positions.

Senior OU administrators to forgo pay raises (2007-04-16)
Ohio University senior officials, including the school's president, will forgo pay raises for the next school year.

10 OU students sued by recording industry (2007-04-16)
Ten Ohio University students are being sued by the Recording Industry Association of America for allegedly stealing copyrighted music by way of university computers.

Bond set in stabbing of Hocking College student (2007-04-16)
Bond for a Hocking College student accused of fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend is set at $500,000.

Jackson fire caused by electrical malfunction (2007-04-13)
Jackson firefighters suspect an electrical malfunction, not foul play, was the cause of a fire that broke out in Cross and Son's storage building Thursday night.

Vinton schools get $2.6 million for additions, renovation (2007-04-13)
The Vinton County school system has just gotten another $2.6 million from the state for its building program.

Student charged in stabbing death of former girlfriend (2007-04-13)
NELSONVILLE, Ohio (AP) - Authorities say a student at Hocking College in southeast Ohio is charged in the stabbing death of his former girlfriend.

Homicide Investigation underway in Nelsonville (2007-04-12)
One person is dead and another wounded and Nelsonville Police have initiated a homicide investigation.

Homer Hickam to speak at MU graduation (2007-04-12)
Homer Hickam, the author of the best selling book "Rocket Boys: A Memoir," has been tabbed deliver the commencement address at Marshall University's 170th commencement.

WVU building closed after chemical spill (2007-04-10)
Emergency officials are now saying that a chemical that was spilled at a West Virginia University lab this morning was not hydrochloric acid after all.

Ohio governor critical of possible troop deployment (2007-04-10)
Governor Strickland says he's concerned that Ohio troops told to prepare for possible deployment to Iraq will not have proper training and equipment.

Poor bookkeeping is to blame in the Federal Hocking School District (2007-04-10)
The superintendent in the Federal Hocking School District blames poor bookkeeping and improper planning for his district's financial problems.

Middleport sees increase in drug problems (2007-04-09)
What's going on in Middleport has many of its citizens concerned. In recent years, the drug trade has increased dramatically inside the Meigs County village.

Cold snap affects farm crops (2007-04-09)
The cold weather is doing more than just ruining people's outdoor weekend plans. It is taking a toll on farmers.

Athens development company gets SBA grant (2007-04-09)
An Athens area development company has received a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration so it can continue providing loan and other services to businesses in the region.

Stem cell research a personal issue for Rep. Space (2007-04-09)
Southeast Ohio Congressman Zack Space is throwing his support behind efforts to increase embryonic stem cell research.

Wells to be expanded at a storage site (2007-04-05)
A natural gas company says seven wells will be expanded and six new ones drilled at a storage site in Hocking County.

Attorney general asks 3 public utilities commissioners to resign (2007-04-04)
State Attorney General Marc Dann has asked three Ohio utility regulators to resign.

Grants from the Alternative Fuel Transportation Grant Program (2007-04-04)
The state has announced initial grant awards today from the Alternative Fuel Transportation Grant Program.

More damage at southern Ohio cemetery (2007-04-03)
A cemetery in southern Ohio has been hit by vandals, for the second time since December.

Recaptured inmate expected in court (2007-04-03)
The escaped Youngstown prison inmate arrested yesterday after a dramatic stand off in the Columbus area is expected in federal court this afternoon.

Child care in Athens (2007-04-03)
There are 75 child care programs in Athens County and they have a capacity for 1,700 children.

Athens council examines University Estates settlement (2007-04-03)
An ordinance approving a settlement agreement with University Estates has been given first reading by Athens City Council.

Imnate arrested after a dramatic stand off (2007-04-03)
The escaped Youngstown prison inmate arrested yesterday after a dramatic stand off in the Columbus area is expected in federal court this afternoon.

AEP evaluates impact of Supreme Court ruling (2007-04-03)
American Electric Power and other utilities will have to abide by a federal initiative aimed at forcing utilities to clean up emissions from aging coal-fired power plants.

Preservation society says Parkersburg needs to do more to save history (2007-04-02)
PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (AP) - The Wood County Historic and Preservation Society wants to develop a plan to save the historic structures in Parkersburg.

