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July 16, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
State oversight group questions Federal Hocking School Board
(WOUB) - Federal Hocking School Superintendent Jim Patsey says questions posed by the Financial Planning and Supervision Commission are routine and do not indicate any wrongdoing.

Patsey said Friday that information requested by the oversight group will be turned over by Monday's deadline.

He says there have been no allegations of impropriety and he's backed up on that by School Board President Bill Elasky.

Elasky, however, would not discuss possible talk of firing Patsey.

Elasky says an evaluation is being done now and he will not comment until afterward.

Patsey says as far as he's concerned, he should be commended for what he's done to turn around the district's financial predicament.

He says the termination talk is from just one board member and the other four support him.

Patsey would not answer questions about a letter sent to the Fed Hock school board by his attorney, saying the letter speaks for itself.

That letter claimed the board "disrespected him and subjected him to public ridicule and scorn."

President Elasky says the Board tried to act properly when it recently took up the case of a disgruntled football coach and in hindsight it might have been better to discuss it in executive session.

The board overruled Patsey in the matter.
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