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October 20, 2017
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WOUB Local News
Nelsonville Petition Removed
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Nelsonville citizens will not be able to vote on whether to change their form of government in the November election.

Nelsonville resident Vicky McDonald filed an initiative petition earlier in the year to change the town's government from a charter system to a statutory system.

The main difference between the forms of government is that in a statutory system, the mayor is elected by the people and has veto power, but in a charter system, the mayor has no veto power and is appointed by city council.

Law Director Garry Hunter was unsure if McDonald's petition met requirements to be on the ballot.

He later submitted the petition to Athens County Prosecutor David Warren for review.

Warren says the initiative petition needed to be taken off the ballot for a couple of reasons - including that Ohio law calls for potential legislation such as McDonald's petition to be voted on in municipal elections.

The next municipal election is in 2009.

McDonald is upset about the decision.

McDonald has been leading a committee of five people to change Nelsonville's government.

She does not plan to fight the removal from the ballot.
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