Scientists hope new chestnut forest takes hold at old mine site (2007-04-02)
DRESDEN, Ohio (AP) - In the 1930s, an Asian fungus nearly wiped out Ohio's population of Chestnut trees. Now a group of scientists hope they can revive the chestnut forests by planting a disease resistant variation on an abandoned strip mine.

Passion Works documentary honored by Ohio Public Image Awards (2007-03-30)
"Passion Works: A Story of Flying," a documentary produced by the WOUB Center for Public Media, was honored by the Ohio Public Image Awards for excellence in the Documentary/Public Affairs category at a luncheon in Columbus on Wednesday, May 14.

Tuscarawas County will be site for clean coal test project (2007-03-30)
Governor Ted Strickland has just announced that a Tuscarawas County site has been chosen for clean coal testing.

Ohio Public Broadcasting recognizes WOUB Web site, development (2007-03-30)
WOUB has been honored with three awards by the Ohio Public Broadcasting Awards. The Ohio Public Broadcasting Awards are sponsored by eTech Ohio, which serves Ohio citizens through educational initiatives and the implementation of new technology. The awards ceremony was held on Friday, March 16, 2007 at the Quest Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Newspaper report says Nelsonville bypass project could be back on track (2007-03-30)
The U.S. Route 33 Nelsonville bypass project could be built using the original timetable.

Former minister, alleged accomplice reindicted on sex charges (2007-03-29)
A former minister from Wood County and a 36 year old Wheeling man have been reindicted in a sexual abuse case involving a male teenager.

Ohio launches effort to increase college graduates (2007-03-28)
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio high-schoolers will be barraged with fliers, advertisements, and Internet links pushing higher education as part of a new effort to bring the state out of its college graduate doldrums.

OU revokes master's degree due to plagiarism (2007-03-28)
Ohio University President Roderick McDavis is revoking the master's degree of a former mechanical engineering student because of plagiarism.

Fed Hock schools consider new levy, more cuts (2007-03-28)
We can't fix the problem by ourselves. That's what the Federal Hocking School Board is saying about a budget predicament that has the Athens County district under a state fiscal watch.

Huntington police chief to retire in May (2007-03-28)
HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) - West Virginia's second largest city is looking for a new police chief.

Senate bill aims to speed up Nelsonville bypass project (2007-03-28)
A bill approved Tuesday by the Ohio Senate could speed along progress on the Route 33 Nelsonville Bypass project.

Another murder victim from Columbus found in southeast Ohio (2007-03-27)
First, it was Perry County. Now it's Hocking. The bodies of murder victims from Columbus are being found in southeast Ohio and authorities are trying to figure out what happened.

Packed house attends Zanesville council meeting (2007-03-27)
Zanesville City Council decided two controversial issues at its meeting Monday night.

Athens motel closes, visitors left without rooms (2007-03-26)
A motel in Athens has closed it's doors, apparently without notifying customers that have reserved a room.

IT group receives grant to develop high tech jobs (2007-03-26)
High tech jobs in the hills of southeast Ohio? Gary Little is working to make it happen.

Nursing home facility changing hands (2007-03-24)
Doctors Hospital Nelsonville is selling its Pine Hills Continuing Care Center.

New Lexington police treating infant death as 'suspicious' case (2007-03-24)
Roughly a week before a Perry County baby died, Children's Services was called to investigate the baby's circumstances. That's according to New Lexington Police Chief Jeffrey Newlon.

Old McBee building could soon house new tenants (2007-03-23)
The CEO of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce says plans for an abandoned manufacturing facility in Athens could lead to the creation of 300 jobs.

Wheeling-Pitt appeals OSHA fines in fatal fall at Ohio plant (2007-03-23)
WHEELING, W.Va. (AP) - Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel is appealing $147,000 in fines related to federal workplace safety citations that followed the September death of an employee at its facility in Mingo Junction, Ohio.

Loose barges halt Ohio River traffic at Racine Lock and Dam (2007-03-23)
HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) - Barge traffic at the Racine Lock and Dam on the Ohio River was halted Friday as crews work to remove several loaded coal barges that have lodged against the dam.

Police credit onlookers in capture of handcuffed man (2007-03-23)
CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (AP) - Chillicothe police say a couple of passers-by helped them nab a man seen fleeing from court in handcuffs.

McDavis says OU still looking at governor's funding plan (2007-03-22)
Ohio University President Roderick McDavis says the school is taking a long hard look at Governor Ted Strickland's plan for higher education.

