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July 19, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Sierra Club opposes new coal extraction
(WOUB) - The Sierra Club representatives say a national campaign to stop any new coal generation and extraction is trying to protect the air in southeastern Ohio.

Nachy Kanfer says, "Sierra club is currently appealing the permit that was granted to amp ohio by the ohio epa along with our partner corporations and we believe that air permit doesn't protect ohio's public health and the environment including the environment of the entire planet."

Kanfer is with the Sierra Club's National Coal Campaign in Ohio.

He says since the Sierra Club opposes the use of more coal, the organization is looking to use renewable energies in Ohio.

"Well if you look at ohio our growth in electric demand is only 1.1 percent annually. It's very low," Kanfer says. "That growth in demand can actually be made up through growth in energy efficiency, we don't need to add new baseload generation with coal. Then when renewable energy matures like wind and solar and biomass we can slowly use that to take off coal plants on line. Coal is the most polluting form of energy and we can work to keep that out of our air and out of our environment."

Kanfer also says clean coal technology doesn't exist - especially looking at the life cycle of coal from when it's mined to when it's burned and processed.
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