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July 15, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Ohio Highway Troopers get a helping hand
(WOUB) - Some days when he's on patrol in the Athens area looking for speeders and dangerous drivers, Ohio State Highway Trooper Robert Bradley has a helping hand.

This helper is an auxiliary officer, an unpaid volunteer who can perform a variety of duties.

One day recently, Bradley's assistant was Rodney Robinson.

Robinson is part of a 126 man, eight woman program which enlists people willing to give their time and effort to support troopers around the state.

To qualify for the Highway Patrol Auxiliary, candidates spend six days at a boot camp to learn self-defense, CPR and investigative and administrative duties.

They must give 120 hours of their time per year to remain active.

In addition to going out with state troopers, they aid dispatchers or help out at the crime lab.

What they can't do is carry a gun.

Robinson says, "Our flashlight is our primary weapon if it's needed, and it's strictly a defensive weapon."

The most recent group of auxiliary officers, 18 men and two women, completed their training in July.

To qualify, participants must be Ohio residents 21 to 55-years-old, in good shape and have no felony convictions.
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