Charge dismissed against former jail warden (2007-03-22)
An unauthorized use of property charge against the former warden of the regional jail in Nelsonville has been dismissed.

EPA charges two in Jackson with false water treatment records (2007-03-22)
Two former water treatment employees of the City of Jackson are accused of falsifying Ohio Environmental Protection Agency records.

Ohio woman dies in fall from Hilton Head balcony (2007-03-22)
HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (AP) - Authorities say a 20-year-old Ohio University women's soccer player has died on a spring break trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Authorities investigate area infant deaths (2007-03-22)
Two children in our region are dead and the circumstances are remarkably similar.

Voinovich announces Hocking College grant (2007-03-22)
Hocking College is getting more than $1.6 million from the U.S. Department of Commerce to build an alternative fuel training and educational facility in Logan.

Study cites economic effects of proposed power plants (2007-03-21)
Two proposed power plant projects in Meigs County could mean more than 500 new jobs and nearly $300 million in annual economic impact to the region.

EPA cites improvements in air quality (2007-03-21)
The U.S. Enviornmental Protection Agency says the air quality is better than it used to be in the Marietta-Parkersburg area.

Longaberger lays off 710 workers (2007-03-21)
NEWARK, Ohio (AP) - The Longaberger Company says it is laying off 710 workers in its basket-making and other manufacturing operations.

Ohio vets hear from concerned pet owners amid recall (2007-03-20)
Animal hospitals around Ohio are being flooded with calls from pet owners worried that their dogs or cats may have eaten tainted food.

New mediator hired for Athens, Meigs courts (2007-03-20)
Athens and Meigs Counties Common Pleas Courts will have a full-time mediator, thanks to a grant from the Ohio Supreme Court. Martha Camp of Pomeroy has been hired as mediation coordinator.

Federal Hocking schools put on fiscal watch (2007-03-20)
The Federal Hocking School District has been elevated to fiscal watch status by State Auditor Mary Taylor, due to a deteriorating financial situation.

EPA monitoring Belmont County pollution site (2007-03-20)
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency says it's taking a look at the progress of a pollution clean-up project at the former Gould Manufacturing Facility located near Lansing in Belmont County.

Local business leaders hold 2nd investment forum (2007-03-19)
Think of it as a meet-and-greet for those with money and those who need it.

Two charged with parking meter theft (2007-03-19)
Two men from the Carolinas are facing felony charges in Athens after police say they stole money out of parking meters Monday morning.

Money raised for repairs on historic towboat (2007-03-16)
Officials say they've raised the money needed to save a historic towboat in southeast Ohio.

Man charged with driving under the influence (2007-03-16)
A Mason County man has been charged with two counts of driving under the influence causing death after a collision with an all-terrain vehicle.

Warden of Southeast Ohio Regional Jail resigns (2007-03-15)
The warden of the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail resigned yesterday after admitting he showed gay pornography to a female jail employee.

Unfinished study looks at C8, elevated cancer rates (2007-03-15)
An unfinished state study takes a look at a possible link between cancer and a chemical used to make Teflon.

Governor proposes budget cuts, end of vouchers (2007-03-14)
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - In his first State of the State speech, Governor Strickland has laid out a dramatic series of new spending proposals and budget cuts.

Democrats praise Strickland speech, GOP skeptical (2007-03-14)
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Governor Strickland's State of the State address has drawn immediate praise from lawmakers in his own Democratic party.

Teen faces 128 charges; prosecutor surprised by number (2007-03-14)
A 13 year old southeast Ohio boy is charged in juvenile court with 128 felonies in what police are calling a crime spree targeting homes and businesses.

14 month old girl found unhurt (2007-03-14)
Authorities say a 14 month old girl reported missing from her eastern Ohio home was found unhurt hours later but eight miles away.

Tobacco prevention funds aimed at youth programs (2007-03-13)
New programs for kids are planned by the Athens City-County Health Department using the latest round of funding from the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation.

Pop-bottle bombs suspect wanted to hear booms, authorities say (2007-03-13)
Fire officials in Columbus accuse a man of placing eleven pop bottle bombs around buildings at his apartment complex just for kicks.

Ohio officials warn of spring threat from wildfires (2007-03-13)
Spring is on the way, and officials warn that with it comes the state's wildfire season.

