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December 17, 2017
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
OU student hopes to return to Georgia
(WOUB) - Daniel McBrayer is back in Athens but Georgia is still very much on his mind.

McBrayer is an Ohio University graduate student who was studying in Georgia when it was invaded by Russia.

McBrayer was able to safely exit the country and stay with friends before returning to the United States.

McBrayer is a 33-year-old anthropologist in OU's international development studies program and had served in the Peace Corps in Georgia from 2001 to 2003.

He was in Tbilisi studying displaced persons and peacebuilding in conflict areas at the time of the invasion.

Despite the current situation, McBrayer hopes to return to Georgia.

McBrayer was a guest on "Newswatch" on WOUB tv last night.
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