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September 21, 2018
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WOUB Local News
Abortion politics
(WOUB) - One hot topic in this presidential race is the abortion issue.

The Republican Party is still holding firm to it's pro-life stance, with Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin not supporting abortion in any circumstances other than to save the life of the mother.

But the Democratic Party has slightly modified the language it uses to clarify that it's not a pro-abortion party.

The party now says it's trying to reduce the number of abortions.

However, Ohio University professor Katherine Jellison says the democrats do still believe abortion is an option for women.

Jellison is a women's history professor, and she says the reason for the change could be to pull in more moderate voters.

But what about Republican Sarah Palin ?

Jellison says while she's energized many conservatives, she may not be pulling too many more voters to the G-O-P.

And Jellison says if many were hoping for Palin to persuade Hillary Clinton supporters to the conservative side, they may need to look closer at the very different stances each woman takes on the issues.
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