Ohio officials warn of spring threat from wildfires (2007-03-13)
GALLIPOLIS, Ohio (AP) - Spring is on the way, and officials warn that with it comes the state's wildfire season.

Union workers at Fenton approve contract (2007-03-13)
WILLIAMSTOWN, W.Va. (AP) - Union workers at a Williamstown glass factory have approved a new contract.

Renovation of Wheeling Tunnel over budget (2007-03-13)
Highways officials say renovation of the Wheeling Tunnel could cost more than one (m) million dollars more than expected because of outdated specifications and plans.

Iraqi boy undergoes free heart surgery to repair defect (2007-03-09)
An Iraqi boy underwent surgery at Columbus Children's Hospital yesterday to close holes in his heart in an operation that doctors performed for free.

Vinton County man dies in logging accident (2007-03-09)
The Vinton County Sheriff's Office says a man there died in a logging accident when he was struck by a falling tree limb.

Students speak out about smoking ban (2007-03-09)
The statewide smoking ban has been in place for a couple months now and some Hocking College students aren't happy about it.

New OU technology chief says problems won't be repeated (2007-03-08)
The new technology chief at Ohio University is promising to continue to improve computer security.

Promises to improve computer security (2007-03-08)
The new technology chief at Ohio University is promising to continue to improve computer security.

Hocking College students ask for outdoor smoking spot (2007-03-08)
Some smokers at Hocking College say all they want is a place of their own with a roof over their heads.

Case against former Police Officer is now closed (2007-03-07)
The Bureau of Criminal Investigation's case against a former Athens Police Officer is now officially closed but new allegations against him are coming to the surface.

Pleasant Valley man faces assault charges (2007-03-07)
A Pleasant Valley man is facing felonious assault charges after Ross County Sheriff Deputies say he stabbed his neighbor three times.

Study recommends spending billions more on schools (2007-03-06)
State policy makers are weighing another new study that attempts to place a price tag on the cost of providing a world class public education to Ohio students.

Amesville to get new sewer system (2007-03-06)
The Athens County Village of Amesville will be getting a new sewer system soon.

Family of man who died in cold not notified of jail release (2007-03-05)
A Columbus family is asking why they never got a call from the jail or caseworkers when a man with schizophrenia was released during a January cold snap.

Anti-freeze and engine coolant may have a new bitter taste (2007-03-05)
It may sound strange, but if 22 state legislators get their way, anti-freeze and engine coolant sold in Ohio will soon be required to have a new bitter taste.

Parkersburg man killed in single-vehicle accident (2007-03-04)
A Parkersburg man died in a single vechile accident early Saturday morning.

Columbus mayor proposes ID law for scrap metal sellers (2007-03-04)
Columbus' mayor wants to force scrap metal dealers to check identification from the sellers.

Wirt County man faces retrial Monday (2007-03-04)
An Elizabeth man accused of murdering his nephew and his nephew's girlfriend nearly two years ago is scheduled to go on trial for the second time Monday.

Police officer stripped of badge (2007-03-02)
A veteran Athens Police officer is stripped of his badge for having sex with two women.

Today's the last day for original Wendy's (2007-03-02)
In Columbus, the end comes today at the place where it all began.

Arrests made in connection with an elderly womans death (2007-03-02)
A little more than a week after an elderly woman was found dead in her home, authorities in Ironton have arrested her grandson and his wife in connection with the death.

Husband and wife found dead in home (2007-03-02)
A Lawrence County husband and wife are found dead in a South Point apartment.

Two men accept plea deals before trial (2007-02-28)
Two Parkersburg men accepted plea deals Tuesday, right before their murder trial.

Man indicted on two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide (2007-02-28)
A Ross County man has been indicted on two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide after police say he hit and killed a woman and left the scene.

Residents worried about tourism fight mine expansion (2007-02-28)
Some southeast Ohio residents object to a proposed expansion of a sand and gravel strip mine, believing it could hurt tourism by encroaching on the Hocking River.

Police: 3 fires in OU dormitory were arson (2007-02-27)
Ohio University police say three fires in a residence hall are the work of an arsonist and appear related.

Man sexually assaults daughters (2007-02-27)
A Washington county man is being charged with sexually assaulting his daughters.

