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July 20, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Congressman Attends Educational Forum
(WOUB) - A U.S. congressman attends one Governor Ted Strickland's forums on education today.

Governor Ted Strickland held a forum in Marietta this evening.

Strickland has spent the past few weeks travelling the state gathering information about how to best reform the education system in Ohio.

Ohio Congressman Charlie Wilson was in Marietta at the governor's forum.

Wilson says community involvement in education is key to reforming ohio's education system.

"I think some of it is going to be able to get parents to get more involved and as the governor said today and many of the people who responded to the questions said, we really need to get the community involved. That's the parents and that's the willingness of being able to make a difference in what we're doing."

Wilson says he thinks one way to improve the educational experience for students - is to personalize the system.

"I think in involving and upgrading and basically saying that just not one test, one size doesn't fit all, and trying to work with students at their own ability levels that try to help them be better at what they do, I believe that's the beginning we need to start on."

This was the governor's 9th of 12 conversations about education.
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