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July 20, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
State Nursery
(WOUB) - The Marietta State Nursery is Ohio's last state-owned tree nursery and now it, too, apparently will close.

The Department of Natural Resources says a drop in sales is a big reason why.

Cristie Wilt is an ODNR spokeswoman.

Wilt says finances also factor into the plan to shut-down at Marietta -- there's been a deficit of about 200 thousand dollars yearly.

She says the closing could produce an annual savings of 250 thousand dollars, which should be re-directed for the management of state forests and the support of private woodlands.

Pending final approval by the Department of Administrative Services, the Marietta State Nursery will stop operations November 8th.

That will affect 8 permanent and about 20 seasonal employees.

Wilt says the department will try to find them jobs elsewhere.
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