Zanesville man sentenced to eight years (2007-02-27)
A Zanesville man was sentenced Monday to eight years in prison for a traffic accident that killed two people.

Columbus officials say red-light cameras reduced crashes in '06 (2007-02-27)
Critics say the traffic cameras used to catch people running red lights in several Ohio cities are little more than moneymaking traps.

Residents return to homes after Saturday's explosion (2007-02-26)
Contractors from Columbus are in Nelsonville today inspecting the damage done to the city's storm sewer system after an explosion this weekend

Police investigating death of 1-year-old found under dresser (2007-02-24)
Columbus police are treating the death of a one year old boy found pinned under a dresser as an accident.

Police say 11-year-old girl abducted by naked man in alley (2007-02-24)
Authorities in Wheeling, West Virginia, say an 11 year old girl was left in Ohio after being abducted and sexually assaulted by a naked man.

Trial set in Wood County DUI death (2007-02-24)
A Parkersburg man charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with a fatal traffic accident in Wood County last August is scheduled to go on trial in May.

Ohio's Enviromental Protection Agency holds a public meeting (2007-02-21)
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency will be holding a public meeting about the possible environmental impacts from a proposed power plant project in Meigs County.

Music companies target colleges in latest crackdown (2007-02-21)
The recording industry is filing more complaints with colleges and universities where students illegally download music on campus computer networks.

Death of woman found under bridge ruled accidental (2007-02-21)
A coroner has ruled that the death of a woman whose body was found beneath a rural, one lane bridge in eastern Ohio was accidental and cocaine related.

Death of Stephanie Gallis's death ruled as accident (2007-02-20)
The death of a woman whose body was found last month in a field in Muskingum County is being ruled an accident.

Death penalty supporters, opponents write Ohio governor's office (2007-02-18)
In one of the nation's busiest death penalty states, letters to Governor Strickland are running almost five to one in favor of ending capital punishment or temporarily stopping it to study the system.

Crime solvers offers award (2007-02-16)
Crime Solvers Anonymous is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest or indictment of the man responsible for a recent abduction in Athens County.

7 Ohio cases linked to peanut butter salmonella outbreak (2007-02-16)
State health officials say seven Ohio cases so far are part of the national salmonella outbreak linked to peanut butter.

Man charged with tampering with evidence (2007-02-16)
A Zanesville man was arrested Thursday night on a charge of tampering with evidence in connection with the death of a Columbus woman.

New York Festivals recognizes WOUB Passion Works production (2007-02-15)
The WOUB documentary Passion Works: A Story of Flying has been named a finalist by the New York Festivals International Film & Video Awards.

Holzer Clinic helps new school be built (2007-02-13)
The Holzer Clinic of Gallipolis is committing $50,000 a year for the next 20 years

Lawmakers grapple with cost of proposed education amendment (2007-02-13)
Delivering on a proposal to make quality education "a fundamental right" of every Ohio child would cost the state $600 million in its first year and $1 billion a year after that, a legislative analysis has found.

New Baker center dedication (2007-02-12)
Ohio University celebrated the dedication of the new Baker center this weekend.

Ohio lawmaker suggests stiffer penalties for repeat DUI offenders (2007-02-12)
A northeast Ohio lawmaker says Ohio needs tougher penalties for repeat drunken drivers.

Ohio University considering tuition hike (2007-02-08)
The president of Ohio University says the school is considering a 6 percent tuition hike next year.

Lancaster woman sentenced to life in prision (2007-02-08)
A Lancaster mother of three has been sentenced to life in prison for the stabbing death of her husband.

"GED Connection" offers another chance for a high school diploma (2007-02-08)
Beginning February 24, WOUB-TV will air the new "GED Connection" series offering area residents a second chance at receiving their high school equivalency diplomas. GED Connection is targeted for adults who would like to obtain their General Equivalency Diploma (GED), but are unable to attend regular GED classes. The program allows individuals to study for the GED test in their own homes, at their own paces by watching the television series.

Gang member sentenced to prison (2007-02-07)
A Bloods street gang member has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for trafficking crack cocaine.

Bank robbery suspect killed in shootout with deputies (2007-02-07)
Authorities released the identity today of the bank robbery suspect killed in a shootout with sheriff's deputies in east central Ohio's Muskingum County.

