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July 23, 2018
WOUB Local News
WOUB Local News
Space announces broadband internet access for rural Ohio
(WOUB) - Southeast Ohio Congressman Zack Space announced today that he is one step closer to bringing broadband internet access to rural Ohio.

Space says he was able to secure an agreement that will allow a new telemedicine network to provide consumer high-speed service.

"Access to technology is a big disadvantage we have. There's a large digital divide between urban america and rural america. This is going to help bridge it home. We've been emphasizing and recognizing the importance of this broadband work since the day I took office, and for the first time we're actually seeing tangible results that will make a real impact," Space says.

In November, Space announced a group of hospitals in Eastern Ohio were awarded 25 million dollars to build a telemedicine network to link the local hospitals together.

But Space says bringing broadband access to rural Ohio would do more than just help hospitals - it will help the economy as well.

"It relates not simply to the quality of life and how we deliver medicine and education, but it's a real economic driver, and this is real progress," Space said.

The expansion of broadband in southeast Ohio is part of Space's plan to revitalize his 18th congressional district - aptly named Renew Ohio 18.

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