Man suspected of robbing a bank is dead (2007-02-06)
A man suspected of robbing a bank near Zanesville is dead following a shootout with sheriff's deputies who were chasing him.

Cold weather hampers firefighters (2007-02-06)
Cold weather hampered firefighters trying to put out a blaze at an Athens County house Monday afternoon.

Debate continues for a free Halloween (2007-02-06)
There was lengthy debate and the vote was close but in the end, fans of a free Halloween in Athens had reason to celebrate.

Sunday Creek group holds 'Winter Conversations' (2007-02-05)
Southeast Ohio may be one of the poorest regions in the state, but members of the Sunday Creek Associates group believe they can help the region bounce back by using the local history, culture and natural beauty.

Car crash kills one and injures another (2007-02-05)
A Scioto County car accident Sunday night kills one woman and injures another.

Zanesville soldier killed when vehicle overturns in ravine in Iraq (2007-02-05)
GALION, Ohio (AP) - The uncle of an Ohio soldier killed in Iraq when the Humvee he was riding in overturned in a ravine says his nephew loved sports and wanted to go into law enforcement.

Prisoner dies in Ross County jail (2007-02-05)
A Ross County prisoner is dead after corrections officers found him unable to breathe shortly before 6 p.m. Sunday evening.

Name of man found dead on train tracks released (2007-02-05)
Man struck by westbound train Friday afternoon

Ohio soldier killed when vehicle overturns in ravine in Iraq (2007-02-05)
The uncle of an Ohio soldier killed in Iraq when the Humvee he was riding in overturned in a ravine says his nephew loved sports and wanted to go into law enforcement.

Athens pays jail fee (2007-02-03)
Athens Police Chief Rick Mayer says the city has now paid its bill at the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail.

Proctorville man to face grand jury (2007-02-03)
Bond has been set at $1 million for a Lawrence County man accused of the stabbing death of his ex-wife.

Woman faces third set of charges in stepdaughter's death (2007-02-01)
A southeast Ohio woman is being charged for the third time in the 1996 death of her 4 year old stepdaughter.

Man arraigned for murder (2007-02-01)
A Hocking County man was arraigned Wednesday for murder.

Warden of jail replaced (2007-02-01)
The warden of the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail has been placed on paid administrative leave.

WOUB outreach coordinator finds a common bond with Belizeans (2007-02-01)
Even in the jungles of Belize the children know what Sesame Street is. Suzanne Borchard, Ready-to-Learn coordinator for the WOUB Center for Public Media, spent 10 days in January conducting educational workshops with teachers and children from small Belize villages and it all came from a common bond-the PBS television show Sesame Street.

Man killed while at work (2007-01-31)
A Millfield man was killed yesterday as he was working on a dump truck.

Parsons' half brother charged with evidence tampering (2007-01-30)
The half brother of a man who pleaded guilty to killing a Chillicothe police officer has been charged with tampering with evidence in the deadly shooting.

Official gets month in jail in contract given to wife's employer (2007-01-29)
ZANESVILLE, Ohio (AP) - A judge has sentenced a former eastern Ohio county commissioner to a month in jail on a dereliction of duty charge.

Group says it can't save giant coal shovel (2007-01-29)
A group that hoped to turn a giant shovel into a museum dedicated to eastern Ohio's mining industry is abandoning the effort.

Lawrence Co. sewer district ready for upgrades (2007-01-29)
The Union-Rome Sewer District is getting ready to do what the Ohio Environmental Protect Agency has been telling the district to do -- make a multi-million dollar upgrade to its treatment plant.

Search is over for person responsible for stabbing (2007-01-29)
The Washington County Sheriff's Office says the search is over for the person allegedly responsible for a stabbing last week in Marietta.

Police taser naked student in high school cafeteria (2007-01-29)
Police in Westerville say an 18 year old high school student ran naked and screaming into his school cafeteria today.

Update on Washington County stabbing incident (2007-01-29)
The Washington County Sheriff's Office says the search is over for the person responsible for a stabbing last week in Marietta.

Governor will urge Meridian to negotiate in good faith (2007-01-27)
Governor Ted Strickland says he will be contacting Meridian Automotive Systems to try to bring an end to a labor dispute at the company's plant in Jackson.

Top officials named to Appalachia agency (2007-01-27)
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A county official in southern Ohio has been named the new director of the Governor's Office of Appalachia.

Town Hall meeting hears emotional response to OU sports cuts (2007-01-27)
A town hall meeting at Ohio University Friday afternoon turned into an emotional complaint session about the university's decision to cancel four of its varsity sports at the end of the coming season.

Investigation underway of teenage boy (2007-01-25)
Chillicothe police are investigating the shooting death of a teenage boy Wednesday night as a homicide.

Child pornography charges (2007-01-25)
A Lancaster man has been arrested on child pornography charges.

Teen girl survives train crash (2007-01-25)
A teenage girl who survived a train accident in Ironton Wednesday told the police about what happened.

Labor dispute brings Eramet workers, families closer (2007-01-23)
A group of woman have started a support group to keep up morale as their husbands and other union workers are involved in a labor dispute with Eramet Marietta's southeast Ohio metals plant.

Crash leaves one dead, another hospitalized (2007-01-23)
A car crash in Lawrence County leaves one person dead and puts another in the hospital.

Former high school teacher to spend time behind bars (2007-01-23)
A former Vinton County high school teacher is going to spend more than a year and a half behind bars for improperly handling a firearm.

Woman pleads guilty to murder (2007-01-23)
A woman has pleaded guilty to first degree murder on the day her trial was to begin.

Murder trial begins today (2007-01-22)
The murder trial of a Piketon man is underway Monday morning.

Woman shot by husband (2007-01-22)
A Hocking County woman is in the hospital after being shot multiple times by her husband who later turned the gun on himself.

New technology park idea for Athens (2007-01-21)
The Athens area chamber of commerce and the economic development council are talking about a new technology park.

Ethics commission rejects conflict of interest proposal (2007-01-21)
The Ohio Ethics Commission has rejected an effort by the City of Athens to get a new conflict of interest ruling.

Group pushes ballot initiative to change school funding (2007-01-20)
Ohio University's dean of education says a proposed ballot intiative dealing with changing Ohio's school funding system is a step in the right direction.

ATCO board to discuss involvement of former Passion Works director (2007-01-20)
Passion Works, an art studio for mentally disabled people is getting new leadership. This comes after the previous director's contract was not renewed.

Authorities impressed with teen joy rider's train know-how (2007-01-18)
Authorities say one of the boys accused of taking a locomotive on a joy ride in southeast Ohio earlier this week knew his trains.

WOUB Center for Public Media announces the WOUB Reading Rainbow Young Writers & Illustrators Contest (2007-01-17)
Calling all young artists and writers! WOUB invites youngsters to participate in the Reading Rainbow Young Writers & Illustrators Contest! Children from kindergarten through third grade are encouraged to write and illustrate their own stories and enter them into this contest. Conducted by The WOUB Center for Public Media, applications are available from the station, the web site: www.woub.org/kids, local libraries, and elementary schools in the WOUB viewing area.

Lawmakers work on bill to require vaccination against HPV (2007-01-17)
West Virginia has the second-highest cervical cancer mortality rate in the nation and some lawmakers are trying to reduce that.

Boys in detention after a ride on a stolen train (2007-01-17)
Two boys are back in detention after a joy ride in a stolen train.

Crash kills one (2007-01-16)
One person was killed in a head-on crash shortly after 5:00 Tuesday morning on Route 47 near Parkersburg.

Juveniles apprehended for train heist (2007-01-16)
Two juveniles are back in custody after authorities in Hocking County had to catch up with a runaway train early Tuesday morning.

Police: Boys escape detention, take train on joy ride (2007-01-16)
Two boys are back in detention today after an early morning joy ride in a stolen train.

Area flood watches cancelled (2007-01-16)
The flood watch has been cancelled for the Hocking River in Athens and the Muskingum River in McConnellsville.

Athens County youngsters get history lesson (2007-01-15)
An Athens County before-and-after school program had a day of fun-learning in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Officials challenge ODOT delay of Nelsonville bypass (2007-01-15)
A campaign is underway to change the timetable of the U.S. Rt. 33 Nelsonville bypass.

Chief says building where fire killed 7 has no sprinklers (2007-01-15)
HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) - Huntington fire officials say a five-story apartment building where a weekend blaze killed at least eight people had no sprinkler system.

Washington County officials watch flood waters (2007-01-15)
A flood watch for Washington County remained in effect throughout Monday and possibly into Tuesday.

Chief says building where fire killed 7 has no sprinklers (2007-01-15)
Huntington fire officials say a five-story apartment building where a weekend blaze killed at least seven people had no sprinkler system.

Scioto County fugitive arrested (2007-01-15)
The Ohio State Highway Patrol says a Scioto County fugitive has been arrested after an intense four-day search.

New Ohio governor takes oath in public ceremony (2007-01-13)
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio Governor Ted Strickland used his inaugural address Saturday to call for an end to partisan politics and to urge lawmakers to improve public education.

Hitchhiker promotes his niceness to get rides (2007-01-13)
ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - A Dayton man figures he's hitchhiked more than 16,000 miles through 24 states.

Man charged with killing Ripley woman (2007-01-11)
A man suspected of killing a Ripley woman is in jail.

Man indicted for shooting (2007-01-11)
A Ross County Grand Jury now has indicted a Bainbridge man on charges of tampering with evidence in connection with a December fatal shooting.

Man put behind bars for displaynig nude pictures of minors (2007-01-11)
A Piketon man was put behind bars yesterday after law enforcement officials say they discovered material containing nude minors participating in sexual activity.

Coach reaches plea deal amid controversial suspension (2007-01-11)
There's a plea deal in the case of an Ohio University assistant wrestling coach accused of drunken driving.

Ohio's new secretary of state hires ousted elections chief (2007-01-10)
A former county elections chief in western Ohio who was removed from office by former Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell has been hired by his replacement.

Final report of fatal accident released (2007-01-10)
The final report on a fatal accident that took the lives of two Ohio State Highway Patrol officers and a woman from Vinton, was released Tuesday.

Ohio plans test well to check underground CO2 storage (2007-01-10)
Come spring, the state of Ohio will begin a nearly two-mile deep test well. The goal is to determine if the ground is suitable for permanent storage of carbon dioxide suspected of causing global warning.

Explosion at southeast Ohio electric plant kills 1, injures 9 (2007-01-09)
Investigators are trying to determine what caused an explosion that killed one worker and injured nine others yesterday at a coal-burning power plant in southeast Ohio.

Food and clothing bank to open (2007-01-09)
The Victory Center on Madison Avenue will provide families in need with free groceries and clothes.

Explosion at electric plant kills one, injures about dozen (2007-01-08)
BEVERLY, Ohio (AP) - The sheriff says one person has died in an explosion at an American Electric Power plant in southeast Ohio's Washington County.

Homicide under investigation in Ripley (2007-01-08)
Police in Ripley are investigating a homicide.

Boiler explodes at electric plant; possibly a dozen injured (2007-01-08)
Officials say a boiler exploded this morning at an electricity generating plant in Washington County.

Couple indicted for beating infant (2007-01-08)
A Point Pleasant couple has been indicted for allegedly beating their infant daughter last fall.

Ohio gas companies to test homes, business for leaks (2007-01-07)
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio's local natural gas distribution companies are being asked to immediately begin checking lines to homes and businesses out of concerns that some lines may be susceptible to leaks.

Prosecutors: Ney's corruption larger than he admits (2007-01-07)
WASHINGTON (AP) - At his sentencing scheduled for the 19th, former Ohio Congressman Bob Ney is facing at least two years in prison, but prosecutors want a harsher sentence.

Stolen Nutcracker figures returned to owners (2007-01-05)
They missed Christmas, but seven stolen Nutcracker statues will be on hand for the next holiday season.

New child development facility and family service center (2007-01-05)
Ohio University has a new facility at its regional campus in Chillicothe.

Fenton celebrates 100 years of glassmaking (2007-01-03)
Fenton Art Glass is celebrating a milestone, its 100th anniversary of glassmaking.

Ohio University dismisses three plagiarism cases (2007-01-03)
Ohio University officials have dismissed three cases in its probe into possible plagiarism by engineering graduates.

Nelsonville US 33 bypass delayed (2007-01-03)
The delay of the Nelsonville US 33 bypass doesn't have everyone in our region down in the dumps.

Space, Wilson set to join Congress (2007-01-02)
Two new congressmen from southeast Ohio are among the Democrats who are preparing to take control of Capitol Hill this week.

Chamber official pleased with new business (2007-01-02)
The president of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce says the Purely American company is a good catch for Athens County.